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6ft Braided 3-in-1 Multi Charging Cord: Android and iPhone-Ready

6ft Braided 3-in-1 Multi Charging Cord: Android and iPhone-Ready

6ft Braided 3-in-1 Multi Charging Cord: Android and iPhone-Ready
6ft Braided 3-in-1 Multi Charging Cord: Android and iPhone-Ready
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Multi Charging Cable for All Phones and Devices

Charge multiple devices at the same time with this 3-in-1 6ft Charging Cord!

This USB charging cord has 3 different cable types at the end of it which include a micro USB, type-C and iPhone lightning cable. You can charge up to 3 devices at once including your iPad, smartphone, tablet and many other devices!

Plus, with the 6ft charging cable, you'll be able to charge all of your devices from a distance. Whether you're plugging in from behind a couch, nightstand, or desk, you'll have plenty of wiggle room with this long cord.

Durable, Braided 6 Foot Cord

The lengthy braided, durable cord will not tangle and it's easy to travel with. You can plug the USB end into a DC car adapter and have the cord travel all the way to the back seat. Which is perfect for when you're traveling with children and all of their electronic devices.

This cord comes in a few different color combinations, and while there is no color choice, they all look great!

The Apple Lightning cord is compatible with iPhone 5 and up, recent iPods, and iPads. The Micro USB can be used for many Android devices, speakers, eReadrers and many more. Use the USB Type C for the more Android devices like Galaxy S8 and up.


- 3-in-1 Charging Cord
- 6ft. Long Durable Braided Cord
- Android and iPhone Compatible
- Charge Multiple Devices at Once
- Braided Nylon Resists Tangles, Increases Longevity
- Charge Your Device From a Far Away Outlet
- Comes in Blue, Red, Black, Grey and more (no color choice)
- 90 Day Manufacturer Limited Warranty

4 Stars  Pretty good use for traveling 
Have used my 3-in-1 card in the car recently during multiple trips. dthe function of the cable works fine. However, the metal cover to the connector that goes into the port has come loose. The cable still functions okay but the metal cover wont go back on.

5 Stars  multi cord 
This is nice as I dont have to bring different cords as this has what I need all in one. The price was good also.

5 Stars  Just as good. 
Having previously had a similar 3-in-1 multi charging cord which somehow went missing, I was glad to be able to find a replacement charging cord. Comes in handy when trying to charge more than one cell phone at the same time. Having the 3in-1 capability along with a good price made this purchase a no brainer.

5 Stars  6ft Braided 3-in-1 Multi Charging Cord Android and iPhone-Ready 
This is the best charging cord I have ever used. So far I have purchased four of them. Ill be giving one as a gift. The rest are mine. Smile. The price is awesome. Buy them while they last.

5 Stars  6ft Braided 3-in-1 Multi Charging Cord Android and iPhone-Ready 
This cord works great, and I really like the idea of being able to charge several things at the same time. The price is just right too.

5 Stars  Works as described 
Got 2 of them, one for home, one for Car. Car cord is for Lyft passengers to use when their devices are running low. A coursity thing.

5 Stars  Great convenience 
Use it everyday !!!!

5 Stars  Everyone loved this! 
We bought a lot of these for our adult children and grandchildren and everyone loved it! Useful for multiple devices!

5 Stars  Great gift for those with numerous devices. 
Quite some time ago, I had purchased 2 for myself. I found them so useful, that I bought 6 more to give to friends for Christmas. Many folks, such as myself, have numerous devices and this charging cord is great for traveling, office or home!

5 Stars  Charger cord 3 in 1 
I am using this for my phone and tablet.Love it!

5 Stars  Best Buy 
Great value and great quality, I bought the 2 pack but I ordered 3 more, one for my office and 2 for the waiting room at work for my clients. Clients love the idea they are free to charge their devices while they wait. I like that the cord works on the most common charging method.

5 Stars  6ft Braided 3-in-1 Multi Charging Cord Android and iPhone-Ready 
Excellent value. Very useful and durable.

5 Stars  Handy Charging Cord 
Nicely made. One cord with the 3 common charging adapters instead of scrambling around looking for one to fit different devices. Micro / Miini / iPhone all in one!

5 Stars  Great product - very convenient 
Not only is it convenient to have three kinds of connectors on the same cord, but the convenience of being able to use all of them at the same time is helpful. The braided cord is very strong and resistant to breakage.

4 Stars  Braided 3 in 1 charging cord. 
The only complaint I have is the other 2 plugs get in the way. I love the cord though.

5 Stars  Still working great! 
Bought my first one almost 2 years ago and is still working fine!

5 Stars  Love these 
I order these to have on hand when traveling. Love that it works for all my different devices. I also love to give as gifts!!

5 Stars  Multi-Use 
This is the second purchase of this item. It enables you to charge multiple devices with different connectors at the same time ie an iPhone and an Android device. My family uses this charging cord regularly. This would make a great stocking stuffer. I hope pulse tv continues to keep this item in their inventory as Im sure to purchase additional cords.

5 Stars  Fits Any Of My Devices 
This fits my Apple & Android phones.

5 Stars  6 ft Braided 3-in1 Charging Cord 
This is the best! I tried other cords and they didnt work well with my tablet. This one works and charges much faster than expected.

5 Stars  Excellent Product 
Excellent Product for people on the go and shipping was quick.

5 Stars  nice product 
works well

5 Stars  3/1 multi charging cord 
charge 3 different cell phones at once at a slow charge.

5 Stars  Great Product 
This is a versatile and useful item. It has three different plugs. I particularly like the length of the cord, which gives freedom to be charging while also using a device.

5 Stars  3 in 1 charging cable 
I reordered some after being pleased with the first few. I use them all over the place, homes, cars, etc.

5 Stars  Great charging cable 
I love these cables, with all 3 plugs on them, its awesome to charge my Samsung cell my kids Apple cell and my blue tooth earbuds all at the same time.. To me thats awesome, and I would and buy again. A++

5 Stars  Great multi-charger cord 
Nice multi-charger cord that can charge 3 different units with different plugs or you can use just one at a time!

5 Stars  Great cable, good price, great length 
Great cable, good price, great length

5 Stars  Very Efficient Tool 
I gave it as a gift and they found it to to be so efficient and space saver since they dont have to have separate cable plug in that I gave them my 2nd one that I bought as well.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Love that you can charge any type item and 3 at once if you so choose.

4 Stars  Nice idea 
Charges phone but does not allow data from phone to car, like gps. But great idea because every has different type of phone

3 Stars  3 in 1 Multi Chatging Cord 
Works great if you only have one thing plugged in. Does not work well if you have 2 or 3. Low charging or slow charging with 2 or more items. But I do like it for having less cords to plug in to the USB port. So there are good and bad things about it.

5 Stars  initial quality is great 
Looks to be great quality - cant speak to how long sill last but so good so far

4 Stars  Very Durable & Useful 
These cables are no doubt very durable, but they are missing a few combinations that would make them even more useful such as a Y connector. All in all, I would say theyre worth what I paid for them.

5 Stars  Great convenience 
It s nice to have all three charging connectors on the same cord, and even better that they can all be used at once.

5 Stars  Great item - Keeps our cable usage organized 
I bought three of these - one stays in the car to charge several devices while on the road. Saves having 3 separate cables and trying to figure out how to get them all plugged in!

5 Stars  works 
Feels great has worked very well as a instant backup for all

5 Stars  Three-way charging cord is very useful 
It replaced two separate cord and decluttered my nightstand.

5 Stars  helps avoid clutter 
great. keeps our cords neat

5 Stars  Thank you 

5 Stars  6 ft braided charger cord 
Great product good quality

4 Stars  Great option 
Great for multiple devices.

5 Stars  Great charge cords 
These actually work on Apple devices. So many of my current charge cords are ignored by my iPhone and iPad. These work fine so far.

5 Stars  Very useful product 
We use this product in our van which allows us to power an iPhone, Android phone and a Hum device by using just 1 system instead of trying to plug in 3 different cord.

5 Stars  So convenient! 
I have too many devices, all with different types of plug-ins. This is a lifesaver.

5 Stars  Great sturdy cords and connections 
Nice and well made and worth buying and using. I can use one cord for my Bose speaker and to charge my iPhone at the same time while I watch a video.

5 Stars  3in1braided charging cord 
SUPER!!!!! Can charge phone, kindle, and battery pack with just 1 cord.

5 Stars  only carry one charging cord now 
got rid of 3 cords in truck and car works great

5 Stars  Wonder Charger 
This 6 foot charger with 3 different charging methods USB-C, Android and iPhone is GREAT!! It has saved many a device in my car while travelling with family. Imagine 3 devices can be charged from one source. The cord length easily reaches from front to back of car with no tangling. The charger is even more durable because of the braiding further protecting the wires from exposure. So glad I thought to buy 2 of these as we can use these both in the car and at home! This is by far my favorite Pulse tv purchase ever!!

5 Stars  3 in 1 Multi charging cord 
Excellent product. Very handy and reliable.

5 Stars  3in1 charging cable 
exactly what I was looking for. In fact I just ordered 2 more.

5 Stars  Charger 
Length is just right for me. It helps me charge many items, all at once. Can t beat the price. Love it.

5 Stars  Great Product 
This multi charging cord is everything I expected it to be. It is sturdy and versatile, and the 6-foot length of cord is an added bonus. I am really glad I purchased this.

5 Stars  Phone cords 
Haven t used them yet but it is a great idea to have all the chargers on one cord

5 Stars  Best Charging Cord Ever 
This cord allows simultaneous charging of the 3 commonly used devices. I own 8 of these cords and have them in my computer and travel bags to be sure I dont forget one.

4 Stars  6ft Braided Multi Charging Cord -Android / iPuone Phones 
Excellent braided cord. Extra length cord is very appreciated.

5 Stars  Multiple devices charger 
Very well designed charging cable.

5 Stars  Glad I bought more 
I seem to spend more money on chargers than any other tech item, but this item is perfect. Durable, practical, stylish, and very functional, I have so enjoyed the 2 cables that I had that I bought 4 more and am feeling smug about my great decision.

5 Stars  Strong and versatile 
Works well, and the length is good for all of my devices

5 Stars  Charging cord 
Great portal , doing multitasking with phone, iPad, and more

5 Stars  Love it! 
I can charge my new cell and my old tablet at the same time! Super well made, durable. Totally recommend!

5 Stars  Great product 
Ive been using these cables for a while now. Nice to have a cable that charges old and new devices.

4 Stars  Great charging 
I enjoy the various choices for charging multiple devices.

I like the convenience of having the multiple-sized plugs for various devices. I can now recharge my phone & my Blue Tooth ear piece at the same time. The only negative is that the cable is quite stiff & is sometimes hard to coil it up when not in use. BUT I understand why it is - will be less likely to break or fray at the end near the connection part. I also rally like the length of the cable as I am able to plug it in & still have access to my phone wile it is charging.

5 Stars  well made , works great 
this is a well made product , strong and durable and works exactly as described. just what i needed

4 Stars  charging time seems long 
It works, but the charging time is longer than I expected.

5 Stars  Problem solved! 
I am extremely pleased with the high quality products from Pulse TV! With 3 vehicles, company always coming and going ... with a variety of electronic devices, it was becoming a nightmare to ensure everyone was charged up and ready to go. This was the solution! It is long enough for almost any vehicle. If you have only one lighter plug, get an adapter with several plug ports. Leave them in the vehicles. For home use, get a multi-port charger I have one in every bedroom, and on the kitchen counter. I believe all these are available from Pulse TV at a reasonable cost. You might also like their Multi Port USB Charging Station with Visual Indicator for home or office use.

4 Stars  Neighbors ok 
I bought for friend and was told it was a great item

5 Stars  Worth the money 
Works great. Seems to be a little more solidly constructed than some of the other products I have tried.

5 Stars  Phone Cable 
Works great! After purchasing new cell phones we needed a different cable. This works great with the new phone and our other devices!

5 Stars  Excellent product 
I love the versatility and length of the cord

4 Stars  First set didnt work 
I ordered two of these cords being a little leery since I have had other similar cords from other companies that have not worked with Apple products. I received the two cords and immediately tested them with several iPhones and iPads in my house. Nothing. Did not work. The other two heads on the cord worked fine. I contacted support and they sent me two different cords which worked fine.

5 Stars  Handy. 
...and versatile!

5 Stars  Great product 
I love this 3 way connector. I have apple as well as Samsung products which means a mess of cords being plugged in, but with this 3 in one Im able to connect 3 different devises on one cable. Genius!!

5 Stars  Great product and customer service 
I purchased 2 of these. One worked great, the other, not at all. I contacted customer service and they sent another to me which works great also. Thanks PulseTV customer service

4 Stars  Great Value for money 
I have several and they all work great

5 Stars  Excellent buy! 
Well constructed and useful phone charger cord. Excellent price especially if you buy in multiples. Bought four initially and now ordered four more for my grandchildren!

5 Stars  Great Product 
I have and Apple, and my spouse has an Android phone. This is a great product when more than one type of phone needs charging.

5 Stars  Multi charger 
I have different phones that use different cords. This has three different ones and is long to make it more convenient. Recommend.

4 Stars  Charging Cord 
Works well

5 Stars  Now it reaches. 
Tough enough & long enough to do the job.

5 Stars  Convience all in one cord 
Owning multiple gadgets with different charging docks was a nightmare looking for the right cord. Now everything is at my fingertips. How easy and convenient. Highly recommend for multi gadget users.

5 Stars  Very convenient 
I can plug in everything that I have. I had a big mess of very long cords and always managed to pick the wrong one. Not any more!

5 Stars  Multi charging cord 
Quality I didnt expect. A great product.

5 Stars  Second Set 
I order some of these before and loved them so much I bought more!

3 Stars  Charges VERY slowly 
The concept is great and I do use it. However, only if I have a whole afternoon for it to charge my phone or iPad. I have it at work, so charging overnight is not an option.

5 Stars  You wont miss a charge ! 
With so many electronic gadgets flooding our lives, it is so handy to have a multi charging cord on hand.

5 Stars  Braided cord 
This braided cord it strong and durable great investment on my part the price was right. Than you

2 Stars  Will not fit if phone case 
Looks like it is built well but I have a case for my I-phone, could not plug it in. Gave it away.

5 Stars  Great Product! 
I originally bought this because the charging cable for my tablet had stopped working. I was a little skeptical but the ad said it would work so I decided to take the chance and I am so glad I did. It works great! I also like that I can charge more than one device at a time & it works on either an android or I-phone. Would Highly recommend!

5 Stars  Travel with ease 
Loved this for my last vacation. 1 cord for all week. Loved it was long enough to plug in and still reach across the bed.

5 Stars  Three headed snake aka 3 in 1 charger cable 
I purchased this for my wife as she has multiple devices with all these cable adapter ends so this is great. We will include it when we travel again.

5 Stars  Convenient and sturdy 
Sure is great to have one cable to charge many devices without having to change the cable out constantly. It allows me to charge two devices with different charging ports simulataneously from a single charger, so saves outlet space, too.

5 Stars  Just What I Needed! 
Was looking for a charging cord that was longer then most available out there and this cord fits the bill! And it has a more durable cord! Plus you have the benefit of 3 plugs! Very happy. Very satisfied.

5 Stars  Perfect 
This works great in my car where I have a need for both C and D USB ports. Sturdy.

5 Stars  3 in one charging cord 
Works great and fast

3 Stars  3 in 1 multi charging cord 
I takes about three times as long to charge and the cord is too stiff

5 Stars  Great Solution 
Eliminates a tangle of wires!

5 Stars  3-1multi charging cord 
great price and it works.

5 Stars  works good, fast charge 
worked so good my wife stole it, guess will have to another onw.

3 Stars  6ft Braided 3-in-1 multi chargingcord 
Truly a waste of money.

5 Stars  Solid 
This braided 3-in-1 multi charging cord is solid, not some flimsy one you usually expect. Heavy duty, and works like a charm. Love how I can charge multiple devices all at once!

5 Stars  Review 
Very convinient to use with long braided cord.

5 Stars  Great idea 
This has helped us since we have several types of phones in our household and they can be charged simultaneously.

4 Stars  Great Value for money 
Great Value

5 Stars  Great way to charge 
I use this to charge my phone and tablet at the same time! its great for when friends come over as well, no more looking for cords to match!

5 Stars  Good qulity 
So far so good

5 Stars  Fantastic product!! 
Best charger Ive seen in a long time. Has three different connection so you can charge multiple devices at one time.

5 Stars  6ft Braided 3-in-1 Multi Charging Cord Android and iPhone-Ready 
Love these nice and long and will charge all types old cell phones

5 Stars  Convenient Cord 
I have bought several of these cords as they work well and provide the convenience of charging more than one device at the same time. I can charge my tablet and phone without searching for two different cords and that is very convenient.

5 Stars  Quick and easy and good quality 
I have bought these cables before and they work as advertised at a good price.

5 Stars  6ft. Braided 3 in 1 Charging Cord 
This is one of the best products I have purchased. It has a 6 ft. Cord so I can plug it in and sit in my recliner a few feet away and charge my I-Pad and phone at the same time. I Love It! Easy to find and easy I am a senior, senior to use. Love, love it. Never have to ask anyone else to charge my phone.

5 Stars  LOVE THESE! 
I simply love these. I think Ive ordered two sets about three times now. They are great in the car, long cords, for those back seat riders. Love the different connections. If you have teenagers, you know they are always loosing their chargers. They love the long length, gives them a lot of mobility instead of being anchored to the wall outlet.

5 Stars  Handy! 
Took my nephew out on a road trip. He had a different phone than me. In the old days he would have been out of luck but not with this charging cable. Had mine & his! Saved the day.

5 Stars  Never be without 
I am constantly buying new cords. This is great for all my items. I love the different types .

5 Stars  Good Value - Hope It Works 
Gave to a friend for Christmas...need to get feedback from recipient. They have multiple systems Android and IPod and this seemed like a great device. I will be checking with them on performance.

5 Stars  Works with Google Pixel 4a and Microsoft Lumia 640 XL 
This cable enables both a Google Pixel 4a with a USB C port and a Microsoft Lumia 640 XL to be charged from a USB A charger

5 Stars  Good 
Already came in handy

4 Stars  Multi Charging Cord 
Upgrade of one phone brought another charge plug type to the game. Bought this to consolidate cords in vehicle. The product seems to have quality construction and i can charge any of my familys phones off this unit.

5 Stars  Excellent! 
My son uses this and loves it!

4 Stars  Great Cable but has limitations 
Charges great and fast, more than one device. However, the short cable from the three way connectors is too short. If you have more than one device plugged in, then pick one of them up you can have the other device that is plugged in fall. That is, the plug end of the cables branches off of the one cable and are approximately 12 inches long, I had two devices plugged in and picked up one to use while charging and the other fell off the table. Its a great cable and does charge fast, wish it was longer when it splits from the single cable. Only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars.

4 Stars  6 ft three in one multi charging cord 
I really like the length of this cord and the multi charging cords.

5 Stars  Excellent USB cord 
As advertised.

5 Stars  Very well made, High Quality 
Now i only need one cable to charge I phone, Android or small laptop all at the same time.

5 Stars  Great 
This really helps as it is 6 ft long and has the 3 types of charging plugs, I have charged multiple devices simultaneously.

5 Stars  timely and useful. 

5 Stars  6 phone charger cord 
Great idea as Christmas gifts & it was right on time for worn cords.

5 Stars  Nice 
Very nice cord.

5 Stars  Great price 
Works great and having three choices with one plug is great.

5 Stars  Very good, solid made, cord 
This works great. Liked it so much I purchased a second one. I would recommend to purchase.

5 Stars  Great cable 
Strong, flexible, and very useful to have as an extra cord on hand for several different devices. The 6 foot length is also great!

5 Stars  33 in 1 charging cord 
solid wire better than other brands the wire cracks

5 Stars  Great product 
Works perfectly, very durable. I would purchase again definitely.

5 Stars  Awesome Cable! 
Great multi cable to have around. I have purchased several as family members keep borrowing but they never get returned. At work I frequently loan for iPhone, standard USB or type C phones .

5 Stars  6ft Braided 3 in 1 Multi Charging Cord 
Im an UBER driver and thats what I bought this for. Its perfect. The 6ft cord allows me to get it to the back seat and the three charging heads makes it usable for almost any phone. My customers are happy that I have it so Im assuming that transfers to more tips.

4 Stars  Good Product 
Actually a great product, and my wife swiped it from me.

5 Stars  Very versatile 
Love the length of the cord and the multiple ends. I can charge an iPhone or iPad at the same time I charge a super charger. Very convenient.

5 Stars  Gotta have 
I had 3 of these cords & just ordered 3 more since I visit family often I want to have extras for there when I visit. Someone is always needing a cord to plug in. I leave one at my sisters, one at my daughters, one at my house & some to travel with.

5 Stars  Very useful 
1 in the house 1 in the car

5 Stars  Love these! 
Love the convenience of the longer cords and LOVE that they charge my cell phone and tablets so much faster than other chargers!! 5 out of 5 stars!!

5 Stars  3 Way Charging Cord 
We love this item it works perfectly 3 things at same time

5 Stars  Love it!! 
I bought one of these, and I liked it so much I bought 2 more. It s so handy and works great!! Saves so much space, no bunch of cords to get tangled!

5 Stars  3 in 1 charger 
2 of the 3 chargers that I bought work great. The third one my husband used and the phone charger fell apart when he used it. I contacted customer service and they will be sending me a replacement. So, I am very happy.

5 Stars  Phone charger 
I really liked this item its one of the best chargers ive ever had so good my sons took over the 2 I bought

5 Stars  Great Product 
Love it, had to buy four more for freinds!

5 Stars  Charging cable 
Very nice prize very versatile and universal.

5 Stars  6 ft Braided 3-in-1 Multi Charging Cord 
I love the length because its easier to use the phone and charge it at the same time. I have an Android phone and my work phone was an Apple. One cord is so convenient for charging both at the same time. Eliminates trying to sort out the different cords. Bought two so my bf could have one, too.

5 Stars  Triple cable 
Terrific! Works great for a good price!

5 Stars  Pulse phone charger 
Great purchase

5 Stars  Charge for everyone 
When I travel long distances, I am often with companions who dont have the same type of devices that I have. They can charge their electronics without switching cables and sometimes at the same time I am charging mine.

5 Stars  Great charging cord 
Very well made. I can easily charge all my electronic devices.

5 Stars  Works great! 
I have used 2 of the 3 plugs and theyve worked perfectly. Nice snug fits, durable heavy cords, glad I bought 2!

4 Stars  Working 
The Product works Good

5 Stars  6ft Braided 3-in-1 Multi Charging Cord 
Great cord, price, fast shipping!

5 Stars  New charging station 
This is great! It just became our new charging station. We dont need to search for the correct charging cable any more when a device runs down. The grandkids dont always have the same type of connector for their devices, but now we have them all, and the main cable is plenty long. Thanks for this.

5 Stars  PERFECT 6ft Braided 3-in-1 MultiCharging Cord 
absolutely perfect design for use with my various apple electronic devices, however, also i also love + use my kindle which this multi charging cord also accommodates very well. FANTASTICALLY WONDERFUL DESIGN without all the cord clutter.

5 Stars  This is the 4th one ordered 
LOVE these! I now have one in office, car, living room, bedroom. Sooo convenient and eliminates the need for several USB plugs for several items w/different charging ports.

5 Stars  One cord, charge IPad Kindle and Android phone all at once! 
Especially precious now, as we exist in an extended stay hotel awaiting our new home. We have VERY limited outlets- this cable is a Godsend. The 1st one I purchased has a braided cord, very sturdy.

4 Stars  3 in 1 Charging cord. 
I bought one for me and my son saw it and I ended up ordering four more for the rest of my family. No more adapters.

5 Stars  Great product 
The product can charge 3 different types of tech receptacles. It also charges very fast.

4 Stars  Charged multiple devices 
Love being able to charge several devices with one cord. I dont have to search for the proper connector as all three are on the same cord.

3 Stars  Unique 
Interesting idea, but clumsy and cumbersome in everyday use to use phone while its being charged, you have to drag along other devices charging at the same time. It might help if clasp joining all wires together was less restrictive. I stopped using it.

5 Stars  Charging Cords 
Quality construction, love the 6ft. Length. Great for I- Phone and Android tablets and phones, we have both. Would highly recommend.


5 Stars  Good multi-use product 
The shipment was fast and the product met my expectations in its multi-use functions.

5 Stars  Very handy 
Cable works well. Good length, multiple types of plugs and well-protected.

5 Stars  Excellent Heavy Duty Cables 
Really happy with the cables. They are thicker than any other cables that I have bought. They have all three adapters wired together at one end making them convenient so you dont need multiple cables for different devices. Because they are heavy duty they are great for quickly charging your device. Real quality cables. Id like a couple more of them.

5 Stars  Great! 
Fast charge, well made. I was so pleased I ordered two more!

5 Stars  Nice tough all in one cord 
It is nice to use in the car for me. It allows all types of our devices to be charged.

5 Stars  Works good 
I am happy with this product. It works as design.

5 Stars  Love it 
Works just great, love that it can charge different devices.

5 Stars  6 foot cord 
Very nice product, just wish I could wind the cord up.

5 Stars  Excellent 

5 Stars  Great product!! 
Super fast charger for any phone!!

5 Stars  Excellent features 
This cord enables charging to happen conveniently for android and Apple products. The 6 foot cord allows for simultaneous charging and usage. Excellent product at a good price.

5 Stars  Charging cord 
Its wonderful to have so many different sizes of charging cords all in one!

5 Stars  Great 
Love it works great

5 Stars  Great charger 
Nice long charger where I can charge two of my phones simultaneously.

5 Stars  Amazing 
It works great. It charges really fast and doesnt get tangled. I love it.

5 Stars  Wonderful purchase 
Although I bought these as a gift for my grandsons, I have been told that they work well. I was happy with the price and would like to buy a set for myself.

5 Stars  Excellent 
These heavy duty cables work great. I want to buy extrss.

5 Stars  Multiple Uses 
This has the connections I need to charge phones and other items in my car.

5 Stars  Great device 
I got this because I have 2 of the plugs, and this is very easy to use and it works fast too. The other third plug my son used as well.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Item just as advertised, if you are like me always looking for the right size charger, this is the item for you...oh and it is very well made.

5 Stars  Multiple cords 
Works well for wireless earphones and IPAD charging

5 Stars  6ft Braided charging cord 
great product and price!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars  Love these Braided charging cords 
love these 6ft cords they wont break where you plug them into my iPhone or Ipad over time like my others have.

5 Stars  Androids and iphones 
I was impressed with the texture and the length of the cords. I thank you for the added attraction of them being android and iphone ready.

5 Stars  Works exactly as advertised. 
Nice product. Fast delivery. Great price. Highly recommend.

5 Stars  A 
Like the extra length of cord

5 Stars  I Like It 
The cable works just as it should. Enables charging Apple and Android device at the same time, and the cable is conveniently long. I bought two and gave one to my business partner. She, too, loves it! Perfect!!

5 Stars  VERY versatile 
Eliminates having to have multiple chargers---this is all-in-one!

1 Stars  Braided cord 
Great idea..way too slow to charge anything.

5 Stars  Quality piece, works great 
Finally a charging cord that is long enough! Charge three electronics at once. I use it for my Kindle and iPhone.

5 Stars  Replaced product with out asking for it 
Happy happy with product, had trouble with one set, product was replaced promptly with new one thanks, was replaced with out asking for it very good service

4 Stars  A good quaity and very useful cable. 
Since there is so little standardization in mini-USB connectors, it is very handy to have 3 common male ones on one cable. It has a Lightning as used on iPhones, a Micro-A and a Micro-B connector. It would get 5 stars if it also has a Mini connector, as many devices still use that.

1 Stars  Very slow 
I only have use for one of the three hook-ups, and the one I can use is incredibly slow.

4 Stars  Almost perfect - Not for iPhone 8 
I like the convenience of having three options on one cord but my iPhone 8 gives me a message This accessory may not be supported and the charging stops. I use it for other devices with no problem.

5 Stars  phone charger 
works fine length is great

5 Stars  Great charger! 
Ive been using this to charge my iPhone. Its working very well. I wish I would have purchased more than one.

5 Stars  Handy dandy! 
This is a great multi cord. Strong & durable. No need for multiple USB access ports. Charge or power up several things at once & with different types of plugs. Great in the car, charge phone while powering a GPS. Or home, no removing one thing to plug in another. The long cord is a bonus, reaches the back seat. This is the second time I ordered several because everyone wants mine when they see it.

5 Stars  Excellent 
Works very good



5 Stars  very handy. you dont need 3 different cords 
Its nice to have one cord that will fit 3 different types of phones

4 Stars  Versatile and great to have 
My daughter has a lot of Apple stuff other daughter some mixed son is all over the place. This multi- charging cord covered them all!

4 Stars  Works Great 
Good Charger Cord. Works Great.

5 Stars  Good 
As presented

5 Stars  Excellent 
This is a great cable


1 Stars  Slowwww charge 
I tried it last night on my phone which was at 17 percent. After over 6 hours it was 67 percent. Replaced it with the cable I had before, and the remaining 33 percent was done in 30 minutes. It really isnt worth anything.

5 Stars  Handy to have. 
Im so glad I bought this. I love that its 6 feet long and that it has different cable types to charge iphone, ipad and charger. I use it everyday.

5 Stars  Love it 
I really like not having to use three different cords. Someone should have done this years ago.

4 Stars  Great Price 
Though I have not had the chance to use them yet, they seem to be well-made. I drive for Uber and they will be very helpful for my rear seat passengers. They will prevent me from having to carry multiple cables for different phones.

5 Stars  Its working well 
Apparently it was the right choice to make as family arrived and all needed something for charging their phones-- all at once-- it never stops. And this did the trick. All seem to be happy--all at once.

5 Stars  Works great 
Pleasantly surprised at how well this works especially considering the price! Charges devices quickly and its wonderful to be able to charge more than one using only one outlet. I have them in two rooms at home, one in my office and I gave two to my cousin who also loves it!

5 Stars  Excellent 

5 Stars  Great product!! 
I can charge multiple items at one time.Very fast charger!!

3 Stars  Great concept but 
Great concept, but not well executed. The i phone connection does not fit securely and is easily dislodged so that it is not charging while appearing to be charging.

5 Stars  Looks well made! 
Materials look good, everything works!

5 Stars  Great product 
The best charger I have had. I ordered more for my grandkids because they go through others like crazy...and they have several things to charge.

5 Stars  Good and useful product 
As a techno-nut I have several devices by my chair, and because there is no standardization they use different charging ports. It is very convenient to have just one cable with which I can recharge by phone, iPad, earphones, earbuds, etc. The cable is a good length, and seems to be well made.

5 Stars  3 charging options in one 
I have devices to keep charged and they all three have different charging ports. So this was a perfect solution. I bought several of them to leave in the car and different locations in the house. They also are longer than most charging cables which helps a lot.

5 Stars  Very handy 
Works great in my office to keep multiple devices charged.

5 Stars  Get more than one 
If you have things to charge with different connectors, this is the cable for you. I use the lightning for my iPhone, the type-c for my iPad Pro, and the micro usb for several gadgets. I keep one in the car so I can charge anything. Its also good to use with a portable power bank. I also keep one in my laptop bag. With the braided cover on the cord, I havent had any problems with the cable breaking with a lot of use. The ones without the braiding just dont last very long.

5 Stars  So Handy and Functional 
This is sturdy and charges all quickly and effectively. Ive used all of the connectors. You can charge all at the same time. Im ordering a couple more for travel.

5 Stars  Reduce clutter with just 1 cord 
I liked it

5 Stars  Love it! 
Much needed and very convenient! We use every cord! Charges fast, durable and a great length. If you have multiple devices with different plug ins, I highly recommend this.

5 Stars  Very convenient and sturdy 
Very convenient with 3 different phone options. Very sturdy cable and fast charging.

5 Stars  Charging cord 
Works great at a great price

5 Stars  3 in 1 charger 
This is working great. I like the 6ft cord too. It allows extra length that make charging my phone and tablet much easier. Id recommend this to anyone.

5 Stars  charging cord 
I really like this charging cord. This cord works great for my husbands and my phone at the same time. I dont have to hunt for other cords. Thank you so much.

5 Stars  Great Buy 
Best charging cord I have bought. Now I do not have to look for a cord for different devices. This cord is an all in one. It is also a great buy. Not expensive.

5 Stars  3 in 1 Charging Cord 
Works just fine with both our Android USB-C and I-phone. Packaging states to use a 3.0 amp wall or car adapter to charge 3 devices. They are correct on that.

5 Stars  3 in 1 cord 
loved it in the car

5 Stars  Charging Cable 
I love it. I wanted a long charging cable so that I didnt have to be close to the electrical socket when I needed to be using the phone while it was charging.

5 Stars  Charging Cord 
The charging cord works great. It cuts down on using three different cords and three different outlets.

4 Stars  Multi-device charging cord 
The multiple plugs on the usb cable was useful for me. I didnt have to carry an extra set of cables to charge my devices. I now just leave the 3-in-1 cable with the charger plugged in the wall. The 6-ft length on the cable means I dont need to worry if the usb plug can reach the ac wall socket.

5 Stars  Great Value 
What a great thing to have on hand even if a guest needs a charge! I feel better prepared and at a fair price.

This 3 in one charger is ideal for someone like me. I have an iPhone 11, an iPad max pro and earbuds. Each takes a different charge plug. This 3 in one is perfect. Instead of 3 different cords this ONE cord enables me to charge all of my devices simultaneously, using just one cord. ??

5 Stars  Review of 6ft Braided 3 in 1 charging cord 
Please with product

5 Stars  Great product!! 
I ordered 3 of these for 3 rooms to be handy and boy are they. Can charge phone and tablet at once or whatever else I have in the room Im in. Eliminated so many cords!! Love this buy!

5 Stars  All in one 
This cord has all the chargers I need plus one my great grand son needed. I love that it is long enough to reach the plug and have it set on a table versus the floor. Great price.


5 Stars  Good idea 
Product works as described. Very handy having all in one line.

5 Stars  Love this 
I bought these for myself and family members. Everyone is pleased with this. I use it to charge my I pad and I phone Recommend the price is fantastic

5 Stars  Great cord 
This works perfectly for my family. Some of us have iPhones and others have Androids

5 Stars  Wonder cord 
I love my cord to charge three things at a time and fast. Just love it. I bought another for my niece.

5 Stars  Works Great with good quality 
This is the 3rd one of these I bought since the first ones worked so well and are very convenient.

5 Stars  Great cord 
Great power cord, the length makes it very good to charge a device if you have to be a distance from the source.

5 Stars  My new favorite 
I have used these to replace all my single cords. I love them!!! 5 stars!!! Now I can charge ALL my electronics with 1 cord & have extras for my guests!

5 Stars  Love these 
Great to have, one cord three different charges , bought three.

4 Stars  Versital cord 
I like this cord because it can charge 3 different types of devices from Apple to Android. Very useful when traveling.

5 Stars  Phone cord 
I love my new chargerr. You can plug in three items at a time if you have that many. I charge my phone and tablet at the same time. It charges them fast . I have ordered another one for my niece because she loved it too.

5 Stars  Looks Good! 
So my product came and Ive taken time to try it out. I like it! The cord is long enough and the multiple connectors is a plus! I even like the color light blue. Good quality!!

5 Stars  3-in1 Charging Cord 
These are wonderful. They are fast charging are very convenient!

5 Stars  Item #8868 

5 Stars  6ft Braided 3-in-1 Charging Cord - Android and iPhone Compatible 
Great all the size chargers in one. Convenient

5 Stars  Best multi-cord I have used 
I have been extremely pleased with this multi-cord. Not only does it have three options, but you can use all three at the same time, if you need to.

5 Stars  Braided 3-in-1charging cord 
Works as advertised.

5 Stars  Handy 

5 Stars  Good sturdy cable 
This cable works very well for me. There is one plug for each device I need to charge. My wifes iPAD, my Motorola G5+ phone, and my wifes G6 phone which all use a different plug.

5 Stars  These make great gifts! 
I purchased 3 of these and gave them as gifts. They come in so handy when old cords stop working and also for those households like ours with multiple types of devices and charging connections.

5 Stars  Love these 
I ordered three. I can charge both my USB and USB2 devices at the same time and these are nice and long.

5 Stars  Great value, very handy 
Love it bought two.

I have many devices, three of which require the connectors on this 3-in-1. I can charge all of them effectively at the same time without concern over a dead device.

5 Stars  great product 
I carry this with me to charge all my electronics. So simple and easy.

5 Stars  Wonderful product 
I love having extra charging cords that are different lengths. Also, I love the t shapes ends.

5 Stars  3 in 1 Charging Cord 
I love to be able to charge 3 different items at once. I dont have to charge one at a time. I bought 2 and keep one in my car. I love it.

5 Stars  High quality 
Cord looks great, is the perfect length, and is so convenient. This family has all the phone types and its nice to have one handy cord we can all use when sitting in they living room.

5 Stars  What a great product 
As an owner of an IPhone, 2 Android phones, an IPad, and 5 or 6 Kindles this cord meets every need because of the multiple use adapters.

5 Stars  6ft braided 3in 1 charging cord 
excellent I love it

4 Stars  Yup, Its Practical 
It is handy and useful and I like the long cord.

2 Stars  3 in 1 charging cord 
VERY slow to charge

5 Stars  Versatile Charging 
Good quality, works well with all my devices!

5 Stars  Purchased Items 
Item is well made and works fantastic.

4 Stars  3 charging cords in one 
They work fine, even charging my Samsung phone and iPad simultaneously. Its not the super fast charger but it is functional. The 6 foot braided cord should be be quite durable and is plenty long.

5 Stars  USB 3plug 
This is a great product, I take it where ever I go.

5 Stars  Great 3 plug cord 
I have a cell with the C, sister has I phone, and tablet is the universal connection..have tried all three and worked great.

5 Stars  Very functional 
Not a decorative clock but very functional with 2 outlets and 2 USB port..careful one says cell and one or tablet.

5 Stars  Good Quality 
Wasnt sure if I wanted the three plugs . Even though I havent used the other two yet the weight of the three of them keeps them on the end table. When I have the one plug only its always falling on the ground . For that reason Im glad I got the three plug it stays put . The cord is a good quality and the connection next to the part you plug-in is a good rubber base looks like it should last a long time .

5 Stars  Great Value 
Only had it a few weeks but you can see the quality in the braid vs. plastic housing, which splits and peels in no time. And the cost is much lower for the braid.

5 Stars  Review 
Great idea, very useful.

5 Stars  Works with all 
Great to have in each room....works with androids and iPhones

5 Stars  excellent product 
cord is plenty long to reach anywhere you need & works well with 3 different plug-in.

4 Stars  Works as advertised 
Nice way to get things organized by setting up a charging station. The cords are long enough that it is very versatile. Good stuff.

4 Stars  We need two more. 
This is great. I want to put one in each bed room so everyone has a charger for everything.

5 Stars  Multi use braided charging cord 
Versatile, strong, and only need one cord to charge different applications without having to change out any of the plugs.

5 Stars  Great cord 
I love my new cord. It reduces the need to carry several different types of cords. I have a Kindle, an Android cell phone as well as an IPad. This cord works with them all!!

5 Stars  6ft 3 device charging cable 
exactly what i wanted. reaches from the wall to my computer where i keep my phone and can charge friends phones of a different make.

3 Stars  Greater length is good but 
I like the greater length of the cords and the ability to charge several types of devices with just one cord. Handy for trips. However I have noticed that it takes much longer to charge my devices than the shorter cord. This would be fine for charging overnight , but not if you needed to recharge quickly.

5 Stars  6 braided charging cord 
Great product !!! As advertised!!!

5 Stars  Excellent Product 
I am a Sitter in our local hospital, and I bought this to carry to work with me. Many times my patients need a charge, and this allows me to accommodate any phone. Not only is it convenient, but it is also super fast.

5 Stars  Love it 
I love this. Only 1 USB connection instead of multiple using up space. It works great and is of good quality. Highly recommend. IN fact, I am going to order another one

5 Stars  Great deal 
This is a great deal and makes sense for all your devices.

5 Stars  Charging cords 
Great product and very useul in car to accomodate different phones and other devices.

5 Stars  Works with all our devices 
We now only need one cord to take on Vacation. It works on our phones, Kindles , and I-phones Used to have to carry 3 separate cables.

5 Stars  Multi charger 
Works great fo charging multiple devices

3 Stars  3-in-1Charging cord one is super other is not 
I purchased 2 of these. One works well, I can charge my tablet micro USB and Iphone at the same time. The 2nd one works for micro USB, but will not charge my Iphone. So 5 stars and 1 star, average 3 stars.

5 Stars  Extremely Well Engineered 
Got first USB-C phone and found this cable would charge it, my iPod or iPad, and my tablet simultaneously. Bought three more, two as gifts. So far everyone are elated with them. Highly recommended for home and auto use.

5 Stars  Charging cord 
Great to be able to charge more than 1 device at a time

5 Stars  Braided charging cord 
Works well so far, takes up less room

5 Stars  Love the convenience 
I love that its lightning fast for all 3 items, Android Type C, IOS, & Micro connector. I can charge my phone, iPad & either power bank or wireless headphones. Easier for travel. I used to have to bring all USB plugs & a 3 prong receptical splitter. No more!

5 Stars  Fast, safe charging 
I just love this charger! It used to take so long to charge my Android, and sometimes the charge cable would get really hot while it was charging but this cable barely gets warm, and it charges so fast that I can actually see the numbers increase when I go to check on it. When its done, it cools off completely, and FAST! Thanks for a great product!

5 Stars  Great product 
This charger is great, finally one for three all wrapped in one!!

5 Stars  So convenient 
These cords are so convenient. The only thing that would make them better is if they would charge a little faster but they are still great cords!

5 Stars  Convenient and Durable 
This one charging cord replace 3 different cords for our devices. It seems like it will last forever.

5 Stars  Five Star Product 
Great product and can be used for 3 units being charged at the same time.

1 Stars  Not meeting expectation 
It takes much too long to recharge iphone/ipad. During use Ipad loses power while being recharged

5 Stars  6ft Braided 3-in-1 Charging Cord 
works well with all accessories

5 Stars  Great cable 
I bought 2 cables to use in my car for lyft. My passengers love the fact that I can charge any phone with this 3 prong cable, they are great.

5 Stars  Excellent performance! 
This product is ideal for people that have android phones and iPhones! I have to use an iPhone at work but have a personal Samsung. It can fast charge my Galaxy, charge my iPhone, and still have a plug for a conventional slow charge item. The cords are very durable and should last a long time. Its one of my best purchases from here!

4 Stars  Good EXCEPT........ 
Having the 3 choices for my different devices is a great concept. Unfortunately while the charging is good, it doe not seem to transfer data. I tried several devices and all would charge fine but none would be identified by my PC, Mac or tablet to exchange date. I will keep one but donated the other to a bar for their patrons.

5 Stars  Neat gadget 
Works well to charge most cell phones when you forget the necessary charging cord. Nicely made!

5 Stars  Beautifully made and easy to use 
Very handy. An excellent value.

5 Stars  Braided chargers 
This is an awesome deal... Ive been using for about a month and works great. You cannot beat the price either.

5 Stars  Very Handy 
Since I have several devices that use all three connections within the family it works great to have the right connection handy. A bit bulky at the triple head but the convenience outweighs that by a long shot. I bought more for Seasonal Gifts!

5 Stars  3-in-1 charging cord is first-rate 
Its so much easier to be able to connect my various devices to one cable for charging. Apple products, mini-USB and USB3 all at once. Great!

3 Stars  My iPhone not compatible 
Great idea, but my iPad and iPhone apparently not comparable. iPhone 5 gives me an incompatible message and iPad charging port will not accept lighting charge cable. Works as advertised for my iPod. Wireless ear phones and Fitbit.

4 Stars  Very handy 
Good quality. Would be better if it worked with fast charge adapter.

5 Stars  Awesome 
I needed a stronger charging cord and these cords fit the bill beautifully. I really like them.

5 Stars  Exactly What I Needed 
I have an I-Pad and a Samsung phone and this cord makes it easy to charge both of them at the same time. Also, the length is perfect.

5 Stars  3-in-1 Braided Charging Cord 
Very effective and convenient to use.

5 Stars  great cable 

5 Stars  Long, limber charging cable for 3 items 
Works fine, appears it will last, durable

5 Stars  Great 
Love this product. Its long enough. Easy to use. Charges fast and over all a great product

5 Stars  Great! 
Now I dont need to get different plugs for when friends come over and need to charge phones.

5 Stars  3 in one braided charger 
It works so good. You can charge an iPhone and Google phone at the same time. No more having a bunch of different charging cords. All I need is one now. Great product and would buy more

5 Stars  Very Useful 
Great! At this low price I bought extras for Christmas stocking stuffers!

4 Stars  Multi port usb cable 
Does what is expected but slower than my single cables

5 Stars  3-n-1 Charging Cord 
It works great and does all I thought it would for this low price??

5 Stars  Just what I needed 
The 6ft 3-in-1 charging cord is perfect - just as described. Everyone in my family seems to have a different phone and now I have a charger that makes everyone happy

4 Stars  3-in-1 Charging Cord 
Nice set of charging cords. Does the job required. Worth the purchase.

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Charge multiple devices at the same time with this 3-in-1 6ft Charging Cord!