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6.5ft Lounge/Chaise Chair Towel

6.5ft Lounge/Chaise Chair Towel

6.5ft Lounge/Chaise Chair Towel
6.5ft Lounge/Chaise Chair Towel
Your Price: $14.99
Compare at: $49.99  (70% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $25.98 (74% off)
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If you lay out on a lounge chair on the lawn or beach, you are going to want to have one of these ingenious Lounge Chair Cover Towels!

Luxury Covers Add New Look and Layer of Protection to Outdoor Furniture

At 6.5 feet long it will fit over your entire chair. Plus the handy "hood" at the top slips over the top of the chair ensuring the towel stays in place. No more placing a regular towel on it and it sliding down as you lay on it.

Got an old lounge chair or lounge chair pad that looks bad but is still functional? Throw this over it and it will look brand new. Best of all this is machine washable so you can always ensure you're laying on something clean.

Each towel is made of high quality, durable and super soft 100% cotton so you'll love laying on them!

Please Note: Chair is NOT INCLUDED.


- Gray color towel
- Attached 'hood' secures towel onto chairs
- Long length: perfect for chairs, the beach, laying out
- 100% cotton material that is soft and comfortable
- Absorbs moisture for when you get out of the water
- Provides soft surface and protects your body from lounge chair
- Can fit over lounge chair pads too
- Fits almost all lounge chairs
- Can be used as a towel too
- Machine washable
- Dimensions: 6.5ft x 2.5ft

5 Stars  Chaise Chair Towel 
Bought it for my daughter, she likes it, light weight so easy to carry and fit in luggage

5 Stars  Great Lounge Covers 
These covers are wonderful!!!

5 Stars  Lawn chair towel 
Since I purchased my towel Ive used it twice already and it has been amazing thinking about getting a second one for my wife she has try to claim it for herself she loves it.

5 Stars  Great Idea 
These fit very well and are high quality. No more towels slipping down!

4 Stars  preyty good but........ 
I loved it but it was stolen after a week or so!

5 Stars  Works Great! 
This is so easy to use! The top just slips over the back of the lounge chair! Thanks so much for finding it and making it available to us for a great price. There is a pool for the use of our group of condos here in FL, and there are lots of lounge chairs. Having this towel not only makes it much more comfortable, but in todays world you would rather not be sitting on a chair that who knows who sat on before you. Thank you again!

5 Stars  Perfect Lounge Chair Towel 
This is exactly what I had been looking for. The towel has a pocket on the top side that perfectly fits over the head of a lounge chair and the towel length and width could not be better. I could not have been more satisfied with this product , as it is the perfect poolside accessory for my family.

5 Stars  great product 
I bought one chaise chair towel for my wife. she loved it so I bought two more for each of my daughters.

5 Stars  Great towel! 
I love this towel! It s a nice thickness and fits my chair perfectly!!

5 Stars  6.5ft Lounge/Chaise Chair Towel 
I originally purchased two of these towels and they were great on the lounge chairs on the pool deck. I then ordered two more to use in the car after going to the gym to keep the sweat off the car seats. Works great! Only complaint is that as soon as I bought them, they went on sale!

5 Stars  Chaise Chair Towel 
These are great towel coverings for Chaise chairs! They are a good weight and will dry quickly. They stay put on the chair and are long enough to fit longer lounge chairs. I gave them as a gift to my daughter and she is pretty picky and loves them!!!

5 Stars  Soft & absorbent. Nicely sewn. 
Soft & absorbent. Nicely sewn.

5 Stars  Awesome 
Perfect for lounge chairs at the pool! Towels dont slip off the chairs!

5 Stars  6.5 ft Lounge/Chaise Chair Towel 
I enjoy sunbathing on a lounge when going on vacation and have always wanted one of these towels so it would stay in place from above my head to the foot of the chair and my towel could be used as a pillow and for drying off after swimming or cooling off in the pool. These towels are soft and keep the lounge cool even in the hot sun.

4 Stars  Fits lounge drys quickly the 
Very good

5 Stars  Great Value 
I absolutely love these so I ordered a second set.

5 Stars  Quality lounge towel 
Great quality ... fits lounge chairs and does not slip off due to the pocket that slips over one end of the lounger. Great purchase.

5 Stars  Great deal 
I am using them as seat covers in my car and they fit really nice.

5 Stars  Chaise Chair Towel 
Works Great!!

4 Stars  Great towel for the price 
As advertised, the towel is 6.5 feet long and will come in handy for lounging at the pool.

5 Stars  Chair towel 
Excellent purchase- solves a simple problem about keeping your towels on the chair when it is even the slightest bit windy!

5 Stars  6.5 lounge/ chaise chair towel 
Fits perfectly, nice &

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