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600 Lumens Versa Work Floodlight by Farpoint
600 Lumens Versa Work Floodlight by Farpoint
600 Lumens Versa Work Floodlight by Farpoint
600 Lumens Versa Work Floodlight by Farpoint
600 Lumens Versa Work Floodlight by Farpoint
600 Lumens Versa Work Floodlight by Farpoint
600 Lumens Versa Work Floodlight by Farpoint

600 Lumens Versa Work Floodlight by Farpoint

600 Lumens Versa Work Floodlight by Farpoint

Compare at: $19.99  (70% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

Farpoint brings you another one of their ultra-bright versatile floodlights. Quality is key on this one: it's got fully rubberized edges to protect from impacts, dings, and the entire unit is weatherproof.

The kickstand rotates a full 180 degrees to give you the perfect angle for your workspace: whether you're changing a tire, putting together furniture, or searching for a lost part on the ground, you'll have plenty of light.

It features 4 powerful magnets on the back of the unit to mount on compatible surfaces; like the car hood, fuse box, or even the fridge for a handy emergency light.

600 powerful lumens shine using the latest energy-efficient COB LEDs to disperse light and illuminate a wide area. At max power, it's rated to shine for 2 hours straight, or 4 hours at low power. It even comes with your first set of Alkaline AA batteries, so it's ready to go right when you get it.

Note: Battery operating time depends on several factors including battery type, air temperature, and usage.

- COB LED Technology for 600 Lumens (Max)
- Dual Brightness Modes
- Wide-Angle Floodlight Beam
- 180 Degree Kickstand
- Operation Time: 2/4hrs
- Water and Weather-proof
- Durable Rubberized Edges for Impact-Resistance
- Easy One-Button Operation
- 4 Powerful Magnets for Mounting
- Pure White LED for Optimal Work light
- Dimensions: 5.5in x 4.25in x 1.75in

Review this item!

5 Stars  Nice Light 
I found it useful right away and it gets used often.

5 Stars  Bright & Handy 
I was amazed at how bright this floodlight is. I have used it as a shop work light and to walk the dog at night. It lights-up a big area and is handy for tight jobs such as getting under the sink. I bought a second floodlight for my son. Good value. I very pleased.

5 Stars  Versatile and bright light 
Very happy with the light. Easy to use and very bright. Ordered two and one did not work. Was replaced immediatly

5 Stars  Lightweight and durable 
I found these to be so versatile and convenient. I use it for camping and when l go to my storage unit at night. It gives off plenty of light and l can set it down to point in the direction l need. Such a deal l bought two !

5 Stars  Bright Working Light 
These are very good lights to light up an area where you are working. I use them at our campsite for late night setup. Truly a good investment. They work be so much better if you could recharge them and not go through batteries. You cant beat the price.

5 Stars  Should have bought more 
Durable, excellent light distribution Easy battery replacement Send me two more

5 Stars  Great light 
This is a very bright light. Easy and convenient to use. Handle and magnetic hanging ability are nice. I just wish the magnets were a little stronger.

5 Stars  Super Bright 
Best light I have ever purchased , got several for friends and alover our house.

5 Stars  Great Light 
The light is bright and easy to locate on the job site to give the proper brightness at the proper angle.

5 Stars  600 Lumens Versa Work Floodlight 
Very bright light. Stands up nicely and the magnets are very strong. Easy to use anywhere.

5 Stars  Portable Work Light 
The work light is extremely handy and puts out a lot of light for its size. the the built-in handle and magnets make it very useful working on a vehicle or RV.

5 Stars  Good Floodlight 
This thing gives off a lot of light.

5 Stars  Perfect Headlight 
Small, powerful, very useful. Extremely handy. I use it all the time.

5 Stars  Floodlight by Faarpoint 
An excellent and very bright flashlight!!! Easy to use and handle !!!!

5 Stars  Very handy 
I like that is has magnets so I stick it on my refrigerator door in my garage. Its very bright and will stand up by itself so I can work on something hands free.

5 Stars  Great Little Helper Light 
This item is exactly as advertised. This great little bright light has a number of uses. It works very nicely for what I bought not for.

5 Stars  Small Powers 
Easy accessible batteries, super bright, convenient stand Awesome price I bought four.

5 Stars  Great work light. 
Nice design, very portable, very bright, perfect for a work light.

4 Stars  I like it. 
Should have rechargeable function that is why only 4 stars.

5 Stars  Great Light! 
This is so handy and really bright!! Works great!!

5 Stars  work flood light 
Super bright. Great for drywall compound work.

5 Stars  I see the light 
Gave them to the sons and son in loves for Christmas. They loved them. I bought more.

5 Stars  These lights an excellent buy !!! 
So far Ive bought 10 of these Versa Work/Flood lights . The shipping was fast and the packaging was very good. The lights all came with batteries included and all lights worked when I cut them on . They are durasble and tough and can be used in numerous ways . I gave my sons one each to use as a work light and I gave my 3 grandsons one each for camping. I am well pleased with this purchase because the price is right !!!

5 Stars  Bright 
Man Is This Thing Bright... I Was Very Surprised... It Is Very Sturdy Too..No Problem Using This On The Job Or Play...

5 Stars  Great Light 
This is a great light to have around i use it for so many purposes i wouldnt have time to list them all.. The price and quality is outstanding..

5 Stars  Great product 
Very useful and well designed for wherever you need extra light. You can aim it or hang it and it is very bright. I gave them as Christmas gifts and everyone loved them.

5 Stars  Great employee gift. 
I personally have two of these items and use them constantly. I have one in my snowmobile and one in my car. Very bright and the batteries last a long time.

5 Stars  Bright in the Night 
Good quality and features such as the magnets. right price

4 Stars  Works good and it compact. 
Sent promptly, but packaging could be better.

4 Stars  Very bright and useful in dark environments 
As advertised, this works well when power is out or a room lacks sufficient lighting to find things.

5 Stars  Handy little bright light 
This light is so handy. It is lightweight and easy to carry around. The handle/stand allows you to put it where you need it and set it at just the right angle. Its also really bright so it can illuminate a pretty large area.

5 Stars  Very bright light 
This light is great for when needing bright light to see in the dark or anywhere there is no electricity like an outdoor shed. One click to turn on/off makes it simple yet functional. Highly recommend!

5 Stars  awesome! 
Wish I had bought a lot more of these lights!! Great light!

4 Stars  I like it. 
Nice and bright, no stoopid strobe ,etc. switch, just ON , OFF. Rechargeable would have been 5th star. But, bright and cheap, like my dates!

5 Stars  Rugged bright worklight 
Well made, durable and inexpensive, another store has these for 30 dollars so these are the best deal.

5 Stars  Work floodlight 
I got it for my husband & he likes it. His only suggestions was to make the magnets strong enough so that it would stay in place only using 2 of the 4 magnets. The angle he was needing couldnt be done with all 4 magnets.


5 Stars  Bright, tough, and long-lasting 
Great work-light for any small job where light is needed. Handy addition to your toolbox - sturdy, light, and brightly colored so you are not likely to lose it in the clutter.

5 Stars  Great 
Very bright

5 Stars  Great Light! Great Price! 
This is an incredible light and at a great price. Ordered 4 and placed all over the house and in car. Many thanks PulseTV

5 Stars  Excellent 
Great product

5 Stars  work flood light 
great item bright works well in tight spots where you need both hands to work. it works great outside at night when you have to go outside to investigate a strange noise. jb

5 Stars  Great Emergency Light 
I put these lights in my emergency packs. They are very handy and light to use. With the LED lights they do not heat up. Great for all applications.

5 Stars  Storage Unit Lighting 
Perfect for my intended goal. With the magnets, pick a spot to mount, adjust the bean and work in comfort and safety.

5 Stars  powerful small light 
good value for the money and is very powerful

4 Stars  Very good work light at a very good price 
Strong light, the magnet function got weak after awhile.

5 Stars  A grat light. 
Love this light , very bright and easy to hold . I find many uses for it.

5 Stars  I love it - hope they last a long time 
I have mounted them on my golf cart which I use at night sometimes. I always carry a gun to protect myself from mountain lions and bears- now Ill be able to see them.

5 Stars  Nice and bright and half the cost! 
I bought a pair of these and they work great! My girlfriend is renting and there is no light in here closet. She was able to use these and see her clothes! I was recently in a big box hardware store and these were more than double the cost.

5 Stars  Bright 
This is a great light. You can control hi and low beam, plus you can position it anyway you want to and it also has magnets. I bought two.

5 Stars  spot lite 
great lite very bright.

5 Stars  Work Floodlight - great deal 
Very good deal. Plenty of light to do jobs.

5 Stars  Bright, durable and good deal 
A really good deal and very bright and durable light. Great for camping, working, or to just through in to your car or truck. I bought 4 of them for my vehicles and spares to have available when the lights go out.

5 Stars  600 Lumen light 
Very bright illumination. Very satisfied

5 Stars  Best light I have had for me! 
My first order it has worked so good so I had to get another one,Now I have two of these and they are great and the price! Thanks again.

5 Stars  Great light!! 
First light didnt work, but they immediately sent a new one that did work. The light is very bright, I use it to work on cars and it has been great.

5 Stars  Great for camping 
I bought this to use while camping. It certainly lights up any area youre in. Its handle makes it easy to carry or to use as an easel. This would be great for power outages, as it easily lights up a room. Pleased with this purchase.

5 Stars  Must have for the price! 
I bought this light because they were a model similar to one they offered at Costco by CAT that came in a 2-pack for $20.00 These were brighter than the Costco ones, but the battery cover is a little cheaper. You cant beat this for the price. I bought 4 of these and love them. The magnet and the stand make it very handy for most needs.

5 Stars  Great light 
Very bright. Runs a long time before having to replace batteries. very versatile. A++

4 Stars  Wow! Bright light!! 
This is a great light to carry on walks, camping, or just being at home and needing extra light. Its small, bright, and easy to hold!

5 Stars  great beam and magnet 
Nice implement at a good price. I currently have it placed on the furnace in the utility room. Turned off the lights and closed the door and the floodlight did its magic. Great product and great folks to do business with. please restock the small rechargeable flashlights....please! I promise to buy 10 stocking stuffers

5 Stars  useful 
These are very powerful and portable, slick item.

4 Stars  Floodlight 600 lumens by Farpoint 
love the light. price was very reasonable. did take me a minute or two to figure out how to get low beam on.

5 Stars  You must have this! 
This is a great product to have and has been working great and has a bright light.

5 Stars  flood light 
Really comes in handy in the garage. It can be set up so you dont have to hold it to have the light shine where it needs to be.

5 Stars  A Great Light 
This product is versatile as you can stand, hang or attach it where needed with the magnet feature. Multiple intensity settings provide the light you need and batteries are included. I ordered 4 originally and like it so much I ordered more as Christmas presents for friends and colleagues

5 Stars  Great Light 

5 Stars  I would recommend this item. 
I used this light the day i received it. Very powerful-Pleased with same. Bob

5 Stars  Great light 
Bright light, durable, stands or hangs easily.

4 Stars  Handy 
Great little light for the price

5 Stars  Work Great 
Decent price also. Im especially impressed with the service I get. Even if an item may cost a little more than elsewhere I prefer to buy from Pulse TV as I know they will stand behind it. They have always been very courteous and helpful plus Ive always gotten a real live person when I call. Keep up the great work.

5 Stars  600 lumens versa floodlight by farpoint 
a very good floodlight, magnets on base. very good lumens max power, and also low power. a real good product.

5 Stars  Super light 
Super light This is one fantastic light

5 Stars  Great Product 
This is a really great product. I can stand this when I have to work in tight places where a drop light or flashlight doesnt work and it provides plenty of light.

5 Stars  A Great Light 
This light is very useful. Very bright, good handle, well made. Ive reordered 3 times. I keep thinking of people that I want to give one too. Price is fantastic.

5 Stars  These lites are great 
For me the great thing about these lights, in addition to their lumen output, is the handle which not only allows the light to sit at various angles but is easy to grasp and hold to use as an extremely useful flashlight.

5 Stars  great light 
Nice bright light,fast shipping and arrived in great shape.

5 Stars  GREAT LED Flashlight 
I love this flashlight!! Its bright, has an adjustable handle, uses common AA batteries and is light weight. I ordered 2 units and hope to order more.

5 Stars  Works Great 
Arrived quickly and works great. Even came with its own battles. I bought 2 of them. Would buy again!

5 Stars  Versa Floodlight 
I love the lights. Small but powerful

5 Stars  Compact, powerful, great magnets, GREAT $ 
These are great emergency/construction tools.

5 Stars  Very bright 
These lights with 600 lumens are extremely nice.

4 Stars  Super Bright! 
This really lights up the underneath of my mobile home for inspection and repairs.

5 Stars  600 Versa Work Floodlight 
This is an excellent light! I use it in my travel trailer and it supplies plenty of outside light for the evenings after the sun has retired.

5 Stars  So very handy! Magnetic Light! 
These lights are fantastic! Especially because of the magnets! I stopped using my expensive brand of the same type. These from PulseTV are better than others on the market that cost many times more! I came back and bought many more! Very handy in my Tool Box, RV, Auto, and around the house!

4 Stars  Work Light 600 
Bright, Compact, multiple handle/stand positions. Magnet could be stronger.

5 Stars  very handy 
These lights are very handy, and a real bargain at the time.

5 Stars  Let there be Light 
This is a great light, very bright. I used it outside to finish a project. It gave me more than ample illumination to get it finished. Was a pleasure not having to drag out extension cords and lights. I need a few more!

5 Stars  Instant sunshine in the middle of the night........ 
At my desk or in the bathroom there is just enough light to do my taskings. Also have one in the pantry for those midnight raids..... Purchased a couple to use as stocking stuffers too. I again salute Anisa and her team for yet another great item. don / Bowie, MD

5 Stars  Excellent light, none of the heat. 
Very bright and lasts a good long time on a charge. Excellent buy.

5 Stars  600 LUMENS WORK LAMP 
This little powerhouse is very useful. I have several I purchased for our home and vehicles.

5 Stars  600 Lumens Versa Work Floodlight by Farpoint Item #8820 
I received five of these but didnt have batteries to put in them at the time. Yesterday, I got them out and to my surprise, each had batteries already and worked like a dream. A great product for a great price.....sturdy, bright light, other features as well to set at different angles! Just a delight!!! I ordered them for Christmas gifts for this coming Dec. 2019. Hope to see them again at a great price!!! Thank you Pulsetv.com I remembered hearing that the batteries would come with each unit but it slipped my mind. I had set them aside to give as gifts. Sure glad I checked each one out yesterday evening!

5 Stars  Bright light where you need it 
A product that is what it says it is. Bright working light portable well built. Performs as advertised.

5 Stars  Versa Work Floodlight 
This is a very compact, but very bright light that I would recommend highly

5 Stars  A bright idea! 
These are excellent lights and seem to get a lot of life out of a set of alkaline batteries I bought two and Ill probably order some more!

Review this item!