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6-pc Mini Desk Accessory Kit

6-pc Mini Desk Accessory Kit

6-pc Mini Desk Accessory Kit
6-pc Mini Desk Accessory Kit
Your Price: $2.99
Compare at: $9.99  (70% off)

It's easy for a desk to get cluttered with office supplies... That's why I love this Mini Desk Accessory Kit!

What Does This Mini Office Supplies Kit Come With?

In this 6 piece kit you'll get a mini stapler with extra staples, a small highlighter, sticky notes, a letter opener and a phone stand. They're small accessories but very useful and they won't overcrowd your desk.

It's the perfect little kit to keep around the house, dorm room, office or in a school desk. But you can also fit them in any purse or backpacks and take them with you on-the-go.

These accessories are cute, practical and fun to use!


- 6pc Mini Desk Supplies
- Great For Offices, Homes, School Desks and Dorm Rooms!
- Perfect Size
To Fit In Backpacks or Purses - Mini Stapler with 10 Extra Staple Strips (900 staples total)
- Mini Blue Highlighter
- Letter Opener
- Silicone Bendable Phone Stand
- 25 Arrow Shaped Sticky Notes
- Space Saver

5 Stars  6-pc desk kit 
Definitely worth the price - smaller than appears, but functional. Good starter kit for younger ones.

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