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5000mah Solar Power Bank with Flashlight

5000mah Solar Power Bank with Flashlight

5000mah Solar Power Bank with Flashlight
5000mah Solar Power Bank with Flashlight
Your Price: $12.99
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SPECIAL: 2 for $23.98 (60% off)
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Use the power of the sun to charge your dead or dying devices. Charge your smartphone, cameras, tablets, even an iPad anytime, anywhere. The Solar-Powered 5000 mah Power Bank has enough power to fully charge an iPhone 8 roughly 2.2 times for up to 26 hours of additional talk time.

5000mah Power Bank with Solar Panel, Dual USB, and LED Light

There are dual USB outputs for charging 2 devices at once. Charge up any phone, speaker, or accessory using your supplied cord. This battery backup even includes an emergency LED flashlight built in.

Housed in a durable, water-resistant case, the solar panel is surrounded by rubber bumpers to protect against drops and dings. The power bank is designed for use on the go - great for hiking, camping, or even strolling on a sunny afternoon. Slip the included carabiner through the top of the unit and you can clip it on anything from a backpack to a keychain.

Stuck indoors? Cloudy day? You can still charge the unit the traditional way using the included Micro USB cord.


- Solar Panel Charges From The Sun
- 1.2W Monocrystalline Solar Panel - 5000mah Battery Capacity
- 2 USB Outputs
- Can Charge Phones, MP3 Players, and iPads,
- Micro USB input for Charging
- LED Charge Indicator
- Double Click Power Button for LED Light
- 2.2in Carabiner to Clip
- Water-Resistant and Dust-Resistant
- Shock-Proof and Drop-Resistant Housing
- Dimensions: 3in x 5.75in x .5in
- Great for travel, outdoors

5 Stars  nice size 
good color good price , powers my i-pad nicely

5 Stars  Very Handy! 
Serves the purpose!

5 Stars  All Good 
Works as promised.

3 Stars  No light 
Flash light doesn t work

3 Stars  Portable charger-solar 
handy size, I like the idea of being able to use solar light to charge. I do not recommend trying to charge the battery of the charger by interior lights and charging plugged in was very slow. When I tried charging my phone, it was so slow, I unplugged it. If phone is plugged into the charger, it may allow you to use the phone. I havent tried that yet because I dont let my phone get below 20%, majority of the time.

5 Stars  Very Handy 
I bought one as a gift and one for myself. Its very handy to have in case of en emergency

4 Stars  Solar Cellphone Charger 
Product is great, instruction sheet printed too small for these elderly eyes. Even with glasses! Otherwise, great!

4 Stars  Works 
This works well. I was not able to charge it up all the way in the sun, so plug it in at night.

3 Stars  solar power bank 
Hard to charge with sunlight. Had to plug in to charge.

5 Stars  compact 
when I m in the car I leave it on the dashboard to charge take it with me on my walk

4 Stars  Works well 
Does what it is supposed to do.

5 Stars  Great! 
this is a very nice item and works well!

5 Stars  Love my solar Bank 
I have several people admiring my charger it is good to have when youre away from home and needs to charge your phone or tablet

5 Stars  Sunlight 
Works very good

5 Stars  Handy Solar Charger 
Charger works great, charges quickly, sturdy

5 Stars  solar bank 
great device to have.

5 Stars  Solar Power Bank 
Excellent. Bought as gifts. Use outdoors, attach to clothing, phone stays charged all day.

4 Stars  Solar chargers 
Seems to work well when charging with power cord. The solar power charge may need direct sun outside. I put it in the window to charge and it didnt seem to do as well.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Great for outdoor use. Solar provides charging anywhere.

5 Stars  Great item! 
Works great and is not real heavy like older battery packs and best if all in charges in any light!

4 Stars  Solar Power Bank 
Good,effective power bank, but I have not been able to use the solar feature to charge it all the way up. It does however charge up nicely when connected to a USB port. This will be my main power bank, and I can, if I need, get a partial charge from the sun.

5 Stars  Sokar charger 
Works perfect

5 Stars  gave as a gift 
I have no idea of how good the product is.....gave it as a gift....however the response I got when it was opened was priceless....

5 Stars  Excellent product 
love it

5 Stars  Impressive 
I bought 2, one as a gift. The gift that keeps on giving, so to speak. Powerful, and compact.

5 Stars  Second Opinion 
My first opinion wasnt as good as it should be. Only one light was on and after hours in the sun, it still wasnt fully charged. I found out through trial and error, my charger didnt come fully charged as advertised. However, one boost via the plug in device which is supplied and all 5 lights came on. I cant say how long it will stay charged during use but I now leave it in my kitchen window to keep it charged. I check it occasionally and all the lights are in fine shape indicating it continues to be fully charged. I bought mine for emergency use during possible power outages. From the rave reviews on here from outdoorss men, I am impressed. Itll serve my needs.

5 Stars  Thumbs Up For Solar Power! 
I purchased one of these for myself as well as for my two brothers for Fathers Day gifts. They both appreciated the power bank as a gift. Everything was as stated. Its good to know that when your out and about you have a way to get your cell phone charged with no worries. Great purchase!

5 Stars  Great Item 
IF you live in an area where there are earth quakes you really should own solar powered bank.It gives you a strong cense of security. Also where there are storms and power outages this would be a go to item.It is as described and works very well. I even bought one as gift. Great price!

5 Stars  Solar Powered 5000mah Power Bank with Dual USB 
great little product. Bought three. Gave two as gifts and kept one for myself.

4 Stars  Go power 
I charged it overnight, took it to work with me and started charging my I-Pad. Checked it 2 hrs. Later & it was fully charged. This was on Friday and I forgot it so its been on the window sill all weekend , charging? Cant wait to go to work tomorrow & check it. Think its going to come in real handy & would recommend for what Ive seen so far.

2 Stars  Not that great. 
I was a little disappointed in this product. It was not very successful at recharging my cell phone and moved needle on my tablet. Not at all what I hoped for.

5 Stars  Solar Charger 
With hurricane season upon us, Im always in the process of stocking up for an emergency. This little device is just awesome. I know I will always have a charged device just in case thanks to this solar charger.

1 Stars  Terrible 
Loses charge very quickly. Cant charge phone when bank is charging by solar

2 Stars  Takes too long to charge even plugged in. doesnt charge phone well 
Forget about the sun unless you end up in desperate need in a storm, or trapped somewhere with light. But even then, there were two problems. Even after a full charge from electrical outlet and it is tough to get that charge cord attached thru the plastic case, it doesnt do a very good charge of the phone. It drains fast and charges slowly. I expressed my discontent, but was clearly not correct, from the responses. Which were very kind, and timely.

5 Stars  Charger 
This charger is perfect for small purses and easy to use.

4 Stars  Solar Powered 5000mah Power Bank with Dual USB 
It works. The drawback is that to recharge this device via the sun would take at least 8 hours or more, I forget. Recharging the regular way takes a few hours. But it is handy to have a ready-recharge available to-go when I leave home with a low charge on my mobile device.

4 Stars  Very happy with it 
I like it! It is a very attractive easy-to-use temporary power supply. It has a big capacity and will recharge your phone 2 or 3 times before needing to be recharged itself. It does take longer than a phone to recharge because it has more capacity to recharge. The solar recharger takes a very long time and this is just an added bonus to augment the regular recharge process. That is the only reason I gave it a four-star instead of a five-star because it does take a very long time to do that. The button on the front of it has to be pressed in order to charge something. When the button is pressed, up to 5 blue LED bars light up indicating the charge level of the battery. If no charging load is experienced the charger will turn itself off and revert to the single green idle LED. If the power button is tapped twice quickly in a row, a bright white LED light will illuminate. Tap the power button twice quickly again and the bright LED turns off.

2 Stars  Solar Powered??? 
I just received two Solar Powered 5000mah Power Banks. I bought them because I liked that they were rechargeable using the sun. This would be great in the case of a power outage. When I read the instructions it said that you would have to charge the unit in direct sunlight for 6 hours FOR 5 DAYS in order to fully recharge the unit. This makes the Solar selling points completely useless. It seems to be a reasonably well made device and I havent tested yet, but I bought it for the Solar charging feature which is worthless.

4 Stars  Solar Powered 5000mah Power Bank With Dual USB 
Although I havent actually used it yet, it seems to operate as advertised. I like the size and the simplicity of it. I keep it for emergencies. Considering the price, if it works once in an emergency, its more then paid for itself....

1 Stars  Homeowner 
I bought two units and neither of them would fully charge in sunlight or plugged into a USB port. Four days plugged in and six days in the sun. Total pieces of crap!

5 Stars  An excellent use of solar 
Although I recieved this a short time ago, it does do what it is designed to do. Will need to give it a more difficult test during summer activities outdoors.

4 Stars  SolarPoweredDualUSB 
Works well, but this device also needs to include the APPLE IPHONE INTERFACE PLUG ALSO !!

3 Stars  Slow power bank 
I was a bit disappointed. It was slow and used up the whole reserve power.. It is good looking..

3 Stars  Panel not charging 
Hello here. I purchased the solar battery charger and have had it sitting in direct sunlight for 5 days, but it still only has 1 bar of charge capacity. If I plug it into a wall outlet it begins to charge fine. So far I am not very pleased with my purchase and maybe I can be sent anotherone. I do like the size and thought of it charging while hanging from my backpack though. Several friends have asked me about it, but I cant tell them the full capability of it yet. Thank you

5 Stars  I like it because it is so lightweight! 
This device is easier to carry than other power banks I have used because its shape and weight make it easy to carry in a bag or case without adding significant weight or shape challenges. When I put other power banks in my handbag, they end up getting turned on and then the battery runs down and when I need it, its of no use. And 5000mah!! Terrific power.

4 Stars  Solar Powered Power Bank 
This device is a little larger than most portable chargers about the size of an iPhone 6 but is also more powerful. Be sure and charge it with the power cord before you take it camping. It takes about 5 days to solar charge. Havent had a chance to test the solar charging yet. I like that it can charge 2 devices at the same time.

3 Stars  full! power 
unfortunately, my unit will not fully charge. I only get four bars and the lights never stop blinking in charge mode.....nice idea though!!

5 Stars  Mr. 
these unit a proving there worth. I was without power for several days and I was able to use these without a problem. Charged my cell phone and tablet with no problems

3 Stars  Solar Powered 5000mah Power Bank With Dual USB 
Solar power feature is useless five days to recharge which makes the unit overpriced.

4 Stars  solar power bank 
The solar charge is very slow and I ended up charging it through an electrical USB adaptor. Once charged it works as advertised..so far....

4 Stars  Blue tooth headphone & solar device charger 
They work fine. I havent used the charger much, but it works well for the times Ive used it.

4 Stars  Solar power bank 
OK, but blue light on far right doesnt come fully on no matter how long it is charged

5 Stars  Solar phone charger 
Very handy while Im on the go.

1 Stars  Not really solar power 
The instruction says it takes six full days at full sun to charge the battery pack. Really? What good is that?

5 Stars  Power bank 
I like this power bank very much and it works very well.

5 Stars  Solar Powered 5000 mah Power Bank with Dual usb 
The product came on time It was as advertised. I really like it and will be relying on it when fishing, camping and traveling.

5 Stars  solar charger 
It is a great product and is fun to use

5 Stars  Great 
Did all it said it would use it regularly

This works amazingly well. So helpful, especially when outside for the day.

5 Stars  solar power 
This is a great product. I recommended this to everyone.

4 Stars  Solar Powered Phone charger 
Only one con It takes a very long time for the battery to charge in the sun. If it is overcast then it takes longer.

5 Stars  Solar Powed 5000 mah Power Bank 
I like that the unit has a light to tell how the power at charge .

3 Stars  MRS 
I am pleased that the unit is so light weight, but I was disappointed that the time needed to be charged in the sun was so long.

5 Stars  Solar Battery 
This is great to have and very handy when out of power. I just hang it on my purse and I am good to go!

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5000mah Solar Power Bank with Flashlight

Use the power of the sun to charge your dead or dying devices. Charge your smartphone, cameras, tablets, even an iPad anytime, anywhere. The Solar-Powered 5000 mah Power Bank has enough power to fully charge an iPhone 8 roughly 2.2 times for up to 26 hours of additional talk time.