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    5-Pack of Super Glue

    Your Price: $2.49
    There's glue... and then there's Super Glue. When you're beyond arts and crafts and need something really strong that will stick to almost anything; Super Glue is the answer.
    Item # 7958
    There's glue... and then there's Super Glue. When you're beyond arts and crafts and need something really strong that will stick to almost anything; Super Glue is the answer.

    The Strongest Glue Available

    Super Glue will hold up to 2,000 lbs. per square inch, which makes it an excellent solution for repairing larger items like tables, chairs, bureaus and other articles of furniture. Plus it can easily fix sports gear like fishing tackle, car fixtures and even electrical equipment. It is also ideal for glass and ceramics, which means you can instantly repair dishes, glassware and other household articles.

    Works just as well on plastics, metal, rubber, and wood.

    A little Super Glue goes a long way. With only a few drops and a light touch, it bonds instantly - no chemical catalyst, clamps, vices or other heat sources necessary. This super pack includes 8 3-gram tubes of Super Glue, so no matter what job you have, you'll be prepared to tackle it!

    CAUTION: Will Bond skin in seconds.


    • Bonds in seconds to almost anything
    • Repair a variety of items
    • Sets in seconds and dries transparent
    • Super strong bond holds up to 2,000 lbs. per square inch
    • Includes 5 tubes; Net weight 1.5 grams each
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    Super Glue
    A GR8 Deal.  Always use super glue a true bargain !!
    CARL | 1/19/2020 10:00 PM
    works great
    I only tried it once on a cover for my mouse   Had tried it  several times with different cements but to no avail  This time it really worked and I expect no changes
    MERVYN | 1/8/2020 10:00 PM
    Every Body Flipped When They Got It... This Was A Stocking Stuffier...
    Guy D | 12/30/2019 10:00 PM
    Glue is Glue
    Hard to compare this glue with other glues.  If it sticks, its good.  This glue does a good job of sticking.  I think the price I paid is what makes this product attractive.
    ELDON | 12/18/2019 10:00 PM

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