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5 pack Keychain LED Buck Lights
5 pack Keychain LED Buck Lights
5 pack Keychain LED Buck Lights
5 pack Keychain LED Buck Lights
5 pack Keychain LED Buck Lights

5 pack Keychain LED Buck Lights

5 pack Keychain LED Buck Lights

Compare at: $13.99  (79% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

The Buck Light 5 Pack offers you 5 handy LED Keychain Flashlights that you can keep all over your home, car or on your keys so you never get caught in the dark again!

In this pack, you get 5 unique colors, which is great if you want to give these to different people in your household.

They are compact, super bright and they last a long time, so when you need them, they are ready to light the way. The bulbs are rated for 100,000 hours and they are powered by 3 internal button cell batteries. It also conserves powers by featuring a hold-down button so you never forget to turn it off when not in use.

Features and Benefits:
- 5 Keychain Flashlights
- Keep them everywhere!
- Single Ultra Bright LED Per Light
- Bulb Lasts Over 100,000 Hours
- Multi Color Pack
- Easy Push Button Operation
- 2.5" X .25" X 1"
- Powered by 3 Internal Button Cell Batteries (not designed to replace)

Review this item!

5 Stars  Perfect for our Adventure Bags! 
These are great and cost effective! our recipients have requested flashlights and these are great! key chain also!

5 Stars  Pretty Handy 

2 Stars  sporadic 
i thought the lights would stay on....but they have to be pressed too b used...an inconience

5 Stars  5 Pack Keychain LED Buck Lights 
I put one key on top of each Christmas gift I gave. My family & friends loved them. Saw one of my neighbors using it at night while she walked her dog, lol.

5 Stars  Perfect for our Adventure Bags! 
Is hard to find cost effective flashlights! These are perfect and help make our kids feel safe! ordered again!

5 Stars  led buck lights 
got tired looking for flashlights.. I keep one every place I need a light. Save a lot of time looking for my misplaced flashlight.

4 Stars  not all worked 
Most of the five worked. Only one of the keychain lights did not. They do shine bright though.

3 Stars  Would have given more stars if... 
I bought 2 bags of 5 each to be given to 10 friends as a stocking stuffer. Embarrassing moment. I should have tested ALL of them before giving them out but since the first 3 worked, I didnt bother. My mistake. Out of 10, only 6 worked! Hit and miss with these things, Pulse has a lot of seconds.

5 Stars  Good to have - easy to carry 
You cant have enough flashlights! No matter what size, what color, lumens. They always come in handy. How can you refuse a flashlight?

5 Stars  key chain lights 
excellent for the price

5 Stars  GREAT VALUE! 
Ive used a light like these for years. This was such a great buy that Im going to be able to afford to give one to everyone in our little country church at Christmas time. I think it will make a useful and thoughtful little happy.

5 Stars  GREAT SIZE 

4 Stars  Great key chain light 
Works great, illuminates walking areas well. Light housing colors really help for multiple vehicles

5 Stars  Best stocking stuffers and gifts on the Net! 
Plusetv always comes through when looking for that last minute gift or stocking stuffer!! From these pocket & purse size lights to Flying Monkeys and floating Orbs, your products are always a big hit on Christmas Morning. Reasonable , good quality and always a HIT, what more can we ask!

5 Stars  Light at the end 
Great little key chain and light. Gave them to all the ladies we hang around with.

5 Stars  Very Handy 
Love these. Come in handy. And great stocking stuffers. Useful for finding those keyholes in dim corridors.

5 Stars  led buck lights 
I put these lights to good use and they work great.Very happy with them so far.

5 Stars  Super Products 
Ive been giving out the lights to friends and relatives. They love them.

5 Stars  5 pack keychain LED lights 
Love them. I have multi rentals and I used them to organize them.

3 Stars  keychain LED Buck Lights 
looks good but the light only last a few days and that with out playing with light to much. I more or less got them to give away now I am in the dog house because the light does not last to long so I would not buy any more. sorry BUT WILL CONTINUE BUYING OTHER ITEMS.

5 Stars  Keychain lights 
Great. works well when you trying to find the keyhole on the door at night.

4 Stars  Very handy 
The lights are great, except 1 of 5 didnt work. Wasnt worth returning. Light is bright and significant for such a compact body. Just what I was looking for to carry in my pocket.

5 Stars  great keychain 
I bought the key chain for their looks and light to help someone to find the key hole when it dark works great. also been giving them away as gifts to my friends which they indicated looked nice, so I ordered some more as gifts. would also be good for school kids.

5 Stars  Mini flashlights 
These will be great stocking stuffers

4 Stars  Handy 
Lights are very handy

5 Stars  Buck lights are Best 
I use the buck light on my job at Madison Square Garden in NYC to see customers tickets entering our Arena and helping them find their seats. Works very well !!

5 Stars  Nice 
I have purchased these before and like their size and bright beam

I bought these to add to gift packs for the homeless this Christmas. One of the men I talk to said batteries was a good idea because they need them for their flashlights that are always burning out. Then I saw these. They were cheap enough, so I bought a bunch of them due to the price and claim of 100,000 hours use. I figured they are small and very good size for their pocket. Biggest concern was, will they be bright enough? As soon as I received them I tried it that night. Turned off all the lights in the house and turned on the flashlight. It was definitely bright enough! Im so excited! I cant wait to give my Christmas packs. They arent as bright as a regular flashlight but still more than enough to light the way for safety. And the price was excellent. Now if they actually hold up even half of what they claim it is still a good buy.

4 Stars  Great Value 
Great product and works in those dark corners very well

5 Stars  Good light 
A good keychain light.

5 Stars  Just as described 
these units are just as described -- nice bright light for such a small unit. I put one next to my printer to read the very small display, or on my desktop to shine on the back connections, in my car console . . . anyplace where I need a quick splash of light and not have to look for a flashlight.

5 Stars  Light up your world 
Nice different colored batch of keychain flashlights that help find things that you cannot find in the dark. Nice bright light on all of them

5 Stars  Handy to have anytime. 
Bought these keychain lights on a whim and glad I did. I didnt need 5, but for the price, why not. Well, I put one on my keychain, and showed it around and all the rest were gone in minutes. Everyone in the house just had to have one. Its a nice bright light that is great when coming home late and someone forgot to turn the porch light on, poking around in the back of the closet, inside the glove compartment in my truck, or anywhere a bit of brightness is needed. A great buy for a great little product. Thanks

5 Stars  Great deal for the price 
While these might not be the best flashlight that you own they sure can be very handy to have, my wife uses them to find things in her purse and having one on your keychain can be useful when its dark and your trying to find that key hole

Review this item!
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Video: 5 pack Keychain LED Buck Lights

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