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4-in-1 Super Package Opener
4-in-1 Super Package Opener
4-in-1 Super Package Opener
4-in-1 Super Package Opener
4-in-1 Super Package Opener
4-in-1 Super Package Opener
4-in-1 Super Package Opener
4-in-1 Super Package Opener

4-in-1 Super Package Opener

4-in-1 Super Package Opener

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Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

The 4-in-1 Super Opener combines the most common and frequently used household tools into one convenient hand-held device.

The most noticeable of the four functions is the large cutting shear blades. They're sharp enough to cut through thick plastic and cardboard like butter and are spring-loaded, so all the hard cutting work is done for you. Even people with arthritis or weak hands can open those tough blister-packs in seconds.

The second function is a convenient bottle opener and pry tab that's built right into the cutting sheers. A handy lock keeps the sheers held together, ensuring a super-strong prying surface that won't come undone.

The next two functions are concealed in each leg of the Super Opener. Just pull off the protective safety caps to reveal the tools. The first one is a perfectly sized, extra sharp, cutting razor. To extend the razor, simply move the slider downward. The ergonomic handle gives you a firm grip for an easy and comfortable way to slice open boxes and cut through packing tape. Plus the blade is short, so you cut through the box, not it's contents.

The other leg houses a small double-sided screwdriver. The size is perfect for all those small battery compartments, taking apart electronics or toys, and many other hobbies that require precision. To flip from Phillips to Slotted, just pull the driver head out, flip it around and push back in.

- Four Tools In One
- Super Sharp Shears Great For Tough Plastic, Cardboard, And Even Gardening
- Spring-Loaded Blades For Max Cutting Power
- Great For Arthritis Sufferers Or Anyone With Weak Hands
- Pry Tab And Sheer Blades Made Of Strong And Durable Metal
- Contoured Comfortable Handle
- Dual-Sided Screwdriver With Phillips And Slotted Heads
- Pop-Out Razor Blade With Saftey Slider
- Razor's Short Blade Cuts Through Boxes Without Damaging Contents
- Fits In Any Drawer, Glovebox, Toolbox, Tacklebox And More
- Open Blister Packs, Cut Plastic Tabs, And Slice Open Big Boxes With Ease
- Dimensions: 8"L X 2"W X 1"D

Review this item!

5 Stars  Package opener 
Love it.

1 Stars  Poor Quality and Defective 
This product is very unsatisfactory. The scissors locked and wont work.

5 Stars  What a relief 
great for opening shrink wrap items. Cuts great

5 Stars  Great Tool 
This will go in our Travel Box for all our trips from now on!

1 Stars  Very cheap 
The cutters wouldnt cut plastic, I had to use the razor blade in the handle, which is very small. I tried to prune a small branch, and it didnt cut it... it was a total waste of money!


5 Stars  makes quick work of shrink plastic 
cuts right through that annoying welded plastic edge. Even used it to cut a towing cable to length thick, 1,000 lb webbing material

5 Stars  Handy kitchen tool 
These are handy for opening those pesky plastic packages that challenge scissors. They also have a razor knife for slicing. We use it so much we ordered more as gifts for friends and family.

5 Stars  works O.K. 
does everything it says it will do and more.

3 Stars  Very sharp 
Works perfectly but the attachments DO fall off/out a bit too much in my opinion ????? But DOES do the job!! ??

5 Stars  Open those pesky blister packs 
A friend bought a couple many years ago and has never been able to find them since, so i am very glad to have found these. They are the ideal shape and strength to open sealed blister packs that scissors struggle with.

5 Stars  4-in-1 Super Package Opener 
Best tool I have. Just the help I needed for the product filled padded enveloped packages I receive. No more trouble trying to open then,. Now just a zip and it is opened.

5 Stars  Versatile Tool 
Bought several of these as gifts. Great tool

5 Stars  4-in-1Super Package Opener 
The openers are even better than I expected!!!! very sharp and very durable!!!!!!!!!!!...The bottle opener works great too!!!!!!!! I keep one at work and 3 at home in different places. I would definitely suggest everyone should have these. you wont regret it. Thanks to Pulse for showing them to me.

5 Stars  handy 
this is just what I needed to open packages and others that require sissors.

4 Stars  Works well in the house but not for cutting branches 
For use in the house, it is an excellent tool. The shear blades cut plastic and cardboard well and the razor is sharp and handy. Have not tried out the dual sided screwdriver or bottle opener. Tried trimming very thin branches with the shears and it did not work well at all.

5 Stars  Great tool 
This tool is great for opening those tightly sealed packages.

5 Stars  Bubble Package Destroyer 
Bubble packages are meant to be pilfer proof. Unfortunately they are elder proof too! These offset cutters really work! Ive given away several pairs. The offset keeps the cut edges from tearing up the tops of your fingers. These shears are the better mouse trap weve all heard about.!

5 Stars  Super Package Opener 
Arthritis in hands makes this a necessity! Great for those stubborn sealed plastic packages, makes life opening them easier.

5 Stars  Useful and convenient 
Been looking for a tool like this for a long time. Before I got it, I had to use all kinds of scissors and everything I could find to open this pesky packages. Now everything is in one place. Thanks, PulseTV ....

1 Stars  Dull cutting scissors 
The scissor part was horrible. Trying to cut with it was dull, cutting with it didnt work.

5 Stars  Nice Handy Product 
I have used this Package Opener and love how easy it makes opening those plastic clam shells. No more worries that I might cut myself with a knife or ruining scissors.

5 Stars  Bubble Pack Destroyer 
Ive bought several devices ever since bubble packs came on the scene. Finally, easy to operate, offset shears that wont leave you part of the walking wounded.

4 Stars  clippers 
works well

5 Stars  This is an awesome tool!!! 
I love all the features of this tool. Its really amazing. I use the box cutter, the bottle opener and scissors. I havent had a need for the screw driver or flat screw driver yet, but good to know they are close by. I may have to get some more of these for gifts, because the price is so good!!!

Review this item!
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Video: 4-in-1 Super Package Opener

The 4-in-1 Super Opener combines the most common and frequently used household tools into one convenient hand-held device.
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