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27in Extendable Magnetic Pick-Up Tool with LED Light

27in Extendable Magnetic Pick-Up Tool with LED Light

27in Extendable Magnetic Pick-Up Tool with LED Light
27in Extendable Magnetic Pick-Up Tool with LED Light
Your Price: $7.99
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Save all sorts of metallic valuables from oblivion with this Telescopic Magnetic Wand. Great for seeing and reaching objects like nuts, bolts, washers, screws or other items that are in hard to reach areas and dark places.

Magnetic Pickup Tool will hold over 2 pounds!

This compact tool extends up to 32 inches while the powerful magnetic tip will hold over 2 lbs of weight. This gives you great reach for retrieving whatever you might have dropped behind the washing machine or down a vent.

Anything that contains any ferrous metal will stick like glue to the magnetic head, and a built-in LED will let you see exactly where you dropped that lighter or key or pair of eye glasses in any dark corner. Just turn the head clockwise to turn the light on, and counter clockwise for off.

At only 8-inches long collapsed you can keep this handy tool in your tool box, kitchen drawer, glove box or even your pocket!


- Extendable magnetic wand for capturing lost items
- Powerful magnet holds up to 2 lbs.
- Save innumerable valuable items from hard-to-reach places
- Compact enough to fit in your pocket
- Wand extends to 32 inches
- Easy grip handle
- Built-in LED light

5 Stars  Works Great-As Advertised 
As Advertised

5 Stars  The Rechargeable & Windproof Electrical Arc Plasma Lighter with LED Li 
This light is great. it is rechargeable and can see in dark area where light can not get too.

5 Stars  great pick up 
Loved it now when you drop screws you can find it sometimes searching but it does the job

3 Stars  The length is great 
Great length, however, the magnet is not very powerful. But it is still a great tool to have around. It is comfortable to hold, even when it is extended.

5 Stars  Light the way 
This little tool is perfect for finding and picking up that dropped screw or nail.

5 Stars  Great magnetic colasable wand with a tip LED light 
Very nice magnetic wand with tip LED light. works great and collapsible.

4 Stars  Flashlight magnet extension 
Works great

Just what I wanted. I have/had one, but wanted another for different rooms and garage. So, better than one that is very poor quality and equivalent with the one I already have. Good buy

5 Stars  Awesome 
I love this tool

5 Stars  magnet tool 
Great thing to have around!

5 Stars  Strong, Long AND LIT!! 
There are times when items fall into places where we cant see or reach. When remodeling a home, this often includes wall spaces. Ive had guys let a screwdriver roll into a Pony Wall... that wall behind the cabinets on a kitchen island... where theres usually a bar counter top. When replacing the sheet rock, prior to setting tile, that space is often open, right after the installation of new counters. Now this handy gadget has made it possible to not only reach into that space, BUT TO SEE WHERE YOURE REACHING!! Its worked great and rescued more than a few tools that went Walkabout! I cant guarantee that it will be strong enough to retrieve your hammer, but it has retrieved smaller, lightweight hammers and many a screwdriver! For this price, you cant go wrong AND for seeing under the refrigerator and pulling out non-metallic items that your pet loses under there, it works GREAT!!

4 Stars  Handy Gadget 
I had been looking at these for a long time and decided to get some before they were gone. First person I gave one to was my mom. She does a lot of embroidery and was always losing her needles. Maybe this will help her find them before the vacuum or someones foot does! I checked and it vertically picked up a little over 2 pounds securely, but might drag more than that under some circumstances.

5 Stars  Great Addition 2 Workshop 
I do RC airplane building and flying. Small screws are my bane. This is a great addition to the workshop, especially with the bright LED light.

5 Stars  pick up tool 
works really well have used it twice and both times it work well.

5 Stars  great tool 
This lighted magnetic pickup tool is great for retrieving lost objects. A definite keeper!


5 Stars  One of the best investments youll ever make! 
This tool will NOT let you down.... Like in the demo video, why bend over backwards to retrieve something metal in a small space where you cant see, when you could just use this and breathe easy!

5 Stars  Sure beats bending over 
I love this item. Beats getting down on my knees and having to pick the item up. Plus the light is very bright.

5 Stars  Feedback 
Very pleased. Thank you

5 Stars  Works as Advertised 
It does all it is supposed to do. Surprising how many things are not magnetic.

5 Stars  Good Gadget. 
For the guy who has everything.

5 Stars  magnet & lamp 
these are slick.I do service work and bought a couple took them to work and they got scarffed up. so i ordered more.

5 Stars  Excellent! 
I bought a few of these for me and my coworkers. We love the light, as it allows us to find all of the small items we drop under our workstations. The magnet is strong enough that we have no problem picking up our larger items. Great buy!

5 Stars  Lighted Magnetic Pick-up Tool 
I purchased this as a gift for my son who was very pleased to receive it. He occasionally loses small nuts and bolts into tight places of the instrument panels he works on. He feels that this tool will come in very handy for retrieving small parts.

5 Stars  Pick- up Tool 
The light at the end is fantastic. A great tool.

5 Stars  Great for retrieving small items 
I really love this item especially when I am working with screws and I drop one and cant find it, this really helped. Also worked when I lost something in the grass, thats as long as you have an idea in what area it went. My son-in-law loves it when working on his vehicles.

5 Stars  cool tool!!! 
Love this thing!! Not only does it reach lost screws etc... but has a light so you can see where the magnet is headed! Liked it so much I got one for a friend

5 Stars  Magnetic pick up tool light 
This has been very handy! You can see what you dropped and pick it up...where you cant reach with your hands.

5 Stars  A great tool to have around! 
Once again....you guys found a winner!!

3 Stars  Magnetic Pick up tool 
Have not had a need to use it as yet. One I bought for a friend - she does not have it yet

4 Stars  LED light pick up tool 
What a handy tool. Not too large to keep handy..you can find what you dropped and pick it up easily.

4 Stars  Very Good Product 
I love this magnet/light, and the light is what makes it so unique. Not only can you pick up a fallen metal object, but you can also see into dark places, where it always seems that fallen objects try to hide in the dark.

5 Stars  Very Happy 
Magnet works great especially with a lite . Great tool, picking up a few more for friends

5 Stars  Amazing! 
Thank u so much! Im getting older>> bending over>>to pick up the nuts, bolts,etc.that I drop! I wish this item was available when I was younger! Such an incredible idea,esp. with the light!

5 Stars  Ext. Magnetic pick-up tool with LED light 
A very handy item which I have used several times since purchasing and everyone should own one for the home or carry in your vehicle.

4 Stars  Magnetic Pick-up Tool 
I purchase five 5 of these to resell at out door flea markets,however the light on one did not work, the battery was down. They work great.

3 Stars  Magnetic Pick-Up Tool 
I ordered 10 of these for stocking stuffers at Christmas, and they were very popular. However, the lights on two of them did not work.

5 Stars  Big Hit at Christmas! 
Great stocking stuffer! I gave one to all three of our adult children and kept one for my husband and me to share. I have ordered two more because I failed to realize the shared one would end up in the workshop and not in the house when I needed it. Also, great for our RV. I have seen similar products, but without the added light at the end. The light is a great idea because you do not have to be holding a flashlight in the other hand when getting into dark places. Look forward to having it when needed!

5 Stars  Husband loved it! 
My Bill liked the magnetic pick-up tool so much he had me order 3 more.Such a handy item when working under the hood of a car & dropping a nut or bolt.

5 Stars  Guys love this 
I bought 6 of these for stocking stuffers. Every one of the guys fell in love with this tool. It is powerful enough to pick up dropped pieces and small tools. They all love having this accessory in their toolboxes.

5 Stars  Magnetic Pick up Tool 
Works great!

5 Stars  magnet light 
A great little light.

5 Stars  megnet light 
A great little light

5 Stars  Magnetic Pick up Tool 
Very pleased with this item and showed it to a friend who also ordered 1 or 2.

5 Stars  Great combination 
Works great! The light is a much needed addition.

5 Stars  the best little tool around 
this magnetic with a light on it is a great idea. many the time that a nut or bolt falls into the darkest place it can find but with this tool not a problem any more

5 Stars  Picking up keys 
In response to the remark about Brass keys. Most key RINGS are made of metal that you CAN pick up with a magnet.

2 Stars  magnetic pick up tool 
The boy says you can pick up car keys. Most car keys are made of brass which is not attracted to a magnet. See what happens when you skip science in school?

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