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200 Lumen Pocket Pen Light by Farpoint

200 Lumen Pocket Pen Light by Farpoint

200 Lumen Pocket Pen Light by Farpoint
200 Lumen Pocket Pen Light by Farpoint
Compare at: $12.99  (62% off)
*PLEASE NOTE: Price break info on video may not be accurate when item is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

This compact pen light may be small, but it's slim profile hides an exceptionally bright flashlight! Small enough to slide into any pocket, it produces an impressive 200 lumens with just the push of the handy thumb switch.

Rather than load this light with multiple illumination settings, there's just 2: on and off. This makes it an extremely easy-to-use, reliable light in any emergency situation while still having all the features you'd expect from a high-quality flashlight. Slide the head to adjust the focus from a spotlight to wide-area flood.

The durable aluminum alloy body is impact-resistant, water and weatherproof. Be confident it will work just fine when it drops on the hard ground, a puddle, or even using it in the rain.

It's so small you can comfortably slide it into your pockets, backpacks, go-bags, toolboxes, glove compartments, and any emergency kit. Since it relies on 2 AAA batteries (your first set is included) it's ready to go at a moment's notice.

- Brightness: 200 Lumens, 40m Distance
- 2 Modes: On and Off
- Slide to Focus Beam from Spot to Floodlight
- Includes Pocket Clip
- Made of Durable Impact-Resistant Aluminum
- Dirt, Dust, Water, and Weather-Proof
- Great for all Emergencies, Indoors and Out
- Runs on 2 AAA Batteries (Included)
- No Recharging Needed: Just Pop in a Fresh Set of Batteries
- Great for Packing in Any Travelbag or Toolbox, Camping, and More
- Dimensions: 5.5in x .5in Head Diameter

4 Stars  Flexible light up stretch magnification mirror 
Works great, perfect actually. Only thing is that it is quick to drain battery but I havent tried but 1 brand/style battery.

5 Stars  Great flashlight! 
I keep buying flashlights because I like having several around my apartment in case the power goes out or a lightbulb blows out. For some reason, they either disappear or just die. This flashlight is compact, but very bright and I have used it several times since I received it. I should have bought more than one.

5 Stars  Awesome Flashlight 
I love this little flashlight lightweight like the click on and off like a pen and it opens small to wide I would buy again.

5 Stars  Cool gadget 
Awesome little light works fantastic great price

5 Stars  Excellent, 
Bought several more as gifts and everyone loves them. So bought even more.

5 Stars  Wonderful! 
Light works great! Highly recommended!

5 Stars  Pocket Lights 
Best portable light Ive had. Use them everywhere. I bought extras for gifts.

5 Stars  Pen light 
Great perfect for your pocket. I use it at work

5 Stars  Portable and Bright 
It is the brightest penlight I have ever owned. It puts out more light than many larger lights and still remains pen sized.

5 Stars  Wow!! 
A tiny little light with a huge sized light. I love it!! I carry it in my purse, its bright light is perfect for lighting my way to my front door, when Im caught out later than I had anticipated. Bought extra as gifts for friends, but Im tempted to keep them for myself!! But I wont... Lol

4 Stars  Pocket penlight 
A very handy lightweight penlight to easily carry around with you!

5 Stars  Great flashlight 
Its a great item for people who work at night and its slim profile would work well for appraisers, those working in the construction trade, automotive mechanics as well

5 Stars  Pocket Flashlight 
The light shines quite a distance and the fact that it is thin enough to fit in a pocket makes it easy to carry. i recommend it for others.

5 Stars  pen light 
light is extremely bright

5 Stars  It works very well 
It works very well

5 Stars  Small Simple Flashlight 
This is a compact flashlight requiring two AAA batteries. Plenty of light, and guess what? This flashlight has a no-nonsense off/on switch! Turn it on when you want to see, and turn it off when youre done! Therefore, 5 stars rating!

5 Stars  Great light great quality! 
Bought this for our RV to have a small clip on flash light for unexpected needs! This one exceeded our expectation! Bright easy to use with switch at end! We were at a retreat and used it to cross a area that had no lights worked amazing! Checked Harbor Freight for a similar flashlight 2x the price! Will be ordering a couple more!

4 Stars  Good Lighting 
I like this pen light cause its small to put anywhere. The light is very good. It takes 2 AAA batteries which were included.

5 Stars  Excellent 
Excellent flash light for walking my dog at night expendable lens is perfect if noises come from brushes, amazingly bright for being so compact

5 Stars  Farpoint pocket penlight 
What an AWESOME little light! The power is impressive, even with just two batteries. And for the price, you should buy enough for every room in your home, and one in your car. A great purchase, indeed!

5 Stars  very bright for the money 
These lights are great.. very bright, solid product

5 Stars  Small but powerfull 
I was not disappointed by this little light. It was ready to go right after I opened the package. In my opinion, this light out performs my Mag-Lite and was MUCH cheaper.

5 Stars  Great light 
Great light, only issue with the first on was the rubber tab fell off leaving the on/off switch flimsy then quit working. Bought 4 new ones, put some super glue in spots and not one problem.

5 Stars  Smallest and brighter 
Say hello to my little friend !! This is one of the best flashlights I have ever found in my life. Put it in my purse, it barely takes space and the light is so bright. Its thin, its very light and what I love the most is the button you use to turn it on. Easy and fast. Now bring on the darkness cause Im ready. Highly recommend it.

5 Stars  Super Product! 
I carry a flashlight with me at all times and this small, very bright and reliable pocket pen light fits nicely in my purse.

4 Stars  Good light 
Small handy descent quality

5 Stars  Excellent pen light 
Perfect size! Easy function!

5 Stars  Amazing! 
I bought two of these as a Christmas gift for my partner. She loves them. One for her tool kit at work and one for her computer desk.

5 Stars  Happy Camper 
I gave this flashlight to at least 20 of my friends and all were surprised with the power of the light and the way you can increase the size of the area you are pointing at by either pulling or pushing the light.

5 Stars  Small in size but bright with light 
I have this handy penlight located in several rooms of my home. You never know when the power may go out.

5 Stars  Portable and Bright 
Lots of light for a penlight. It is by far, the the best I have ever had. If I have forgotten to bring a light to a meeting that lasted into the darkness, easy to do this time of year, I just reach for my penlight and have the light that normally you would only find in a much larger flashlight.

5 Stars  good product 
Perfect for what I needed. cant go wrong with this product

5 Stars  Powerful and compact 
This is a great little light. Its designed to fit in a large shirt pocket, equipped with a pocket clip. Overall length is 5-1/2, with a 1/2 diameter barrel. It zooms from a small square light pattern to a fairly large circular pattern. It is an excellent choice for emergency or everyday use.

5 Stars  Bright 
I bought two and they are very bright and well worth the money .

5 Stars  Just right ! 
I wanted a small light that was bright and easy to carry around - using common AAA batteries. Wow, this light fits the bill to a T. I bought a half dozen more for family & friends. Like it a lot .

4 Stars  Pen Light 
Good quality light for its size.

200 Lumen Pocket Pen Light by Farpoint

This compact pen light may be small, but it's slim profile hides an exceptionally bright flashlight! Small enough to slide into any pocket, it produces an impressive 200 lumens with just the push of the handy thumb switch.