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12V Compact Auto Jump Starter And Power Pack

12V Compact Auto Jump Starter And Power Pack

12V Compact Auto Jump Starter And Power Pack
12V Compact Auto Jump Starter And Power Pack
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What Jump Starter Can Jump Fully Dead Batteries?

The 12V Compact Auto Jump Starter And Power Pack will make jumping your car, truck, or SUV easier than ever! Unlike those bulky jump boxes, this whole kit weighs less than 3 pounds and is powerful enough to jump-start a large 7-person SUV with a completely dead battery.

It's easy to use too! Once you charge it up through the included AC wall or 12V DC charger and it will be ready to go for months at a time without recharging. When it is needed simply plug the included jumper cables into the unit and then hook them up to your vehicle's battery or jump posts. You will get a green light indicating the vehicle is ready to jump. If the battery has been dead for a while or just needs more power, you may need to use the boost option. Press and hold the orange boost button. When the light turns green start the vehicle within 30 seconds. It also has an indicator and buzzing alarm if you hook up the cables incorrectly. Once the jump is compted you can look at the LCD battery indicator to see how much battery life is left in the jump pack.

This is more than a jump pack, it's a whole power station. You have two USB ports, one 5v Quick Charge port, and one 5V 2.4 Amp port for phones, tablets, and other accessories. There is also a 12v output port with accessories to convert it to a standard automotive DC port for other accessories like portable air compressors, dash cameras, radar detectors, or anything else that uses an automotive 12V DC port. Use the sliding On/Off switch to turn on the output power ports.

Next to the sliding power switch, you will find another power button. This operates the onboard flashlights. Press and hold to turn on the main light. A second press will activate a strobe function while a third press will strobe out SOS. The fourth press with turn the light off. When you double tap the power button this will turn on the red emergency flasher. It's perfect for alerting others when you're stuck on the roadside. Please note to operate the flashlight the sliding power switch must be in the on position.

Power specs:
  • Battery Capacity 18000mAh/66.6Wh
  • Peak Current 800A
  • Input 15V/1A, Output
  • Starting Current 500A (3s) 300A (5s)
  • Output USB1 5v/9v: USB2 5v 2.1A DC Por t12V/10A


    • Compact With Storage Case
    • Includes AC Wall And DC Car Chargers
    • Large Capacity Battery For Multiple Jumps
    • Large LCD Battery Indicator
    • Flashlight And Red Emergency Flasher
    • Boost Button Jumps Large And Fully Dead Batteries
    • Made For 12V Vehicles
    • Great For Emergencies Or Road Trips
    • Includes Storage Case
    • Quick Charge And 2.4 Amp USB Ports
    • 12V DC Power Output Accessory
    • Colors May Vary
    • Dimensions: 7.25" X 3.5" X 1.5"

    5 Stars  Jump starter is great! 
    I have used this unit twice already and it works great! EAsy to use and holds charge. Each jump hardly used any power pack battery charge.

    2 Stars  Not impressed so far 
    Have only attempted to use it a coup[le of times to charge my phone when it was about of out battery power. It not only did not charge my phone, it went dead while hooked up to the charger while in a static mode of non use, it could not charge it past 2% after being hooked up the charger for over 30 minutes. I have doubts that it will ever be able to jump start a car.
    Thanks for your purchase and the feedback. This isn't something we have experienced. Please make sure the jump starter was fully charged. If it is/was, contact us so we may replace it for you.
    12/10/2022 - PulseTV

    2 Stars  Poor operating instructions 
    I don t know how to use this, or else something is missing for connection to battery cables from battery to cables.

    5 Stars  12 volt auto jump starter 
    Purchased this battery charger a month ago. Used it twice. Works great. Went to Home Depot and I was schocked to see the exact same charge for $149.00

    5 Stars  Best Jump Pack Ive Ever Had! 
    This jump started my Ford F150 no problem. It was totally dead because I left the lights on. That boost mode really works! A+ rating and 5 stars!

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    12V Compact Auto Jump Starter And Power Pack

    The 12V Compact Auto Jump Starter And Power Pack will make jumping your car, truck, or SUV easier than ever!

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