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108 Capacity Battery Caddy With Tester
108 Capacity Battery Caddy With Tester
108 Capacity Battery Caddy With Tester
108 Capacity Battery Caddy With Tester
108 Capacity Battery Caddy With Tester
108 Capacity Battery Caddy With Tester

108 Capacity Battery Caddy With Tester

108 Capacity Battery Caddy With Tester

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One of life's annoying little problems is trying to find batteries when you need them. You know you bought them... but where are they? If you had The Battery Caddy that problem would be a distant memory.

With storage for 108 batteries, you will always know exactly where every battery is. From tiny button-cells to giant D-cell batteries, everything fits perfectly in custom sized slots. Plus it also gives you more storage for the common size batteries like AA and AAA batteries.

It gets better! The battery caddy aims to solve another little annoyance; installing dead batteries. With the Battery Caddy, you get a removable 3-port battery tester. This tester can test almost any standard battery in just a couple of seconds. Plus it stores right on the caddy so you always know right where it is.

You can store the caddy in a drawer, on your tabletop, a workbench, or even hang it on the wall with the included screws. It's a lot easier to remember where you put 108 batteries versus just one.

Battery Capacity
- 5 Button Cell Batteries
- 4 D Batteries
- 5 C Batteries
- 5 9v Batteries
- 36 AAA Batteries
- 54 AA Batteries

- Always Know Where Your Batteries Are
- Stores 108 Batteries Total (Fits Most Common Batteries)
- Includes Battery Tester (Tests Most Batteries)
- Includes Wall Hanging Mount Kit
- Custom Size Slots For Batteries
- Easily Stores In A Drawer
- More Storage For Common Size Batteries
- Dimensions: 11in x 5.75in x 1in

Review this item!

5 Stars  108 Battery Caddy 
I just love this product. In fact I bought one for my son-in-law as a gift from my dog for his birthday and he just loved it also.

5 Stars  As advertised 

5 Stars  Good Battery storage, good price 
Worked for me.

5 Stars  Perfect 
Saves so much time...and time is money

5 Stars  Battery box 
This is just perfect. We gathered up all of our batteries from various locations in our house and now they are all organized in an easily viewed container.

4 Stars  Very convenient 
Batteries are now easier to find and the removable tester is very useful.

5 Stars  Great Product 
This product is everything that its designed to do and more. Simple and makes a mess into an organized place to locate any extra batteries. Good price also.

5 Stars  All in one place 
This caddy is great for storing batteries. I know where to look for them, and they are organized by size. I also love the attached tester.

5 Stars  great case 
this battery caddy is just perfect for us. We had batteries in several different locations. This took care of that and has built in tester. Love it

5 Stars  battery storage and tester 
I have always wanted to locate this item and would highly recommend it to everyone

5 Stars  Worth the Money 
Very handy device.

Easy to use, easy to select the correct battery, without having to pry open shrink packs. The tester has saved several batteries, from being discarded.

5 Stars  Neat way to store batteries. 
Wish I had this battery caddy many many years ago. You know at a single glance when you need to order any battery.

5 Stars  Handy Tester 
Very simple and handy to have. Priced right. If you use regular batteries 1.5v at all this is great

5 Stars  Nice organizing 
tester works nice, too.

I usually order more than one & this time I didnt. There awesome. I layered in an shoe box to keep organized temporarily plan on finding suitable case. No more messy batteries in a drawer & best part..you can check if they still have life. Not lying, was skeptical, so ordered only one..MY BAD??. Practical item!!

5 Stars  none 
Just what I needed for all my batteries

4 Stars  Nice Product 
The product is well made and came as advertised. However, after buying the product I saw a similar product on QVC that looked even better. It had a larger capacity and had closed cover for securing the batteries. The price was a little higher therefore Id say the Pulse product overall was a good buy. I would have liked to have had a cover.

5 Stars  Nice Battery Caddy & Tester 
This is a nice battery caddy & tester for the money.

5 Stars  Battery caddy 
Love this a caddy.. Bought 2 of them. Works great. Now my batteries are organized.

3 Stars  Battery Cady 
Quick arrival, appears well made, battery tester is counter-intuitive in use

5 Stars  Love it. 
Holds a lot of batteries and the testers a big plus. As a grandparent, you always need batteries for all the toys the kids have. Now Im always ready.

4 Stars  Battery organizer 
I really like this organizer. It keeps all my batteries together in one place and easily accessible! Instead of looking through my junk drawer for a battery when I need one, Voila! Great gift idea for someone too!

5 Stars  108 Capacity Battery Caddy With Tester 
A great way to store batterys, not having to go thru a drawer and rifle thru all the batteries and different sizes and you get a battery tester too

4 Stars  Awesome product 
Great product, Holds all my batterys without any of them touching.

4 Stars  Great product 
Great product helps keep the batteries all in the right place

5 Stars  Battery Caddy 
Ive used a number of things to manage alkaline batteries. Nothing comes close to this one. Bolnus Its got a tester that is actually useful to take the guesswork out of battery status.

4 Stars  Great capacity 
This is a nice battery caddy. Plenty of space and it keeps the batteries separated. I like it!

5 Stars  Battery caddy with tester 
Good product. Very handy.

5 Stars  Battery caddy 
Works as advertised

5 Stars  Great product 
This battery organizer with a tester is great! It has plenty of storage spaces for batteries of most commonly used batteries and comes with a easy to use battery tester! The tester has already paid for this because I would throw all the batteries away in something that quit working when only one or two batteries had gone bad! The storage and tester costs less than just a tester costs elsewhere so I bought one to keep and three other ones to give to family members!

5 Stars  Great compact battery organizer! 
I have now been able to go through my junk drawer and put most all my batteries into this caddy. After familiarizing myself with how the tester works I have thrown out half a dozen bad batteries and have confidence in the ones I put into the caddy. The button cell compartment pivots like a ferris wheel seat.

5 Stars  Very Helpful 
Hey with this caddy no more looking all over for batteries. keeps all types in one place and organized. Also the battery tester is very useful.

5 Stars  Awesome product 
Great product discovery.

4 Stars  Caddy Needs a Cover 
The 108 Capacity Battery Caddy With Tester is excellent for holding batteries of different types. Each compartment is perfect for the type battery it holds. Two things would make it even better. The compartment for button batteries should hold twice as many batteries, and the overall caddy should have a cover to keep batteries from falling out if the caddy is tilted too far. Other than those two issues, it is a great item.

5 Stars  Nice for organizing 
Everyone has a kitchen junk drawer. Mine included a bunch of loose batteries rolling around. This little rack helped keep them in order and made them easy to retrieve. Definitely serves its purpose

5 Stars  Battery Tester 
Amazing to be able to store so many batteries and to be able to test them. Am very happy with it. Thanks, Alfred

5 Stars  Battery Caddie 
Love it. Its so great to be able to see if my battery is good or not.

5 Stars  Works as advertised 
Good way to store batteries in a space saving way.

5 Stars  Battery Caddy 
Very handy item. Especially handy since there are so many different batteries available for household items. No more digging through a box of miscellaneous batteries to find the ones you want. Well worth every penny spent.

5 Stars  108 Capacity Battery Caddy With Tester 
Now all my batteries are stored in one place. Good product.

5 Stars  Battery Caddy 
good product, very useful, I brought 2.

5 Stars  Neat organizer 
It really beats an old butter bowl with all my batteries stuffed in. Now I actually know what I have.

4 Stars  Good battery organizer! 
Organizer does its job! Great for the price

5 Stars  Battery Caddie 
Works great and very handy

5 Stars  Convenient item 
A nice way to organize all your batteries so you can readily see what you have and what needs to be replenished. The battery tester is convenient plus.

5 Stars  Great Item for the Price! 
Holds all of my batteries and tests them as well. Highly recommeneded!

5 Stars  A great organizer 
Almost perfect for keeping a new supply of batteries on hand. Just wish it would have had a bit more room for C and D cells.

5 Stars  Battery caddy was an excellent choice 
The battery caddy was perfect. It consolidates all of our batteries in one place. In fact we purchased two of them. The battery tester was a great bonus. I used it to test all of my batteries before I put them in the holder.

5 Stars  great deal 
This is a great way to store batteries

5 Stars  Battery holder/tester 
I love this item. Its so easy to store your batteries and test old ones you may find in a drawer.

5 Stars  Battery holder/tester 
I am very pleased with the product.

5 Stars  A-1 
Sure helped organize my storage

5 Stars  A Must Have! 
A very good tool for storing your batteries as well as testing them. I really liked how my batteries are currently being stored.

5 Stars  Excellent product 
We had batteries all over the place. I hung this in the closet and perfection. I can see what I have and what I need. Added benefit of a test I excellent.

5 Stars  battery caddie and tester 
I love this! With 4 kids, Im constantly finding batteries around the house and Im never certain if they are used or new. This is so convenient and tells how much charge is left new or partially used or done.

5 Stars  What a relief 
Finally a simple way to store batteries. No more finding batteries in different drawers thru out my apt. All in one easy to use container.

5 Stars  Battery Caddy 
Great product. Holds several different batteries. Well organized.

4 Stars  Charge Tester 
Product requires better info re use of its charge tester.

5 Stars  Perfect 
Love the capacity of batteries that it holds.

5 Stars  Great Storage Capacity 
All batteries are in plain view and easily reached.

Review this item!
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Video: 108 Capacity Battery Caddy With Tester

With storage for 108 batteries, you will always know exactly where every battery is. From tiny button-cells to giant D-cell batteries, everything fits perfectly in custom size slots. Plus it also gives you more storage for the common size batteries like AA and AAA batteries.
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