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10,000mAh Wireless Charger Power Bank with USB Outlet

10,000mAh Wireless Charger Power Bank with USB Outlet

10,000mAh Wireless Charger Power Bank with USB Outlet
10,000mAh Wireless Charger Power Bank with USB Outlet
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Charge your smartphone and compatible devices with no cables, wires, or distraction! This power bank utilizes wireless Qi-charging technology to power your compatible smartphone (iPhone 8 and up, Samsung Galaxy S6 and up).

Simply place your phone on the non-slip power bank and push the button - it will immediately begin to charge without plugging anything in! You can even have full use of your phone while charging - it's so much easier than being tethered to a wire.

It's got a whopping 10,000 mAh battery capacity, enough to give almost every major device on the market a few full charges, including an iPad.

Recharge this battery bank over and over for on-the-go power. You can use the included Micro-USB cord to juice it back up, but we recommend using the USB-C output and cord for faster charging of the power bank.

If your current phone or accessory does not support wireless charging, your next upgrade probably will! But there's still a handy standard USB output for charging everything from speakers, headphones, and other accessories. This truly is a universal power bank for every portable electronic out there.

- 10,000mAh Universal Device Charger
- Wireless Charging for Compatible Qi-Enabled Phones and Accessories
- No Need to Carry Extra Cords for Wireless Devices
- Strong and Slim Enough to Fit in a Pocket
- LED Power Indicator
- Micro USB Charging Input (Cable Included)
- USB-C Input for Faster Charging of the Power Bank
- 2.1A 5V Standard USB Output
- Wireless Output: 5W
- Manufacturer One Year Warranty
- Dimensions: 5.25in x 2.75in x .5in

5 Stars  Power Bank 
This power bank is excellent,I take it with me where ever i go!

5 Stars  Works Well 
I recharged my cell twice and the charger still shows full charge.

5 Stars  Great Chargers 
These chargers are excellent, work well, offer flexibility on location when charging is needed. We have two, one for each of us, and have apprciated the usefulness they offer.

5 Stars  Wireless charger for cell phones 
Works great! Emergency power when I need it most!

5 Stars  great wireless charger 
Its the same size of Iphone 12 mini and charges very well

4 Stars  Okay 

5 Stars  Wireless Charger Power Bank 
I love it I like the idea of charging no cords just lay on top of Charger, so easy and less aggregation with finding the cords to connect.

5 Stars  Worked great! 
It worked on my husbands failing phone! Thank you!!

5 Stars  Great way to charge phones, etc. 
Ive been having problems charging my phone because the phones usb port is getting a bit flaky as far as its connection. This unit solves that problem because I no longer need to plug into the phone to recharge it. Works extremely well.

5 Stars  Convenient 
It helps me to charge my tablet i use for work . Before i will have to wait in my var fpr for 30minutes to an hour just to charge my tablet, but now i can go to my clients houses with my tablet fully charged.

5 Stars  Priceless 
absolutely does what it says it does. Great to take everywhere in the house. No wires to detangle.

5 Stars  Love this! 
Fits perfectly in a pocket and will charge anything!

5 Stars  Very good power bank! 
This works great. I use Otterbein type protective cover on S9 & Note 9. Wireless charge will work just a little slower than plugged in direct. Charged my S9 3 times from around 20 %, and my Tab A once. I highly recommend it.

5 Stars  Love this thing! 
I bought two of these, one for my wife & one for myself. Small & portable but with enough power to recharge my phone a couple of times. Because it s both a wireless and wired charger you can charge two things simultaneously. The unit itself has a USB-C input for ultra-fast recharge also has a micro USB input. So many great features in a wireless charger/power pack at a great price!

5 Stars  Easy to use and charges fast.. 
You will love this for weekend getaways.. Take it charged up and you will have power for 4 days..

5 Stars  My handy charger 
Works perfectly just wish I could charge it with my case will not charge with the case on it but if I take the case off it charges right away but I like it

4 Stars  Very convenient 
Nice not to have to deal with wires. Has Good power and holds charge well. A bit finicky to turn on and especially to turn off

4 Stars  Phone charger 

4 Stars  Wireless Charger Power Bank 
I like it quite a bit. Its easy to come into the office, turn it on and just place my phone on it. Much easier than having to plug it in to charge. I might order another one or two, just to have around my house for ease of charging.

5 Stars  Thin and portable 
I bought this when I got my new iPhone 12pro max and it works great if u find the sweet spot. The only problem Ive had is when I bought a pop socket and wallet bc I have to take it off to charge wireless. Otherwise it works well.

5 Stars  Great Device ! 
Have been very happy with the device, especially for the cost !

5 Stars  Works Great! 
I have a phone with a light cover and I dont have to remove it to charge. However, my husband has a heavy duty cover and would have to remove it in order to charge. Very convenient that you dont have to physically plug in the phone. Would recommend

5 Stars  no work on my phone 
does not work if you got cover on your phone

4 Stars  love it 
I have two chargers now, one I paid a lot for and this one that is just as good. I really like how fast it charges my phone and so convenient.

5 Stars  wireless charger 

It charges with or without the extra wire. It is fast and I can put it in my pocket when I am out. If I am at a friends or in the car and my iPhone battery is getting low I just set the Power Bank down and place my iPhone on it and it charges. Just like the wireless charger at home.

This is a great powerbank.charges several phones between charging itu. Will be great for traveling.

5 Stars  Excellent, But one minor Thing 
This is my 2nd one that I have bought. The 1st one the wife pirated from me. Both are excellent, but both are a little over rated on Capacity. I have the equipment to TEST the batteries for voltage, current, and endurance. Weather you pull 500 milliamps, or a full ampere, the batteries scope out at 9,750 mAH on the one, and 9,640 mAh on the other for actual capacity. Still, worth the price, and I still say 5-star.

4 Stars  Convenient as can be 
Same size as my i-phone so I attached opposing Velcro strips to each and they travel as a pair. Only use it when I need a charge but its always available.

5 Stars  10,000mAh Wireless Charger Power Bank 
Works well, have been using a lot as due to traveling now and my phone is now never without a charge

5 Stars  Power Bank 
It seems to be working pretty good so far.

4 Stars  Light weight and portable 
Excellent price that does the same thing my other More expensive battery pack does

4 Stars  Works 
5 stars except it wont charge if you have a protective case on your iPhone, even a thin one.

5 Stars  Works Great!!!!!!!!!! 
This device is very small and convenient very powerful will keep your phone charged. Most people forget to charge their phones or get caught in a crunch And need a little charge this can happen while using the phone strictly said it on the charger while talking and it charges Ill take my everywhere with me its the width of a credit card and the length that will fit in your pocket on the thickness of a small paperback. Great gift idea and great idea.

5 Stars  Product appears excellent 
Order received expeditiously. Product as described.

5 Stars  A Must Buy 
If you use your phone or tablet a lot as most people do, then this is a must have especially if youre traveling and dont have access to electrical outlets.

5 Stars  I like it! 
I havent had it for more than two weeks, but works just as advertised.

2 Stars  Slowmo 
The unit is too slow. It takes forever to charge anything.

5 Stars  Great buy! 
I had purchased this charger not thinking about it being a battery pack! Having the ability to recharge wirelessly is the icing on the cake! My iPhone charger decided to quit working, so this has become my go to charger. Love how quickly it recharges itself when plugged in. One of my favorite purchases - I bought a second one!

5 Stars  Power Bank 
Great item. It charges my work tablet not just keep it alive. Love it!

5 Stars  great combo 
Works with my smart phone, just set it on top it gets charged a couple times.

5 Stars  Wireless Charger 
My grandson told me about these and then I saw you were offering them. I have been very happy with it.

5 Stars  Great Charger 
Does everything it was supposed to do and well. Powerful and convenient.

5 Stars  Works like a charm! 
Great product. Charges my iPhone and iPad both at home and away.

5 Stars  One Awesome charger 
I was amazed at how well this charger worked. I have used it many times now and it has never failed me. I would recommend this to anyone who wants the convenience of not having to plug in a cord or maybe lost their cord.

5 Stars  Best Power Bank Yet 
I liked this power bank so much, I bought a second one for my wife. Highly recommended for your Qi devices.

10,000mAh Wireless Charger Power Bank with USB Outlet

Charge your smartphone and compatible devices with no cables, wires, or distraction! This power bank utilizes wireless Qi-charging technology to power your compatible smartphone (iPhone 8 and up, Samsung Galaxy S6 and up).