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10000mAh Power Bank with Digital LED Display

10000mAh Power Bank with Digital LED Display

10000mAh Power Bank with Digital LED Display
10000mAh Power Bank with Digital LED Display
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You won't believe how portable and efficient this power bank is! The smooth, hardshell casing make it about half the size of any smartphone, but it packs an impressive 10,000mAh battery capacity in a super small package.

10K is more than enough to charge up your iPhone, iPad, portable speakers, eReader, rechargeable headphones, flashlights, and more. With such a large battery capacity, it used to take a VERY long time to charge via Micro USB cable. But this modern power bank features a USB-C input for much more efficient charging in a fraction of the time.

This power bank is perfect for camping trips, hiking, or long plane rides. It might just be the only power source you need for an entire weekend. And if you're wondering how much power is left, you can see the remaining battery percentage on the digital LED display with a simple button press.

It's compact size fits anywhere at only 1 inch thick. You can slip it into any pocket, backpack, or glove compartment with ease.

- 10,000mAh Power Capacity
- USB Output: 5V 2.1A
- Includes Micro USB Cable
- Includes Standard Micro USB Input
- USB-C Input for Faster Power Bank Charging
- Portable Power for Smartphones, Tablets, and More
- Reusable, Rechargeable Battery Backup
- Built-in Digital LED Display
- Portable Design is Perfect for Storage and Travel
- Sleek, HardShell Coating
- Built-in Overcharge Protection
- Dimensions: 4 x 1 x 2.5 in

3 Stars  It does what it says it will do 
I bought this to take on vacations so I have a charger when not near an outlet. The only disappointing thing about it, it wont provide more than one full charge before needing to be recharged itself. My phone had 5% left on it, the charger was at 100%, it took a little over an hour to charge my phone and took almost 60% of the charger to do it. This is why Im only giving it 3 stars, otherwise a good buy overall.

5 Stars  Great 
Purchased a more expensive power bank and ended up returning it when I received this. I love it. Working just like I expected it. Thank you.

5 Stars  Power Bank 
It seems to be a very good product. It does the job I purchased it to do. Im satisfied.

5 Stars  Power Bank 
The 10000mAh Power Bank is an excellent product. It takes about 30 - 40 minutes to power up my cell phone and it does not take the full power of the bank to power the cell phone even though I will have used up all of the cell phones power before charging.

4 Stars  like the power display 
smaller than I thought so that makes it even nicer than expected. Really appreciate the power display so you know when you need to recharge. Very handy to have for power outages or when camping

5 Stars  Great 
When you need a jolt, this has power up the wazzu, and an LED state of charge meter too.

5 Stars  Power Bank 
I love this small power back. It charges my phone very fast and it is easy to have with you since it is so small.

4 Stars  Works well 
Seems to work well. I have charged my iPhone several times. Would be nice if it had another port so I could use it to charge two devices at the same time.

4 Stars  Very Good! 
This charger seems to work very well at recharging my cell phone. It is very easy to use and holds a charge that lasts. I especially like the feature that tells you the percentage of the charge that is left in the charger before it needs to be recharged again.

5 Stars  10000mAh Power Bank 
Works like a charm. Would recommend highly

4 Stars  10000 Power Bank 
Excellent handy device to have in time of need. This device needs to be included in the camping trip list. Device is capable of storing power for a weekend. Depending on how much you use it, it can last for up to 5 days. For its size, it is definitely a powerful tool.

5 Stars  Can charge my phone twice! 
If I needed to, this charger would work for my phone for a few days. Just what you need when we go back to sweet vacations I am so ready!!

5 Stars  Great Little Charger 
Simple but compact device that does exactly what its supposed to do. It takes about twice as long to charge my phone as the dedicated charger, but has my phone functional in less than 2 min. Im going to order another one!

5 Stars  Perfect 
Exactly what I was looking for! Quickly restores battery power to my Iphone when it decides to dump charge for no reason. Small and compact, super easy to charge up and use!!

5 Stars  Works great 
It charged my phone fast. Loved it.

4 Stars  Powerful - works well 
This power bank really does work as advertised. You can charge a phone several times before having to recharge the power bank. Its heavy, much heavier than I expected. Not something I want to carry in my purse. I guess thats the trade off for being so powerful.

5 Stars  10000 mAh 

5 Stars  good power 
Have been using on a number of occasions and seems to work as designed

5 Stars  phone charger 

5 Stars  good power supply 
The power supply works and shows the amount of battery that remains.

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10000mAh Power Bank with Digital LED Display

This power banks has an impressive 10,000mAh battery capacity in a super small package. Charge up your iPhone, iPad, portable speakers, eReader, rechargeable headphones, flashlights, and more.