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10 Inch Contour Gauge for Trim, Tile, Flooring, and Much More

10 Inch Contour Gauge for Trim, Tile, Flooring, and Much More

10 Inch Contour Gauge for Trim, Tile, Flooring, and Much More
10 Inch Contour Gauge for Trim, Tile, Flooring, and Much More
Your Price: $9.99
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Finally take the guesswork out of your measurements and cuts!

What is a Contour Gauge?

A contour gauge, or profile gauge, will help you record and measure odd angles so that you can, for example, fit a tile around a corner, pipe, or curve.

How Does a Contour Gauge Work?

All you have to do is simply push the pins against the surrounding structure, lock the pins in place, trace the angle on what you need to cut, and set the unique shape in place.

Most contour gauges have pins that are too loose, which can cause inaccurate traces and shapes, but this one allows you to set the perfect stiffness with the included regulator.

And the best part is the locking function, which allows you to save your exact measurements without worrying about the pins falling out of place.

If you work in the woodworking, flooring, or general home improvements industry, you know just how valuable a contour gauge is. So, make sure to pick one up for yourself or that worker bee in your life.


- Used for Tiling, Flooring, Woodworking, DIY and More!
- Copy Angles and Shapes for Home Improvements
- Make the Perfect Shape Every Time
- Precision Locking Feature
- Regulator Adjusts Stiffness of the Pins
- 160 Pins for Maximum Angle Accuracy
- No More Guesswork
- Integrated Ruler
- Each Pin Measures 1/16 in.
- Dimensions: 11 in. x 3.75 in.

5 Stars  contour gage 
Excellent small tool. Captures the small, multiple details.

5 Stars  A great time saver! 
What a great time saver. Works well.

4 Stars  Does its Job 
For some of the things I need it for, it is exactly the most useful tool I can use. If I need something much larger though, it takes some finagling it around and too much time, so I will also need to purchase a much larger Gauge.

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