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SMD Solar Energy Lamp

SMD Solar Energy Lamp

SMD Solar Energy Lamp

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Wouldn't it be awesome to power a light bulb with the sun? You can, with the SMD Solar Energy Lamp. What do you do when you're away from an electrical outlet and batteries are not available? Just plug your Solar Energy Lamp into the included mini solar panel during daylight hours and you are storing all of that free solar energy for when you need it.

When it is fully charged your Solar Energy Lamp will illuminate for up to 20 continuous hours. This is thanks to the 15 SMDs inside the bulb. SMDs are small, solid state, high-intensity chips which are extremely energy efficient and deliver a superior lighting quality. That means brighter, whiter light in a smaller package. A attached nylon loop makes the bulb convenient to hang wherever you might need light; from a tree branch, in a tent, garage, basement, closet, or the kids' tree fort. Just about anywhere.

Shaped just like a light bulb. Provides approximately 60 watts worth of bright, white light. One button operation. The mini solar panel comes with a 155-inch power cord (nearly 13 feet). Red indicator light lets you know it's charging.

- 15 SMD Solar Energy Lamp
- Approx. 60W illumination
- Solar panel with 155-in. power cord
- No batteries to replace
- Will light for 20 continuous hours
- Great emergency light

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