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HDTV Flat Antenna
HDTV Flat Antenna
HDTV Flat Antenna
HDTV Flat Antenna
HDTV Flat Antenna

HDTV Flat Antenna

HDTV Flat Antenna

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Are you a cord cutter? Tired of paying cable or satellite fees, but don't want to miss your local channels? Stream FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS and many more right to your television.

Most TVs don't feature a built-in antenna anymore. In order to get the free, over-the-air channels, you'll need an external antenna. You can even get some of your favorite HD channels and take advantage of your beautiful high-resolution screen!

This flat panel antenna has multiple different mounting options. Once you're all plugged into with the coax cable, have your TV start scanning for all the nearby available channels - including High-Definition ones.

Please Note: Signal strength and availability may vary due to many things like position/angle of your antenna or broadcast towers. HD content can only be delivered to HD television sets.

Most flat screen TVs made within the last 10 years have built-in digital tuners. You can verify this by checking the instruction manual and looking for the word "ATSC". If your TV says "HD Ready", it means that it does not contain a digital tuner, but is capable of receiving HD content. To utilize this antenna, you may have to purchase a digital converter box for older TV sets.

- Ultra-thin, Lightweight Design
- Receive HD Content up to 1080p
- Plugs Directly Into Coax Input (1.5M Long)
- No External Power Required
- Multiple Mounting Options
- Frquency Range: UHF/VHF 54-870 MHz
- Gain: 5dB
- VSWR: 3.0:1
- Impedance 75 ohms
- Polarization: Linear
- Get your favorite over the air channels for FREE
- Range: Between 40 to 80 miles
- Size: 8.25 x 7.5 with stand attached

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