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9.5" Non-Stick Ceramic Copper Pan with Induction Base

9.5" Non-Stick Ceramic Copper Pan with Induction Base

9.5" Non-Stick Ceramic Copper Pan with Induction Base

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Saute, fry, broil, and bake with one pan. The Non-stick Copper Pan is lined with a ceramic coating to make sure you use little-to-no oils, butter, or fats for healthy stick-free cooking.

The Copper-infused cooking surface features fast and even heating. Better non-stick properties than Teflon, it's even PFOA/PTFE-Free. A sturdy, double-riveted handle provides a nice ergonomic grip on the pan.

Heat-resistant up to 550 degrees, take a seared steak on the stovetop directly into the oven to finish it off. High temperature cooking can be done on virtually anywhere: electric, gas, ceramic glass, and even induction cooktops.

Caring for your pan: while dishwasher safe, hand washing will prolong the life of the pan. Avoid sharp metal knives or utensils: use wooden, silicone, plastic or nylon instead. Avoid cooking spray which could lead to residue buildup.

- Non-Stick Ceramic Copper Pan
- Induction Base for Even Heat Distribution
- Real Copper Infused Surface
- 9.5in Pan, 7.5in Handle
- Sturdy, Double-Riveted Handle
- No Oil or Butter Needed
- Oven Safe up to 550 Degrees
- Saute, Fry, Broil, and Bake
- Compatible with Nearly All Cooktop Types
- Dishwasher Safe

PLEASE NOTE: While the pan info on the pan doesn't say so, it is recommended to season it just once before using it. Click Here for simple to follow instructions.