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Remote Control Wall Crawler Car: Zero-G Racer

Remote Control Wall Crawler Car: Zero-G Racer

Remote Control Wall Crawler Car: Zero-G Racer

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"You're driving me up a wall!" just got a whole new meaning, because that's just what the Wall Crawler Remote Control Car does! You're going to think it's a magic trick the first time you see it, but really it is just a tiny but powerful vacuum pump that sticks the Wall Crawler to flat surfaces like glue. And yes, it will even operate on ceilings! You've just quintupled your play space.

Kids will be amazed. You have all the functions of a normal RC car; forward, backward, left and right, but now you will be doing them on the walls and ceilings. The car has a rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery that will give you 5-6 minutes of play time and the remote will allow you to control the Wall Crawler at a range of about 49 feet.

- 2 Channel RC Car Wall Crawler
- Front and Back LED Headlights
- Can be operated both on ground, walls, & ceilings
- 4 Channel: Goes Forward/Backward/Left/Right
- Charging Time: 20-25 minutes
- Running Time: 5-6 minutes
- Control Distance: 49 feet
- Battery for Car: 200mAh Li-PO 3.7V (included)
- Battery for remote control: 6 AAA batteries (not included)

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