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The Rugged-Pro Waterproof Bluetooth speaker is truly submersible, with an IP67 rating. The rating system means this speaker is completely protected from dust and particles, and has been tested with powerful water jets from every angle.
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The Slim Clip is a versatile and convenient alternative to a wallet that holds everything you need in less than half an inch. From credit cards, IDs and cash, you'll always find it fast.
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Slim Clip Money Clip - #7537

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Super bright light when you need it. The Versa Stick provides a brilliant, bright white light in an emergency, to illuminate a work space or whenever a regular flashlight just won't do.
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Bunch O Balloons is the ultimate way to make water balloons! Fill hundreds of water balloons with this ready-to-go bunch of pre-tied balloons and blast the competition out of the water.
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Bunch O Balloons - #7534
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