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Embellish a new purse, garment, cosmetic bag or much more with these decorative Zipper Charms. They're small in size but add flare to virtually anything with a zipper. The silver plated claw clasp clips onto most standard zippers.
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Automatic 2-Deck Card Shuffler doing all the work. Simply divide the deck and put half on either side of the shuffler. Press the lever for an impressively fast and thorough shuffle! Then pull out the tray and remove the shuffled deck.
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Don't risk falling trying to keep your feet clean and healthy us this Extendable Handle Pedicure foot Scrubbing Brush and Pumice Stone to clean, scrub, smooth and keep your feet healthy.
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Take your little pal with you on your next adventure with the Backpack Pet Carrier! This awesome backpack provides a comfy, safe compartment for your small dog or cat and an adjustable head hole so they can enjoy the scenery and fresh air.
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Backpack Pet Carrier - #7606
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