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This is a BLOWOUT price on this handsome iPad case that will fit your iPad from generations 1 thru 4. Now one thing to note is the packaging says "fits iPad 1 thru 3" that's because the iPad 4 wasn't out when this was made. Hence the killer, killer deal. In fact the price is so low it actually cost more to make than what you are paying for this!
93% Off
iPad Case Cover - #7777

Grab yourself a great pair of earbuds in this cute packaging - it looks just like a music note! The stereo earbuds have a great sound profile with silicone tips for the perfect fit. They're lightweight and perfect for traveling and working out.
77% Off

The Mini Brick Speaker is a compact and portable speaker that really does it all. It's Bluetooth, so you can connect your Smartphone, iPad or Tablet wirelessly from up to 33 feet away, but you can also plug in USB Thumbdrives and Micro SD cards and play music off of those.
70% Off

The Complete 10 Piece Barber Set is a powerful electric clipper has an adjustable head and comes with 4 guards; 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2", for achieving a wide variety of styles. The kit also includes: Salon scissors, a barber's comb, cleaning brush, blade safety guard and clipper blade oil.
66% Off
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