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This is no ordinary dodecahedron, or 12-sided shape! Each side has a unique anti-anxiety aid. From clicky buttons to moveable joysticks, it's the fun and hip way to relieve stress, anytime - anywhere!
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This novelty coffee mug holds, at capacity, 18oz/530ml of liquid. It can be used both hot and cold beverages. Plus, it's microwave and dishwasher safe.
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Ceramic Poop Emoji Mug - #7977

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This is multi-function charging station turns one of your AC wall outlets into 2 AC Outlets, 4 USB Ports and an LED Night Light. This is perfect to keep on desks, side tables and TV stands.
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Journey back to a bygone age when Britain ruled the rails! In this 2-DVD Collection you will travel back to the Victorian era to 1950's London when it was the hub of Britain's massive railway network.
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