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Avoid being charged at the airport for overweight or oversized luggage by using this luggage scale with tape measure. The compact and portable scale weighs luggage up to 88 pounds, so you know how much it weighs before getting to the airport.
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Digital Luggage Scale - #7920

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The 4-piece system includes a 300 Watt Power Unit Base, a multi-purpose blade, a large 18-oz cup, and a "comfort ring" which allows you to drink and pour from the cup.
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Big Boss Multi Blender System - #7912

This compact, lightweight and portable flatiron is designed for helping with all your ironing needs. The travel-size allows you to keep it in your purse, overnight bag, suitcase, etc.
77% Off
Micro Travel Iron - #7910

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This As Seen On TV item is specifically made to be worn at night or in dark conditions. Just clip them to your glasses, quickly and easily, and brighten up The 100% UVA & UVB protection helps to cut down on the glare caused by headlights and streetlights, while reducing eye strain.
50% Off
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