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Never get stuck in the snow again! Great for anyone driving on icy roads in the winter, this ingenious tool gives you instant traction when your wheels spin out. Simply place the heavy-duty construction tread underneath one tire, and you're ready to go!
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The Invigorate Roll Pillow combines soft, cradling neck support with a gentle vibration to provide a soothing massage that will relax tense muscles and relieve stress. Use it behind your neck, under your knees or feet, or behind your back. Wherever you need support for tired or strained muscles.
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Chop food prep time in half with the Clever Cutter, a two in one knife and cutting board that makes it easier than ever to cut carrots, celery, steak, chicken and so much more!
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The workout board with a twist...
The Simply Fit Board Exercise Board (first seen on Shark Tank) is the fun, easy and effective way to get fit in minutes a day.
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