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KN95 5-Layer Protective Respirator Masks: 5pk

KN95 5-Layer Protective Respirator Masks: 5pk

KN95 5-Layer Protective Respirator Masks: 5pk
KN95 5-Layer Protective Respirator Masks: 5pk
Your Price: $4.99
Compare at: $14.99  (66% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $6.98 (77% off)
5 Stars Best mask yet!
These masks are well made. They are the most comfortable of any mask I have used. I highly recommend this product.
9/19/2021 - VINCENT Z., FL.

Stay safe with these disposable personal breathing masks during flu and virus season. One of the highest protective classes (KN95), each respirator mask features 5-layers of protection from droplets, dust, bacteria, germs, smoke, and more.

These masks are safe, breathable, and hypoallergenic. They have a high filtration capacity with greater than 95% filtration of tiny microscopic particles. They're even FDA-Registered!

In addition these masks go through stringent testing of PFE and BFE:
PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency):
(industry standard for KN95 is 95%) These test at 97% or better.

BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency):
(industry standard is 99%) These test at 100%.

Comfortable to wear with soft fabric, each mask features a metal nose bridge to fully seal your nose and mouth area for ultimate protection. The lightweight facemasks fastens to your head using elastic ear-loops with minimal pressure.

They have a wide range of uses from home improvement construction projects, mowing the lawn, cleaning with chemicals, and more. You're getting a pack of 5 masks .

- KN95 5-Layer Protection Masks
- Non-Woven Fabric and PP Cotton Layers
- Layer of Electrostatic Adsorption Meltblown Filter
- Filters Out 95% of Nanoparticles
- True and Tested 95% filtration
- Filters Droplets, Dust, Bacteria, Germs, Smoke, and More
- Safe, Breathable, and Hypoallergenic
- FDA-Registered
- One Size Fits Most
- Adjustable Metal Nose Bridge to Fully Seal Nose/Mouth
- Comfortable Fit with Elastic Ear Loops
- Useful for Home Improvement, Lawn Mowing, Cleaning and More
- You Get 5 Masks In a Package

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of this product, no returns accepted on this item

5 Stars  masks 
Very comfortable and nose piece to keep glasses from fogging up... I would buy again.

5 Stars  Good Price for quality product 
The KN95 masks are very effective, easy to use and last a long time. Our purchase from Pulse TV was a good decision.

5 Stars  Excellent protective masks 
Im a senior, and have my vaccinations and am boosted, and always wear one of these masks whenever I go in to busy stores. Ive been able to totally avoid contracted COVID, even when it was at the highest point of transmission. Masks definitely do work if you wear them properly and consistently.

5 Stars  Excellent COVID Masks 
We have been using KN-95 masks in our household ever since the COVID pandemic hit the country, and nobody in our household has caught the virus. I credit the fine KN-95 masks I have purchased from PulseTV as playing a big part of that protection.

5 Stars  Mask Up!! 
Maximum protection on both sides of the mask lightweight and comfortable.

5 Stars  KN95 5-layer mask 
Fits and is comfortable

5 Stars  Great Quality Mask 
With the Omicron variant of COVID being more transmissible than other variants, the CDC has recommended that individuals use N-95 or KN95 masks instead of the cloth masks most people are using. This mask is great and does the job. It has 5 layers of protection to prevent transmission of any virus, but it is easy to use, very comfortable, and not difficult to breathe through. The mask can be used more than once before disposing of it.

5 Stars  These masks were a good quality upgrade 
Love the added protection and quality of the facemasks and the price.

5 Stars  KN95 
Masks seen to be a good quality, and should filter well.

5 Stars  masks 
good value . fits well. wears well

5 Stars  mask 
great fit, good $

5 Stars  Great 
These are great.

5 Stars  Great value 
These KN95 masks are a great buy. They are comfortable and do a good job. I have always enjoyed the quality merchandise from PulseTV. Thanks.


5 Stars  masks are of high quality and look good 
The masks are of high quality and look good. They do not impede my breathing and are easy to put on and take off.

5 Stars  KN-95 Mask, Affordable, Available, and Accessible at Pulsetv.com 
The Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus has been more transmissible than prior variants and the CDC has recommended that more effective masks than the cloth masks that are in current use be employed. The KN-95 mask is one type recommended. The Pulsetv KN-95 masks were received very quickly. contained in a resealable plastic bag, and were very high quality. I highly recommend these masks to help protect you and others from Covid-19 infection.

5 Stars  Most comfortable mask I have 
I own many different types of masks, fabric ones, disposable of all kinds. With almost all of them its very difficult for me to breathe. Others are very cruel to my ears. And dont provide secure coverage. This KN95 has the perfect fit, covers my face perfectly , leaves enough space so I dont feel Im suffocating... I could go many hours and I almost forget that I have it on. Highly recommend them.

5 Stars  Great price for a great mask 
Great price for a great mask

3 Stars  Exposed metal nose piece slips around 
I dont like the fact that the metal nose piece is exposed and slips in position easily. Other than that, the mask is adequate.

5 Stars  Great Mask 
These KN95 masks are very well made. They are much safer to wear and provide more protection against covid than the disposable masks. The price can t be beat.

5 Stars  Fits Great 
These masks fit great and are very comfortable.

5 Stars  KN95 5-layer mask 
Love it! Fits good and I can breath easy, and I really like the fact that my glasses dont fog up with this mask.

5 Stars  Excellent Masks 
I have purchased these masks since the Covid pandemic began and have been very satisfied with their quality and the service I get from PulseTV.

5 Stars  function 
good mask at a reasonable price

5 Stars  Masks 
These are some of the best masks your can get to protect yourself.

5 Stars  Good purchase 
Nice quality mask for a relatively inexpensive price

5 Stars  Excellent KM95 product 
I and my family are using the KN95 face masks. They are clearly a step ahead of the previous masks not KN95 that we had been using. I understand that it offers many more hours of protection from Covid-19 than we previously had. The price was right.

5 Stars  Super madk 

4 Stars  Good for the price 
So far so good, covid free and its all we wear.

5 Stars  Useful 
I used them during our escorted Pilgrimage and Mediterranean Cruise in Europe last September 2021 and the masks were good protection, easy to use, looked very sanitary. We were gone for almost a month and because we were good in following protocols, we all came back safe. I am very happy with my purchase! Thank you Pulsetv.com. More power to you and thank you for selling great products.

4 Stars  Not washable 
I was disappointed that I couldnt wash them in washer. I do wipe them off with antibacterial wipes. They are very large and obstruct my vision when I try to read prices while shopping. On the plus side, I dont have trouble breathing when I use them.

5 Stars  So Good I Bought More 
Headline says it all

5 Stars  Good to have on hand! 
We mainly wanted to have these on hand for a trip, in case there was any question about our cloth masks. They were fine and would have offered excellent protection if needed while taking very little space in our carry-on baggage. The price was also excellent.

3 Stars  Quality poor 
The quality of these masks were poor not worth the money.

5 Stars  Best KN95 Mask Yet 
Weve tried several KN95 masks over the past year and a half, and these are by far the best ones yet. Easy to adjust for nose. Fit tightly on face without discomfort. And they look nice.

5 Stars  Best Mask Made 
I bought these highly rated masks all of last year during the covid surges and only wore these when I went out. I did try to shop when the stores were less crowded. The masks are well made with the adjustable nose piece on the outside top. The multi layers protected me and the mask fit snuggly against my face without being too tight. I recently ordered more as we are having another surge and I live in one of the states with the fewest vaccinated individuals. The masks do not restrict my breathing.

5 Stars  Best mask yet 
These masks are well made. They are the most comfortable of any mask I have used. I highly recommend this product.

5 Stars  Great Value 
Having asthma, I was surprised at how much easier it is for me to breathe using these masks as opposed to the ordinary masks.

5 Stars  Breathable and comfortable 
With everything that is going on, I wanted something that was easy and safe. This product hits all the marks. I can breath easier and my face does not break out from having the mask on for long periods of time. Perfect fit!!

5 Stars  Comfortable! 
These masks allow me to breathe more comfortably! They are very easy to wear for long sessions.

5 Stars  Masks save lives 
The masks seemingly are very protective. They do get warm when worn inside for any length of time especially when our summer was extremely hot for several days in a row. They fit frimly on the bridge of the nose and under the chin.

5 Stars  Masks 
Fit well and allows good breathing when wearing.

5 Stars  Secure and Safe 
I love those KN95 masks. They fit well and I feel confident in them.

5 Stars  KN95 mask review 
Wears well.....comfortable!

5 Stars  5-Layer Masks 
I got these to add to my collection of masks which have become more or less a permanent part of my life to avoid getting seriously sick. Prevention is a key part of avoiding any illnesses. These are easy to use and can be washed a maximum of 5 times manually if done right. You can breathe easily while wearing these if thats your priority plus they are lightweight on your skin.

5 Stars  best anyone would want 
I feel well protected. Well worth the money!!!

5 Stars  KN95 5 layer masks 
Bought these for a friend who will be flying to see her daughter. I love these masks I can breathe without having the mask suck up to my nose or mouth when breathing.

5 Stars  KN95-Layer Protective Respirator Masks 5pk 
The KN95-Layer Protective Respirator Masks 5pk excellent product, they are lightweight, protective according to CDC standards and the fitting is perfect and comfortable. I would definitely purchase again.

5 Stars  Only Mask Used 
This is the only type of mask I use. Nice fit for me, not sliding down because of the adjustable nose piece. Need to keep mouth & NOSE covered at all time. Thank you for this great product.

5 Stars  KN95 Mask purchase 
All products purchased from Pulse in past years have been excellent as well as the KN95 masks just purchased

5 Stars  best masks 
fit well, look good, do their job great.

4 Stars  face masks 
good fit, nice looking, good at their job.

5 Stars  good 
I have ordered these a few times. This is the only ones I use. They costs a lot more then what you get at Wal-Mart but there is not much to the ones you get there from what I can see. These are KN95 5 layer and I trust them. They are not right up against your mouth and fit on your cheeks and under your chin. I think they are worth the money. I use they more then once. If you have to have them I find this is what I like and want.

5 Stars  KN95 Filters 
I like these style masks better than the cheap pleated style mask. They fit better and they are more durable.

5 Stars  Protective mask 
Fits snugly and 5 layers very protective

5 Stars  Mask shipment 
The masks are great

4 Stars  Workout mask 
I have been trying to find to ultimate workout mask that wouldn t interrupt my breathing. This one is perfect. It does help me to take on the bird look, but that is fine as long as I can get in my cardio.

5 Stars  KN 95 
There the best

5 Stars  kn95 resp. masks 
They are a good buy and I am making good use of them.

5 Stars  Works Well. 
I, as usual, am pleased with the fit of the masks. When I put them on correctly, they tend not to fog up my glasses either.

4 Stars  Good quality 
Well fitting, constructed well

5 Stars  Pleased with product! 
I am very pleased with my masks! I feel safe when wearing one of these!

4 Stars  Fits well and comfortable and works with glasses 
I have tried several different types of masks. My biggest problem is when I have on glasses. This mask is the ONLY ONE that my glasses don t fall off of or fog up with! And this mask fits my face better. The only reason I didn t give it 5* is because the metal nose clip falls off every time I wear the Mask for more than a few hours. You can make it stick back on, but not for good. I have to reglue the nose piece to make it stay. But it works great in every other way! This is also a great buy!

5 Stars  comfortable, well-fitting, highly protective 
Short of having an N95 mask, this mask is perhaps the best mask available to non-medical people. PulseTV completed my order quickly and accurately.

4 Stars  Adjustable 
These masks are easy to use and adjustable. I have a problem with my glasses fogging up and it is so nice to be able to adjust these masks!

5 Stars  KN 95 masks 
Finally found a mask I can breath through and not fog up my glasses!

5 Stars  Great 
Well made, good fitting and safe

5 Stars  I love them 
I fell more protected and they are easier to breath in. The good news is they keep your face warmer

5 Stars  Kn95 
Excellent fit

4 Stars  Useful + Flexible 

5 Stars  Excellent Protective Product 
Pulse TVs KN95 mask is an excellent product that I have been wearing for months now, often over a surgical mask. And I have worn it alone on two occasions when getting a haircut from a masked barber. In avoiding Covid-19, so far so good!

4 Stars  Very satisfied with these masks 
I would have given these masks 5 stars, but on a few of them the metal nose piece is loose on one end or the other. It doesnt really affect the use of the mask, but I fear they may fall off altogether in time. The masks are very comfortable to wear and I dont notice as much fogging of my glasses.

5 Stars  KN95 
I enjoyed my KN95 masks because of their comfort on my face and the ability to still be heard clearly while it was on my face.

5 Stars  great masks 
These masks are great. I reordered them. They stay away from your mouth so breathing is great. Much better than cloth masks.

5 Stars  The Best Masks at a Great Price 
These KN95 Masks are the only ones that I can wear that do not constantly fog up my glasses. I trust them to protect me when I go out. These are also consistently comfortable and the design keeps the mask from sucking into your mouth when you breath.

5 Stars  KN-95 Masks 
This is my second order of these masks. They provide a comfortable, snug fit.

5 Stars  Great protection for low price 
They fit, are 5-ply not 2 or 3, are very reasonably priced, and arrive quickly. Whats not to like??

5 Stars  K95 Masks 
I feel as safe as is possible when wearing one of these 5-layer masks. Glad I bought them.

1 Stars  Couldnt breathe in them 
Literally could not breathe through them. They collapsed with the effort to breathe.

5 Stars  KN95 5-Layer Protective Respirator Masks 5pk 
These masks are absolutely the best I have come across. I love them and use them all the time.

5 Stars  Very comfortable mask 
I ordered these masks because not only do they protect the other person, they also provide some protection for me. These masks are comfortable and with the nose piece they help prevent fogging of my glasses. I am very happy with my purchase.

5 Stars  Excellent functional mask. 
The 5 layer KN95 masks are very good masks. They are ruggedly made, keep their shape and last quite a while. If worn properly they will not fog up your glasses. I fully recommend these masks.

5 Stars  Could be Better 
The mask is great very tight fitting, comfortable, clean white color, and light. Improvement needs to be made to the metal clip attachment to the nose bridge section of the mask. Better glue to keep the piece from separating from the mask.

4 Stars  As advertised 
Good product, reasonable price

4 Stars  As Described 
Most were just fine, comfortable, and easy to breathe through during four flights. One nosepiece did come away somewhat, although I did press it back in place. The others were fine.

5 Stars  I love them 
They fit great and are easier to breath through. I am glad I bought 2 packs

5 Stars  KN95 Respiratory Mask 
Love these masks. They fit comfortably and give us confidence that my wife and I are wearing the best masks available to us, especially during this Pandemic!

5 Stars  Fits Well and Easy to Breathe 
Mask fits well around face. Easy to breath in. Normally have no trouble with glasses fogging up.

5 Stars  So grateful! 
So very grateful to find KN95 masks at an affordable price. I am a severe asthmatic and am reliant upon a fresh mask daily during these uncertain times. Thank you for delivering such a great product.

5 Stars  Love these 
Best mask ever and best fit. You feel like you can breathe!!!!

4 Stars  Good Product, Have re-oredered several times 
This product really works for me. The mask fits much better on my face than the blue surgical masks also offered on Pulse TV. I feel better protected with this mask, because it fits closer on my face. It is also cooler, an important consideration in hot weather. So when I know Im going to be exposed to people for an extended period of time, e.g., grocery shopping, I wear this mask. If I will be around peopls for a shorter period of time, or outdoors, I use the blue surgical masks offered on Pulse TV. The product number is given is KN95. I was curious to know the difference between N95 and KN95 masks. A little research on the internet indicated that KN95 masks are from China and do not offer as snug a fit as N95 masks, but since I am not a health professional looking for 8+hr protection on a shift, I am comfortable, and feel safe, wearing this mask. Also, given the shortage of N95 masks, since I am not a health care professional, I am happy to use these instead. Given that it is not an N95 mask, I gave it a four star rating, rather than 5 stars. The price is more than the blue surgical mask, but I will pay the price for what I feel is better protection. It gives me peace of mind.

4 Stars  N95 
The mask worked good for what I needed them for.

5 Stars  High quality fast service 
Fast service on higher quality masks

5 Stars  Good Product 
As advertised.

4 Stars  Expensive 
Metal nose clasp comes loose on occasion. Needs better adhesive attachment to mask.

5 Stars  comfortable and well constructed.... 
I buy a package of 5 at a time.....they arrive on time! They last for many days....

5 Stars  Great mask 
Easy to use, good protection, breathable. I really like it

5 Stars  KN95 5-Layer Masks 
The KN95 5-Layer Protective Respirator Masks are outstanding! Out of all of the different types that are being used, I believe the ones from Pulse Direct are by far the best. They fit just right. I received some from a company overseas from Hong Kong that are KN95s. First, it took FOREVER to receive them. Second, they fit a little too snug on your face. And one even broke around the ear before I could even get to use it. Wearing it in this hot summer heat makes it pretty uncomfortable at times. But the masks from your company are the best. They fit just right as far as Im concerned. Thank you guys for always looking out for the customers, especially now with the virus pandemic going on. God Bless everyone at Pulse Direct!!!

5 Stars  KN95 masks 
Excellent product for protection with 5 layers. I highly recommend them to all.

5 Stars  comfortable and a good price. 
good deal

I have ordered these masks before and like them for days in which I am going to be in public for hours at a time. They fit well, are comfortable, and they are in line with CDC guidelines. They help protect me and others. The 5 Pack price is a good price. I like these masks.

5 Stars  One of the best 
Other than The N95 mask this is the best, safest and comfortable, we bought these several times from Pulse already and are very pleased.

5 Stars  Good comfortable N95 masks 
With whats going on currently its good to have some extra masks and these are good quality at a reasonable cost.

4 Stars  Good mask 
For the price these a a good product. Sturdy, well made, fit well.

5 Stars  Good service 
I have never had a problem with the variety of products and your delivery is prompt. Id recommend using your services.

5 Stars  An excellent mask! 
It is a comfortable mask. It fits one face very well!

5 Stars  mask works great 
mask works great but i have a little trouble breathing thru it.

5 Stars  / 
Fits well.works as designed.very little fogging

5 Stars  Great masks! 
I think these are great masks. I feel like Im protecting myself as well as other people. Pretty comfortable, and I like that they are white and hopefully reflecting the outdoor heat rather than absorbing them like a black fabric.

5 Stars  Made well 
These masks are made well and relatively comfortable. I put mine in a UV box after wearing so I can wear it a few times.

4 Stars  KN95 Masks Review 
Im enjoying the mask. Allows me to breathe freely and I feel safer since they are the masks recommended by the CDC

5 Stars  Great Coverage in Pandemic 
I like the coverage that it provides. I will order this mask again and again.

5 Stars  Masks 
Perfect breathable mask with nose piece. I wear glasses and have no fog problem with this mask. Just put the mask on first, pinch the nose piece over the nose and then put on your glasses. Works beautifully.

5 Stars  KN95 Masks 
They fit nicely. One of the elastic pieces came off the first day I used it, but I sewed it back!! I passed out to family and had 1 left in the bag but misplaced! It will show up, they also have a nice nose piece to hold glasses and no fogging than with the blue layered disposable.

5 Stars  KN 95 is the best 
After trying several masks, even homemade and store bought, this one is the best. It gives you room to breathe and gives you complete coverage. I will definitely buy these again.

4 Stars  KN95 masks 
Wish they came in different sizes. They wont stay on my nose when I talk. Too big.


5 Stars  Good mask 
Well made and good price

5 Stars  Terrific! 
I have purchased several packages of these KN95 5-layer masks and they are better than others I have tried. They fit comfortably and protect my face perfectly. I wear glasses and my glasses do not fog up when wearing this face mask. I had some delivered to a friend and he commented on how well they fit his face and how comfortable they are...better than the ones he was using at the time.

5 Stars  5 ply masks 
As always, your products are the best

5 Stars  comfortable 
A nice N-95 mask!

4 Stars  Dont know what this means. 
The masks where very good, I will probably order more later.

5 Stars  Best Masks on the Market 
High quality masks shipped quickly.

5 Stars  COVID-19 MASKS 

5 Stars  masks 
all good

5 Stars  Excellent masks 
Ive bought several masks since weve needed to wear them. Most have been uncomfortable, fogged my glasses and made me feel poorly equipped to protect their others and of no help to protect me. These masks with the adjustable nose piece are really comfortable. My glasses are free from steam and I can breathe easily.

Perfect fit above nose and under chin!

5 Stars  KN95 mask 
Was as advertised, & what I expected. No complaints on them

5 Stars  Works 

5 Stars  Best mask for breathing while exercising 
Durable, washable, shape allows heavy breathing while still filtering incoming air.

5 Stars  Good Mask 
Very comfortable and easily portable in my pocket

5 Stars  KN95 Masks 
Love the way they fit and was pleased that they werent too expensive.

5 Stars  Works well. 
The KN95 works very well. It is comfortable and I find it is easier to breathe through than the other types of masks I have used.

5 Stars  5-Layer Protective Masks 
Excellent protection. Mask holds its shape and lasts a long time.

5 Stars  Comfortable, protective 
These are light enough to be able to breathe, yet give adequate coverage. My go to mask when Im going to a crowded place.

4 Stars  comfortable 
this is more comfortable than others i have used.

4 Stars  Metal Nose Piece 
The nose piece usual breaks after a few wears. Other than that a pretty decent mask.

5 Stars  better than others Ive tried 
would recommend

4 Stars  Good mask 
I have the staff and myself at my medical office wear this mask. We feel fairly secure. I would give them 5 stars but the metal nose clasp frequently comes off. We solved that problem by putting tape over the metal clasp to secure it. Pulse tv easy to work with and gives good service.

5 Stars  KN95 Mask 
Excellent product! Have ordered this mask twice and both orders were well made and comfortable to wear.

5 Stars  Great Quality Masks 
These masks are great quality and a good value. They are very protective in these times. They came in perfect timing NC has a mandatory requirement for masks. There was a shipping issue, but Pulse TV rectified it immediately. Thank you Pulse TV, you all are the best!

4 Stars  Comfortable Mask 
This is a comfortable mask. It is hot though. I only have to wear it when I go to the store or any other indoor place. For me it is a bit loose. Would like to have it a bit tighter. Also I wear glasses so fogging up the lenses is also an issue. That would probably happen with any mask. Other than that they are fine.

5 Stars  High quality product a decent prices 
Good product, shipped quickly, decent prices

5 Stars  Very pleased 
Like the masks are 5 ply. Feel safe wearing them. Can breath normally.

5 Stars  Security 
I have looked at similar masks on many web sites. In my opinion these are the best. I trust them. I have a small face, and these fit me well. In addition they give you breathing room and have more layers than others. I have made repeated orders of these.

5 Stars  Comfortably snug 
These masks are very comfortable to wear and they hug your face extremely well. They are also easy to put on and take off. Great product.

5 Stars  Quality Masks 
Well constructed mask offering reasonable protection when in the public. I plan to use this mask when close encounters are necessary like dentist, doctor, barber, etc. Pulsetv clearly discloses any limitations in their product description. Great customer service.

4 Stars  Comfortable mask 
Great buy, really comfortable

4 Stars  easy to use 
The mask are very comfortable and easy to breath with.

5 Stars  VERY GOOD 

5 Stars  Good protective Respirator Mask 
This is a very good protective mask. After ordering my first set I ordered a second. Easy to breathe when wearing the mask even though I am someone who struggles with facing coverings. I never feel inhibited when wearing these masks.

5 Stars  Hey I am loving this 
Very good

5 Stars  great masks 
great masks, reasonable price

Item was delivered promptly and was as described.

5 Stars  Great Masks for great price! 
I appreciate receiving these masks, especially since NC where I live is under a mandatory requirement for masks. These are very protective and heat quality. I also want to thank Pulse TV for their prompt assistance with a shipping problem with my order. You all are the best! Thank you!

1 Stars  Breathing is a challenge 
When worn correctly, breathing with this mask design is exhausting no pun intended. One almost feels light headed after wearing this type of designed mask for any length of time. Its too difficult to pull air through.

5 Stars  Great Masks 
I am so glad we were able to get some of these masks as they are comfortable and stay in place. We feel protected from others who might cough or sneeze near us, and the price is right on target.

5 Stars  Worth every penny 
Decent price on the masks and glasses were a real steal!

5 Stars  KN95 Protective Mask 
I was pleased with my purchase of the KN95 Mask. I would recommend it to family and friends.

5 Stars  love it 
I love the multiple layers, great protection!

3 Stars  Mask 
He says they fit pretty good especially around his nose

5 Stars  KN95 MASKS 

5 Stars  KN95 5 layer respirator mask 
I like them. It says they have 5 layers. Theyre a step down from the N 95 masks. These are a lot lighter than our homemade masks. The metal band on the nose conforms to your face. The mask is not directly against your nose. The design has a air pocket in front of my nose so my glasses dont steam up as bad.

4 Stars  Good Product 
A bit pricy, but an excellent product. Well constructed and seems working well.

5 Stars  Awesome longer lasting masks 
So easy to slip on without falling down. Doesnt make my glasses fog up, and lasts more than just one use. Fantastic and worth it!

5 Stars  Lite and more air 
fits well with the curved design. Filter gives more protection than just the cloth. Can breathe better.

5 Stars  Best for the price 
These are the highest rated, best fitting and easiest to use masks for the price that I have found yet.

5 Stars  KN95 Respirator Mask 
fit well....stayed in place....comfortable

4 Stars  ok but flimsy 
the nose former does not stay attached to the mask

5 Stars  Very Comfortable 
I simply love the design of this 5 layer mask! Its so comfortable and it fits well along the sides of my face. This mask doesnt snug tight like some masks do and whats so nice about this mask is that it doesnt touch my mouth or my nose, so it doesnt steam up like the pleated masks. This is probably of one of the best mask ever made! I love it!

5 Stars  Good quality 
Good quality masks

5 Stars  MASKS 
Got them quickly and quality items!

5 Stars  New Favorite Go To Mask 
Having tried several brands of accordion type medical masks, painters masks and several types of cloth masks including some with filters, I finally found these. They are sturdy, breathable, filter out fragrance and I hope exhaust fumes to which my airways are reactive. Easily folds into thirds under my chin when I dont need it. THANK YOU!

5 Stars  Very Good. 
I have worn these KN95 masks several times. They are great. They are comfortable and very easy to wear.

4 Stars  4.5 Stars -- Great Product, Solid Protection, Comfortable Fit 
KN95 protective face mask provides solid protection against biological viral and atmospheric impurities e.g., dust, pollen, etc.. Face mask protection is comparable to the ubiquitous, popular N95 face masks, and better than the conventional medical face masks. KN95 mask provides a very comfortable fit and is easy to adjust to fit contours of the face. Product only comes in color White would like to see the product in other colors.

5 Stars  Best for the Cost 
Great comfort

5 Stars  comfortable 
Nice mask. Easy breathing. Comfortable on the ears. Metal clip over nose minimizes fogging of glasses.

5 Stars  Great Mask 
These are very good masks. U can breathe thru them easily but they are an effective. Filter according to authorities.

5 Stars  Very Good 
Great masks. My preferred choice. Stronger than the 3 layer masks. I feel much better protected too. Fast shipping & will be ordering more..

5 Stars  Great product 
Great product for a great price.

5 Stars  Helpful for COVID-19 
Very soft but several layers and fits to my face without any gaps so very useful to protect others but also myself. Like how you get five in a package. Metal piece at nose works well, does wear out after several uses. Glasses will steam up unless placed on nose just right. Plan to buy more.

5 Stars  Great Product 
We bought the KN95 5 layer masks and we really love the masks. Our Dr. office nurse said that they were the best that you can buy.

It is easier to breathe through than other masks yet it fits tight for protection.

5 Stars  KN95 Masks 
They work great.

4 Stars  Fits well 
These masks fit well and my only complaint is that they are hot. I think that any mask would be hot though. The flat masks are too loose me and I have to tie up each ear loop, not so with these masks. And, the metal piece over the nose is adjustable which helps to keep it in place.

4 Stars  edges are a little stiff 
these are great protective masks and seal around the face well. the only complaint I have is getting used to the edges.

5 Stars  Top quality 
Im a nurse and have been using these, highly recommended if you cant find the n95s

5 Stars  KN95 masks 
Excellent product

5 Stars  Excellent 

5 Stars  Mask 
I am a diabetic and I want to do my best to be safe when going out to pick up groceries. I have been in stores and not everyone is wearing them. I know that I will be safe when using this great product. Thanks again.

5 Stars  great mask 
Works good but a little pricy.

4 Stars  Very Good Product 
These masks are pretty comfortable and fir well. Id prefer one with a filtered vent but I am happy to have these to protect myself and my family. Pulse service is excellent

5 Stars  Covis-19 Masks 
Masks are sturdy AND comfortable. They were delivered on time which is rare for most online orders. I would definitely buy from this vendor again.

5 Stars  Timely delivery 
Item arrived on time good price

5 Stars  Excellent Product 
These are excellent masks for the cost. I hope that you will continue to carry them since I have recommended them to friends.

I fit in the susceptible category, so this 5-layer mask is great for me. It gives me a sense of safety when I have to go out.

4 Stars  Face Masks 
i felt safer in this mask necause of the way it covered my face.Comfortable ...Glad I saw the promo.....cb

5 Stars  Good product 
glad I could finally get this product. Had ordered from several others and was not available. Can always count on Pulse! Thanks

5 Stars  Just what I needed 
These masks are perfect. Exactly what I needed and at a better price than others. And pretty fast shipping. Thank you !!

4 Stars  kn95 mask 
very nice mask it could use a little modification to let you breath better but it is good

5 Stars  Good value 
I did not have any and needed some badly. Not knowing much about Mask, I gave these a chance. As far as I know they serve the purpose, fit well and comfortable.

5 Stars  good quality 
great buy

5 Stars  Good 
Did what they said at the time frame they said

5 Stars  Exactly what I wanted. 
Reasonable price, with all the price gouging of masks going on now. Just what I needed and I will definitely reorder when I need more.

5 Stars  Seems to be built well, and it fits well 
I will buy more when these wear out

3 Stars  Not very robust 
Too large , smaller faces may want to supplement under this with more filters/fabric

5 Stars  Excellent masks! 
I compared them to some N95 masks I have and the texture is just about the same.

5 Stars  Masks 
Masks came and were exactly as described.

4 Stars  Good, but they dont stay in place 
I do like these, but they dont stay in place too well, even with the metal band across the nose. They seem to be just a bit too big, and end up creeping up under my eyes, so I have to constantly adjust it.

5 Stars  Wheres the mask 
Excellent product, lets just pray it will not be required for much longer. I would buy again

5 Stars  my PR Masks 
great product

5 Stars  Perfect 
Self protective, and you can actually breathe behind them. Great price for five too!

5 Stars  KN95 Mask Happy Customer 
Although the prices are somewhat high The mask are of good quality & just as I expected. I am happy with my purchase , I would recommend these mask to family and friends.

5 Stars  love it 
I love the mask. It fits completely over my nose and mouth. Took a little long to get it but that is okay.

5 Stars  Heavy Duty Masks 
Feel safe with these masks - Got extra for friends and family!

5 Stars  Masks 
Theo KN95 masks I purchased have worked very well for the use they were intended.

5 Stars  KN95 5-Layer Protective Respirator Masks 5pack 
Very durable, moisture resistant, and light-weight...Effective masks for everyday errands..

5 Stars  great mask 
I feel better wearing these masks than the thin blue paper ones. They fit better and being that I am older with health issues my breath is altered a bit anyway...I can breath better through these when walking or in grocery stores.Took me a while to find your company and I sure am glad I did...Thank you and may you all be well and wear your masks!

I am allergic to powder so, whenever I clean out my cats litter box I must wear a mask. I wear the 3 layered masks for that but, for wearing outside, I needed 5 layers. The design of this mask gives me extra breathing room. I have a little button nose and, I dont like a mask pressing up against it.

4 Stars  KN 95 Masks beat the Ones I was using 
The masks are comfy, reusable, and the metal clip work well to stop my glasses from fogging up.

4 Stars  Good mask, but quite warm 
This mask fits very well, and the nose clip keeps it in place. But it is quite warm and not as breathable as I would like since I have allergy-induced asthma.

5 Stars  Nice mask 
The mask fit well. The only problem was the smell.

4 Stars  Just what I needed! 
These are so much easier to wear than cloth masks.

4 Stars  KN95 masks 
In general these are very good and Im pleased with them. The only small negative is they fog up my glasses. But aside from that minor point they are great!

5 Stars  Face Mask 
I like the fact that its not tight against my face. This helps me to breathe better.

5 Stars  Great Experience 
After getting scammed by someone selling face masks on Facebook, I was trying to buy KN95 masks because my husband has a lung disease. I just happened on a YouTube video from PulseTV saying they had them in stock. Hoping that I wouldnt get ripped off again, I took a leap of faith and ordered. Masks came in quickly and are of great quality. Thanks for helping me out in a pinch

3 Stars  Very Thick 
Fits well, but very heavy and hard to breathe in when wearing for long period of time.

4 Stars  Good for the money 
A little too short, but comfortable to wear. A COVID-19 patient

4 Stars  Easy to use 
Comfortable. Fits easily. Good buy. Easy to put on.

5 Stars  Great! 
Lightweight, very comfortable to have on my face. I can breath comfortably. It doesnt overwhelm my face or make me feel hot. I would buy again. They arrived within a reasonable amount of time.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Delivery was fast and the masks are good. I like Pulse TV and I will buy more and their other products.

Feels comfortable, like fit

5 Stars  Masks 
These masks are great! I ordered some for my Sister as well. Will be ordering more.

4 Stars  Comfortable & Effective 
While these masks seem a little pricey they are of better quality and more effective than many cloth face coverings. They fit well and are comfortable to wear. The main downside is they become warm and could potentially fog glasses if worn in cold surroundings.

4 Stars  KN95 Masks 
Appear to be good, but not packaged very well, & also quite expensive for throwaway.

5 Stars  KN95 Respirator Masks 
As a nurse these KN95 protective respirator masks give excellent protection, with COVID these masks are essential

5 Stars  5-Layer Masks 
These are comfortable--for a mask. I feel more protected when I wear this as opposed to a homemade mask. Other masks similar to this are much more expensive, too. Thank you for having them available.

3 Stars  Cant get a tight feel 
They are nice looking, but I cant get a get a tight fitting. Any ideas?

5 Stars  Great protection 
These mask are very comfortable and easy to use. The price was very nice and the shipping was very fast. Thanks Pulsetv

4 Stars  YES 

4 Stars  These masks perform 
This mask is comfortable and you can actually breathe while you wear it. My only complaint is that the metal tightener tends to fall off after using the mask a few times. But I ordered another 5 pack so that I have them for the future if we continue to need masks.

5 Stars  KN95 5-Layer Masks 
These masks are worth the money. They are perfect and fit well. I highly recommend them.

These were for my sister, a dentist, who could not find good PPE for her staff. When I suggested Pulse masks she said Sure, but Ill be surprised if they are right. When she got them I got a phone call right away saying thank you they were exactly what she needed and could not believe you had them. Thank you!! I love my sister, I want her safe.

5 Stars  Great protection at a reasonable price 
Less expensive than the fabric masks, but still 5 layers of protection to filter 95% of the virus droplets, dust, etc. Light weight and comfortable. I am about to order another set. Highly recommend!

5 Stars  Nice Masks, Fast Delivery 

5 Stars  Super Mask 
Mask easy to put on and gives good facial coverage!

4 Stars  Good protective Respirator Mask 
The respirator masks are worth the money I spent on them. They are not like other masks on the market. These masks I am not able to breathe when wearing them. However, this is not the case with the respirator masks, which is lovely. My only hesitant to rate a five is that the silver metal across top pulls apart, which ultimately will fall off with use.

4 Stars  Hemp Fiber Anti Foot Compression Sleeves 
After wearing the ankle-foot sleeves for a couple of days I didnt notice any noticeable improvement in my discomfort nor worse condition so I will try some more as I need to ease the pain.

5 Stars  KN95 
Nice to have them on hand if needed for this fall or winter.

5 Stars  Ordered Masks 
Place an order for the n-95 masks. Received them right away, in the time, that they said.Received continued Confirmations and updates of Delivery! Placing order was very easy and user friendly. Excellent Company providing above Excellent Service!

5 Stars  Excellent 
Order process was fast and efficient. All merchandise arrived on time and no damage

5 Stars  Face masks 
Comfortable to wear. Good fit.

5 Stars  Respirator Masks 5 pk 
They are excellent. Well worth the cost.

4 Stars  Excellent Mask 
My wife and I had been using home made masks, but when I saw these, we decided to give them a try. They are much more comfortable and easy to use than out old ones. I feel more confident that Im not putting others at risk when I am in stores or having to pass people closer than the 6 recommendation. I hope, by judicious use, that we can use them for quite some time, since they are well made and easy to put on and off. When they need replacing, we will be back for more.

5 Stars  Exactly as advertised 
The masks are well made and are exactly as described in their ads. Delivery was made about 10 days after ordering. Recommended.

5 Stars  Great 
Good product

5 Stars  more than satisfied. 
I feel they offer better protection and breathe-ability. AND...more comfortable!

5 Stars  Review of Medical Face Masks 
Our family was very highly impressed with your masks! We received them in perfect timing & they are so comfortable to wear! We will continue to order from your company in the near future!

5 Stars  KN95 Mask 
Fast, smooth transaction. Quality is very nice. Arrived on time.

4 Stars  5 layer masks 
The masks give me the reassurance that I need when I am out and about. My only issue is that I wish there were color options. These get dirty quickly.

5 Stars  Respirator maks 
I found them very effective and easy to use.

5 Stars  Most comfortable mask so far 
I like this mask because its hard and doesnt move when you breathe in and out like the flimsy paper ones. I can wear it longer and feel safer. Also my glasses dont fog up!!!

5 Stars  Face Masks for Two? 
These masks arrived at the right time for my yearly checkup with my doctor. They worked great. My wife used them to go grocery shopping during this Covid 19. It did the job!

5 Stars  Soft, comfortable mask 
This mask fits well over my beard and my entire lower face.

5 Stars  Protection 
Mask seems well constructed and fits well.

5 Stars  KN95 MASK 
It is a very good mask. The strip to close the top is helping not to steam my glasses. Well appreciate it. would recommend to others.

5 Stars  Great Masks 
I bought these and gave them out to my family. Everyone really likes these. They are comfortable and do the job. We are using a #2 cone shape coffee filter to extend the number of mask uses. So glad I found these and at a reasonable price.

5 Stars  Great quality and fit 
These are a really good quality and fit great. And right now the price is good too.

5 Stars  Good Masks 
I gave these masks 5 stars because I can breath easier with them and I can wear my glasses and they dont fog up. Im happy with them!

4 Stars  Review of masks 
The masks were very nice, seems like they were well made

5 Stars  KN95 Mask 
Needed for a nurse in the family. Fit perfectly and gave her extras in case hospital ran short

4 Stars  Stay Safe 
The masks are 5-ply and fit very nicely. However, the little metal strip above the nose keeps falling off and thus the mask does not stay as secure. They are KN95 so, hopefully, they provide good protection. The elastic bands fits nicely around the ears, making them easy to get on and off.

4 Stars  Comfortable Mask 
This mask does its job. I would like it better without the seem running up the middle. It doesnt fit my face as tight because of that. Also the straps that go behind the ears could be a bit tighter. I would buy them again just because I am in the vulnerable category. It gives me the feeling of being safe.

5 Stars  KN95 Layer Protective Masks 
Great. Fits well

5 Stars  Best Mask Yet 
The mask fit well, and since it is KN95, it gives the highest protection. It is FDA approved and arrived very quickly. I reordered another 10 once I received my first order and highly recommended it to my friends and relatives.

4 Stars  too stiff 
they were too stiff. Metal bar for nose came off

5 Stars  KN95 5-layer protective respirator masks 
Wonderful, very effective and comfortable. They do not slide down or come apart. Have had inquiries where I purchased them and always told them Pulsetv.com. Having been a customer for quite some time it is always easy to recommend you.

4 Stars  Great deal 
Masks are great. Fit comfortably and provide protection as advertized.

5 Stars  Great 
The masks are great. Fit well. All good.

5 Stars  Must Have Face Mask Protection 
Im glad I found these on sale. Its comforting to know the mask has five layers. It fits comfortably on your face.

5 Stars  Very good ! 
The masks are good...just like as described...

5 Stars  The mask came very fast and they are good product 
shipping was good masks are what I wanted and needed

4 Stars  Good, but carry extra masks. 
These are great, but the straps are very weak. The straps have already snapped off on 2 of my 5 masks. Be sure to carry extra if that happens. If youve only got one, then pull the other strap loose and tie it around your head.

5 Stars  Comfortable Mask, Great fit. 
This minimized my glasses fogging problem but still allows for CO2 buildup inside the mask creating shortness of breath after about 25-45 minutes. A problem when you have heart disease.

5 Stars  K95 5-layer masks 
As usual, any items I purchase from you are as advertised, as well as extraordinary customer service. Always pleased. Thank you.

5 Stars  Great masks 
These masks are terrific...They very comfortable as well as they are well made!

5 Stars  Mask 
Very pleased with the product and the service. I have purchased a few items with you prior and would not hesitate to continue to do so.

5 Stars  Nice Mask 
I purchased KN95 mask from PulseTV.com and Amazon. Both were about the same price. Quality and delivery from PulseTV.com was a lot better.

5 Stars  kn95 
The mask is just as i expected.Just great

5 Stars  Excellent Quality 
Very Pleased.

5 Stars  Excellent masks 
These masks are excellent quality and I wouldnt be without them and I highly recommend them.

5 Stars  KN95 5-Layer Masks 
these were very comfortable, didnt bother my ears at all

5 Stars  Very pleased 
very pleased with purchase. It seems like the best product without having a N95.

4 Stars  Fit well, not bulky 
The masks fit my face well and they are a good size. The ear fasteners tear easily and need to be knotted to stay in place

4 Stars  repirator masks 
seem to work well. are comfortable to wear. price slightly higher than ideal but reasonable under the circumstances

5 Stars  Great masks!! 
Fast shipping when we needed them.

5 Stars  Best Choice for the Money 
I like these so much, I sent some to my friends in New York City during the shortages. They fit snuggly and the elastic holds are strong and resilient. I highly recommend them. And, they have an N95 rating.

5 Stars  Good Product 
Works well, brought these for my family. Shipping time was excellent!

5 Stars  KN95 Masks 
The Masks are very good. I am very happy with the product

3 Stars  Like But! 
The mask is really good however The glued on ends to the ear elastic need to be reinforced possibly by threaded sewing onto the mask. The elastic on each mask I received almost immediately pulled off the mask

5 Stars  KN95 Mask 
This is such a fantastic mask. It fits perfectly and it provides full protection on the face. The only downside it does make it just a little bit hard to breathe but you will get use to it. My daughter is a RN and she said thats just the way it works. She assured me that everything will be just fine. I highly recommend this product.

5 Stars  Firm face masks 
Good quality, and better than cloth masks

5 Stars  Quality mask 
I received 2 orders of these in a realtatively short time much better than others. Quality is good and better than mask I bought from others. Mask are FDA registered and 5 layers. Also, they have a metal piece along the top that can be bent to ensure a good fit around the nose. Overall fit is very good.

5 Stars  Protective Respirator Masks 
As usual, I am very happy with another purchase made from your firm. Not only the quality, but quick delivery. Thank you.

5 Stars  As described, comparable price, super fast shipping! 
When I saw these masks on Pulsetv I was excited because Ive never had a problem with anything Ive ordered before and this time was no different. The price is comparable to others available online and to me they are worth more knowing that they are the real deal, not counterfeit, and that theyll be shipped and arrive super fast, which they did. Thanks Pulsetv!!

5 Stars  KN95 Masks 
I really appreciate the replacement masks. Your company is phenomenol, and it has been...even prior to the COVID 19 outbreak! Thank you AJL SEMPER FI

5 Stars  Great mask, but be careful 
These masks are tremendous and PulseTV actually ships unlike other places we purchased from. One issue is you have to be gentle putting the masks on and off because the rubber band snapped on one side for one of the masks. But these are the real deal

Q: Can I reuse these masks?
A: These were designed to be disposable, but per CDC guidelines there are a few ways to get some more use out of them if absolutely necessary:

"One strategy to mitigate the contact transfer of pathogens from the mask to the wearer during reuse is to issue five respirators to each healthcare worker who may care for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. The healthcare worker will wear one respirator each day and store it in a breathable paper bag at the end of each shift. The order of mask use should be repeated with a minimum of five days between each mask use. This will result in each worker requiring a minimum of five masks, providing that they put on, take off, care for them, and store them properly each day." Source: CDC

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