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Rustic Wooden Bottle Opener and Cap Collector

Rustic Wooden Bottle Opener and Cap Collector

Rustic Wooden Bottle Opener and Cap Collector
Rustic Wooden Bottle Opener and Cap Collector
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Open your favorite bottled beverages with this Wooden Bottle Opener and save the caps by depositing them into the Cap Collector.

The durable, rustic design of this bottle opener is made of real wood and looks great on any countertop, garage, homebar, patio and much more. It's a great way to save up caps for DIY art projects.

Check on how full your bottle cap collection is by looking through the plexiglass display. The window slides right out so you can easily empty your collection.

Metal bottle openers will last many seasons and make great gifts for any beer-lover. Younger ones will love using it for a bottle of rootbeer or cream soda too!

- Never Hunt Down a Bottle Opener Again
- Great Addition to Any Home Decor
- Wall Mountable, (Hardware Not Included)
- Plexiglass Window Displays Bottle Cap Collection
- Plexiglass Slides Out Easily
- Durable Rustic Style Made of Real Wood
- Long Lasting Metal Opener Makes for Great Gifts
- Dimensions: 6.75" x 5" x 9.5"

4 Stars  Nifty 
A bit on the rustic side. You have to mount it very well and very securely to handle the pressure of removing a bottle cap, you just cant hang it on the wall.

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