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Butterfly Spiral Sun Catcher For Indoors And Outdoors

Butterfly Spiral Sun Catcher For Indoors And Outdoors

Butterfly Spiral Sun Catcher For Indoors And Outdoors
Butterfly Spiral Sun Catcher For Indoors And Outdoors
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Compare at: $5.99  (83% off)

The Butterfly Spriral Sun Catcher is a beautiful decoration for any room, overhang, yard, or garden. Simply hang it anywhere light beams can catch it and colorful rainbows will radiate out in all different directions for a beautiful and calming light show.

Six butterflies from top to bottom flow down like they're floating on a warm summer breeze. It makes the perfect accent to light up a room and is enjoyable for people of all ages. Plus, unlike those heavy glass suncatchers, these are safe and easy to hang with tape or a simple push-pin. Just make sure it's in a place where young children can't pull it down.

Another great option for these Suncatchers is to hang one around your garden. The scattering rainbow effect keeps unwanted pests and birds from sticking around.

- Looks Great In any Room
- Casts Rainbows Off In All Directions
- Six Radiant Butterflies
- Lightweight And Easy To Hang
- Cheaper And Safer Than Glass Suncatchers
- Works In Gardens To Repel Birds And Pests
- For Saftey Keep Out Of Reach Of Children
- Dimensions: 2 Feet Long by 6 Inches Wide

3 Stars  Look pretty 
I havent used them yet but they are cute. Will not use till next year.

5 Stars  Soothing Twinkling Lights! 
An added bonus to sunlight. Like dancing, twinkling and swirling rays of sunshine. Mesmerizing!

5 Stars  Very pretty 
I love the spectrum of color when the sun shines on them. I purchased one initially and then 2 more later on. I will probably buy a few more...cant beat the price.

4 Stars  cute sun catcher 
This is hanging in my Ficus Tree and adding that special visual effect. Cute very inexpensive decoration, but it does reflect the light OK.

5 Stars  sun catcher 
love it

4 Stars  Happy MOM 
I love it, it so sparkly i cant wait to put it in my new place outside by the sun.

5 Stars  pretty 
I bought 2 of these. They are very thin as was expected. For the money they are ok. I put on out of my screened patio and hung it on the cord for the ceiling fan. It sure does move because of the fan and it looks real pretty even thou the sun never hits it directly. Have not used the second one yet but I sure will.

5 Stars  Adorable 
The butterfly suncatcher is sparkly and pretty. I hung it in my bathroom and it adds a sweet touch.

5 Stars  Very nice. 
A simple, but elegant little decoration. Got one for me and my friend.

5 Stars  These are so cute! 
Mine made it thru the storm we had this weekend! Love it!

5 Stars  Great item! 
Beautiful item, but must be placed inside to protect it from getting destroyed by high winds.

5 Stars  Very Pretty 
It really catches the sun in a beautiful way.

5 Stars  Peaceful to Look At 
In these hard times it is nice to see something that is so unique and has a calming effect you just forget about todays troubles.

5 Stars  Pretty 
My wife was very happy and surprised

5 Stars  Stronger than they look 
Beautiful sparkle of light and hold up well in the weather.

5 Stars  Butterfly spiral 
So Beautiful & Dainty. 99cents!! Great value.

5 Stars  Cute product 
I use it indoors as it gets very windy where I live.I just like to see it spin and sparkle, it helps me unwind.

4 Stars  Butterfly Spiral Sun Catcher 
Smaller than expected but still love it!

5 Stars  Sun Catchers Bring Big Smiles 
Our grand kids live out west where the the jobs are. Several little ones in our townhouse complex. School was out early this year from COVID19 virus. The Sun Catchers put smiles on little faces.

5 Stars  Butterly spiral 
Everyone thought it was so pretty and the sale price was good so Im ordering another one

5 Stars  pretty 
Its really pretty. Feels pretty durable for the price.

5 Stars  Great garden addition 
This is a great garden addition or put at the window where the sun reflects and watch them shimmer

5 Stars  FLUTTERBIES FLY !!!!! 
Love this Sun Catcher - reflections come through the front door and sparkle all over my front room - love it !!!!!

4 Stars  Very pretty 
It is flimsy but pretty. I sent one and got one for me too.

5 Stars  unusual 
very nice if only it would stop raining and let the sun shine more very nice

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