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Wonder Roller... Just Fill n Paint

Wonder Roller... Just Fill n Paint

Wonder Roller... Just Fill n Paint
Wonder Roller... Just Fill n Paint
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With drop cloths, paint cans, brushes, rollers and all of the mess that goes with it, painting walls and ceilings is a project. But it doesn't have to be! The Wonder Roller eliminates a lot of the hassle involved with painting interiors, making the job faster, easier and a lot less messy.

Instead of filling a rolling pan up with paint and repeatedly loading and rolling, loading and rolling, the inside of the Wonder Roller is designed to hold your paint, releasing it AS you roll, giving you consistent coverage without all of the drips and dribbles involved with constantly moving your roller from the pan to the wall.

It's as easy as unscrewing the end cap and pouring in the paint. Your kit even comes with a measuring cup so you don't have to handle that big, heavy paint can. You also get an edging tool to quickly paint in those pesky corners and a resting tray for your Wonder Roller.

The roller has an extra short nap which is great for ceilings, drywall and other flat surfaces, and the whole thing comes apart for easy cleaning.

So don't be intimidated by your next painting project. Let the Wonder Roller do half the work for you!

- Make painting faster, easier and less messy
- Just fill and paint
- Practically eliminates drips and splatters
- Perfect for walls, ceilings, edges and more
- Fewer motions reduce work time
- Includes: Wonder Roller, resting tray, edging tool and 200 ml measuring cup
- Disassembles for easy cleaning
- Handle is threaded to accept rolling pole
- Only to be used with water-based paints

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