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Amplified HD TV Free Way Gold Antenna

Amplified HD TV Free Way Gold Antenna

Amplified HD TV Free Way Gold Antenna
Amplified HD TV Free Way Gold Antenna
Your Price: $14.99
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Stop spending hundreds on monthly cable bills when you could use the TV Free-Way! This antenna is plated with 24K gold connectors to ensure the highest-quality signal transfer for the best possible picture...completely free!

The high-quality signal transfer means you can use TV Free-Way Gold to watch indoor local TV, live sports, top-rated sitcoms, movies, and more! Or, use the 30-mile range to watch HDTV outside on your patio, deck, or garage.

TV Free-Way Gold screws right into the cable input on the back of your TV for easy installation and discreet style. It even makes the perfect portable TV antenna to take your favorite television shows with you on the go.

Once you have it connected, you'll need to go into your TV's menu and find the "Channels" setting or similar option to choose an auto scan feature. When you activate this, your TV will use your antenna to search the airwaves for signals from local broadcasting stations. The big networks like CBS, FOX, ABC, and NBC will come through in crystal clear HD.

- 24K Gold Connectors Provide High Quality Signal Transfer
- Crystal Clear 1080 HD Resolution
- 4K Ultra HD Compatible
- Get Free Access to Network Shows, Local News and Weather, Live Sports and More
- No More Cable Bills, Monthly Fees, or Subscriptions
- Mounts Directly to Your TV's Cable Input
- Installs Discreetly Behind TV
- Great for Around the House, Garage, RVs, Dorms and More
- Dimensions: 10" x 1.5"

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST follow the instructions that are provided exactly for this to work. Just plugging it in will not work. Several factors can limit reception range at your location; such as terrain, obstructions in the signal path, and metal construction materials. Position your antenna towards the broadcast towers for best performance.

5 Stars  Surprisingly good 
Ive bought some antennas before. They all had some static on some channels. This one is surprisingly good. Good reception.

5 Stars  Great product 
I live in an apartment where tv service is sketchy at best!!! This product has allowed me to view several channels clearly. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

3 Stars  So far...good 
It doesnt get all the channels even after scanning 5 times. But my mom doesnt have cable and it made her TV come in really clear.

3 Stars  I bought this product 
I have given this antenna only 3 stars because it does not work consistently. I cannot count on watching some of my favorite shows all the time. The antenna might work on Tuesday and Wednesday and then not work Thursday, etc. Its very frustrating.

1 Stars  Big Let Down 
I have tried several plug-in antennas to try to get, at least, the local stations in a clear picture. This one with the gold connections, etc. sounded like it might be better than what I have been using. It wasnt. Very bad. Could not even get a major station broadcasting 11 miles away.

4 Stars  A decent product 
This is a pretty good product. It gets all of your basic channels, And the picture is very clear. Over all I would recommend this to friends.

3 Stars  Gold Antenna 
Did not work in my area. Could not pick up all of the local channels. Seems cheap, not very strong.

5 Stars  Great antenna 
I have used this antenna on 3 different tvs and each worked very well and would recommend it.

4 Stars  does pick up cable signals 
I live in a condo bldg., and cables are attached to building,because it is so close, almost any antenna, including this one, picks up signals from cable.

3 Stars  Antenna 
Works Ok. Works better when its suctioned cupped to the window. Isnt much better than an old antenna I had from Radio Shack.

3 Stars  Good reception but not versatile in hooking up 
It has a good reception but I was not able to connect it to the back of my tv and keep it upright. I was able to connect it to my window with the hook. I had purchased this because I did not like having to set up the antenna away from the tv. I could not tighten it enough to stay and it would fall toward the floor when I let go. Disappointing.

4 Stars  Antenna Works Good 
Picks up more channels than my last and less conspicuous. Nice long antenna lead.

1 Stars  TV Gold Antenna 
It wasnt until I received the antenna that I could verify that it would work where I needed it to. Very few channels and very poor reception. Not worth my buying it.

4 Stars  Good product 
It seems to work ok, not as receptive as I was expecting

5 Stars  Free Way Gold Antenna 
I dont have cable for my bedroom TV and I bought this to try it. I am so very pleased with it! I can now get about 30 stations instead of 4. Some pictures are distorted but most are good. I can now watch TV when Im getting dressed in the morning and when getting ready for bed at night.

4 Stars  Pulse tv antenna 
its amazing how many channels I get w/o having to pay cable bill.

4 Stars  Fair value for the money 
It works when the weather is clear - much more limited when overcast

4 Stars  Works great for getting local programming 
It does what I was looking for. Getting local programming was my main goal and it does that very well. my only issue is that the antenna needs to be mounted near a window or a wall so you can use the suction cup to keep the antenna set in the correct position or pin/attach it to a wall. This is not an issue for me right now but could be if we decide to relocate the antenna. Right now I am very happy.

4 Stars  Good Antenna 
Picture quality great, easy to connect, antenna not necessary to have near a window, decent price, pulls in main stations plus many secondary stations

5 Stars  works great for stations within 30 miles or so 
I didnt read the specs close enough so Im not able to receive the ABC,CBS,and NBC broadcast I had hoped to. I do receive a PBS station which is within the 30 mile radius spec. very clear.

1 Stars  Not as good as others 
Reception was much worse than two other antennas I bought at retail stores for same price. So will not use this.

2 Stars  Not as cool as I hoped 
I tried this on two TVs in two different parts of the house where other antennas work. I got 2 stations maximum. It probably works well in maximum signal coverage but not here. They were very good about my request to return it.

5 Stars  amplified HD tv gold antenna 
This product works better than I expected, I would definitely recommend this item to both friends and family.

5 Stars  Its good HD TV Antenna 
Its saying 200 channels but I get only 45 channels but the reception very good. I like it.

5 Stars  Really works! 
I was able to pull in 3 networks sharp and clear. Fox, NBC, ABC. loads of other lesser channels, so well worth the cost.

Q: How do I know what channels are available to me?
A: You can check out the FCC's website to see signal strength based on your location, and location of broadcast towers. Visit the FCC's Website Here.

Q: My reception isn't great, any tips?
A: Scan channels monthly to find all available channels including newly added or changed. Do not place or hide the antenna in/behind any metallic objects. Install the antenna as high as possible with the arms out to over a wide area. Keep the antenna away from any high power consumption devices to avoid interference.

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Amplified HD TV Free Way Gold Antenna

Stop spending hundreds on monthly cable bills when you could use the TV Free-Way! This antenna is plated with 24K gold connectors to ensure the highest-quality signal transfer for the best possible picture...completely free!