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Owl Alert Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Owl Alert Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Owl Alert Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
Owl Alert Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
Your Price: $9.99
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Targets Outdoor Pests!

Introducing Owl Alert, the new way to target outdoor pests like raccoons, deer, squirrels, rabbits and mice, without harming them or your pets!

Pesticide-Free Pest Control

No more harmful pesticides and chemical sprays! With Owl Alert, you can target pests without toxic pesticides. Keep your garden pesticide- and chemical-free!

To them, it looks like a real owl, but day or night, Owl Alert is on the job, targeting outdoor pests without chemicals or pesticides.

Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller

THE SECRET is the combination of the motion activated sensor which emits ultrasonic sound that outdoor pests can hear, and the flashing red eyes that alert them. The motion sensor is activated when animals approach.

It's super easy to set up - Insert 4 AA alkaline batteries (not included) and then simply place it in your garden, on your porch, or on your patio. And with the durable, weatherproof construction you can use it all year round!


- Includes 1 Owl Alert
- Owl sculpture looks like real owl
- Uses sight, sound, and light
- No harmful chemicals or pesticides
- Ultrasonic sound deters animals
- Motion-activated flashing red eyes
- Targets critters like raccoons, deer, squirrels, rabbits, and mice
- Works in daytime and nighttime
- Durable, weatherproof construction for year-round use
- Requires 4-AA alkaline batteries (not included)
- Dimensions: Approx. 8"H x 4"W x 3 1/2"D
- Includes care and maintenance instructions

5 Stars  Owls Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 
Great product. Hoping it works.

5 Stars  Really scares em off 
Its the only unit designed to keep deer away that actually works. Bought 2 and then bought 3 more.. wish it were solar though..

1 Stars  Useless 
It drains the batteries so fast that I have to change them after just two weeks. As I am writing this review, I am watching a whole family of squirrels 3 playing on my lauwn while the red led eyes of the owl are blinking red,so the ultra sound signal is not working at all.

5 Stars  Owl Alert 
Its adorable. It works. I gave my cousin 2 owls and shes also very pleased with them. She had squirrels on her porch now they are gone.

2 Stars  Not worth the money 
I wish I had a camera to take a picture of the rabbit that was standing in front of that owl with the eyes blinking and the rabbit just looking at it.

5 Stars  OwlAlert 
The Owl Alert is worth having! It keeps other animals away. For the first time in a while, I dont worry about stray dogs or other animals being in the yard. I purchased two of these and almost my entire yard is covered. Thanks

5 Stars  seems to do the job 
seems to keep the gackel birds away and the grandkids are fascinated with the owls eyes lighting up ...win win

5 Stars  Owl Pest Repeller 
I am so pleased that I purchased 2 owls. I like the looks of them on my porch railing & havent seen a squirrel since they arrived. All my chair cushions & American flag are intact. Thank you

1 Stars  The Owl Doesnt Repel 
The Squirrels eat their lunch, my home grown vegetables, right in front of the good 0l Owl. I am turning it into a hood ornament for my car! The owl not the squirrel.

5 Stars  Owl Alert 
Although Im not a registered shopper, Ive bought several items from your company as a Guest. Four of those purchases are the Owl Alerts. I absolutely LOVE these Owls. They work very well. In fact, Im more than satisfied with ALL of purchases from Pulse tv.com!

1 Stars  Squirrels not affected!! 
They love my tomatoes got 2 of these owls. The squirrels are not In any way deterred!!! Dont waste your money

1 Stars  cute, ineffective owl 
The owl does nothing to deter squirrels.They come right up to it, look closely at those flashing eyes to see if maybe they are more ripe tomatoes, then walk by to the tomatoes. Its a cute owl if you just want a garden ornament, but if youre looking for a squirrel deterrent, this is not it.

5 Stars  Ok, Really - IT WORKS 
Weve had Raccoons come up on our deck for months. Since we placed 3 of these owls on the steps a month ago I relocate them every couple of days - Not ONE Raccoon or Cat dropping in almost a month! Batteries may or may not become an issue. I wish these were Solar Powered. They are water resistant but dont drop them in a swimming pool or where water puddles and you should be fine. I just bought 3 more today 8/20/2020.

2 Stars  Bad purchase 
Has not kept any pests away. Waste of money

1 Stars  Waste of money 
In small print it says water resistant not water proof. Well we live in Florida and we get rainstorms at the drop of a hat. So after one big rainfall that was it. Ruined. Some thing made for outside should be water proof.

5 Stars  Plastic Owl 
This plastic owl with motion detector red eyes has solved our problem with birds coming into our open deck and defecating and building nests. They fly in and the red eyes start to flash and birds be gone -

5 Stars  WHO is better 
Finally we found a way to keep the little critters away. We call him Little WHO. We tried garlic, MaxMoxie, Rodent Defense Spray, and neither worked. Then we tried Little Who and our problem disappeared. I highly recommend the Owl Alert Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. It works!

2 Stars  owl 
not happy with this.does not work does not deter pest. makes no sound

1 Stars  Owl Alert 
The two owls eyes blink, there isnt no sound for the squirrels eat while they face the eyes that is blinking, i wish that they worked, what would really run squirrels off

4 Stars  deer and squirrels 
I live on a ranch. deer would jump up 5 ft. to get on my back porch to eat pot plants during the night. the owl is placed where they get up and the owls eyes stops them and it supposedly makes a sound.

4 Stars  Actually Works 
Didnt expect much but the owl really does protect my tomatoes from deer. Only gave 4 stars because it goes through batteries very quickly.

5 Stars  Ultrasonic Owl 
Havent seen any critters yet!

5 Stars  Owl Alert 
Love it. I really believe its working.

3 Stars  Owl Alert Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 
I gave it three stars because the ultrasonic part doesnt seem to work. The eyes flash when approached, but it doesnt prevent the chipmunks or squirrels from staying around..

3 Stars  Battery eater 
While at first we did not think it was working because we had surprise left by raccoon, literally right in front and within inches of owl but they never returned after that night? Yet? It has been less then a month since getting and activating and the batteries are dead in both owls we purchased, this is disappointing since will be expensive to operate!

4 Stars  The Owl Works 
I bought two of the Owl Repellers and they work as advertised. My only problem seemed to be that the batteries ran down fast. I moved the owls to a different spot where there were no branches or leaves to set it off in the breeze. They seem to work fine now.

3 Stars  battery power only good for 1 month 
Owl looks good, and this website offers the best price. Motion sensor really works. However its hard to know whether the ultrasonic noise really works since humans cant hear it. Requires 4 batteries and after a month, its already time to change the batteries again.

5 Stars  WOW 
I was pleasently surprised when I realized that I havent seen a squirrel running up my screens since I put the owl along side my home. They used to race up the screens daily. NO MORE!

5 Stars  Owl Alert 
I am really pleased with my Owl Alert Repeller. Since I have started using it, I have not seen any rabbits in my yard. Thanks, it really works.

4 Stars  Minimal effect and Batteries Run Out Fast 
I purchased 4 and placed them at various locations. Moved them frequently as suggested. At first birds stayed away but eventually returned. 2 of the 4 need battery replacement after 2-3 weeks. In summary there probably has been some deterrent but not 100% and a solar powered unit would be better

3 Stars  Deer 
Doesnt seem to phase deer. Deer tracks around corn and green beans. All eaten down to ground. I am using 2 owls placed in strategic areas.

5 Stars  Garden Owl 
I love this product. Works like a charm.

1 Stars  Not worth the money 
The owl has a motion sensor that turns it on. A slight breeze will turn it on and keep it on until the battery dies, about two days. In the meanwhile, pests were not deterred from digging in my flower beds about six feet away.

5 Stars  My experience so far 
Ive been using the two owls I purchased for over a week..So far Im impressed. No critters or other cats have eaten my cats food. Theyre working just fine.I like them and would recommend them!!

1 Stars  NO GOOD 
Does not scare away anything. Birds sit on them, squirrels still eat the fruits.

1 Stars  Doesnt work to keep animals away 
Owls are cute but they do nothing to keep racoons from coming right on my porch. Disappointed

1 Stars  Dont scare nothing! 
Have critters getting under my deck. Put the owl in their pathway and they knock it down every night.

5 Stars  Owl Alert Pest Repeller 
Thanks works great, chases all pest away

4 Stars  Maybe 
Not really sure if its working or not the the chipmunks are running all over

5 Stars  I like Owls 
I like owls, like the blinking lights and ultra sonic of this one. It works for wild critters a day or two, but amuses the kids much longer. The animals must be smarter. Switched out the LED eyes for Infra Red LEDs, used the motion sensor to trigger a camera mounted in the abdomen and a power bank to keep it running.

3 Stars  Cute in yard 
I have two. Cute in yard . Sadly the squirrels and rabbitt visit and hang out with the owls. ??

3 Stars  Battery Eater 
I may have a bad batch of batteries. The Owl lasted about a week on the first set. Working on the second set now.

5 Stars  Joes owl pest repellent 
Works great anyone or anything near it, the red eyes flash a bright red it has a long range from the owl. Of course, I cannot hear the sound that is supposed to come out of it but the pest most likely do, for the first time our veggie garden appears not to have been attacked by any rodents or animals.

1 Stars  Owl Alert 
Appears to not have sound, racoon stood a foot away from it looking into the flashing eyes.

4 Stars  Electronic Owl 
Lighted eyes work well. It really goes through the batteries. Really cool looking.

5 Stars  Owls 
These owls work great repelling swallow birds.

3 Stars  Owl Alert Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 
The Owl works Great as long as the batteries last. Unfortunately we have 4 owls on our property and they do work for only about 3 to 4 weeks as most. I just wish that I could hook them up directly to an electrical outlet! And not need to depend on the batteries. PS I have tried various Duracell Batteries, Energizers, Rayovac, and Panasonic batteries.

5 Stars  Owls 
Hi just wanted to thank you for the owls that send sounds animals can hear. Last year the birds would crash into my windows. I have large patio, bedroom windows. Since I purchased 3 owls have not had that problem.

5 Stars  Best Squirrel Chaser 
For months our small balcony garden was being over taken by a squirel family who seemed to taunt us, but after purchasing and placing the Owl Alert in one of our veggie grates, not one in sight for weeks around the balcony. I wish I had gotten one of these earlier. When I get a larger garden I plan to get more.

2 Stars  Sadly, its apparently not too scary 
Bought this to try and cut down on the zoo traffic in my backyard and cut down on fruit tree and strawberry ravaging. Squirrels in the day, raccoons, possums and skunks at night. Well, the squirrels did, at first, stop in mid run when the ultrasonic clicking went off, but they just looked at it with curiosity and then continued on their merry way. Skunks walk up to it and sniff at it and then waddle off. Essentially, its an oddity, but in no way manner nor form is it a deterrent I had hoped, but it didnt meet my expectations. Maybe other folks have more skittish wildlife, but mine isnt afraid of anything it seems. Next step is a motion activated sprinkler...

5 Stars  Love it! 
All I can say is that I should have purchased two of them instead of one. I love it

4 Stars  Guard Owl 
It really works.

5 Stars  IT WORKS! 
Ive been searching for something to keep stray cats coming around and spraying on my front and back door screens. Ive sprayed everything under the sun that was recommended to keep them away. I was throwing moth balls around the yard but very toxic....and it didnt work anyway. Sonic powered gizmos at the stores were quite spendy and most of the reviews werent all that positive. I wish I had come across these owl alerts a long time ago! Easy to set up and so far there hasnt been any spraying or odor from the strays that come around. I have 2 indoor cats and wanted to see how they would react to it. It scared them so I know its working! This is best product ever and so reasonable!!!!

5 Stars  I love PulseTV 
I ordered two of the owls. One of them had a problem with the battery holder. I contacted you, and within a few days I had a new battery holder. I cannot say anything but good things about PulseTV.

4 Stars  Seems to be working 
It seems to be keeping the squirrels away from tree above my picikup.

The owls I bought did not work. Instead of keeping the squirrels away, they made friends with them. One squirrel invited the owl to dinner, after receiving no objections to giving the owl a hug. At least the owls dont eat much.

3 Stars  Owl 
It was smaller than I expected. I shouldve read the dimensions and I sat it out in the yard and it seems like it sets it off so easily that the batteries run down fast. I was getting it for hawks to try to scare them away from my fur baby so Ive got to look a little further and see what I could come up with

5 Stars  Cute, but will it work 
This plastic owl is a great novelty. I purchase four just because it is fascinating.

4 Stars  Owl alert 
A good product but I wish it was larger wifh a hook

4 Stars  Cute 
Although not as large as I would like it is very effective startling the cats. Very cute

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Owl Alert Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Introducing Owl Alert, the new way to target outdoor pests like raccoons, deer, squirrels, rabbits and mice, without harming them or your pets!