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2-Pack of Sip N' Go Foldable Water Bottles

2-Pack of Sip N' Go Foldable Water Bottles

2-Pack of Sip N' Go Foldable Water Bottles
2-Pack of Sip N' Go Foldable Water Bottles
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Sip N' Go is a Spill-Proof collapsible reusable water bottle that makes carrying a reusable water bottle easier and more convenient than ever before.

The patented Spill-Proof cap allows water to flow when drinking and prevents spills when not in use. Its durable snaps allow it to fold neat and small enough to fit in your purse or even your pocket.

It's lightweight, easy to drink from and features a comfortable carrying ring and carabiner.

Sip N' Go is freezable too, so your drink stays colder, longer. You can even write your name on it, so your bottles never get mixed up.

Unlike most plastic bottles, Sip N' Go is free from harmful chemicals like BPA. Made of extra strong FDA approved material, Sip N' Go is top rack dishwasher safe, so it's hygienic and easy to clean.

Sip N' Go lets you stay hydrated anytime, anywhere.

Saves YOU money and helps the environment! Constantly buying water bottles is expensive and harmful to our world. Sip N' Go allows you to fill it up with water whenever and wherever you need it.

Great for camping, hiking, the gym, traveling, amusement park hopping, athletes, soccer moms and more!

- You get TWO (colors may vary)
- Stands when Filled
- Each Bottle is 17oz
- Dishwasher Safe, Freezer Safe and BPA FREE
- Bottle Collapses, Fold and Snaps
- Convenient Carabiner for Travel
- Patented Design
- Reusable and Eco-Friendly
- Soft but Rugged
- Lightweight and Portable
- Wash, Fold and Go
- Write Your Name On It!
- Unique Snap Design Keeps it Folded and Compact
- Dimensions: 10"x5"x1.5"

4 Stars  2 pack sip & go foldable water bottles 
handy item for on the go !

5 Stars  folding bottles 
My grandchildren loved them. Good enough for me!

5 Stars  Great Low Cost Item 
I freeze these and use them in my small cooler. They are two fold, drinking water and cooler packs. I really like them.

3 Stars  As described 
The bottles are as described in the ad. My biggest problem is that they are too wide to fit into the bottle holder on my backpack which is sized fro a standard plastic bottle. Could be useful when traveling, which I may resume after the coronavirus is contained

4 Stars  2 Pack of Sip N Go Foldable Water Bottles 
Love these cut little bottles. So convenient. Great for the kids to take to school. I just wish they were a little larger so they would hold more liquid.

1 Stars  Low Volume-High Temp. 
I wanted to use these to attach to my golf carry bag. I could only get about 12 oz. in the claimed 17 oz. bottles, even less when I freeze 6 oz. But the ice is gone and the water is warm by about the 4th hole. Just not enough cool water in the hot Florida summer to get the job done.

5 Stars  Excellent to carry 
Great little water bottles, especially in our hot weather. Easy to carry in pocket or purse.

4 Stars  Good product, good price. 
Capacity less than expected, but ok.

5 Stars  Stay cool in summer heat and do it w/ convenience and ease! 
Cool! Great price for two and so easy to use and take up so little space and even a handy belt clip to use. I gave one to a friend of mine and kept the other one. I love mine and Janet took hers when she went jogging and loved hers as well.

5 Stars  Ideal size 
Nice when frozen

5 Stars  Lightweight Water Carrier 
I used these water bottles in a small cooler during a recent trip to a hot zone over 100 degrees. Many refills with tap water more than paid for these bottles as compared to the expensive and less eco-friendly pre-filled store bought bottles of water. When empty, they can be easily folded and stowed, or attached to your gear with the carabiner provided.

4 Stars  Sip n Go 
Cheap , works okay. Would prefer to wait longer before rating. All but 1 of the bottles are in freezer. Apparently will be used more in emergency situations and for grandkids use.

4 Stars  Great bottles. 
Love these. I walk everyday and I love these because they are so light and easy to carry. I always have water with me and these are perfect.

4 Stars  Foldable Water Bottles 
Great price. Kids love them. Goes well with the Cooler Tote Bags. Kids love having their own personal cooler and water bottles.

5 Stars  Perfect Grab n Go! 
Okay, these are adorable and the perfect take a walk water bottle and they have a carabiner!! WooHoo on that people!

5 Stars  review 
Use these on my daily walks.

5 Stars  Just fill and go 
Very easy to carry when exercising like waking, riding a bike. Not bulky like bottles. Im sure it will be good in an emergency just attached to your belt or belt loop etc.....

5 Stars  a nice good bottle 
This is such a good idea, and never mind going through security check points , you can fold it up when its empty and just hang it on you . definitely 5 stars.

5 Stars  Great little bottle 
I like it, Grandkids like them. Whats more to say......

5 Stars  Great for Picnics and Walks and Bike Rides ..... 
These are great for having water on the go! Convenient and portable for those hot days at the fair or the game of Frisbee Golf with the Grandkids.

4 Stars  Best for Children 
In an effort to eliminate single-use plastic, I purchased these. I fill them 1/2 full and freeze them and top them off when I leave the house. They work fine but they are quite small. They are best suited for children due to the size. Also, they dont stand up so they have to be closed between sips. I do like the feature that they fold up when youre done drinking to take them home for another day. Im not sure how long they will last as Ive not had them for long.

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2-Pack of Sip N' Go Foldable Water Bottles

Sip N' Go is a Spill-Proof collapsible reusable water bottle that makes carrying a reusable water bottle easier and more convenient than ever before.