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Striiv Bio2 Plus Fit Tracker, Heart Monitor, and Wristwatch

Striiv Bio2 Plus Fit Tracker, Heart Monitor, and Wristwatch

Striiv Bio2 Plus Fit Tracker, Heart Monitor, and Wristwatch
Striiv Bio2 Plus Fit Tracker, Heart Monitor, and Wristwatch
Compare at: $29.99  (66% off)
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The Bio2 Plus Fitness Tracker is much more than just an activity tracker.

It will keep track of the time, your steps, and you can even monitor your heartrate!

This is one of the easiest activity trackers to use. Just double-tap the screen to wake up your Bio2, then swipe left or right to go through all the features and data. The main screen will display the date and time as a great digital wristwatch.

The tracker can be worn during most activities other than swimming. It is water-resistant, but only down to one-meter. There is an internal long-lasting battery that will last up to seven days and is recharged with an included micro-USB cord. It also comes with a stylish and comfortable silicone black band that is sweat-resistant.

NOTE: If the tracker has been off for a while, you may need to plug it into a USB port to power it on.

As of 10/2/2020, the apps have since been removed from the app stores and will not continue to get updates. The band itself will still function for tracking steps, heart rate, and to be used as a watch.

- Multi-Functional Activity Tracker
- Responsive Touchscreen
- Easy To Use
- Unisex Design
- Monitors Heart, Steps, and tells time
- Rechargeable Battery Lasts Upto 7-Days
- Stylish Silicone Band
- Dimensions: 9.5" X 0.75 X 0.50

5 Stars  Striiv Bio 2 Plus Fit Tracker 
It is just what the doctor ordered. Easy to use, charge, etc.

5 Stars  Inexpensive activity tracker 
It does the job for me very well!!!

5 Stars  Will purchase more 
Excellent product

4 Stars  rating 
sleek design, but instructions could be better and still not sure how to use all the functions it says it has. I havent even found those functions

3 Stars  Striiv Bio2 Plus Fit Tracker With Health App 
Quasi-functional, but for the price, what to expect I guess.

5 Stars  good product 

5 Stars  Great little device 
I have use this for 2 weeks now and it is working great. Cant beat the price. Instructions could be a little clearer and the charging cord longer. Also, the tapping on the side takes a little while to get used to because sometimes it doesnt come on right away. Tapping on top might be a better way.

1 Stars  Product is not accurate. Would not recommend! 
This tracker would only sync randomly and it did not keep even a relatively accurate track of my steps as compared to the app on my phone and my Fitbit.

4 Stars  Very Good for the money 
Seems to accurately display heart rate but the steps are exaggerated quite a bit. Overall, the combination of Fit Tracker and Striiv App are a very good reminder to improve on healthy habits by setting goals and tracking many different activities.

5 Stars  Does the Job Nicely 
Ive been using this fitness tracker for a few weeks and so far, so good! A very good value.

5 Stars  Great Watch at a Great Price Point 
I bought this watch for my wife. She has tried at least 4 other watches that are similar to this one and just couldnt find one she liked and was well made that would last. This is by far the least we had paid for any of these several watches, and because of that I really thought I was throwing my money away as it is almost to good to be true. I only took a chance because at that price point I wouldnt be out much if it wasnt any good. Boy, am I glad that I took a chance on this one. It not only works great, but the battery lasts a long time and sends a message to her phone when the battery is getting low, and she says that it is the most comfortable one to wear she has ever had. It came with fast delivery and is just as described. It has been more than worthy of a 5 star review!

5 Stars  Very Good !!!!! 
This is a very good product !!!!!

5 Stars  Amazing for such a low price 
I wasnt expecting too much given the low price, but I have to say this fit tracker does everything its supposed to do and does it well. I was especially impressed by how well it tracked my heart rate. On the minus side, I find the strap difficult to fasten. But thats a minor issue.

5 Stars  Great watch 
Keeps me informed of my pulse , does so much , I love it. I love all the products that Pulse sends me information on, and am glade they sent me this watch. Thanks

4 Stars  Great Product 
I like the smaller size of this tracker compared to some of the larger ones out there, comfortable to wear. Not as fancy as the more expensive ones out there but it does what I want it to do. Definitely worth the money.

5 Stars  Works Great 
This tracker works just as well as my other tracker worked. I am happy with my purchase.

1 Stars  Striiv Bio2 Plus Fit Tracker 
Not worth the money at $14, Sorry

5 Stars  Fit Tracker 
This was a gift for my son and he loves it. It was much cheaper than a fit bit and has more functions than he was expecting. Highly recommend!

4 Stars  Fit Tracker 
For the purpose that I needed it...its just great. I started walking and it tracks me beautifully.

4 Stars  best tracker for the money 
I wanted to try this inexpensive tracker to see if it would really help me before spending too much on a name brand one. It needs charging at least every other day, but, other than that, it is extremely accurate and definitely worth the money. I havent researched it enough to find out how to look at a history of my #s, but Im still satisfied with looking at my steps, heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, and time spent on exercise.

5 Stars  Extremely great deal 
It was a gift for my wife. Extremely pleased overall once all the different programs were downloaded piecemeal over a weeks time. I did not know this device did so much. All she was looking for was a device to count her steps. The only things that could be improved are making the how-to videos into one presentation and the strap could be improved---its very annoying to go find water when you have to put it back on.

5 Stars  Striiv Bio2 Plus Fit Tracker 
Bought one for daughter and granddaughter and they love them.. Have ordered one for Grandson per his request.

4 Stars  Works Great 
Im very happy with my Striiv. It tracks my steps well, gives me a heart rate whenever I check and I like always having a watch with me. I didnt expect very much because of the low price, but for that cost, its right for me.

5 Stars  It Works! 
Very good,well made and accurate product. Buy one while you can!

5 Stars  Performs as advertised. 
I was quite pleased with my tracker. Ive had it for a couple weeks and it is working fine. The battery lasts about 5 days and easily recharges. The app works fine with my iphone6. I dont know how accurate it is but it gives me an idea of my activity which is what I was looking for. Overall Im very satisfied and would recommend it as an inexpensive alternative to a $100+ Fitbit.

5 Stars  Its great 
Very amazing product, very accurate

3 Stars  Fit tracker 
Gave as gifts, 1 loved it, the other had mixed reviews.

2 Stars  Bio2 Fit Tracke 
So simple to download, easy to charge. However, I wanted it to keep track of steps and it is way off!! It seems to multiply your steps by 3 or 4 times. Not accurate at all, so I cant use it for that and I didnt need another watch. Very disappointed.

5 Stars  Striiv Bio2 Plus Fit 
it works very good and fits well

4 Stars  simple tracker for exercise 
I am really enjoying this tracker. It gives me exactly what I wanted.

4 Stars  Fit tracker a good tool to stay fit. 
We use it every day. Great for tracking your steps and BP.

5 Stars  great product 
great price , fast shipping

Q: How do I turn on the tracker for the first time, or if it has been off for a while.
A: Simply Plug the tracker into a powered USB port and it should power on automatically. You can also try tapping on the tracker screen to wake it up when it's just in standby mode. Video

Q: How do I set the time and date?
A: You can manually set the time and date when turning the unit on for the first time. (click on the digit you want to change and use the + or - buttons to set the correct time) Video

Q: How do I reset the tracker to it's factory original settings?
A: Go into the menu, swipe over to your settings menu, then swipe until Video

Q: How do I turn off the Striiv Tracker?
A: Go into the settings menu, scroll until you see the power button icon. Press OK and then press the check mark. Video

Q: Where can I download the app?
A: The apps have been removed from Google Play store and iTunes store as of 10/2/2020 Video

Q: Is there more information and tips for the Bio2 Tracker?
A: Yes Please visit the manufacturer's website for more tips, frequently asked questions and support Click Here for more Striiv Bio2 Plus support and tips

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Striiv Bio2 Plus Fit Tracker, Heart Monitor, and Wristwatch

The Bio2 Plus Fit Tracker is much more than just an activity tracker.