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USB Powered FlexFan

USB Powered FlexFan

USB Powered FlexFan
USB Powered FlexFan
Compare at: $19.99  (95% off)
*PLEASE NOTE: Price break info on video may not be accurate when item is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

This USB powered hand fan is super compact and pliable, making it the perfect option when you need to cooldown on the go!

The flexible design allows you to angle the fan in any direction you choose, so you'll always be able to target your hotspot with ease. The days of fanning your face with a magazine are over, because the FlexFan won't make you work for that refreshing respite from your long day.

There are no batteries to speak of, just plug it into any power bank or standard USB port and the miniature propeller will spin up immediately, providing a nice breeze and instant relief. The fan is slightly bigger than your average pen, making it ideal for carrying with you in your purse, backpack, or handbag.

The FlexFan is a really useful gadget to have on hand when you need to calm down right away. You'll always be just one plug away from catching your breath, so you can spend more time chilling out and less time breaking a sweat.

- Compact Design is Perfect for Portable Storage
- Flexible Stem Allows You to Adjust It Your Way
- USB Powered Means No Batteries Needed
- Enjoy a Gentle Breeze Anytime, Anywhere
- Lower Stress and Reduce Body Temperature
- Dimensions: (Fan Blade Diameter) 3.5 x 7.5 inches

Note: Adult supervision is advised around young children.

5 Stars  too cute! 
these are so cute and work great! I especially use them to help keep my laptop cool, as it is on a long time.

5 Stars  Powerful little fan 
It wont work plugged into my laptop, but its perfect with a USB power cord or a power bank. It really blows a lot of air. I love it !

5 Stars  works 
Works well and the price is right.

5 Stars  USB Powered FlexFan 

3 Stars  Could have received five stars,but..... 
The fan is good, but the propeller is unprotected and very frequently you can hit your hands with rotating propeller. It isnt dangerous, unless you get it close to your face.

4 Stars  It works 
Good airflow be careful of fan blade. Wont cut but you will know you stopped it.

5 Stars  Great little fan 
This fan fits into any usb outlet. I use it in my power bank or in my work computer monitor. Lots of air is produced by this little fan and the flexible neck helps you get it in the best position for your comfort. I love these and went back and bought five more.

5 Stars  Excellent 
Excellent product puts out a lot of air

4 Stars  Great cooling, powered by your computer! 
OK, so we all sit by our computers every day. Sometimes its so hot though. This little gem plugs right into your USB port and instantly turns on its full-blast little fan. Id have given this a full 5stars, but it has this annoying sound if you bend the bendable neck. If you keep it straight as it comes right out of the package, its practically silent though. Dont let it get bent, unless you can stabilize it with propped up cardboard, etc.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Work Great Keep u Cool.

4 Stars  Pleasantly surprised 
Works better than expected. Just need to watch when you remove it. Sorry I didnt get an extra one!

3 Stars  USB Powered 
Its a little small but works okay.

5 Stars  Powerful little device 
It gives just enough moving air to help you stay comfortable!

4 Stars  Amazing Little Fan 
I did not expect a 3 1/2 inch fan to produce such a nice breeze, but it sure does. My only complaint is it would be even better if it had a stand instead of the USB connection supporting it. But that aside, it is terrific and I manage to get it plugged in close to do a really good job.

4 Stars  Fan 
A little noisy, but cools great.

5 Stars  Powerful Fan 
This fan is awesome - its easy to use, adjustable. Cools me off quickly. And the price - AWESOME!!!

5 Stars  IT WORKS 
Yes it works, even with pocket power source.

4 Stars  perfect little fan 
Its a powerful little fan - cools you off fast - easy to use. A little temperamental sometimes when plugging it into the USB port - have to jiggle it a little bit - but overall, a great fan.

5 Stars  Works great, super price 
This is really handy and cools you down when things get a little warm. Very quiet.

5 Stars  Great for a little cooling when you cant use a full size fan 
My computer room has a bulletin board in it so I cant use a full-size fan because it would blow everything off of the bulletin board. These fans can be plugged into a USB power supply which in turn is plugged into a switched outlet strip or a switched outlet plugged into an extension cord and will blow a little cool air right at you.

5 Stars  Usb fan 

5 Stars  Sweet little dynamo ! 
These little fans are whisper quiet and put out a pleasing stream of air. I did manage to kill one. My bad. So be warned if you plug one into a portable charger with USB it may vibrate and fly off to its demise. In other words, they dont like being interrupted by obstacles ! I just ordered two more as gifts.

5 Stars  usb fan 
Works like it should

5 Stars  Works great! 
This works better than I thought it would. Pretty quiet when plugged in the the laptop or an adapter in a power cord on my desk. Vibrates when plugged into the side of the monitor though. Freaks me out sticking my hand in the blades when trying to re-position the airflow direction! Doesnt hurt of course just lifelong conditioning not to stick body parts near rotating blades.

5 Stars  Wonderful air stream 
This small fan provides a wonderful stream of air to cool me down while I work on my laptop. Its been nice to be able to use my ceiling light and not get too warm.

4 Stars  Fan 
Put out a little air flow but for the price it is not bad.

5 Stars  Love it! 
Fan works well. Great for office.

4 Stars  USB Powered Flex Fan 
This little fan REALLY works! But - and its a big BUT - the shank needs to be a bit longer! I attach it to one of my USB ports and I invariably hit the fan as Im typing. Frustrating, but I make it work. Maybe a bit of white paint on the tips so I can see it while Im typing. Otherwise a great little fan!!

5 Stars  Possibly the best 99 Cents Ive invested ! 
I bought one with very low expectations and am very impressed with how effective it is ! Mine lives with my laptop, I have several more on order, some as gifts and one for the car.

5 Stars  Watch your fingers! 
Depending on where you plug in - this fan really kicks the air around and does a great job

5 Stars  fan 
great for work

4 Stars  Works Well But Not For Children 
I bought one of these for myself and one for each of my grandchildren. They work REALLY well, so well in fact, that they are a bit of a hazard. The fan is made of hard plastic, and it really hurts if it hits your finger which happened to me three times while trying to unplug it from my computer. I decided not to give my 7-year-old granddaughter the one I got for her because I was afraid she would get hurt, or her hair would get tangled in it. Her mom let her use one of the ones I gave to the older grandchildren, and within minutes she had her hair tangled up in the fan. SO, these are great for adults and teens, but definitely not for younger kids. That being said, I did order a few more as gifts for adults.
Hi Sherine, Thank-you for your review. I am glad that it works well for you. Thank-you also for bringing to our attention that it is not suitable for young children without adult supervision. We will be adding that to our site!
5/21/2020 - Kim

5 Stars  Awesome computer fan 
Great item! Works great on every computer or power bank.

5 Stars  Quick Cool 
My wife is always complaining shes hot. This little device prevents me from turning on the A/C

5 Stars  Very cool pun intended 
This is great if you are in need of some quick air flow. No off switch so be careful when removing.

5 Stars  Tiny But Mighty 
I use this little fan at the gym and just love it! Theres only two ceiling fans, so the cardio room gets pretty hot and steamy. I plug this little guy into the usb port or into a portable charger, and it works like a charm.

4 Stars  Blowing in the wind 
This fan is nice as long as you have a USB female adapter from a iPad to use it, got that and its just fine

4 Stars  It Works 
It works as advertised.

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