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iON SnapCam Wearable HD Camera

iON SnapCam Wearable HD Camera

iON SnapCam Wearable HD Camera
iON SnapCam Wearable HD Camera
Your Price: $19.99
Compare at: $39.99  (50% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $29.98 (63% off)
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Best Wearable Camera on the Market

The SnapCam by iON is the action camera for the casual photographer or videographer. This wearable camera snaps photos and captures HD video footage. It's great for vacationers documenting their trips, instructors capturing hands-on tutorials or YouTubers looking for an easy, portable way to gather content.

The videos and photos are crystal clear, and files are easy to transfer. Simply plug the SnapCam into your computer with the included micro USB cord and then just drag and drop! From there, you can do with them what you want.

How to Use the SnapCam Wearable Camera

There are two ways to wear the SnapCam. The back of the camera is magnetic, and it comes with two magnetic plates. One is a flat plate that you can use to magnetize the camera through the fabric anywhere on your shirt. The other plate has a clip for affixing it to a collar, pocket or purse strap.

To take a photo, just tap the front of the SnapCam once, or tap twice to take a video. It's that simple!

What Can You Do With the SnapCam Wearable Camera

The biggest reason that we are getting such a great deal on this is because the app and cloud storage options that goes along with the SnapCam brand doesn't support this model anymore. Luckily you don't need it! The SnapCam works as a stand-alone wearable action cam that records directly onto a Micro SD card.


- HD 720P Wearable Action Camera
- Snap Photos or Take Videos
- Records High Quality Audio
- All Files Save to a Micro SD Card up to 32GB (not included)
- Clips to Clothing via Two Different Magnetic Clips
- Micro USB Charge and Sync Cord Included
- Comes with 3 Different Colored Silicone Bump Guards
- Rechargeable Battery Lasts 2 Hours Continuous Recording / 7 Hours Standby
- Splashproof
- 720P at 30 FPS (MP4 Format)
- 1.5" X 1.5" X .5"

Pulse TV is Here for You

Pulse TV makes it easy to get the iON SnapCam Wearable Camera. With our low prices and fast shipping, there's no better options. Don't wait - get started on shooting in HD with your iON SnapCam Wearable Camera today.

1 Stars  Good luck trying to get it to work 
Ive spent hours trying to get it up and running. Tried to download the app but only got trouble. Couldnt get it to sync even after I spent additional money to get the micro SDHC card. Spent $20 on it and the day after I got it ptv was giving it away for free. Not worth it for free even.
I am sorry for any confusion, we do not advertise that this item can be used along with an app.
6/10/2022 - Sandy

5 Stars  Works Great 
I cant believe the price of it!

5 Stars  SnapCam 
Outstanding camera.

4 Stars  Picture mode vs. Video mode 
Great product, Gives great footage and sound clarity. The only part that is the worst. Not knowing if you are in video mode or camera mode. There is no switch to indicate. I have several great pics of my nostrils. Over all it is a learning curve to really master what the camera is doing. But through the curve I think I will be able to master the camera.

3 Stars  You get what you pay for 
Cant always tell if you are filming or not. Tap twice for video, but you cant always see the red light on or off telling you that you are filming. Money wise it is s a good deal.

1 Stars  Snap Cam 
Very hard to set up and very hard to use. I would not recommend it

5 Stars  Much better than I expected !!!!! 
I am very impressed with the quality of pics and video....ease of use and how user friendly it is to operate....I am heading back to site to see if still available so I can purchase another just in case..lol

3 Stars  Juts OK 
Not as clear as I hoped and certainly doesnt appear to be HD.

5 Stars  Great little Gift! 
I have given these wearable cameras as gifts to some of my friends, they all love them. They are convenient and easy to use. Good quality.

5 Stars  Very nice 
Well made.

1 Stars  Terrible. 
Worst instructions ever.

1 Stars  Too complicated 
This thing is too complicated, Ill never figure out how to use it. I just wanted a small video camera, but this one misses the mark.

3 Stars  Nice Size Cam 
Although it is nice compact camera I have a problem with loading all the stuff that has to be loaded on my computer and would rather not download all of it. Pics are good and I have not recorded any video as of yet. Hope it works good for any occasion that I may need proof.

5 Stars  The Perfect Remembering Tool 
Today, when your having fun with family and friends, this will bring back those memories forever..

4 Stars  Outperformed my hopes 
I ordered 2 of these At $9 a piece I was hoping it would give me minimal images to protect myself in case of an accident To my delighted shock, they record as well as the $120 unit I purchase for my husbands classic Jeep. To watch it on your computer an easy-to-use format pops up and allows...umm...older folks, like me, an easy way to see the playback. I took off one star because one of the cords was defective. However, I contacted the company and they sent another cord within a week so actually 4.5 stars. ?? ??????.5

These little cameras are perfect for discreet recording of events around you. If something happens it provides a record of the event. They are great, lightweight and perfect for my use and anyone else that is looking for an easy to use recording camea.

5 Stars  Snap cam 
Love it goes everywhere.

5 Stars  Snapcam 
Great little camera that takes vivid pictures. Very good value.

4 Stars  Body Cam - good idea, but a bit heavy 
Love the idea of a body cam, but these are a bit heavy especially for our light-weight Florida clothes. they tend to dip down and record the legs and feet, but not so much of the head. In spite of that, we have two and ordered two more for our sons.

5 Stars  Great item to have 
This is a great item to have for fun or more serious matters.

5 Stars  fantastic 
works as advertised and looks great

3 Stars  Its okay.... 
I will more than likely use it to back up another device I ordered...this one doesnt securely stay attached..the magnet is not strong enough...

4 Stars  iON SnapCam 
Great picture quality. Just takes time to get use to turning it on and off for recording. Otherwise, great buy for tte price

5 Stars  Great Deal & performance 
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the photos and movies produced by this tiny camera.

3 Stars  a Bit Complicated 
It is a little time consuming for the setup.

5 Stars  Snapcam 
Great little camera for the price. Ive had lots of fun with it. It takes great pictures.

5 Stars  Super easy 
My wife and I have begun to use our cameras and are truly happy how easy they were to operate and the quality of the pictures recorded.

4 Stars  nice camera 
The camera takes nice video. I use it as a body cam walking. There two things I would like is longer battery life I walk for around 2 to 3 hours and I cant find the bigger clip for thicker cloths But glad I purchased it good price.

5 Stars  Great product 
Just as advertised

5 Stars  Good quality 
I was surprised at the good quality of this camera. It performs like a way more expensive device.

5 Stars  Works well 
I have only used this once, to see how it works, and it is just as described. It works well and produces a more than adequate picture, viewable easily on my PC.

2 Stars  So-So Camera 
The image and the colors are not sharp. Worst of all if you wear it on your chest and produce a video the video image bounces all around. Tapping on the camera to change the on-off/photo/video mode doesnt work every time you tap.

4 Stars  SnaoCam 
Works like a charm, good pictures and sound.

4 Stars  Great little camera 
I ordered two since the reviews were so favorable. Initially I had trouble with the first one I opened and had to call for advice. I decided to open the second one and try that one out. It worked just fine and then I went back to the first one and it does in fact work. I really love this little camera and want to thank the Pulse staff for being willing to replace the one I thought was not working. Thanks!!

5 Stars  SnapCam 
Outstanding, works as advertised. Picture is great. Worth much more than what I paid. I am thinking of buying a couple more for my kids Christmas gifts.

5 Stars  Where were you before 
What a convenient little camera that has made my life a little easier than before. Putting videos on YouTube is hard enough with tripods and trying to get the shot holding your phone. Not now it is so easy because now I just stick it to whatever I am wearing or clip it and prepare the right angle.

5 Stars  Camera 
Great little devise to use when the situation warrants.

4 Stars  Camera 
Good product.

5 Stars  Snapcam 
This is great if you need backup security. Especially if you are a woman.

4 Stars  Magnets 
I really was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the videos and photos. My only issue was that it fell off when i went horseback riding and could not find it before I had the ability to download what was on the memory card. Maybe the magnets need to be stronger and the clip mechanism is too small to really be effective

5 Stars  Handy little camera recorder 
I am still learning how to use this, but so far it is working just like it is advertised. It takes good outdoor photos and videos with sound. I will be using it to record items in our home for insurance purposes. A good buy at a good price.

4 Stars  Snapcam 
The video is fine but the audio does not pick up the sound very well

First the camera takes fantastic photos. Even when using lower resolutions. The audio is good for its size and quite sufficient. The one problem I have is my hands. They are to big and the camera is a bit slippery. The magnets are strong and some times my finger gets pinched. Ill work in out. I this this is a fun device, but be careful, the taps are very sensitive and you might take some photos you didnt mean to. Transferring the data recorded is simple, just plug in the cable from the camera to a USB port on you computer. The connection is automatic. After transferring, you and delete what is on the camera as the data is now on both devices. You choice. Hope the is some help. Dave

5 Stars  ION SnapCam 
This is my 3rd or 4th one and they are great.

5 Stars  Just right, reordered 2 more 
Perfect Gift

3 Stars  Only 20 bucks 
First of all, keep in mind that this cam is only 20 bucks. It does take nice pix and quite acceptable video. However it is finicky.It takes getting used to. The app for this version is no longer available, so forget about the Bluetooth. Great battery time and will handle up to 32 gb card. Strong magnet and nice clip.
Hi Burt! Thanks so much for the review. You are 100% correct about the app. This is how we got such a great deal on the item and why we don't mention it in the features of the product. Very happy to hear how please you are with the images you can capture. Thanks so much for shopping with PulseTV!
1/18/2020 - Paula

5 Stars  Perfect! 
I love how easy this is to use! I love it!

5 Stars  Great Video 
The video quality is great, as for snapping a still picture No. You cant wear this to high on your shirt, or your video will be nothing but ceiling. You have to play with it first, then you will know what the level of the video. It stays on your clothes very well, t-shirt is a little light weight and the camera will hang down, wear a material that is a little thick er than a t-shirt,

5 Stars  SnapCam 
I think this is a great camera, especially for the price.

5 Stars  ION SnapCam 
WHAT a fun gadget! I bought two and my son uses his attached to his dogs vest harness to video the world from a canines perspective. Great value for the price!

5 Stars  Best Ever 
I got 3 all will be gifts and im getting more, thanks for offering this item.

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iON SnapCam Wearable HD Camera

The SnapCam by iON is the action camera for the casual photographer or videographer. This is great for vacationers documenting their trips; instructors capturing hands-on tutorials; or YouTubers looking for an easy, portable way to gather content.