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Anti-Bacterial Gadget Cleaning Foam by ZAGG

Anti-Bacterial Gadget Cleaning Foam by ZAGG

Anti-Bacterial Gadget Cleaning Foam by ZAGG
Anti-Bacterial Gadget Cleaning Foam by ZAGG
Your Price: $9.99
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Keep all of your gadgets sparkling clean and germ free with the Anti-Bacterial Gadget Cleaning Foam by ZAGG!

Our hand-held devices are covered with all kinds of dirt, bacteria and smudges. Grabbing a rag and using a little bit of water will not get the job done. The Anti-Bacterial formula in this cleaning foam quickly cleans and sanitizes all kinds of gadgets.

Just a few pumps is all it takes! Then gently wipe your device clean with the included microfiber cloth. The pump bottle is CFC-free, meaning it doesn't contain harmful chemicals, unlike aerosol spray bottles.

The bottle is small enough to travel with and holds 2.7 ounces which is TSA compliant! Feel free to clean your smartphones, tablets or virtually any digital device you own on the go.

- Anti-Bacterial To Kill Germs
- Cleaning Foam Kills Germs AND Removes Smudges
- Use On All Mobile Devices and Gadgets
- Environmentally Friendly Pump
- No Harmful CFCs
- Includes Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
- 2.7 oz. Bottle (TSA approved)

Ingredients: Natural Vegetation Extracts, Polyglucoside, Alkylolamide, Food Preservative, Anlistatig, Purified Water

3 Stars  not all its trumped up to be 
it was OK for wiping down but its not the best cleaner Ive used

5 Stars  Zagg 
The best item to clean screens . Very little is needed. I rebought.

5 Stars  Use ZAGG It Works Great 
We are constantly reminded of how dirty ordinary objects are. Elevator buttons, shopping carts, hotel rooms and cell phones. I cant easily manage public places but I can keep my cell phone reasonably germ free by using ZAGG. Great stuff, I purchased 3 of them and gave one to my tech wiz daughter, she loves it. I will definitely order more, please dont run out!

5 Stars  Great stuff 
It works great. Excellent price!

5 Stars  Best Ever 
Already ordered for a second time!

5 Stars  As Described 
Cleans well.

5 Stars  Zagg cleaning foam 
Great product from Zagg and great price from Pulsetv

5 Stars  Try it to believe it! 
Best thing youve offered in a long time. Does an excellent job.

4 Stars  Works Great. 
I liked the cleaning foam, but still prefer the glass wax. The foam does a great job cleaning your screens, but the glass wax leaves a better polished surface.

5 Stars  clear screen 
Works well on my computer

5 Stars  Antibacterial gadget cleaning foam 
This works really well and leaves your screen shiny clean

5 Stars  Exactly what it says it is! 
Very, very good stuff!

5 Stars  Good cleaner! 
Ive used it on iPad, iPhone and desktop monitor and it has worked well! It doesnt take much foam each time to do the job either.

5 Stars  Cleaning Foam by ZAGG 
Best thing I have found to clean my Cell Phone, my 3 Computer Screens and even plain Glass on Picture Frames. I recommend it to everyone. Top Drawer stuff.

5 Stars  Grand Product 
Ive used this product for years and have come to appreciate how easy it is to apply and how well it works. Thanks!

5 Stars  Anti-Bacterial Gadget Foam Cleaner 
I absolutely love this cleaner! I am purchasing more of this product because it leaves everything I use it on spotless! Ive used it on Tablets, IPhone, and my eyeglasses. What a fantastic cleaning job this foam does and it doesnt leave any residual on the screens or my iPhone and my glasses after Im finished. Everything is sparkling clean! I recommend this product highly!????????

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