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Hefty Haulers Furniture Moving Kit

Hefty Haulers Furniture Moving Kit

Hefty Haulers Furniture Moving Kit
Hefty Haulers Furniture Moving Kit
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Moving Heavy Furniture All By Yourself Has Never Been Easier

Where is a furniture mover when you need him? Right here! The Hefty Haulers Furniture Moving Kit lets you move heavy items easily all by yourself. The secret is in the leverage.

How to Use Furniture Lifter and Sliders

1. Insert the lever completely under the corner of the item you want to move and press down to lift.
2. Hold the trolley by the knob and insert under the edge of the item.
3. Point the arrow of the trolley in the direction you want to move the piece.
4. Lower the item onto the trolley (watch your fingers!)
5. Repeat the steps for the remaining 3 trolleys.

Then just roll that heavy piece of furniture wherever you want it to go. Pivot pads on the trolleys let you change direction, and separately attachable 'risers' even let you lift and move pieces on legs.

No more overexerting yourself or straining your back. Sofas, dressers, desks, heavy appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers, even floor safes become easy to move with a little leverage provided.

Includes:1 power lever, 1 cradle, 4 trolleys, 4 full risers, 4 half-sized risers.


- Move Heavy Furniture Easily; All by Yourself
- Lift up to 2600lbs with Power Lever
- EACH Trolley will Hold up to 240 lbs.
- Rearrange Living Space Whenever You Want
- 8 Attachable Risers Let You Move Items of Any Height
- Rolls Easily on Flat Surfaces and Short Carpeting
- 12 Swivel Wheels per Trolley for Maneuverability

5 Stars  WOW - Heavy Furniture Movers 
I purchased this moving kit but was skeptical, BUT they sure do the job, and easily as well. Our Guest Bedroom has a Queen size solid wood Sleigh Bed, with mechanical mattress adjustment equipment, so it IS VERY HEAVY. This was so easy to lift up so we could install our new Felt Pads , and I would do this again. This is a KEEPER. Would make a great gift too.

5 Stars  Back saver 
Came in very handy and a back saver made moving heavy furniture so easy

4 Stars  It works 
Had to move a free standing large kitchen cabinet with up right shelves and six draws. Very heavy and bulky. Was able to lift it and put castors under it easily. Rolled it out of the room although had to reset the castors to go over the floor lips. used the extenders to gain the hight needed to lever. Happy to have it.

4 Stars  Super easy ! 
My set worked great on the tiled floors , but not so good on carpet

5 Stars  Hefty Hauler furniture moving kit 
Everything works just like you said, Thats why I bought 2 more for family. Thank you very much!!

5 Stars  Hefty Haulers Furniture moving kit 
This product is awesome. Works very well.

I bought one just to see if it really saved back power as I have back issues. My first object was a very heavy sewing cabinet that takes three to move. Within minutes I jacked it up, placed rollers, and moved it by myself!!! Now i know what to get the kids for Christmas!!!!

5 Stars  Love it!!! 
works great, came in very handy when I painted my sons room and moved all the furniture, BY MYSELF

5 Stars  Hefty Haulers furniture moving kit 
It s wonderful makes moving heavy furniture easy as 1,2,3. Thank you for this product.

5 Stars  Now Im a Believer! 
Was skeptical that this would really work, but it actually was able to lift a full dresser and I moved it easily. Only drawback is it naturally works best on wood floors, but , hey, it is really up to the task. Now if only they had something to go up a staircase...

5 Stars  Hefty Hauler Furniture MovingKit 
Excellent equipment, makes moving objects easy

2 Stars  Does not work 
I tried using this to move a hutch on a very very thin rug, and it didn t work. The wheels are so small it just got bogged down. Not worth getting.

3 Stars  Did not work over carpet 
Good for smaller heavy objects

5 Stars  Small but Powerful 
I was pleasantly surprised at how good this works. I needed a small leverage bar to move a HEAVY safe, and this worked perfectly. For tight places, this is an awesome tool.

4 Stars  Good 
Good product

3 Stars  Hefty Haulers 
The product does the job. If the wheels rotated, it would be a better product

5 Stars  Works great moves heavy furniture 
Had to move a fully loaded entertainment center about a foot and it was very easy with this moving kit.So glad I didnt have to unhook all the devices with that mess of wires. Was easy to use and sturdy, a great product!

4 Stars  System works as advertised 
Easy to use and easier to store compact design

2 Stars  Will not work on carpet 
I have very old low cut thinning carpet and my furniture just slipped off the glides. Im convinced these are meant for bare floors only.

5 Stars  Very Happy 
This product is great for floors but not so much on carpet. It is a good sturdy product and will recommend this product.

5 Stars  Great product 
Works great! A little tougher to use on thick pile carpet but it works great!

1 Stars  As seen on TV is not as seen in my house 
The rolling casters being plastic rollers we essential useless. Any directional change dropped the rolling casters off the bookcase we were moving. The lifting mechanism was the shining star. The rollers NOT. I so regret buying these.

3 Stars  Movers 
they work good on the hard floor, but not on carpet. Also hard to get under furniture that is flat on the floor, or to find the correct size to get under the furniture before lifting it up.

4 Stars  Handy 
Unit works very well, but caution should be used that this will not work on carpet. There is ample warning, so just a reminder. I was skeptical, but soon lost all concern moving a safe

3 Stars  Hefty Haulers Furniture Moving Kit 
Its a bummer that the directional casters dont rotate very easily. You have to pointe them in the direction you want to go.

2 Stars  needs to be caster wheels 
Having the rollers all pointed in the same direction, allows you to move your heavy item in ONE direction....unless it is on carpet, then its more likely to just push off of the pad, when the rollers refuse to move. On tile, cement, or hardwood, it rolls ok--as long as you can live with the limited movement of just one direction.

5 Stars  Huge Entertainment Center was almost too heavy 
I have a huge hardwood Entertainment Center in my living room that my wife and I could not move and there was a furnace vent behind it that needed cleaning. It was almost too heavy for this furniture moving kit and the kit sustained some damage in the process of moving it, but we got it moved and were able to clean the vent.

5 Stars  Really great 
Got this from you last summer and it is really great.

4 Stars  Works great 
This product is great and is very convenient and easy to use. I put all four pads with wheels under dresser and 1 pad kept being left behind. It still worked with 3 legs.

4 Stars  easy to use 
works great on floors but a little harder to move on a carpet

3 Stars  Hard to Endorse 
I have tried it on carpet and uneven rough floor and will not work. The rollers are too small. It would only be good on a smooth, flat, hard surface such as cement, tile, hardwood floor.

4 Stars  Furniture Moving Success 
I used my Hefty Haulers to move a large cabinet and queen size bed. It worked great! The one thing I wish it had was a Lazy Susan type thing where the middle would spin so you wouldnt have to pick the item up and move the Hauler to make it go in a different direction. This worked so well, I was able to do all of this myself without help from my husband! Great invention!

5 Stars  These work great! 
Very handy to have around. Either my husband or I are able to move heavy objects without help or putting a strain on the back.

5 Stars  Great movers 
Only experimented so far, but they look like they are going to work.

5 Stars  Great!! 

Had to move a oversize frige sideways and it did the job.

2 Stars  No 
Not good for me. Helped very little. The rolls kept sliding from under the furniture. But difficult took a while to move a small stand.

4 Stars  Handy, but not so much on deep pile rugs. 
The lever and adjustment spacers do work well. The problem I had was trying to move an armoire over a deep pile rug. I had to resort to my rug sliders to get the job done.

4 Stars  Pretty good 
Its good for moving couches and filing cabinets. It will not work on things that have legs like desks and tables, even though there is a picture on the box of a table being moved. They claim it will hold up to 2,600 pounds, but the directions say that each of the 4 trolleys can only hold up to 240 pounds. 4 x 240 is 960.

5 Stars  Great Tool 
I am sure I will use this more than once plus i can let friends and family use it also

4 Stars  hefty haulers 
bought this for my wife, who likes to rearrange. she loves her new helper! she tried it out as soon as she got it out of the box.

5 Stars  Skeptical No More 
I cant believe that this device allowed me to move a heavy, dresser/valet from one bedroom to another across newly refinished hardwood floors without ruining the floors. It took every bit of strength for my wife and I to muscle it out of the other bedroom in the first place prior to redoing the floors. I dreaded moving it back, and in the meanwhile, Id filled the drawers with things that dont belong in a bedroom dresser - tools, hardware, cleaning supplies. Id also filled the bedroom space around it with racks and shelving that gave us no working room to move the dresser out again. It didnt matter. Using this Hefty Haulers kit I was able to pull the dresser away from the wall, and move it into the other room...all by myself. Im not a big fellow, and I wasnt able to move this dresser myself in the first place, but I figured...why not let this kit prove its worth. Well, Im sold. The device works. Lifting a heavy piece of furniture with the pry bar is simple. Positioning the rolling base pads is simple. Repositioning the pads to change direction...simple. My wife couldnt believe Id finished the task before she even made it upstairs to assist me. On reflection, I should have waited. It was a missed opportunity to show my wife how easily she can rearrange the furniture, if needed. Im glad I bought two kits. My sons will appreciate that I have an extra to loan out.

5 Stars  HAPPY BUYER! 

1 Stars  junk 
tried to move couch. the plastic support for leverage broke right off the bat. just some more plastic junk.

4 Stars  A back-saver and well worth the price. 
The lever is easy to use and it works well. You may need to place a board under it when using it on carpet. The incremental spacers allow for easy height adjustment. The trolleys sometimes dont stay in place on carpet, but using simple sliders works well.

4 Stars  Worked well 
Used once so far, made job easy??

5 Stars  hefty haulers 
great buy easy to use sure helps save your back

1 Stars  Hefty Haulers Furntiure moving kit 
The pri bar works great but the casters do not roll on carpet at all. I had to buy a set of flat sliders to move the object.

4 Stars  Works on front easily 
But when something is butted up to the wall it is difficult to get the wheels on the back. Something like dresser or wash machine has to be pulled out by hand to put wheels on back.

5 Stars  Save sore shoulders and back 
Easy to use, no sore shoulders from trying to physically push furniture nor sore back from lifting.

5 Stars  Heavy Hauler 
Great tool. Really handy. Saves a back.

5 Stars  Let this product do all of your heavy lifting  
This is a winner =

4 Stars  My thoughts 
They work well for moving my furniture but there is no way to lock them into place if you decide to leave them in place.

4 Stars  A friend recommended it 
I have had very bad sciatica and have not tried it yet. Im rating it based om my friend and she said it was great and every old lady who likes to move furniture around as much as I do just has to have it...

2 Stars  Hefty Hauler 
Hefty Hauler use on hard flat floors will not work on carpet. The wheels sink into the carpet and wont allow the furniture to move. The tower will collapse and then the levers plastic breaks. Not a good product

3 Stars  Not as advertised. 
Got this item and the quality was not very good. Said 240 lbs per roller but it wouldnt roll with less than that on all 4 rollers. I give an A+ to the lever but if you have something flat on the floor and heavy, it is very difficult to get the lever blade under the item.

5 Stars  No more waiting for my Grandson to move furniture 
I love this gadget..I put it under 1 corner of the heavy furniture and guide it and moves so easy. Now the risers are not of any use as far as I can see. BEST thing ever!!!!

5 Stars  Great product 
I purchased the unit and have already had three different occasions to use it. In my basement, in my bedroom and in my garage. Moving a six drawer dresser and a parts cabinet in the garage. It worked great every time. I made a good choice.

5 Stars  So easy and sturdy 
These are very easy to use. Im a 63 old woman who was able to move a heavy book case across the room. Thanks!

3 Stars  Easier moving 
If their is any change in level of the floor casters will slip off. and leave 3 casters on and one off.

5 Stars  Great Design 
I just bought the furniture jack you sell. FINALLY a furniture jack that works. What a great design with the adjustable base with those stackable plastic molds. I rarely send in a review but this is a rare time. THANK YOU!!

1 Stars  A huge disappointment - foot broke the 1st time I used it. 
I plan on returning this item. The first time I tried to use it one of the feet broke. Even on indoor/outdoor type carpeting lit would not move. When not broken it would probably only work on hard floors.

5 Stars  Heavyweight 
Moving items that used to take two persons can now be done with the assistant of this well made product.

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Hefty Haulers Furniture Moving Kit

Where is a furniture mover when you need him? Right here! The Hefty Haulers Furniture Moving Kit lets you move heavy items easily all by yourself. The secret is in the leverage.