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Verge Knee-High Sport Compression Socks by Extreme Fit

Verge Knee-High Sport Compression Socks by Extreme Fit

Verge Knee-High Sport Compression Socks by Extreme Fit
Verge Knee-High Sport Compression Socks by Extreme Fit
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Comfortable, Protective Compression Socks

The Verge Knee-High Compression Socks by Extreme Fit are essential for anyone with swelling or bad blood circulation in their legs, feet and ankles. With this deal, you get 6 pairs at an unbelievable deal.

That means that they're a great option for several different careers. For instance, compression socks are the perfect option for nurses and doctors who are on their feet for 12-14 hours each day.

The Perfect Sports Sock

Each pair of compression socks is black with a different color accent, which makes them easy to match up after washing and look great with popular modern sportswear.

Compression socks like these are ideal for running, exercise, heavy lifting, prolonged standing, driving, pregnancy, swollen feet or just everyday errands. Feel the difference they can make for you!


- Knee-High Sport Design
- 6 Pairs in Multiple Colors
- Improves Blood Circulation
- Prevents Blood Clotting
- Supports Lower Leg and Alleviates Tension
- Helps Relieve Symptoms Caused by Varicose Veins, Skin Ulcers and Deep Vein Thrombosis
- Reduces Swelling in Feet and Ankles
- Wicks away Moisture
- Compression Level: 10-20mmHg
- Washing Instructions: Cold Wash, Do Not Tumble Dry
- 94% Polyester, 3% Spandex, 3% Other Fibers

Size Availability

- Small/Medium (Men 6-9 / Women 4-10)
- Large/XL (Men 9-12 / Women 10-13)
- 2XL (Men 10-13 / Women 11-14) and Calf size 18" - 21"

Getting the right socks may seem like it isn't a big deal, but it can make a huge difference. Athletes and medical professionals (among other professions on their feet all day) will attest that finding something comfortable is key.

5 Stars  Extreme Fit Compression Socks 
Have bought a total of 12 pair and they have turned out to be comfortable and of high quality. Went to Europe on a round trip of being on an airplane for 9 hours going and 11 hours coming back. Had no issues with cramping or legs falling asleep. Have had cramping problems on long road trips. Very satisfied with the product.

5 Stars  What Can I Say? 
I am a cashier and have to stand in front of a register at least 5 hours a day. With these socks standing is no longer a problem and I can make it home without any complaints, aches or pain. They do exactly what they are intended to do and then some.

5 Stars  So comfy 
These socks are understandably difficult to get on. But once they are on they feel wonderful! I ordered a size larger so they wouldn t be too tight.

5 Stars  Yes, I bought 2 sizes 
I have these socks in both the L/XL and 2XL. I love the socks and wear them virtually every day. These are extras, in case the ones I am now wearing need replacement.

5 Stars  Thought Id take a chance . . . 
I was dubious at first, but for the price, I decided to give it a chance. I was pleasantly surprised to find these socks to be comfortable, colorful, and reasonably priced. So, naturally, I ordered another 2 sets! Its nice to be able to wear compression socks that dont look like the doctor ordered them.


5 Stars  Compression socks 
My first sets of compression socks are very comfortable, snug, stay in place and are stylish. Legs and feet feel good all day long, so I assume they are doing their job. Price is right compared to other brands.

5 Stars  Comfortable 
I like that directions came with the socks to help get them on. They are not tight fitting and they accomplished what I need for them to do. I am a Para-Educator that move from class to class and and Im walking on concrete floors for 7 hrs a day. I would wake up in the mornings with sore ankles, but since wearing The Verge Knee High Sport Compression Socks, I no longer wake up with sore ankles. GREAT SUPPORT!

5 Stars  Love them! 
Thanks to swollen ankles I have to wear compression socks. I have purchased several different types and these are just as good and cost a LOT LESS than many others I have bought.

5 Stars  Awesome 
Very comfortable and great support

4 Stars  Works well 
A good quality compression sock. I have the ones from the medical supply store also and these do the same thing. a little tight in the toe box area.

5 Stars  Comfortable, sturdy, and economical 
If you need compression socks, these are the ones to purchase.

5 Stars  Excellent compression socks 
This is my 2nd purchase of these. They wash and dry well and hold their shape. I wear an 11D boot and ordered the S/M. If you have very large calves you might want to go up a size, imo.

4 Stars  compression socks 
work well, difficult to get on at first, do an excellent job and are long enough for the task.

5 Stars  Perfect for my needs 
I have some swelling in my ankle and foot area, these socks have been very helpfully in keeping my condition from getting worse.

5 Stars  Compression socks help energize you 
I am very happy with my Knee-High Sport Compression Socks by Extreme Fit. The only complaint I have is that the foot is too large for me. Perhaps there should be a choice of size. I have a lot of material from the socks that needs to be arranged.
Before adding the item to you cart you have the option to select the size that is best for you. There are the options of S/M, L/XL or 2XL
11/16/2021 - Sandy

5 Stars  Best socks ever 
If you want support hose that really make a difference these are the best!!

5 Stars  saved my life 
I am a Viet Nam veteran whose left leg was wounded badly, I have a dropped foot and my ankle swells up when I walk and stand. When I wear these socks, my foot and ankle do not hurt. I can walk better. People complain about them being too tight - theyve got to be very tight!

5 Stars  Verge Knee-High Support Compression socks by Extreme 
Best compression socks I have ever had!

5 Stars  These were a gift 
I use this item in a much smaller size and adore them so I ordered them for my friend and he got the larger size but says they are really nice and do the job to the point he can feel safe wearing just his tennis shoes rather than the high top leather boots he was wearing with ordinary hose.

5 Stars  Knee-High Sport Compression Socks 
These are the best fitting socks that I have ever found and the price cannot be beat. They have helped my swelling in my legs and ankles go down and stay down.

5 Stars  Popcorn cooker and compression socks 
Great product

5 Stars  First time user of compression socks 
I drive ride-share and Im in my car for many hours each day. Ive noticed leg veins bulging as a result, so I decided to try these. Theyre tight, but quite comfortable, and my bulging veins have disappeared. I was so surprised, I bought another 6-pack.

5 Stars  Try them-you woll LOVE them!!!! 
Game changer!!!! Your feet will feel the difference!!! You wont get as tired withe these socks.

4 Stars  Compression Socks 
Pro Great for decreasing swelling from extended ambulation. Con Lasts about 6 months before youre stitching a hole in the heel

5 Stars  Great socks 
These socks are ideal for being on your feet all day.

5 Stars  Great socks 
I ordered two packages of socks, gave one away and am ordering another for my brother. I have some experience with compression socks and like these very much. The 2XL is a correct size for several of us.

5 Stars  great socks 
I actually bought them for my husband. He really likes the socks

5 Stars  support socks 
Just what my wife needed. She says they are very comfortableshe love them. thank you

5 Stars  If you need compression socks, this is good value. 
Pro 1. The bright colors make matching a pair after washing a snap. 2. The pattern makes them easy to align to put them on. 3. The price is very good. Con The reverse side has shaggy loops that may catch a toenail. In my opinion, the pros outweigh the con. After receiving my first order, I immediately bought a second set. I expect to wear them every day for at least a year.

4 Stars  Compression Socks 
This sock did not fit as well as the first socks I bought. I bought small and the foot was a bit large.

5 Stars  Better Than Prescription Socks 
Ive been wearing prescription compression socks $50 a pair for four months when I saw this add. I stand 8 hours every day at work and had edema. These compression socks are better than prescription 1 full foot sock. Prescription dont have toe coverage. 2 Come to just below the knee, and 3 great colors and great price!

5 Stars  Knee High Sport Compression Socks 
Love the socks! I would recommend for anyone needing compression socks. Love the variety in colors, too.

5 Stars  No pain, no pain! 
I purchased these socks for my wife and daughters. My wife is a nurse and is on her feet most of the day in a twelve hour shift. I have had to put all kinds of muscle relief ointments on her feet and ankles over the years. These socks are not easy to put on and aren t supposed to be! After wearing the socks all week, she had minimal pain and loved the socks. One of the best Christmas presents I have given her! I haven t heard from the daughters yet but will try and update the review when I do!

5 Stars  compression socks 
they are right size on you and I love the colors they give you and I like the price for the amount of socks you get. great deal

4 Stars  Socks fit & comfort 
the socks in general do a great job. Easier to get on and off than any other brands Ive tried, BUT there are several things. 1. the toe box not shaped properly, so it bunches and it is also too tight so it cramps the toes. Noticed this on all brands. Also the colored threads on the inside of the socks leave a mottled impression on the skin when removing the socks. Not sure thats a good thing.

5 Stars  Great support! 
I bought these as a Christmas gift because I have bought them previously for myself and they are great support.

3 Stars  Compression Socks A Good Quality 
These compression socks are a good quality but there are some cons. Thats why only 3 starts given. I ordered small but the foot portions is quite large I wear 7 1/2 womens size shoe. The other con is that the design on the sock has fabric on the inside that leaves marks on your leg. They do have good compression I just didnt like the above cons. Gave 4 pairs away.

4 Stars  Verge Knee High Compression Socks 
Fit comfortably-love the markings for left and right

4 Stars  Love the colors and the design 
The socks do run smaller and tighter than other compression socks that Ive had..I ordered the size 7-9 so they are exceptionally hard to put on..I wear a size 7 shoe and my husbands size is 9

5 Stars  Very good compression socks 
Wow..so much more than i expected...been using for about 3 weeks now and they do appear to reduce the effect of vericose veins..

4 Stars  Hearty approval of personal physical therapist 
My husbands hospital exercise clinic is closed because of COVID. As a substitute, a physical therapist comes to our home once a week to work with him. She was delighted to see that he was wearing the compression stockings - exactly what she would have recommended. I bought a package for myself for moral support. They are hard to get on and off, but I suppose they have to be snug to be beneficial.

5 Stars  socks 
Great socks Great Deal

3 Stars  Decent sock, but too tight at the calves. 
1. I had to wait a long time to get my socks, apparently they had to be back ordered. I understand that. 2. In your sizing guide for 2XL, it says it fits around the calf of a person 18-21 inches. My calf measures out at 20 inches. There was no way I could pull these up over my calves. And I have worn 30-40 mmHg comp socks, so I know that they can be tough to get on. It seemed like a nice sock, except the calf area was just to small.

5 Stars  My daughters love them 
My daughters play basketball and they love these socks. The socks give them good support. I will probably have to get more. Wish they came in more colors! That would make them a 10!!!!

5 Stars  Best compression socks 
This is my second time ordering these comfortable and supportive compression socks. I love the colors and the style. The price cant be beat so definitely going to keep buying these. These are perfect for healthcare workers.

5 Stars  Best compression socks for the money, period! 
I have purchased both the copper compression socks and these socks as well from this site, and there is no comparison, these socks are professional quality, as good as anything you can buy from a medical supplier, or anyplace else. They may be a bit hard to put on at first, but they do tend to relax just enough to make them much easier to wear, yet retain all of their compression qualities. I wear them daily, often switching back and forth between them and the copper infused ones offered as well. The copper ones do resemble black dress socks, so that works for many occasions where a dress sock is more desirable. But the copper ones only have about seventy five percent of the compression of these ones, yet they do the job nicely as well. Both are still great buys at this price, but the copper ones are a bit thinner and about four inches shorter than the picture shows.

5 Stars  Make my legs feel great 
These socks are great and really make my legs and feet feel good. I would purchase them again

3 Stars  Compression Socks 
Found these to be smelly, until washed at least two times, but after that, the smell is gone. I found them to be extremely tight fitting and while they are Compression socks, they do compress well, but they are a bugger to put on. As for all day comfort, they are a little thin but again they do the compression part well. Im on my feet most all of the day and I have found some other socks better for the cushioning I need but they are expensive. For the price here - they do compress very well.

5 Stars  My daughter loves them 
My daughter plays basketball and loves knee high socks. She wears these socks every day, I had to order 2 more packs. She even gets compliments on the colors as she must coordinate her socks with her outfits. Parents have asked me where I purchased them. Great buy!!!

4 Stars  Great Price 
Nice fit. Not too tight. Easy to put on and take off. Would have liked them better if they came in solid black. Will buy again.

5 Stars  great socks for swollen feet/ankles 
They really felt good, was able to wear shoes after a few hours wearing these.

5 Stars  Compression socks 
The compression socks are a lifesaver-my feet & legs do NOT hurt after Ive been in the garden for 4-5 hours....fantastic!

4 Stars  Sexy socks! 
These are great. Good fit, good compression and support, feet up to my shins much less puffy. Pretty soon they may even be skinny! What kept me from rating a 5 is that they do give me a little trouble getting them on with heel in the right place and pattern same on both legs. A rubber glove is handy to do the job. I expected them to be hot in this Florida weather. They arent!!

3 Stars  Very tight fit - Could not use! 
Socks nicely made but could not use due to the tight fit even though I bought the largest size which has a range of sizes. My legs are just too large and would need a very large size above what the range of sizes for these allows. I am in the process of returning them for an in-house refund. I love this company!

3 Stars  Not quite the right fit 
They do stretch well. They have very snug fit. Had to get the 2 xl because of my large calves. Only problem is the length from the heel to the toe is at least 2 inches to long.

5 Stars  Good Compression Socks 
I have worn only one pair of the socks thus far. They are a little hard for me to put on and take off, due to having much pain in both of my hands. I ordered a compression sock assistant to address this problem and would strongly suggest anyone with a like problem and ordering for the first time, do the same. The socks fit me perfectly and work great. They come up to my knees as should with my being 6 tall. I will wear these socks on a frequent basis once I receive the assistance kit. I am very happy with this purchase and will likely order a set of the copper inlaid socks if they are still available. Thank you and I hope this information was helpful.

4 Stars  Great support for tired legs 
These compression stockings do exactly what their name implies - they provided support to your lower legs. They are comfortable and not hot. The material is thick though. I wear them because my lower legs tend to swell up these stockings prevent this from happening.

5 Stars  Fantastic Compression Socks! 
This is my second order. I ordered 2 sets the first time and they fit and feel great! I have washed them many times and they are holding up very well. These are so good that I ordered 2 more sets to make sure I will have some for the future. These are bound to sell out quick.

5 Stars  compression socks 
given as gift, they feel great and they like the socks.

3 Stars  OK 

5 Stars  I love love these socks 
These socks are long lasting, durable and very pleasing to the eye...I bought some of these 3 years ago and they are still pretty good to wear..great for my varicose veins..I bout some more because I love them so much..Im glad you still sell these..I hope they never go out of stock .thanks you pulse!..oh and for such a great price!!..I couldnt do any better!

5 Stars  Smart and useful 
These compression socks are not only practical but they are stylish too.

4 Stars  Excellent support 
A little difficult to get on and off because of the tension but very comfortable. Good support and no after-effect after they are off.

5 Stars  Excellent product 
Works like a charm!!

5 Stars  Verge knee high socks 
Great support Im a Restaurant owner and Chef so I am on my feet a lot

5 Stars  Awesome 
I bought these for us, 2 sets, and they ARE awesome.

5 Stars  Ted socks 
I purchased these socks for my dad and he said they work very well to keep his feet from swelling!

4 Stars  compression socks 
They do what theyre intended to do BUT they are rather difficult to get on

5 Stars  Must Have 
I love these compression socks. They are not like any other compression socks or stockings I have worn before. Love these!!

5 Stars  Xtreme Support Hose 
Really nice compression stockings. And they have neat styling too.

5 Stars  Great quality 
I own several pair of the way more expensive socks. The quality of these are every bit as good as the high price ones.

5 Stars  Great Compression socks 
Ive purchased these socks on 2 different occasions. The first time was for me however my wife tried on a pair of my socks and loved them, so I bought two more sets. They are not easy to put on or take off but with compression socks, that is normal. While I love the color combination my wife would like to purchase these socks in plain white to wear in the summer.

5 Stars  Verge Knee-High Sport Compression Socks 
I am very pleased at my purchase of six pairs of Verge Knee-High Compression Socks. I have been waring compression socks for at least thirty years from a well known brand which were considerably much more expensive than the Verge socks purchased from Pulse tv.com which gave me exactly the same results of comfort and compression as the more expensive brand acquired in years previously. I would recommend them to anyone in need of this leg compression number.

5 Stars  My husband loves these 
My husband has to wear compression socks - doctors orders. But most are super expensive, so he doesnt like to buy them often. Needless to say, they pretty threadbare. I found these, and he really likes them. He had me order a second set of 6, and threw out all the old ones!

1 Stars  Dont know if they fit---- 
pulled and tugged on it, couldnt get sock on my foot.. wouldnt go through that every day ! I wear a 5 1/2 shoe, so, not like I ordered too small.. People were very good about accepting the socks back and giving me a refund !!

5 Stars  Great Socks! 
I was having a hard time finding knee high socks in the brick and mortar stores, so was delighted to have an offer from Pulse TV for 6 pairs for around $25. Then, the added bonus was that these are compression socks! I suffered a hip and femur accident many years ago and my legs have become sore on occasion...the compression socks have really alleviated some of this pain, and I am so grateful!

5 Stars  Geat product 
These socks are just what I was looking for. I also sent some to my brother.

4 Stars  Good for general use 
Good support for general use. Would not recommend if needed for medical conditions. I sit a lot at work and after using these found my legs were not as tired when I needed to get up. Also less swelling of feet and ankles.

4 Stars  Impressive Compressive Socks 
If you are unsure whether to order medium or large, opt for large. I wear a size 9 W running shoe. I chose large and still struggle to get the socks on over my wide foot. If you have weak thumbs or arthritic hands these may not be workable for you.

5 Stars  All-around good deal 
This product had a great price compared to similar items, and and it does what its supposed to do!

5 Stars  Verge Knee-High Sport Compression Socks by Extreme Fit The compression 
The compression socks work very well highly recommended good quality And reasonably priced

5 Stars  Work very well 
They do what they were designed to do and they look great

5 Stars  Compression socks 
The compression socks fit great and seam to be helping. Definitely worth the money.

5 Stars  We received them and love them 
Great we love them!

4 Stars  Work great 
Although these socks are a little difficult to put on, they really provide great support. Moreover, they are a little thicker and warmer than my other support socks. I gave this 4 stars because one pair had a large flaw a large hole at the heel. Pulse provided a replacement pair which are just fine.

4 Stars  Verge Knee High Sport Compression Socks 
These socks are well made and a great value they are comfortable for all day wear.

5 Stars  what is this? 
Great product, with good tip on how to put socks on!

4 Stars  Good socks 
Good compression, a bit long in the foot causing a bit of bunching up in the toe area. Overall, very happy.

5 Stars  Verge knee-High compression socks 
They are wonderful. They are comfortable and they fit just right with just the right amount of compression. I highly recommend them.


5 Stars  Great compression socks! 
I love these very supportive and comfortable compression socks. I bought these also as a gift!

3 Stars  Just OK . . . 
Too Short & Way Too Tight !!!

5 Stars  Extreme Fit Compression Socks 
Love the colors! Yes they are tight! Work very well.

5 Stars  Excellent product 
Excellent quality, look and feel great, make my legs feel great, love the color selections!

5 Stars  Good looking compression socks 
I like the color combination. I wear an 11 and 1/2 shoe and these socks fit nicely.

5 Stars  Great Fit! 
These socks work wonders for me! I have circulation problems in my legs and my legs ached constantly, especially at the end of the day. These socks have helped to ease the pain tremendously. I recommend these socks to anyone and everyone.

4 Stars  Review of Knee-High Sport Compression Socks 
The socks were okay for my wife but I had to get her a larger size which doesnt exactly fit her feet. The socks could be a little longer.

5 Stars  Fit and feel great! 
These are some of the best compression socks Ive ever bought. They fit great and feel awesome. Definitely recommended.

5 Stars  Performance with Style 
Great socks with a bit of flair. I wear a womens size 10 shoe and the L/XL were a perfect fit! I love the extra length that permits them to cover the entire calf.

3 Stars  My Opinion 
Hard to get on & off, but very comfortable while I wear them. My toenails get caught on the loose threads on the inside of the socks.

5 Stars  Compression socks review 
These socks are FANTASTIC! I have sciatica, and 10-15 minutes after putting these socks on, all of my pain is gone! I am on my feet at least 8-10 hrs a day, and I have never had relief like this. I heartily recommend these socks 150%. Grab em while you can folks, its an excellent bang for the buck.

2 Stars  Cant get beyond the try them on step.... 
much smaller/tighter than the size indicates. I wear 10.5 shoes, but couldnt even get the Large/XLarge over my foot. Had to give them all away.

5 Stars  The Best Ever Magnifier!! 
love them at such a GREAT Price!!

5 Stars  A little tight 
They say that they fit up to a size 12 which I am, but hard to put on & even harder to get off.

5 Stars  compression socks 
I love these socks they are the best compression socks for the money & they work great I have had blood clots for years & when I found these socks I was very happy that they wear great & work great thanks

1 Stars  Cant get them on.... 
Just as a pervious customer complained I ordered the extra larger and I wear size 10!? sure I couldnt get my feet on not along all the way to my knees. No way. To bad spending money on something going directly into homeless bin, but its ok i pray they can use them.

3 Stars  Too tight 
Very tight and hard to get on. They are not made for mens size 12! They probably fit nice on small womens sizes. Wore them twice, but I probably wont wear them again. Its a work out just to get them on!


5 Stars  Compression socks 
Me and my wife love it.Its very nice to use during long travels to avoid swelling ??????

5 Stars  GREAT 

5 Stars  great support and comfort. 
Love these socks but wish they also came in tan. Easy on/off. Very happy.

4 Stars  Compression Socks 
Very good socks, but they are hard to put on. But they seem to help my legs and are very good support.

5 Stars  A second order 
A second order of these for me. Good quality/good price/ comfortable/ plus I love to looks of the

5 Stars  Great support 
If you have to wear support socks these are sharp and comfortable.

5 Stars  Verge Knee High Sports Compression Socks 
My daughter is very pleased. She is a Chef and on her feet for hours.

1 Stars  Very Disappointed 
I selected the XLg. They are to short. will not go over my calf. very hard to put on. I have been very satisfied with all my past purchases. Again, very disappointed with this purchase.

5 Stars  Compression socks 
My husband loves them!

2 Stars  Socks too small 
I bought the largest size mens socks. I wear a size 12 shoe. I know that these are compression socks but I can barely get them on and they only go up to mid calf not over the calf. They are not as described I would pass on these.

5 Stars  very firm support 
Very firm support, and do not run down my leg over the day. better that I can buy at a pharmacy.

1 Stars  Sorry, they are too tight! 
I have tried to ware them for a week now and I am giving up. It takes me 20-30 minutes to get them on in the morning and almost that long to get them off at night. Also, better not have any long nails as there are so many loose strings inside that they will get hung up. Im not sure what benefit I was supposed to derive from these socks but I will do without.

5 Stars  Great purchase for the price. 
I like the way they fit and support my legs. My doctor wants me to wear compression socks, and the medical ones can be as high as $20 per pair and they do not support any better that the Verge Knee-High Sort Compression Socks that I purchased from Pulsetv.com

4 Stars  Compression Socks by Extreme Fit 
Sturdy, good-looking, fit tightly and difficult to put on!

5 Stars  Great 
Live in Massachusetts so really have not worn them yet too hot but did wash them and they washed beautiful. Tried them on in house and felt great

5 Stars  Compression socks 
This is my first pair of compression socks and they are tight and they do the job

4 Stars  Great quality 
If it wasnt for the sizing issue, I would rate these compression socks 5 stars. The one problem I had with these socks is that the description online said a womens size small-medium fit 4-10. However, when I received the socks the packaging clearly stated that size S/M fit womens 6-10, which makes a big difference on the fit. So, when I wear these socks the part where the heel is supposed to be ends up closer to where my ankle is rather than where it should be. If it truly was a 4-10 womens it would fit my foot fine, but its a 6-10 womens. Aside from this, I can say the quality is very good and they are durable. I wear them to help prevent leg cramps and keep circulation going. The variety of colors you get is nice, but the sizing is off compared to what was described online. The length of the foot I would say runs big but the rest of the sock is very tight fitting as its supposed to be. Overall, its a good product if you can get past the sizing issue.

5 Stars  Great compression socks. 
Good product

4 Stars  Loved the way they looked! 
These socks look great and to the hand-feel very comfortable, but they were too tight for me to be comfortable in them. I had to send them back. It was fantastic to be able to return something and get my money back very quickly, without any problems.

5 Stars  Feel good 
It help me out

3 Stars  Compression socks 
I ordered these socks after having surgery on my ankle to help with swelling of my feet and legs. They were too tight for me I was not able to use them so I returned them. I know compression socks are supposed to be tight but these were too tight for comfort. They just did not work for me.

5 Stars  Verge Knee-High Sport Compression Socks by Extreme Fit 
These socks are Great! I am a Pharmacist and my daughter is a Vet Tech and because we spend many hours on our feet, these socks are a God-send! Im 69 years old and no varicose veins!! Every time I go for my physical, my Doctor is astonished with my legs!!

5 Stars  Verge Knee-High Sport Compression Socks 
I like them a lot. I have edema in both lower legs and need compression socks. They fit well and work well.

5 Stars  Work great and just as advertised. 
As with any compression socks, they are difficult to get on. But you can feel them working right away. Very satisfied.

5 Stars  Great socks 
Great socks and a great low price

5 Stars  Awesome Compression Socks 
I work in a hospital, 12 hour shifts, and I am on my feet all day long. The Dr said to wear compression socks, so I ordered these. These socks are awesome, they keep my legs from getting tired, with all the walking and standing I do all day at work. These are a MUST if you are on your feet all day. Your legs will thank you!!

5 Stars  Compression socks 
I love them. Im on my feet all night and they feel good all night long

5 Stars  Knee high 
These are the best compression socks I have ever purchased. I just had total knee surgery and they help tremendously.

4 Stars  Compression Socks 
Do alot of walking they are comfortable socks.

5 Stars  Verge Knee-High Sport Compression Socks 
These socks are wonderful! As a Registered Pharmacist being on my feet for nine hours a day, these socks work wonderfully in preventing varicose veins. I have worn compression socks for almost 50 years and my doctor asks me every year at my physical how I have prevented the problem. I am 411 and they are not too high for me, do not cut me at the knee. I am very satisfied, thats why I keep ordering them. My daughter who is a Vet Tech also wears them and loves them.

4 Stars  First time user of compression socks 
Diagnosed with circulation problems in my right leg. Doctor recommended exercise and compression socks, so I bought these. They provide excellent support and dont lose their compression wearing them all day. I noticed improvement in the way my legs feel in the first couple days, and somehow they have quite noticeably decreased the varicose veins on the sides of my feet. I highly recommend them. I took off one star because one of them has started to unravel, so I worry about them not lasting well through wear and washing, but only time will tell.
So happy to hear that these socks are helping! Regarding the pair that is unraveling...I'm sending you a replacement pair.
5/3/2019 - Paula

5 Stars  verge knee-high socks 
I have swelling in my ankle and these do me a great deal of good to combat this . Best buy I have made in a long time.

5 Stars  Best compression socks I have ever worn !! 
Good product and good price !

3 Stars  Colors?????? 
The socks are ok but I would not want to wear them in a professional setting. Probably will take up space in my sock drawer.

5 Stars  Fantastic 
I had been advised by my doctor to start wearing compression socks. Most that I tried were very expensive and hard to put on. Verge Knee-High socks gave me all the support I kneeded with the ease of a normal sock. And you cant beat the price.

5 Stars  Great for travel! 
These socks are great! I use them for downhill skiing, and when traveling long distances in the car. My legs feel energized at the end of the day!

5 Stars  Exactly as promised. 
These socks have really helped me with my leg swelling difficulty. Great. Thanks.

5 Stars  Socks 
These are great compression socks and the very best super easy to match up due to the different colors.

5 Stars  Sports Compression socks 
2nd purchase. Very comfortable. Very durable and easy to wash.

5 Stars  Great Socks 
Most of the day I am on my feet They usually get fatiqued and sore by the end of the day. these socks make a world of difference the compression feels amazing! my feet feel great at the end of the day, I recommend these! give em a try I may get anther set.

5 Stars  Works great 
Works great for my varicose veins.

5 Stars  Verge Knee-High Socks 
I enjoy the fit of these socks. The compression works just right for my legs, keeping swelling to a minimum. My legs dont get as tired from walking as they used to either.

5 Stars  Good compression knee high support hose 
Excellent quality and toe seam does not create any pressure on toes. These hose hold up!

2 Stars  To Tight 
These socks would be awesome but they are difficult to get on. They are so tight and a little arthritis in my hands make it real work to get these on.

5 Stars  Great Buy ! 
I am very pleased with these compression socks. They are comfortable and hold your legs tight enough to do what they need to do, and not too tight to be uncomfortable. I am very pleased with them.

4 Stars  Compression socks 
Good socks especially for the price

4 Stars  They work 
They definitely help, but like everything else in life, perfect theyre not.

5 Stars  Love them 
awesome and stylish

5 Stars  Awesome 
I have cramps in my legs and feet every night. Since I started wearing these compression socks I have not had cramping. Wearing these socks and keeping my feet warm have done the trick after over 50 years of suffering.

5 Stars  Fantastic Results 
I was skeptical about purchasing them at first. I ordered 2 packages 12 pair. My only comment about them is they are fantastic. The swelling in my leg has went away. I wear them every day. I dont know how long it will take before the swelling doesnt come back, but these socks have been fantastic!

5 Stars  Love the socks 
I love the socks and you cant beat the price. I cant get enough of them.

5 Stars  Great value 
Love the socks. They stay in place, dont slip down on leg. Great looking.

5 Stars  Great 
I myself wear compression socks, decided to purchase these for my husband. He loves them, easy to put on and very comfortable. Exceptional product, highly recommended!

5 Stars  Dr Bobs Review 
Excellent for knee high support hose. Just what I wanted. Im 72 and have been wearing support hose since my 3rd year in Podiatry school. I used to order from another company. But with the last order from them, the toe box seam almost caused an ulcer on my big toe. Your hose feel great and the toe seam is not noticeable. Congratulations on having an excellent quality knee high support hose.

5 Stars  Compression Socks 
Just Love them.

Verge Knee High Support Socks are the best Ive used to lessen nerve damage and compress varicose veins in my calves. Effective support with comfort. I recommend them and will buy again.

5 Stars  Wow. great Soxs !!!! 
I need to wear support stockings for swelling in my legs. Im 76 and dont like the the white/brown hose. Also the price is exorbitant. Yous are fun Soxs all different colors wear and wash well. This was my second order.

5 Stars  Compression Socks 
They are easy to put on and are very comfortable but most importantly they help reduce the swelling in my ankles.

1 Stars  Fit 
Way too tight. Was unable to even get on my foot

5 Stars  Verge Knee high Sport Compression socks 
Feels great on legs ,was quite surprised how good.

5 Stars  great buy 
I bought them for my daughter as a gift and she loved the variety of colors and thought they were of good quality

5 Stars  super these are best 
Ordered these twice i love um

4 Stars  Worked well and theyre comfortable 
Worked well and theyre comfortable

5 Stars  Great Product 
Really good product. Feel great.

3 Stars  Nice, But 
Nice socks but very hard to but on

5 Stars  Verge Knee-High Sport Compression Socks 
Hi, I ordered the compression socks and tried them today. I have them on now. I know they are supposed to help with the circulation in my legs and I hope they do help since my feet and legs have been getting swollen sometimes. They feel nice and snug but not tight. I really like them. Thank you Pulse TV.

5 Stars  Knee-high compression socks 
The socks are terrific! I am very happy. Ill recommend them to others. Thank you.

5 Stars  Great socks 
Great socks they feel great and are comfortable

5 Stars  Comfortable Compression Socks 
VERGE COMPRESSION SOCKS are knee high and of proper elasticity to remain comfortable all day or all night to meet your particular wearing needs. After using different brands over time, these are superior to any Ive used.

5 Stars  Knee High Compression Socks 
I had purchased the regular compression socks and really liked how they felt. The knee high socks are a little snug to get on, but my legs and feet felt great at the end of the day.

4 Stars  Nice and helpfull 
I like this socks, I think they are really help. I am glad that I have bought them and have a 6 pairs.,

5 Stars  great value, very good product 
These compression socks are very nice, comfortable and sized right. Do say to wash in cold water and not put in dryer.

5 Stars  Compression Socks 
Best Ive ever had. Good price. Quick delivery.

4 Stars  Compression Stockings 
Good quality with creative designs. The stockings have been very beneficial. Great price for a great product.

5 Stars  True to size 
I am a nurse and need compression socks for standing long periods daily. I am 5 4, 135 lbs, size 8-8 1/2 womens shoe and ordered a size SM/MED. They fit well with a little extra length to give, in case you are taller. They are completely comfortable and way more sweat wicking than medical grade thicker material socks Ive worn in the past. Hight quality at an unbeatable price!

5 Stars  doctor approved 
These socks are fantastic. Even my orthopedist loved them and said these were a better value than the prescription socks he was going to write up. Work every day in them and my leg has healed up perfectly.

5 Stars  Love them 
The socks were great. I just love them, I want to order another set.

5 Stars  Good socks, good price 
My husband is diabetic and the doctor told him he needed to wear compression socks. In researching them, I found that they were extremely expensive. Then I found these on your site and ordered them. They are a great price and seem to be working. He has a doctors appointment tomorrow so well see what the doctor says about them.

5 Stars  Awesome 
They fit and feel nice I am a size 7 so I got the S/M

5 Stars  Great Compression Socks 
These compression socks are so comfortable. I didnt like the old standard sock with no toes, it drove me nuts, but I love these and they are stylish. People had no clue they were compression socks. Thank you!

5 Stars  Best socks ever! 
Love these socks. I struggle with lymphedema due to a broken leg and the socks have been life-changing. I work very long hours Im on my feet for 12 to 14 hours a day and Ive tried several brands but these are the best.

5 Stars  Great product compression socks 
Have had great results and has really helped my legs. I stand on my feet at my job. What a difference these socks make.

5 Stars  Great Socks 
These socks are top quality do better than my more expensive compression socks , just a little short on my thighs

5 Stars  Great. Everything as advertised. 
Even better than I expected. works .

5 Stars  Verge Compression Socks 
These socks rival the expensive medical grade ones the doctor prescribed. These are much better than the Dr. Scholls. Sorry. They are holding up to daily wear and washing.

5 Stars  These are great socks for DVT 
My wife wears these after her DVT problem. They work as well if not better than the nylons. Her legs are refreshed & ready to go, she wears them every day. Great socks for her!

5 Stars  Truly Works! 
I had a swollen ankle/leg from a running incident. The swelling didnt go down for weeks. Put these socks on and within 36 hours the swelling was gone. I now wear these every day to work.

3 Stars  Not true compression 
A little heavier weight thickness than a true compression sock. Gives some support.

4 Stars  compression socks 
used at night and they seem to keep any leg aches from happening. Makes for a sound sleep. use them when traveling on long air trips also. Great purchase.

5 Stars  Great Compression Socks 
These socks really help relieve the symptoms of my varicose veins. They do tend to be a little hot on these hot Texas days, but its worth it in the evening when my legs dont hurt!

5 Stars  I am speechless! 
These compression socks are so comfortable! They wash well--I did not dry mine--The bright colors do not fade and they are fun to wear. I wore them for a week and then went a weekend w/o believe me I could tell a difference I highly recommend these to anyone with leg cramp issues

3 Stars  compression socks 
not much compression but otherwise nice socks and good price

5 Stars  Socks 
My husband loves them

5 Stars  Pleasantly Surprised 
I really like the socks. They are great summer weight socks. Just the right compression for my work day. Like the colors and the ease of matching pairs. Well Done!

5 Stars  Compression socks 
My husband has poor circulation and says these socks help keep the swelling down in his feet and keeps his legs from aching. Compression socks are much more expensive in the stores and these have held up very well after being washed.

4 Stars  Feelsgreat 
These socks work very well but due to my age etc. I have a bit of a problem getting them on and off. This is just me, the Sox work great.

5 Stars  Very Comfortable 
Very comfortable!

5 Stars  Great socks! 
Ive been wearing compression socks for a few years, but hated the hassle of matching them up after washing. These cute colors take care of that problem! Get them, theyre great!

4 Stars  Knee highs 
Once I got them on I didnt want to take them off. However on the warm humid days, they were a bit too warm to wear all day.

5 Stars  Fantastic Socks 
I have had these Compression Socks for a week now. They are very comfortable.Even thou they are compression socks they are soft and you dont notice them all day. They wash up nicely to. I would recomend them.

4 Stars  The seem darn good 
I have only had them for about a week But I really like them and they seem very good for circulation!

5 Stars  Cannot of topped - Excellent in every way 
I have used compression socks before but they are always ugly black or a dull gray. These are different. They dont look like compression socks and because of the variety of colors will go with any suit or casual ware. I recommend them to anyone looking for style plus need for such leg therapy.

5 Stars  compression socks 
These socks are GREAT! Their very comfortable and although they dont offer quiet as much compression as the one that I get from the VA. Those are RATIONED to me as THEY are over $100 PER PAIR!

3 Stars  Verge knee Highs 
they need to be a little easier to put on and take off otherwise I love them

5 Stars  great product! 
I wear these everyday I work! I work 10 - 16 hour days & my legs feel so much better since I started wearing them! I would definitely recommend them, I also like the fact that they look like socks & not like the typical compression hose

5 Stars  wolf81111 
Best Socks I Have Ever Bought They Do A Good Job In Compression

5 Stars  Compression socks 
Look nice feel good Work great

5 Stars  Very effective and helpful 
I was experiencing swollen legs and feet. My Dr recommended buying compression socks and I saw these on sale. They have definitely helped as far as less foot fatigue and my footwear fitting better. They are easy to maintain machine wash and hang to dry. They are as easy as expected to get on and off. They have been durable throughout.

5 Stars  Good product and good price 
The quality is as good as I expected and cant beat the price.

5 Stars  Great socks 
I have diabetes and these socks give me all the support i need!

5 Stars  Very Comfortable and stylish 
Compression sox that work, and are colorful, rather than just black !

5 Stars  Great Service - Quick Arrivals 
I have ordered three times and the experience has been the same. Five Star. I enjoy the multiple choice products and the diversity of the products. The site is easy to read and the explanatory is wonderful. Thank you! You will see me again.

4 Stars  Fancy 
My grandson likes the socks, they are longer then the black all color ones I bought before. He thought of them as cool. I guess it was the right choice and the price was good too.

5 Stars  Chill 
For the money these are very nice!

5 Stars  Love These Socks 
These socks are so comfortable I can wear them from morning to night. They have eliminated the swelling in my ankles. I love the colors they are fun to wear.

At the advise of my doctor, I started wearing compression socks. I got a pair of copper-fit for $9.99. I liked them so I started looking for more. What a bargain to find six pair for $25. I feel good all day and sleep better at night. Love the colors too.

5 Stars  Great Sox 
THey keep my legs from stressing out and feeling better

5 Stars  knee high sport compresson socks 
loved them and they feel good on and stay up. wash well. only wish they came in different colors as well. And was higher in compression scale Glad i bought 2 packs of these at once. would recommend this to all. Ive even shared some with others who also love them.

2 Stars  socks 
The socks feel comfortable however they are very difficult to put on for me I had my knees replaced and it is so hard for me to put socks on anyways these are way to hard Im afraid I can not wear them

5 Stars  my wife loves them 
my wife wears them , she has as I call them very close veins . she even ordered more under her name, which is very rare

5 Stars  great fit and stylish too 
6 pack of socks, 6 different colors all with the same stylish style.

5 Stars  Verge kneehigh sport compression socks by Extreme Fit 
Compression sockets better than I expected. Fit is tight but not too tight. Very comfortable.

2 Stars  Poorly made 
These support socks are very poorly made. Insides fray, and a tight strings at the top act as an uncomfortable pinch point. AND they can not be put in the dryer. Must air dry. Dont recommend these.

3 Stars  Knee-High Compression Socks 
I were a 9& 1 half shoe ordered the L/XL socks they are EXTREMELY HARD to put on....

2 Stars  Compression socks 
I purchased these for my son and they were way too small. I only paid $24 and some change for them so it wasnt worth my time to package them up pay for shipping back I cant use them. I ordered X-large

5 Stars  great socks 
Super compression . Make my legs feel much better

5 Stars  Very Good!!! 
Very Good! Great fit! Very good support!

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