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Metal Garden Hose - Hose Hero

Metal Garden Hose - Hose Hero

Metal Garden Hose - Hose Hero
Metal Garden Hose - Hose Hero
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Spectrum Warranties
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Spectrum Warranties offers replacement coverage for your purchase on this item. It covers drops, water damage, and all sorts of accidents with a quick and easy claims process.

Warranties purchased at the time of product sale take effect on day 31 after purchase.

Please contact Spectrum Warranties upon purchasing to register your product.

  • Contract covers units in a residential (non-commercial) environment.
  • Contract covers free shipping of repaired items.
  • If the product cannot be repaired, it will be replaced.
  • If unable to replace a 100% refund will be issued for the purchase price (less shipping & tax).
  • Covers standard malfunctions & accidental damage.

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A Metal Garden Hose That Is Lightweight, Kink-Free and Virtually Indestructible

This revolutionary new metal garden hose will take the hassle out of yard work this summer. As compared to normal hoses, the Hose Hero is virtually indestructible, light weight, kink-free and it stays cool to the touch even under the blister sun.

It features a rubber inner hose that keeps it from leaking and a SmartSteel outer hose that holds up to anything the outdoors has to throw at it.

The Hose Hero attaches to spigots like any regular hose, and it's super flexible so it can be spooled up in a breeze after a long day's work.

One hose is 25 ft. long, so be sure to figure out how much length you need before ordering; you can connect as many as you need. Save BIG when you grab two or more!

Are Metal Garden Hoses Any Good?

Metal garden hoses stand up to the elements and won't fade, crack and leak after prolonged exposure to the sun. Another benefit of metal garden hoses is that they don't kink due to their construction and they typically last longer than rubber garden hoses.

Buying a metal garden hose makes sense for homeowners that want to save money on garden hoses rather than buying a new one every few years.

The Hose Hero metal garden hose is perfect for:

- Watering plants
- Use with sprinklers for watering the lawn
- Washing the car
- Anything you would use a regular rubber garden hose for


- SmartSteel Hose that is virtually indestructible
- Rubber inner hose prevents leaking
- Replaces heavy rubber garden hoses
- Flexible
- Stays cool to the touch
- Connects to spigots and you can connect multiple hoses together
- Lightweight
- Never kinks
- 25 ft. long

Buy the Hose Hero now and experience the difference that a metal garden hose provides.

3 Stars  looks nice but leaks 
This looked like a good alternative to the stretchy-hoses that dont work well when using a little water pressure, i.e. sprinklers. Bought two, but one leaked at each end -- where it was connected to the water source and at the other end as well. So very disappointed that I wasted more money and still dont have a working hose.

4 Stars  Metal Garden Hose 
I loved it, its so light weight. I bought 3 so far. I would purchase for my entire foamily. I called in to let them know that one came bad as soon as attached to the second one, but pulsetv is going to replace at no cost

5 Stars  Steel garden hose 
These are a must have. I bought two each for my daughters and myself. They last forever. I may buy more.

4 Stars  Very good 
Advantages are that it is very light and easy to work with, doesnt kink. Pressure is close to normal. Only disadvantage is that the reason its so light is that it carries maybe half the volume of water of an ordinary hose. This is fine for most uses but would take longer to, for example, fill up a pool.

5 Stars  Arizona Sun Holdup 
Holds up in the Arizona sun and is still cool to the touch. Love it.

5 Stars  Best I ever had 
does not kink, leak and more

5 Stars  PERFECT! 
Love this hose! It is lightweight, no kinks or tangles - great price!

5 Stars  GREAT! 
Easy to handle, lightweight, easy to store.

4 Stars  Metal Garden Hose - Hose Hero 
I gave this a 4 star review because It needed more washers and they werent provided with the purchase of three hoses I only got one washer for the hose, therefore it leaked. If I was given washers to use with it I would have given it a five Star rating because then it wouldnt leak where you put the hoses together, with washers it would work perfectly. No leaks anywhere else in the hose. It is very light will stretch, doesnt bunch up and clog, after I purchased washers for the hose elsewhere it was fabulous and wondered why I didnt get one sooner. No problems with the hose at all and would advise people to get one. Just make sure you get washers for it and you will enjoy your hose.

5 Stars  Great priduct 
Far more easy to use than previous generation. Flexibility is very good and it s very light.

5 Stars  Great buy 
This is the second of these hoses that I have purchased and I am very happy with both. They are far superior to the collapsed/expanded hoses. It is rugged and is not damaged by dragging across concrete or past thorny bushes. Easy to use hard to damage.

5 Stars  Repeat customer! 
I love these hoses! I have purchased several and keep coming back for more. Screw 2 or 3 of them together with no problem, and now have them running to many trees on my property. Ive used them with nozzles and soaker hoses with no problems. Highly recommend!

5 Stars  The best garden hose money can buy 
This garden hose is so easy to work with, it s light weight and easy to fold up when done

5 Stars  perfect 
The hoses were exacty whayt I needed for draining my pool cover.

5 Stars  Great Hoses 
Love these hoses! Ordered 4 more for Christmas gifts!

5 Stars  Love them 
Exactly what we needed. Meets our needs

5 Stars  Perfect for my needs 
These hoses are lightweight and dont get ripped by the lava rock covering my yard in Albuquerque like regular garden hoses did. I love that they dont get kinked and twisted--super easy to reel out and pull back. I have joined 3 together with no leaking. I now have 5 and will probably buy a couple more!

5 Stars  HERO HOSE 
The Hero Hoses have been an excellent purchase. I like them so much that I have bought about 6 of them. I am very appreciative of the customer service response I get whenever I call PULSE TV. Now that a warranty is available on the product, I will never have to worry about keeping my hoses available whenever i need them.

5 Stars  Great hose 
Indestructible !!!!love it

5 Stars  works great 
light weight and works great

5 Stars  Quality hose 
This is not like the flimsy green cloth hoses of the past. These are pure quality and I expect to get many years of service out of them. I bought three. Now I have a sturdy, lightweight 75-foot hose. I love it.

5 Stars  I LOVE this hose! 
This hose is exactly what I was looking for its feather-light and does not get hot laying in full sun all day and has a strong flow! Now I never have to wrestle with an unwieldy, thick, heavy hose again! I love it!!

4 Stars  Not as big 
The hose is well made and works perfectly, but it is smaller in diameter 1/2 rather than 5/8 than others like it. I probably would not have purchased it if I knew that...

5 Stars  Don t hesitate good value for the money 
Hoses have leaked or kinked in any way. The hoses are nice and light and coil up easily.

4 Stars  Metal Hose Hero 
As advertised. Spouse hit with shovel digging and dented metal casing. No leaks. Have multiple buried across yard for mowing. Keep in shade if possible. Texas heat bites! Much more flexible than rubber hoses.

4 Stars  Metal hoses 
I love, love these hoses, I have owned 4 of them. The first two were ruined in the bad freeze that hit South Texas a couple of years ago. We didnt disconnect them from the faucet, and they froze and were ruined. We wont make that mistake again. I will keep buying these hoses, they are light weight, never kink and easy for me to pull around my yard when watering my flowers.

5 Stars  These are wonderful garden hoses! 
There was a time when I thought that every garden hose was automatically going to kink! But I found out that simply isnt true! These wonderful metal garden hoses, with the full rubber hose built inside, are literally kink-proof! They are lightweight and easy to handle! So I started out with one of these hoses just for a test! Before you know it, I ordered two more times, until I have four hoses! I have 50 feet for the front yard and 50 feet more for the back! I can join all four together and reach the oleander trees across the street that are struggling, and can water and help them grow as well . . because of the extra length of these great hoses!

4 Stars  HERO HOSE 

LOVE this hose! Ive tried all types--heavy inflexible rubber, miracle-type cloth, and all sorts in between. All either kink, knot, or burst even if I paid 5x this price. This hose is PERFECT and the price is right! Love it so much I ordered 2 more!

4 Stars  reliable hose 
Decent hose for the money not heavy or cumbersome flexible & not kinky!

4 Stars  Hose Hero 
Very durable and flexible. Love that you can add sections to make it longer. Great hose, would not buy any other not made of the same material again!

5 Stars  Loving them 
I bought 2 initially and re-ordered 3 more. They dont kink at all, dont get hot in the sun, and join together easily. I was worried at first to see they are smaller diameter than usual 5/8 or 3/4 garden hoses, but Ive used them to feed soaker hoses and also with nozzle for spraying and they work fine. Bonus that they dont nick or rip on lava rock!

4 Stars  Hose 
Ordered two to connect to existing metal hose. Works fine with little leaking at connections.

5 Stars  Garden hose 
Work wonderful, no tangles

5 Stars  Just bought 2 more 
I have been a fan of these since I bought them three years ago. I just added two more because I bought a boat and these will be perfect for using on it!

5 Stars  Hose works great 
Works well, does not tangle, light weight, and keeps pressure of water like a normal rubber hose.

Very lightweight and hooks together great, we have a mobile home and we pressure wash it and it extends all the way to the back of the home.Of course I bought 3 but they are easy to store and use - cool beans!

5 Stars  Best hose 
This hose works better than other hoses that I had in the past.

5 Stars  Best hose ever! 
Lightweight. Never tangles. Works great! This is the greatest hose I have ever bought. Just bought one for my daughter-in-law as she loved mine so much! Would recommend to all.

5 Stars  Great Hose 
The hose is flexible and easy to use . LIKE!!

4 Stars  Nice hose 
Nice hose, yes you can run it over with a car. But if you have horses it will dent. Be nice if the hose was a little bigger around too the water doesnt come through as much as I would like. Nice idea I own three Im going to get one more.

4 Stars  Minor Improvements Needed 
This hose, as advertised, is both durable and highly convenient. It s easy to take out and put back. My only criticism is that, when I attempted to link 2, 25 ft. hoses together, there was a persistent water leak at the joint. Perhaps some new material or re-engineering is required.

5 Stars  The best hose Ive ever had in 77 years 
This hose is light, easy to handle, never tangles. it is wonderful

5 Stars  Love this hose! 
This is the best hose I have ever had, doesnt leak or kink Love it!

4 Stars  Hose Hero 
Love the hose, does not kink as it states, however do not step on this hose, it does not give and you will fall. Its like stepping on a rolling log. Otherwise put it away after each use and there wont be any accidents.

5 Stars  Great product 
Almost indestructable. Have 4 of them.

4 Stars  Nice kink free hose 
The hose works great and it is true that it will not kink. However it has a smaller bore than a standard hose and therefore less water comes through the hose per minute. This extends the time for watering. Not a big deal, but worth mentioning if people think they are going to get the same throughput of water as a standard hose.

5 Stars  Lightweight and does the job 
I purchased 3 hoses. Even at 75 feet long now, it is still light and easy to use. Im very pleased with the purchase.

5 Stars  Durable and flexible 
My third purchase of this item.

5 Stars  Best hose ever! 
This is the easiest hose I have ever used. Lightweight, never tangles, and doesnt spring leaks. Would recommend to all.

5 Stars  Great product 
Hose is durable and works perfect ,very flexible . Great buy!!

5 Stars  Tough and non kinking garden hose 
We have these in our front and back yard and they are tough enough to handle water pressure when hooked to soaker hoses. They are easy to pull around and do not kink, unlike our previous heavy rubber hoses.

5 Stars  Metal Garden Hose 
Fantastic! Takes up so little space and so easy to use.

4 Stars  Hose Hero 
This is a good hose, light, comfortable. I bought 3 of them to have 75 feet length. Happy with purchase.

3 Stars  Works great but sometimes leaks around connections 
I have three of these hoses. Bought them to connect from the house spigot to a water timer, didn t want something that might burst while under pressure when we are away. Hasn t burst but two of the three sometimes drip at the connection. I ve made sure gaskets are good and connected very tight.

5 Stars  Metal Hose 
This hose is the second one I have bought. It is easy to move about and does not tangle with pressure on.

I love this hose, so easy to use and put away! It moves with such ease and it very light to move across yard or anywhere! I have ordered 4, 2 for me and 2 for friends

5 Stars  Good Item! 
It is very light weight, does not tangle, and seems quite strong. You couldn t ask for anything more. Pulse TV offers the best prices on everything. I have purchased several items from them and are pleased with them all.

5 Stars  Game Changer Hose 
I have had one of these hoses for a year now, and its still like new. I ordered another one to add 25 ft. so it reaches more of my yard. Its light weight, yet very durable. Doesnt get smashed or kinked. Well worth the price. I love it.

5 Stars  Metal Garden Hose 
Love Love Love it. We hooked several, 6, together and they worked beautifully. And so light. And fits in a very small space for storage, a small bucket.

5 Stars  first one 
when it got here it would leak, but pulsetv said they would send another and it came real fast and was a great buy. you cant beat this hose for being light weight and will take a beating. Best hose ever.

1 Stars  Low Flow ! Cant recommend ! 
This is a smaller than normal hose. When I try to use it with the sprayer head I ordered, it puts out fine, but it leaks at the connection point to the head. When I use it to flow into a soaker hose, the water pressure is too low to make it effective.

5 Stars  Metal Garden Hose - Hose Hero 
I have purchased 4 of these hoses as I needed 50 feet to reach on each side of my house,two per side. Light weight and ruggedly built. One small issue with the end of one of my hoses, let Pulse TV know about it as I was going to make a repair myself. They sent out a new one to replace it at no charge or shipping. Love a company that puts the customers satisfaction first! Best Regards, Mike

2 Stars  Small diameter 
Hose has a a small diameter. Therefore water pressure is lower.

5 Stars  metal garden hose 
I am completely satisfied with the metal hoses that I purchased. They are just what I needed to water my garden. I like the way that they can be stored.

5 Stars  Metal garden hose 
I absolutely love this hose ! It is everything they say it is and I would recommend .

5 Stars  Metal hose 
Light-weight, strong and sturdy as advertised.

5 Stars  Metal garden hose 
This hose is easy to store and easy to use at anytime. It goes as far as use need it to go, since you can buy more than 1 to connect to each other. Very durable, can take on any task.

5 Stars  No kink water hose 
Light weight and durable at a reasonable price. Takes up little room compared to rubber hoses.

1 Stars  Metal hose 
It s not very good, I couldn t even screw my nozzle on it due to poorly made threads. I would not buy another one. I have zero use for it without the use of a nozzle.

5 Stars  Metal Garden Hose 
I am completely satisfied with the metal hoses that I purchased. They are just what I needed to water my garden. I like the way that they can be stored.

5 Stars  Love these metal hoses! 
I started buying them years ago. They last a long time.

5 Stars  Great price 
These hoses are light weight and flexible and do not kink. I will buy more as I need them. Already bought seven.

5 Stars  Metal Hose is great 
The hose is light weight and very flexible. It does not tangle or kink like plastic hoses. I wish it came in longer lengths, I guess I could link a few together. It really works as advertised.

5 Stars  Love it 
It is perfect everything it is advertised to be. Only wish it was longer.

5 Stars  Hose 
Great, I have 4 of them. Would be nice if they made a bigger size meaning length as well as diameter.

5 Stars  Great Hose 
Received one hose as a Christmas gift and loved it so much bought 3 more! They are very light weight aluminum and so easy to handle. They never kink! Cant say enough good about these.

1 Stars  Poor quality 
The diameter is very small and restricts flow. The fittings leak. It s not worth the money

5 Stars  perfect hose 
I WAS Happy to get the hoses. I got two so it gave me 50 feet and a perfect hose for the front of our house. Works so great and I had a nozzle to put on and it all works so great. It was a real deal for this!

2 Stars  No pressure hose 
While its lightweight & flexible. There is no pressure. Using my 1/2 rubber hose provides power to wipe off dirt

5 Stars  No More Rubber Hoses 
I like this hose so much, that I bought 4 more after buying and testing the first 2 that I bought.

4 Stars  Kinkless hose 
Nice hose needs better washers they are too small and fall out.

5 Stars  Works well and light weight 
This item is working well so far. No kinks and it is able to connect to other hose it is worth the price.

5 Stars  Great value! 
Ive replaced so many fabric hoses that were supposed to last a lifetime that Ive lost count! This is the best yet.

3 Stars  They leak 
I bought three of these. I love the fact that they are lightweight and easy to move around but they do leak at the Faucet. We even changed our Faucet out and put a better washer in the hose. It still leaks. Basically it was a waste of money. If it didn t leak it would be perfect.

5 Stars  surprisingly good 
works well

4 Stars  looks like it might be better than the non metal version 
have had hoses before that were not metal that developed leaks. will have to see how long the metal version lasts.

4 Stars  Garden hose 
Excelente product

5 Stars  Best hose ever! 
Great hose, light weight, and does not tangle.

5 Stars  Hose Hero 
Has advertise lighter than I thought quite easy to handle for my wife. great quality and craftmanship. love it I have them front and back of my home. Try it what do have to lose at the price

5 Stars  Great flex 
This hose is great to handle. It is super flexible and so easy to curl up.

5 Stars  We have at least 8 of these hoses 
This hose is remarkable! We have 2 homes and 4 spigots so we have 2 hoses for each. Strong, light weight, easy to maneuver. Love them!

5 Stars  Excellent Value 
This hose is soooo easy to use. We love it!!!

5 Stars  Metal Garden Hose 
Very useful for my small garden.

5 Stars  Great value 
I am surprise how light weight this hose is making it easy to handle. Hope it holds up to the Florida heat.

5 Stars  Great garden hoses! 
I love these hoses! They never kink, are easy to use, and I have been using them for several years and have only had one that ended up leaking after letting it freeze in the winter. I would definitely recommend this metal hose to friends!

5 Stars  Best Hose I ve Ever Owned! 
This is the best hose I ve ever had. I ordered one, and then ordered another. They are so easy to use because they never kink or leak. A Great Invention!

5 Stars  High quality hose 
Hose seems strong and flexible. Working well so far.

5 Stars  So far so good 
Looks like good quality and durability. Doesn t kink or twist. Should last longer than fabric covered hoses. Will update when it gets more use.

5 Stars  Quite Amazing Hose 
Connected two together for the more desired length. Really enjoy how light the hose is and how it never gets tangled and kinks.

5 Stars  Flexible garden hose 
Exactly as advertised

5 Stars  never kinks 
very light to handle, just pull and does not tangle beats expensive standard hoses by a mile. I am pleased, prompt delivery. I have 4.

5 Stars  Good deal 
It s strong and lightweight and does not kink.

5 Stars  Works Great!! 
This is the second one Ive bought and just love it. Works as described and price is great!

1 Stars  I keep buying em 
Much of what the sales pitch says is true. Easy to move around, kink-free, and that stuff. Virtually indestructible, IT IS NOT. I am in a motorized wheelchair. I use many of these hoses strung together around my yard and garden. They help me geterdone. Yet they get dented from my chair wheels. I sometimes have to runover em. Also, eventually, every one of them developed leaks, most commonly at the juncture at the hose and the metal connection end. The metal connector leaks where there small internal plastic hose is joined to it. It happens to ALL of them. I have tried to repair, by reassembling with various glues, and none of those hold up. There seems to be no way to repair them. Mystery leaks also happen along the body of the hose. Because of the metal spiraled around the outside of the very small diameter plastic water carrier inside, the interior leaks travel along the inside of the metal casing seeking a handy curve or turn to escape. I have used this phenomenon as a drip-soaker hose to water, sometimes. I have tried to get warranty coverage to no avail. I have several, now, unusable. Im holding on to them hoping I will discover a cure. Still, I have still got five new ones in a closet. I bought them at dirt-cheap price and enjoy the positive side of their functioning.

4 Stars  Hose 

5 Stars  incredible what a difference this makes 
hose hero is awesome. it takes all the annoyance heavy weight, KINKS out of watering. just slithers along featherlight and smooth, never tangling. thrilled with it.

5 Stars  Awesome light 
Best water hose to own.

5 Stars  Excellent hose 
This hose is awesome! Bought two to connect to each other. Never kinks up and indestructible!

5 Stars  Metal Garden Hose 
Hose rolls up freely, without any kinking. Very light weight. I have 2 50 and 1 75 length.

5 Stars  Love these hose 
Ive bought 3 of them theyre so easy to handle they never kink and are really light and still get the job done

5 Stars  Hose Hero 
This hose is light weight and sturdy. It does not kink and does not get hot in the sun. Ideal for ladies and older adults to handle and also anyone with arthritis or other problems with their hands.

4 Stars  Looks Great 
Purchased for use with rain barrels which wont be used again until next spring. But, by their appearance and flexibility, they should be much better than the hoses previously used. And, you cant beat the price and service.

5 Stars  Great hose 
Love this hose. We use it at the ranch for filling our horses water buckets. It is so light and easy to move. It doesnt kink and is so compact, it easily fits in the planter we use to house the hose. The previous rubber hose we used kept getting kinks and required extra time to wind back into the planter.

5 Stars  Metal garden hose 
It is a great product, very sturdy.

Im pretty sure the majority of the reviews on here are from people who wrote the review shortly after receiving and using their hose I know when I first received and used mine, I was extremely happy and thoroughly impressed. No more heavy hauling around, no more twists and kinks, easy to wind up and hang, etc. I felt like I was in hose-heaven. I purchased either 5 or 6 because I needed at least 100 ft to be able to go to my pool in the backyard and to the end of my driveway, as I live in a back house. I also hooked the hose to my pressure washer to wash my vehicles as well as for cleaning walls, outdoor furniture, the sidewalk, etc. After about 3 months, one of the hoses sprung a leak and water began leaking out through the metal covering. After this, one by one, each hose began to fail, until within about month, all of them were leaking and now I am hose-less! I dont know what caused this, but they definitely need to use a stronger rubber or something. Other rubber hoses I have had, even though they had the issues listed, lasted for years and never sprung a leak. Ive contacted PULSE to obtain a refund.

4 Stars  Excellent quality 
Great quality, but the smaller hose has a much lower amount of water flow. Takes much longer to water the lawn.

5 Stars  Astounding 
This should have a different title, as it is so different from my former hoses. So much so that I have given another as a gift. A normal hose is stiff, heavy, difficult to use. The Pulse hose is just the opposite. It is pliable, weighs very little, is attractive and extremely easy to use. Jean

5 Stars  Replaced all hoses with these 
After ordering one and seeing how easy it is to use, I replaced all our hoses with these. They are not so heavy to move in the yard and easy to hang when done.

3 Stars  Wait and see 
I like the weight and how it coils. I have had several similar hoses and one of the chief complaints has been how long they have lasted so I will just have to wait to see how this one does. The hose seems to be of smaller diameter than others.

5 Stars  Exactly as advertised 
The no kink feature is the best. 50 foot hose works best and takes up no room with easy coupling.Excellent buy!

5 Stars  Best hose ever 
Prior to purchasing this hose I had an expandable hose which did not last. This hose is unbelievable I love it and would recommend it to anyone.

5 Stars  Love this hose! 
If you havent already ordered this hose, order it now! You will thank me when it comes. I Purchased several, I was very glad I did, as a screw them together To reach all the places I need them to reach. They dont kink and theyre so light weight theyre unbelievable

5 Stars  2nd order! 
Very cool hoses. Now have 5 or 6 all together, ordered twice! Thanks

5 Stars  Garden hose 
What a great item and fast service on delivery great price to love it

5 Stars  Never tangles 
This is the second hose Ive purchased and it NEVER tangles no matter how I take it off the hose holder. Just shake it a couple of times and keep stretching it out. It also sits in the AZ sun all day and is never hot to the touch. Great product.

5 Stars  Great hose.... 
Excellent yard hose, the best I ever had...

5 Stars  One of the best!! 
This is so good , easy to use and light weight. I regret not having bought two of them.

5 Stars  Throw away your rubber hose 
This hose is a delight to use, so light and flexible. I hope it lasts long

5 Stars  Works great 
I store my hose in a flower pot! Its easy to roll up and easy to use! Its light weight and doesnt kink up. I love it!

5 Stars  Best hose ever! 
I already have one of those light weight hoses & I loved it until it started tangling. Stop. Untangle. Stop. Untangle. Frustrating. This one doesnt do that! Now it is only 25 ft. I have a huge yard so simply attached it to the old one. Even though I have to pull old one out several feet it doesnt tangle anymore. Life is good!

5 Stars  Terrific value! 
This hose is extremely well made and easy to use. I anticipate it lasting a long time. It should probably sell for twice this price, its really that good. Im very happy with this purchase, and happy that I bought two.

3 Stars  Doesnt get hot and dogs cant chew it 
So this hose does keep our dogs from chewing on it, but the diameter is kinda small, its a little pricy at $25 for only 25 feet of hose and its not the easiest thing to wrap on the hose holder. Otherwise, it does what its supposed to do.

5 Stars  Garden Hose 
This is an awesome hose. Dont regret buying this at all. The flexibility is unlike no other and it is easy to store away. I bought 3 pieces and it crawls around corners and difficult areas with no kinks or problems. Love it!!!

5 Stars  metal garden hose 
A great substitute for heavy rubber garden hose. Very lite-weight doesnt kink or get tangled up.

5 Stars  Lightweight and durable 
I worried it would be cumbersome to use...but not at all. Very happy with the purchase.

5 Stars  Metal Hose 
Product came as described and works fine. No problems.

5 Stars  Best hose 
This is my second metal hose and it is the only one that I will buy. It never kinks and has good water pressure. Ive had a neighbor ask where I got my hose and I told them at ulseTV.com.

1 Stars  Metal Garden Hose - Hero 
I was very enthused to get this hose. However, the hose diameter is so small it has very little water pressure that comes through. I would not have bought it if I had known that.

5 Stars  Lightweight and durable 
Durable and doesnt kink, it is lighter than I thought it would be really easy to use. Could of bought another one.

5 Stars  25 ft FLEX HOSE 

3 Stars  Good, but not great 
The hoses seem to be good, but the inside diameter is so small that they wont deliver a lot of water like a 1/2 or 5/8 hose would. Other than that the hoses are OK.

5 Stars  Metal garden hose 
Excellent product. Does exactly what it is advertised to do. Highly recommend.

5 Stars  Metal Garden Hose-Hose Hero 
My wife and I absolutely love this hose ! NEVER kinks and VERY lightweight. Will never use any other hose ever again. Great quality, highly recommend !!!

5 Stars  Sturdy 
I received three of these 75 feet a few weeks ago and am using it. Its very sturdy, but the thing that got me was how light and flexible it was. I have a reel and it will roll right up into it very well. Thanks for a great buy!

1 Stars  Low water flow 
Because of the small tube, you do not get good water flow. Tried it with and without different nozzles. It was even worse when you tried to connect an additional hose to make it 50ft or 75ft. I do not recommend this hose.... and I was so hopeful

5 Stars  Better than I was expecting 
I am naturally skeptical of products that seem too good to be true. This was one I was really worried about, but now thankful I took the chance. After having a number of expanding hoses break recently, decided to try these out. I am pleasantly surprised on how well they are made, how little room they actually take up, and that they supply enough water to run a pressure washer. Glad I ordered a few.

5 Stars  Super good hose! 
I have purchased many garden hoses over the years and have never found a nicer one than this! Its super tough, coils very nicely, and is attractive. Where I live we have a lot of cactus and with a regular hose once you you drag by a cactus thats the end of it. Not so with this baby! Love it!

I use a hose ALL summer, to water plants, gardens, fill containers,etc. This hose is so EASY to use. No bulk, or fighting to untangle or to wrap it up again, and is EXTREMELY light weight. It doesnt get dirty, and again is so easy to use. I bought 2 because 25 ft isnt very long. The only remaining question, is how long will it last. I am hoping a long time!

5 Stars  Fantastic 
Love these hoses I have bought 6 of these hoses, and have been using them everyday and they refuse to get kinked, they are light weight, and take very little room to store. In my job I used 125 feet of hose practically everyday and these would work great in any use.

5 Stars  Awesome 
Light weight, durable and very good quality

5 Stars  Great buy for these hoses! 
I tried ordering these before, but the order got lost or something like that. Im glad it did. I got them for a better price. Theyre very lightweight. I hope they last like they should.

5 Stars  The best hose ever. 
Had 4 hoses in my former house. Just bought 4 more for my house in NC. Hoses are so easy to work with and super quality for the money. You can find for less but inferior quality....................save your money.

5 Stars  I love these hoses. Ive bought 3 of them, but need one more!! 
Theyre light-weight, easy to coil up near the faucet, and super easy to pull out and use all over the yard. Great price, too!

5 Stars  Love, love, love this hose!!! 
Great hose, great price, super light weight. Whats not to like. I do not feel, like some others, that the pressure is compromised with this hose. It does everything I want and need it to.

5 Stars  Light and flexible 
Buy this product, you will be happy with it.

5 Stars  HOSE 
Excellent hoses

5 Stars  Nice hose! 
I like these enough to have bought 4 of them. Very flexible, they dont kink, and are lightweight. They do get hot in the sun, though!

4 Stars  Bought this a few months ago 
I like it. Havent ran it over with a car. I do have horses. They step on it and dent it , but it still works. I would buy more.

5 Stars  Great Hose, Lightweight & so EASY to handle 
Ive ordered 4 of these hoses.. We really love them. They are lightweight & you can roll up 50 ft. with ease! No weighty hoses that kink anymore. I hated our old rubber hose, it was too bulky & heavy to roll up 50 ft & put on a hose reel.. Now I can roll up 50 ft. of this hose in 10 seconds!!

4 Stars  Light weight garden hose 
I like the ease of moving the hose. I purchased two others in the past and wanted to have a longer hose. I find that the longer the hose is the more it is likely to twist up.

5 Stars  The Best Portable Hose I eva used. . . . 
Lightweight - I have a 100 foot driveway and flower garden at front of property. I put 4 of them together and I couldnt be happier. Once empty of water, so light! but still light when water is flowing through. Although it is restricted a bit because of the diameter of the hose but I couldnt lug those larger rubber hoses. This is a wonderful product. So far it has outlasted all those other fabric shrink-up to small type hoses!!! A great buy for the money!

3 Stars  Leaks at the connectors and tube broke inside 
I love this hose, in that it is light weight. Its better than its predecessor which had green connectors, but the connectors still tend to leak. Also, the tube inside has ruptured. I have had it for two years, but only use it in the summer, and keep it coiled up inside a lidded container. Somehow the tube inside ruptured. That doesnt seem very durable to me.

5 Stars  GREAT 
Great, this hose is super. Light and flexible. Not as flexible as the pocket hose, but its good for what I need it for

3 Stars  Hose 
Happy with Waterhouse I have only had it a couple weeks but like it

5 Stars  Easy to use 
Looks good and works fine. Cant comment on durability since I just got it. Ive seen it advertised elsewhere for much higher prices.

5 Stars  Light and looks great 
This is a well made product which looks great!

5 Stars  The only hose I will ever buy! 
I love this hose, it is easy to haul around and use, does not tangle or kink. It is just amazing

3 Stars  After several use, leaks at connection. 
Leaks at connection, replace washer. does not correct problem. On the positive side, easy to handle and very flexible.

5 Stars  Great hose 
Works very well with my auto hose reel

5 Stars  best hose 
super awesome

5 Stars  Excellent product 
I LOVE this hose its light weight, easy to use, solid construction. I have several and purchased one for my sister who loves it as well.

5 Stars  Exactly what you expect 
I recently got a new puppy that chews everything, including the 3 hoses in my back yard. He chewed this for about 3 seconds before giving up. Problem solved. Plus, no more kinks in my hose, which used to be a real pet peeve for me.

1 Stars  Not worth the money 
Dont waste your money on this hose like I did. The diameter of the hose is so small, hardly any water comes out of it. No good for rinsing and washing your car, or walls of your home. For Plants only.

5 Stars  I love this hose! 
This hose is super lightweight but also very sturdy. The best part... IT DOES NOT KINK! I love it and I highly recommend!

5 Stars  TrueType the lightest, tangle free best hose I have ever had and that 
Read above

5 Stars  Great hose and it doesnt tangle. 
This is a very easy hose to move around the yard. It moves easily and is also light. I am so happy to have this hose since most of my other ones would kink and were heavy moving around.

5 Stars  Excellent product 
I have used several other types of hoses before I came accross an advert about Hose Hero.I have been very pleased with my purchase. The claims of the advert are genuine. . It satisfies all my expectations. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in high quality product,

1 Stars  weak flow 
The inside diameter the hose is too small and the water flow is weak. This may be good for conserving water, but doesnt work well for gardening. We planted a patch of new grass and the spray only covered about a 2ft spread.

5 Stars  Best hose ever 
Its light, strong, doesnt knot- have 5 of them

I order 2 of these hoses, to equal 50 ft. The hose is light & flexible & very easy to hang up, unlike the rubber hose we had. Its smaller in diameter so the pressure is not as high as a 5/8 inch hose, but works well. I love that it doesnt kink at all. It should withstand the heat & cold of the High Desert of CA.

5 Stars  Great Hose 
This hose is everything that was advertised, great product for a great price.

3 Stars  Meant for light use 
I bought it for my husband and he said if something happens to the metal coil, it unravels and cuts the hose. I would only use this product lightly around the yard.

1 Stars  Not for Lawn... TOO SMALL... No Pressure! 
If you have some flower pots you want watered, FINE. DO NOT expect to be able to use a decent Nozzle NOT enough pressure to make it work! This is highly OVERRATED...

1 Stars  hose is great. Problem is the connectors. 
Not worth a cent. The hose may last forever but the connectors are flimsy and broke quickly.

1 Stars  Poor Quality 
I bought 2 and linked them together. The hose couplings are such low quality they leaked endlessly. Water pressure was reduced so severely they were useless! Ended up in recycling bin in a few weeks! Very disappointing!!!

5 Stars  Toughest Garden Hose 
I love this, what a wonderful thing to water your plants and not have worry about it getting stumps. I wish that I ordered more.

5 Stars  Steel Garden Hose 
Nice hose that doesnt kink!

5 Stars  Beats the silver bullet hose 
this is a really tough hose, can be dragged around on pavement without damage, unlike the flimsy pocket hose which pops a hole when it hits a pebble. I had 4 of those replaced in 2 yrs. So i just threw them out and bought this one, i have 100 ft on one side of house and another 50ft on the other side. Great hose

4 Stars  Good hose 
Hose is as they say flexible, lightweight, non kinking. Downside for some hose is very narrow, which is fine for watering pots. Not sure about washing the car though. Might need more flow.

5 Stars  Love ?? it 
Great product ... still far so good no problems ! Waiting for heat of summer to see that it doesnt get to hot to hold !

5 Stars  Best hose ever. 
Light weight, easy to store and easy to get around the yard. Bought two for all the length I need.

5 Stars  great hose 
my own hose just rotted off the tap under the hot Nevada sun can reach 120 or more so this hose is perfect, but be careful it does get hot being metal but still a great hose

5 Stars  Great Hose 
Originally I bought two hoses. My son borrowed the hoses. He liked them so much he refused to give them back. So! I had to order another one. You will not regret purchasing this item. Another advantage is they do not get hot during summer months. I highly recommend!

5 Stars  Great Hose 
Doesnt tangle, lightweight.

4 Stars  Handy 
Small but ok.

5 Stars  hose 
Seems to work real well. Doesnt kink up, seems very sturdy. Seems like a great product.

5 Stars  The best hose ever 
Light weight and very durable. It does not kink or leak like all my other hose used to do. I have replaced all the hose because it is so much easier to move around. I have had these for over 3 years and keep replacing the old ones. They do not seem to age. The flow is some smaller but at the end of a sprinkler you cant tell the difference.

4 Stars  Great buy! 
I bought two of these hoses to connect together fpr more reach to my area. I like the hose, so far, easy to connect to my faucet. Only problem is it leaks around my sprayer nosel. it could be not right size, but it worked on the cloth model of this hose, so thus 4 star rating instead of 5. Only issue so far.

5 Stars  The BEST Hose on the Market 
I was so happy to see this hose for sale! I have had the same one before, but lost it in a fire. It is truly a great hose, so easy to move about even when two are hooked together. It is light weight and other than a major fire, hard to damage.

5 Stars  Everything its Claimed to be 
Ive connected two together. No leaks, no kinks, easy to wrap and looks great. Highly recommend.

5 Stars  Love this hose 
I have five of these. Need I say more? I love them. They never kink are light just the best

5 Stars  Metal hose 
Truly the greatest hose Ive ever used.

5 Stars  Hose Hero 
I love the hose. Its light weight but very strong and NO KINKS. Easy to handle.

5 Stars  Hose Hero 
The Hose Hero is great, the wife really really likes it because its light in weight and easy for her to move it around to water her flowers. One of the best things it done not kink. Like it and will probably be buying more.

5 Stars  Best Hose Ever 
I have six of these hoses we have 2 homes and a pool. They are the BEST! Light weight, no leaks, easy to use. And the price was fantastic considering the high quality of the hose. I hope they last forever!

4 Stars  Best Bang for Buck 
As advertized. Does not kink, coils easily. But hose has a smaller than usual diameter and so delivers less water. But a bargain compared to $25 and up competitors.

5 Stars  Great lightweight hose 
This hose is so easy to use. Does not get tangled up at all. Its very lightweight and can be attached to another link to make a longer hose if needed.

5 Stars  packed away for summer 
I know that these are good by other ratings. I have not used ours yet. I packed them away for use in Spring and Summer 2020. The price is amazing so I bought 4 of them.

5 Stars  Worlds toughest Granden hose 
I love them. Thank you so much.

5 Stars  Hose Hero - The Worlds Toughest Garden Hose 
This hose is so flexible and lightweight. We find it so much easier to use than conventional hoses. It works very well.

4 Stars  Steel hoses are the ONLY way to go for homeowners 
I have 250 total of other brand ss hose. They are leaking at the distal,hand end. This appears to have a better connection at that end. I ordered one and upon inspection ordered two more. The pricing was terrific also. Typically these ss hoses sell for $1.00/ft. Now I need to put in some use time.

Love my Hose Hero hoses! Purchased one two years ago and grabbed two more when PulseTV had them on sale. Strong, flexible and light weight

5 Stars  The Best Hose you will ever buy 
The hose hero is the best hose that you will ever invest in and I bought another one to keep on hand just so that if I ever need another it is a valuable. This hose is light and very easy to move around and extremely easy to roll up.

5 Stars  Great garden hose for easy watering yard 
This garden hose water your yard with ease and you dont have to worry about the hose kinking or getting too hot. It ideal for use with multiple sprinkles.

5 Stars  Like it so far 
So far, so good. Love the ease of rolling it up, no tangles or twists.

5 Stars  Strong and flexible as advertised 
Easy to handle for senior gardeners and birders.

5 Stars  Greatest hose ever !! 
I love this hose. I have about five of them now. They are lightweight, dont kink up and the water stays cool in the hot sun. We have even run over them with the car and they dont suffer any damage. I am now curious whether or not the water will freeze in them in the winter. I would recommend this hose to anyone.

5 Stars  Great product 
This is my 2nd, first is still working. Just wanted another, so light and kink free

5 Stars  Hose Hero - The Worlds Toughest Garden Hose 
This is a great product for the price. thanks

5 Stars  Long lasting, No kinks 
Easy to use, durable, no kinks. Larger diameter would be nice.

5 Stars  Love This Product 
This is a great hose. It works well and stores easily. My dog cannot chew it up.

5 Stars  Garden HOSE 
Best hose Ive ever had, so far. Ask me again in a year.

5 Stars  Love Them 
These hoses are light weight, easy to handle. So far, they are very tough. Accidently drove over one with the SUV and only made a slight depression in hose. Still works fine.

5 Stars  One tough hose! 
My wife swapped out our old hose as soon as it came in and it is great! No kinking, rolls up and stores fine, and doesnt leak! Great value.

5 Stars  Toughest Garden Hose 
I have tried the platic kind and the original hose that have been around for years and nothing even comes close to the quality of the medal hoses I have purchest from Pulsetv.com. I have even purchest a total of 4 hoses to go with the 2 I already ordered. Thanks so much for telling me of these. I am sure I will order more for my landscaping of 2 1/2 acres

5 Stars  No kinks 
Used as permanent hose extension across a pathway. So far it looks like it doesnt mind being exposed to the elements and run over by yard equipment.

5 Stars  Great Product 
The hose is a little smaller in diameter but it is very easy to handle and is super sturdy. I highly recommend this product.

5 Stars  Tough hose 
This hose is both strong and convenient to store. The small OD lets you snake it into small places.

5 Stars  Hose Hero 
This hose is everything it was advertised to do. Its easy for a senior to use and never kinks up. I bought 3 hoses and connected them together so I could reach all my plants. It looks as if it will be durable, too.


2 Stars  Not Usable For My Needs 
Is a good idea and all, but cut my water pressure by almost half. Had three hooked to make 75. Even when I reduced to one 25, the problem persisted.

5 Stars  The best hose Ive ever bought 
Excellent quality and value

5 Stars  great hose 
I have had one for about a year and this was added so I could have one in front and one in the back. Love that it doesnt kink or tangle.

5 Stars  Water hose 
I bought the water hose for my mothers birthday, and she loves it!

5 Stars  25 water hose 
Great small hose, just what I needed it for

5 Stars  Does not tangle 
Works as described. Light weight, flexible, non-kinking. Was able to finally wash my upstairs windows in condo.

5 Stars  Great Hose! 
Excellent hose. Lightweight yet sturdy. My hands are extremely arthritic. It is easy for me to handle with my hands.

4 Stars  low flow 
easy to handle but flow is very low.

3 Stars  Hose Hero 
Nice, doesnt crimp and easy to store. Pressure is not the same as other rubber hoses but good for watering.

5 Stars  Great hose 
I really like this hose. I dont have it very long, but when your a senior citizen, I really appreciate the sturdiness, and the light weight. And what a snap it is to roll up. It never kinks.

5 Stars  Hose Hero 

1 Stars  Best hose ever! 
I bought 2 25-foot hoses - going to buy more for the back of house. Light weight, easy to handle and NO KINKS! It is sturdy, doesnt get hot to the touch. A great bargain!

5 Stars  Light and easy! 
Love this hose! Can literally hold the coiled hose with one finger. It is lightweight and seemingly indestructible. It has made my watering chores SO much easier!

5 Stars  Works great and lasts. 
Ive tried all the hoses and this one is strong and lasts. I like it and have 3.

5 Stars  Best Hose On The Market 

5 Stars  Glad I bought 
This hose is light but rugged. We live in an apartment and we Have to bring it in each time. It is light enough for us to do that with no problem.

5 Stars  Best ever had 
This is a truly amazing hose, just as advertised. Unlike others that sound good till you get them and they blow out, this one does just what it says. Good price and great item.

5 Stars  Great, hardy hose 
I love this hose. I have purchased many of them because I have a lot of ground to cover, and I hook them up with multiple outlets and move them all over the property, including down to the front fence to water the day lilies and in the back to water my vegetable gardens, and even to a berm I had installed with pine trees as a wind break. I live in the Midwest, so a windbreak is important. I had a problem with one hose, where the connector tore off the end, but that was my fault. I highly recommend these light, strong hoses.

5 Stars  Tough as nails 
Very versatile and flexible. Almost indestructible.

4 Stars  Excellent product -- 1 design flaw 
The product is exactly as advertised lightweight,non-tangling, reliable, and excellent value. The design flaw is in the connector to the sprayer or whatever one wishes to place at the end. The sprayer connects perfectly and doesnt leak. HOWEVER, it cannot be readily disconnected so that, for example, a regular sprayer can be exchanged for a dedicated fertilizer sprayer without using a wrench or a locking pair of pliers. I think you should publicize this limitation.

5 Stars  great product 
Living in the high desert regular hoses do not hold up under the sun, with this hose I have no problem leaving it out in the harsh elements and the animals cant bite into it...

5 Stars  Fabulous 
Best hose ever!

5 Stars  Hose Hero - A real winner! 
I am very impressed with the 2 hoses I bought! Super fast delivery and they are so light weight and easy to handle. They dont tangle and and a breeze to store. I would love to purchase two more if they are still available.

5 Stars  Best water hose ever 
I originally bought 2 then bought 4 more. Ive put 3 together and there is absolutely no weight to them at all!!!! I absolutely love them n am ordering more.

1 Stars  Didnt know how small they were. 
I ordered 3. They are so small water hardly comes out. Very Disappointed

4 Stars  Really Good Hoses 
Strong & flexible and I expect it to hold up well in the Arizona heat. The only reason I didnt give it a 5-star is because I use it to water plants - but also to wash my cars, driveway and pool decking - so because of the small diameter Im not getting the volume and pressure Im used to.

5 Stars  Hose Hero 
Wonderful item - Made well....no kinking - purchased more after the 1st one arrived and was connected and tried - perfect! Thank you. Ron

5 Stars  Best water hose ever 
This hose is fantastic. Light weight, works great. No more lugging heavy hose around.

5 Stars  Wonderful product 
Last year 2018 I purchased 4 Hose Heros 2 for the front and 2 for the rear. They work perfectly never kink and give plenty of water pressure to water my tomatoes and begonias. They replaced ones I purchased elsewhere and came apart.

5 Stars  hose 
this is light and easy to use - washers included - great value!

5 Stars  Hose Hero 
Very nice hose. Light weight and doesnt kink.

4 Stars  So far, so good. 
I am just beginning to use the hose, so I am interested ted in how it is going to stand the test of time. I piggybacked two hoses for extra length, and the pressure seems to be a little weak. Not a very big deal, but I do notice a difference.

2 Stars  TO SMALL 
I would not have order this hose had it been described correctly. Any garden hose you buy any where comes in two sizes. 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch. This hose is maybe 1/4 or 3/8 hose. Maybe OK to water flowers not for washing car-boat-motor home,etc. Not enough volume.

5 Stars  Hoses 
When I proved that the hoses were not damaged by the intense sun here in Baja, you may have noticed that I had to order so many more for my friends. I think it was 12 of them. They are great on the fishing boats and the guys that have them on their boat now say they love them......... no tangle and very light weight. Great product.

5 Stars  I like it! 
Thus far, I have been very pleased with the Hose Hero I purchased. I ordered two hoses and have them joined together to reach every area of my deck and garden. Not having to deal with tangles and weight of my rubber hose is a relief!

5 Stars  Great Hose 
Finally a good strong hose that doesnt kink and lose pressure all the time. Bought 2 of these and connected them together. High quality fittings and I think this may be the last hose I ever have to purchase.

5 Stars  Water hose 
I first bought 3, loved it so I bought 4 more and am now gonna buy even more!! They are light weight, so perfect for the elderly and for hauling it all over yard!!

5 Stars  Great Garden Hose 
So far this garden hose is the best that I have used over the past 50 years. I like the feature that it does not kink. Since downsizing the 25 foot length is perfect.

5 Stars  Works good. 
Impressed with water pressure/volume.

5 Stars  Great hose! 
The hose is so light, but strong! Going to get more! Great product!

5 Stars  I Love This Hose 
This was a reorder because I have enjoyed using the original hose so much. My dog cannot eat it!

5 Stars  durable, very flexable 
Nicest hose I have ever owned

5 Stars  Garden Hose 
I like this hose for one it is light enough to drag all over my yard, second I dont have to worry about it going through rocks and breaking, third easy to put away. Highly recommend this hose.

5 Stars  Great product l 
Best purchase to date

5 Stars  This hose makes watering the shrubs almost easy. 
The hose seems to live up to everything in the description. The only thing we do not know about yet is how long it will last. Based on what weve seen so far that should be a long time.

4 Stars  low flow rate 
Just got this today. The no-kink claim seems true. I used it and a conventional 25 foot hose to fill up a 3 gallon bucket. With the conventional hose I got 4.9 gallons per minute. With the hose hero I got 2.3 gallons per minute. So, the product is probably not good for watering a large lawn, but for normal gardening the flow rate should be fine.

5 Stars  Awesome hose 
Super light weight and flexible. Seem to be pretty durable, Ive bought four so far!

5 Stars  Great Hose 
Light, doesnt kink or hang on objects. Much better than other hoses I have used. I thought the 3/8 inch diameter might be a problem but that has not been the case.

5 Stars  Ease to use 
Need at least 75 ft to reach all my plants. Rubber hose knicked and was heavy as heck making it difficult to maneuver and roll up. Got the Hose Hero in three 25 ft lengths. Easy for me-70 yrs old- to handle and almost no weight at all. No knicking, easy to maneuver and a breeze to put away. Highly recommend it to every age. No sense in straining if your dont have to.

5 Stars  This are great 
I think I have had one for about 4 years and love this product. I have re-ordered for several friends. We live here in Baja and it is hot and the sun beats down on my hose and it does not phase the product and does not get hot and love the light weight also .........

4 Stars  Hero Hose 
I dont get the water pressure that I expected. Had more pressure with my old hose. I love the fact that it dose not kink.


5 Stars  Great and solid steel hose 
Ive only had this hose for 2 weeks, but its worth every $$ I paid for it. Ive tried another brand, but it stretched out easily from the male sprayer end. The Hero Hose has been solid this far. Its also very light. I wish they also had a 50 hose!

5 Stars  Hose hero 
I love love love the hose hero!!! Best thing I have bought as far as hoses go no kinks no holes from dragging it! I recommend getting one or three like I did.

5 Stars  Best garden hose 
This is the best toughest garden hose I ever used tried several different brands type styles by far this is the best one if you use a hose pipe this is the one for you

5 Stars  Great! 
Just as the video portrays.

5 Stars  great hose 
Great hose but need one more to make 75 feet..

5 Stars  A super flexible hose. 
My third purchase. These hoses have made my watering a snap.

4 Stars  Hose hero 
Very happy with this purchase. The hose is lightweight, easy to handle and does not kink, it rolls up in my hose keeper easily. Really pleased that it is exactly as advertised!

4 Stars  Great Hose 
This is the best hose youll ever use. It is light, tough and is so easy to use. It doesnt Kink and is so easy to put away after use. I like mine and am buying more because I want to have more than 200 feet of hose.

4 Stars  Almost toughest gardenhose 
I like the hose but not the plastic hose connection.I ran over the plastic hose connection laying across my driveway with my car and the plastic cracked causing the inner hose to leak.

5 Stars  Hose hero 
I love this hose! It is easy for me to handle. I have 6 of them. I had one that came broken. It was replaced immediately

5 Stars  Great product 
I Love it, Love it, Love it!... I had so many water hoses but this one is THE BEST yet!

4 Stars  Toughest Garden Hose 
Loving it.

2 Stars  just another hose 
Water pressure is no good in this particular hose.

4 Stars  Got this to replace defective ones from HABAND. 
So far, so good. I initially ordered 4 of them from Haband, but 2 were defective. Hose separated from metal sheath. I returned them for a replacement, but they apparently cant read English. They instead issued a refund to my Haband account. So now I ordered 2 from Pulse TV. Lack of water pressure is not a problem for me. Ill just have to see how long these last.

5 Stars  Hose 
Just what I was expecting

5 Stars  All Purpose Vinyl Bag 
Effectively designed for a variety of practical applications with an emphasis on compactness.

5 Stars  Watered hose 
Very nice water hose very please not hard to roll up and maintain

5 Stars  Toughest Garden Hose 
Hoses are light weight and easy to wind up. I have replaced all my other hoses with these.

5 Stars  Hose hero 
This is a wonderful product. We have two of them.. and also ordered another for a family member..

3 Stars  Flexible non-kinking hose 
This is a good hose for LIGHT DUTY use. The inside hose material is light weight. If they would have used a more durable type of material on the inside it would be better. The exterior metal housing is very good.

3 Stars  Hose Hero 
While this hose may be advertised as virtually indestructible, it is not quite ready to resist being flattened if a car runs over it on the hard driveway. Otherwise the rating would be higher.

5 Stars  LOVE IT 
Showed up on time and is working great. Time will tell how long it lasts

5 Stars  Amazing Hose 
Very lightweight. Easy to use and maneuver. Seems very sturdy.

3 Stars  Strong, but too thin. 
Thin does not deliver a lot of pressure.

5 Stars  I love mine. I ordered more. 
My first hose was run over by a commercial van and aside from a slight ding, it works fine. No Kinks, great water pressure too. I gave one as a gift and will probably Gift more in the near future.

5 Stars  Hose Hero is fantastic! 
I love this hose, primarily because it is lightweight and does not kink. I live in Arizona and western landscaping generally includes lots of rock and granite. I can pull this hose over the rock and not worry about it breaking as has happened with previously, much more expensive, lightweight kink-free hoses. I bought four so I can put them together and have two 100 hoses one for the front of the house and one for the rear. As with most Pulse TV products, price cannot be beat either.

5 Stars  Great utility hose 
Fantastic utility hose. Great for when you need to add a hose to reach those out of the way watering spots in your yard. Easy to transport around and NO kinking. Also purchased one for both of my adult sons. Much better product than the first non kinking and self recoiling hoses that always broke apart.

5 Stars  Hose Hero is that 
No more dragging around heavy garden hoses! These are fabulous, light weight, yet fully effective. I have empty flower pots next to the faucets, and simply store hoses in pots, out of sight, when not in use. No need to wrap or wind carefully..no tangles, ever. Since I bought 6 of them, they go together beautifully making 50, 75 or 100 footers, obviously, I highly recommend this item!

5 Stars  Awesome! 
Earlier in the year I bought a collapsible hose. I didnt realize you had to disconnect it and store each time. I left it connected outside and it developed leaks within a month. This metal hose is great! No leaks and I leave it connected connected outside in the sun. Very happy with my purchase!

5 Stars  Hose hero 
I love it! Its true every word

5 Stars  Hose Hero 
Bought two for my wife to water her flowers by the front door. They are light weight and easy for her to handle. VERY happy with her gift.

4 Stars  Tough Hose 
Rugged & light weight. Counting on it to last a good while

5 Stars  Best Hose Ever 
They are very sturdy and convenient. Wont tangle and easy to coil. The best hose Ive ever had. I bought 4 after the first one.

4 Stars  hose is great 
only issue is when you connect 2 together they leak at the connection.

5 Stars  Great Hose 
Absolutley no kink--light weight--Good value

5 Stars  Love it! 
I stuck my neck out and bought four. I have no regrets. No kinks, heavy duty, excellent pressure, light-weight. My room mate ran it over with his van.. ooops.. well, it has a bit of a dent, but works fine!!

5 Stars  Best hose 
This is the best hose we have ever used. It is light weight, very durable and does not ever kink. We bought 3 of them and have connected them all into one long hose. We also attached an adjustable spray nozzle. I recommend this for garden use and things like washing the car, etc.

4 Stars  Seems strong and is flexible 
Good product. Small diameter produces a somewhat diminished flow. But I love them

5 Stars  Love it! 
At age 77, I have no trouble handling this hose -- and our landscaping looks soooooo much better as does our vegetable garden!

5 Stars  Hose 
I really like these. They are easy to drag around to water all my pots, lightweight and easy to hang on hose hanger. And no kinking. I have six of them now.

5 Stars  Hose hero 
This hose is so much better then other hoses. It is light & easy to handle.

5 Stars  Fantastic! 
This hose is fantastic & just what I needed.

2 Stars  Very small 
I returned the two hoses that I purchased as they were very small. I thought they would be the same size as my regular hose, but nope, quite small.

3 Stars  Great Idea but Flawed 
I have about 6 of these. They are almost what they need to be but need revision to be a 5 star product. Best features are that they dont kink at all, can be used in any weather, and are lightweight. The bad, poorly designed parts are that the metal encases a rubber, flexible tube that is about 1/4 the size needed to provide the pressure and water flow of a normal hose. This causes the water to back up at the hydrant or faucet which causes the faucet often to leak. The second part is that frequently with use, the metal part slips away from the end of the hose, exposing the rubber. This has happened to me a number of times and you have to thread the metal casing up the tube and back into the end of the hose piece. Im going to have to super glue it at some point. If they would design this with a rubber tubing the size of a normal hose, it would be a fantastic product. Most people will find that it simply cannot provide the water flow of a regular, heavy hose.

5 Stars  Great hose 
I love it! It is so easy to roll up.

4 Stars  Great Hose 
Doesnt Tangle, is light, everything they said it was.

5 Stars  As good as they get 
These work as good as any of the other steel hoses. Ive had a few different ones and they all seem to be similar. A few places I dont need a long hose, and when I need a little more I just put two together. Pulse has about the best price. If you need a long run, the hose wont have a lot of flow because of the small diameter but my mom, 84, is able to pull it around because of the light weight and no tangles.

4 Stars  garden hose 
the hose is very flexable and does not kink like the plastic and rubber hoses do. the hose is much smaller than most other hoses so you get less water. I would guess about 25 % less.

5 Stars  Hose hero is great! 
I love my hose hero! It is very light weight, and makes it enjoyable to water my flowers, BEST purchase ever

5 Stars  Great Hose 
This is the third one I have purchased. Excellent construction and never get hot out in the sun.

5 Stars  Hose Hero 
I have used the Hose Hero several times since purchasing it and I really like it. No more kinks, no more heavy hose, and I like it so much I purchased another 25 ft. to accompany the one I got earlier.

5 Stars  Best hose ever 
I have been buying new hoses for as long as I can remember but I dont know if Ill ever have to buy another one after this it is great

5 Stars  Hose Hero 
I love the Hose Hero. Now I just need to purchase a good spray nozzle to go with it.

5 Stars  enjoyable hose 
I have looked at other hoses which make the same claim, but found them too heavy to move about. I could barely lift them in the store. Attaching these together were easy. When I used them to clean out the gutters, they were easy to move and I did not feel as though they pulled me off the roof. I do not fight them when I recoil/rewind them in the area for storage. I have recommended them to some of my friends.

5 Stars  Love it! 
This my 3rd Hose Hero! 2in front yard, 1 in back. Gave away my regular hoses too heavy! the Hose Hero is SO light, I have 2 hooked together & can move them around the yard so easily!

5 Stars  Hose Hero 
I have purchased 5 of these hoses and they are the best I have ever used. They are light, tangle free and will not puncture, I live in AZ. with cactus and do not have a problem like I have had with other hoses. Will purchase more later. There GREAT.

3 Stars  Good and bad 
Great hose. Would be ideal if it werent so thin.

5 Stars  Best I have ever had 
This hose is all it is advertised to be. I loved it from the first time I used it. Highly recommend it over any plastic hose.

5 Stars  best hose ever 
I have several of these. They all work fine. They are light, strong, dont twist and resist the hot weather and sun here in s. fl. Flow capacity is very adequate.

5 Stars  Goodhose 
It works well.

5 Stars  Relief 
I love it. It is light weight. It looks good and is tuff as nails. I bought 5 and gave one to the elderly lady up the street. She loves it!!

5 Stars  I love this hose 
This is a great hose as it is so flexible, I bought a small decorative plant pot to put next to the spigot and I put it in the pot so that people dont see a hose out in my front yard.

5 Stars  neighbors like it 
love it!!

5 Stars  Hose Hero - The Worlds Toughest Garden Hose 
Great product!

1 Stars  Cannot withstand pressure 
This will work fine if you do not use an attachment that shuts off the water at the end of the hose - e.g. an insecticide sprayer or trigger sprayer. Hose burst at the joint.

4 Stars  Lightweight and Flexible 
Love this hose. Because it is so lightweight, it fits in a flower pot instead of investing in an actual hose rack. Have not had any problem with it kinking or getting caught. Only would like it to be longer.

5 Stars  garden hose 
This is the very best garden hose on the market. It does not kink, no matter what you do. I bought one for each of my outdoor bibs, and for the first time in my gardening life I am absolutely thrilled watering my garden and potted plants.

5 Stars  Hose Hero 
I have several of these hoses, and found them to be flexable, storeable and useable.

5 Stars  Hose Hero 
it a great hose just wish you could leave the water pressure on and it was made out of materials safe for drinking water from for my RV.

5 Stars  Hose Hero 
Hoses came in good condition. They work properly thus far, but they are new - If I have any trouble with the 2 hoses I will let you know. Thx for your interest in my purchases.

5 Stars  Hose 
Best hose I ever owned. It does not shrink back when nozzle is open.

5 Stars  Garden Hose 
Light weight- tough - put several together - connect to a sprinkler - all in all this takes the place of a HEAVY hose and works for me. Thanks for selling this hose. Everyone should replace their old hoses with this one.


5 Stars  love the hose bought 3 
bought 1 loved it so much i bought 2 more

4 Stars  Tough and kink-free, but... 
Very leaky hose to hose connection and very constricted water flow...

5 Stars  Awesome Hose 
Works fabulous. So easy to handle and never kinks.

3 Stars  leaking 
Bought 2. Just had this for 11 months and used lightly. now have a hole in one of the sections. Just wondering how many more holes will I get in the coming months....... requested a replacement this morning, lets see what happens.

5 Stars  About same hose I bought for a whole LOT More 
I had one of the more expensive hoses like this and 1 regular old hose, just got so tired of the regular hose tangling and kinking I had to order yours. Seems to be almost the same hose I paid a lot more for. Not sure if it was sposed to come with the rubber in both ends or not, but I only had it on 1 end.

1 Stars  Less than a month 
Bought 3 of these. In less than a month and less than 10 uses. It burst

1 Stars  not good 
I bought 2 of these the last time they had them and both of them blew out in the first month. I threw them out.

5 Stars  Easy to handle 
Its really light weight. My wife likes really well.

3 Stars  Not good...Not bad... 
as advertised but the diameter is a bit too small. wish they sold one that was bigger...

5 Stars  Love it! 
This is an awesome hose. Its strong yet very light. Its exactly as described.

5 Stars  Good Hose 
Much better than I thought it would be.

5 Stars  Better Than Expected 
Lighter and more nimble than I expected, so easy to move around my garden. I bought 2 and may buy more for my adult kids, they are THAT good! So happy to throw out plastic hoses that bent, leaked, sprouted holes... and didnt even last a year. Great buy, so glad I did!

5 Stars  Lightweight Hose 
I have a large yard, and traditional hoses are really heavy, this is super lightweight and easy to drag around my yard.

5 Stars  Wonderful Hose 
This product is beyond my expectations. I was skeptical and bought one elsewhere over a year ago before cold weather. I hooked it up a few months ago, loved it, and ordered 2 more since then. Really delivers on its promises!

4 Stars  Order received as expected 
Good service received all goods received in good shape. However, it toke a long time to receive the order.

4 Stars  Easy buy 
No problem purchasing, but unfortunately its not the toughest hose! This is the second one Ive had to buy in a year, hopefully this one lasts longer!

5 Stars  Great hose 
Over the last two years I have purchased 4 of these. They are very flexible and never snag on anything. The diameter is small enough that I can store twice the length of hose on my hose reel. I would recommend these to everyone.

5 Stars  The worlds toughest garden hose 
I really like that its light weight and it doesnt kink

3 Stars  Great for soft watering or slow drip. 
Hose is fine for use in watering delicate plants not regular size ones.

5 Stars  After 1 yr I still love it! 
I really like this hose and have been using it for about a year now. It doesnt kink at all and is easy to move around and lightweight. The pressure for me has been good, so Im not sure why others have experienced any issues. I would certainly buy this again.

4 Stars  non kink hose 
seems to be doing just fine

5 Stars  Really is a Hero 
I bought this for my husband and he loves it! Its so lightweight and rolls up easily. Also, the price was amazing.

5 Stars  Hose Hero 
I have used this hose for appx. 6 months and found it to be a very durable, flexible and very easy to handle. No more python hoses for me.

5 Stars  LOVE IT 
Great price - Great hose - Gotta LOVE IT! Fast delivery, so I just bought another one. Thanks Pulsetv

4 Stars  Garden hose 
I bought this hose because my other hose was too heavy. I love that it is really lightweight. Its easy to roll up . The only drawback is if you really need a strong flow its not possible. I will recommend this hose to all my friends

4 Stars  Kink relief 
My wife even likes the new hose. She usually teases me about my pulse purchases mostly flashlights. She ignored me when I was trying out the new hose hero. I was seriously validated when she tried the hose a few days later, when she hollered out when watering this hose is great! . So, there you go. With most new products, time will tell. Since I run 75 feet of hose, I may need to put some kind of cuff around the connections, as they tend to get stuck on corners, and the brick stairs. As with any long hose, patience is required, meaning you may have to set the nozzle on the ground and go back and pull up the slack. I also like the The roll up when youre finished. Entire hose rolls up so easy, all contained in a mop bucket I intend to use something a little more respectfull, like a nice ceramic pot. Will there you have it. Hope thats a help to future heros.

5 Stars  So Far So Good 
Very light weigh, flexible and easy to use!

5 Stars  Great hose 
Better than advertised. This is a great hose.

5 Stars  Hose Hero 
very good buy

5 Stars  Best Garden Hose 
These are as advertised. They do not kink or tangle. I purchased extra ones for my kidss homes. Highly recommend

4 Stars  Incredibly Light Weight 
This is a very flexible, light weight hose that will not kink. Sure hope it is durable. Twenty-five feet is very short so buy two or more.

5 Stars  The best 
This is all they said it was. Easy to cool up and never kinks. I bought 4 of them and gave away my rubber hoses. If you want a dependable hose this is the one to buy.

5 Stars  Great hose 
This is the third one Ive bought. Not because theyve worn out but to extend the length. Easiest hose to roll up.

5 Stars  awesome new hose 
for years I have been unkinking, lugging, and pulling a very heavy plastic hose all around the yard and now it is not a chore to turn on the hose and do my watering. Depending on the size of the yard you might need to attach several hoses together. Awesome new addition for anybody who has any watering chores.

5 Stars  Great product 
I bought 5 Hose Heroes for my front and back yards, and they work really well. No tangling, and they are lightweight, easy to handle. They seem well made, durable.

5 Stars  The Worlds Toughest Garden Hose 
I couldnt wait to try this hose out. It doesnt crink up and it withstands a car driven over it. I did that by accident. A great buy.

5 Stars  So far, so good 
Seems to be all as advertised. Easy to move around...doesnt leak...doesnt kink...all is good.

5 Stars  Garden hose 
Fantastic in every way!!

5 Stars  strong, flexible, no kinks, easy to work with. 
I now have 6 of these 25 foot hoses. All are combined to make 50 foot hoses at 3 locations. Strong, light, no kinks, very easy to hook up to what ever is needed.

4 Stars  Tough-But? 
This hose is unique! It will last. But, it is small, which causes a low water flow. Doesnt have a lot pf pressure,or flow.

5 Stars  Tough hose! 
Excellent product so far...these new hoses can fail after a while, especially here in 110 deg heat. Appreciate the flexibility.

bought 3 of these hoses...1 lasted 2 weeks, one lasted a month and the 3rd lasted 3 months. All burst inside the metal encasement and blew water 15 feet. worst hose I have ever owned

2 Stars  No Pressure 
The hose is as it says, but they dont tell you there will be no pressurebecause of small size nor is the hose long enough to be very useful.

2 Stars  Wonder Hose it isnt 
Bought 4 of these thinking would have something my dogs couldnt chew holes in. Worked fine till the connection on end broke. Had 2 with same defect. They need metal connections instead of plastic.

2 Stars  Sounds better than it is. 
I bought three 25 hoses in the middle of last summer. They work OK, but there is really very, very little pressure coming through because they are really quite narrow on the inside of the hose. If youre just doing a little watering of flower pots or a garden, they are OK. But dont expect to spray any distance or hose away dirt. Also, when I just hooked them up again for the season, one hose split from the connector, so that one is shot. Ive tried many different so-called wonder hoses and Ive yet to find one that really does everything its supposed to and lasts more than a few months.

3 Stars  Small Problem 
I liked the hose because it was easy to manage but the volume is less than twice that of my regular hose, and out of the 4 that I purchased 2 of them developed leaks and Im not talking about the end connections within a couple of months. I wish they were better then I would buy more

3 Stars  Pros and Cons 
I bought 2 of these to link because I hate dragging the heavy hoses around to water. Pluses- very light, easy to coil up, sufficient water output. Negatives- my nozzle leaked... so I bought an expensive nozzle guaranteed to not leak. Success!! Now I was ready to link my hoses together so I could reach my whole yard. Oops! I had not just one but 2 leaks in my first hose! So now I am only using the 2nd hose, not able to reach my entire yard easily, and feeling like I wasted my money. I was going to get two more for the front yard. I guess Ill see how long this hose lasts, but I hesitate to spend more money on these even though I loved the convenience.

5 Stars  Follow up after 2 months use 
Hoses are like people-theyre all different. Common sense told me the OUTside diameter was same as the little girls finger washing her roof, so the INside diameter would be SMALLer too. I live in the country & have my own well. Small diameter= less water wasted. If I had a pool to fill, if I was worried about being late for work, I would buy a 3 inch diameter fire hose for high water VOLUME. I can adjust my water PRESSURE at my well pump. About the worry of wrapping up the hose to keep it inside? Glad I read this after mine has been outside & hooked up for 2 summer months. No leaks yet THE BIG worry. Dealing with Pulse TV!! In my past I bought a case of dirt cheap little lanterns from them. Due to mfg. packaging 3 or 4 were broken when I opened the case. I called them & BOOM they sent replacements. NO, I did NOT throw the broken ones away!! I gave them to a disabled friend. He glued all the pieces together & gave me back 2 of them. He still has the other ones working fine after 2 years in his work area. I cant afford to throw things away like some. Ive dealt with these nice people 15 years+-? Even BEFORE they were called Pulse TV.

5 Stars  Hero Hose 
I love this hoses and very good price.

5 Stars  garden hose 
great water hosee

5 Stars  Toughest garden hose 
Im impressed- VERY flexible. Hooked in garage, ran it under the door for outside use. Worked just fine so far. Ive never had a hose like this. I bought 2 for cheaper $. I tightened them together by hand without any pliers Old people & they didnt leak!! You should buy a pair of these just to see how flexible they are.

5 Stars  Great hose! 
We ordered 2 hoses and love them. Its long enough to go around our fifth wheel RV. I washed the RV in 98 degree weather and was exhausted - so glad to have a hose that was light weight to roll up to put away when I finished. Also, it takes much less storage space than a regular hose. I dont know what people are talking about when they say that just a little water comes through the hose. There was plenty water to reach the top of our 13 foot high fifth wheel from the ground when washing it. PS Yes, I know there is an apostrophe in the word dont and it showed when typing this review. However, it did NOT show up when I previewed it.

1 Stars  Leaks 
Bought 2 and used them for a week. Loved them. Bought 2 more. 3 developed leaks. I threw them away.

5 Stars  Very good 
works good and is lightweight

3 Stars  On the fence 
All true that it is light weight, doesnt get hot in the sun and doesnt kink BUT I cant get it screwed onto the tap with the washer in - even took out and put in one 1/2 as thick and still not enough left to screw on to the tap. So w/o the washer it screws on fine but doesnt seal and water sprays all over. Seems odd that I am the only one that has mentioned the connection difficulty.

3 Stars  This hose is Ok 
This hose is advertised as virtually indestructible, but not totally true. A blowtorch may not hurt it, but it will get flatten if you run it over with your car. Also, not a good hose to use with a pressure washer as the hole is small and does not let enough water out. I do however, love the fact that its lightweight and does not kink.

4 Stars  Interesting! 
The hose is advertised as virtually INDISTRUCTABLE! However, when received, a flyer was included which includes the following * To prolong life of Hose Hero, completely drain and STORE INDOORS WHEN NOT IN USE. IF A BLOWTORCH WONT HURT IT, why concern about sun exposure? Contacted PULSE, which had no explanation for this inconsistency.

4 Stars  Like the hose just wish it was longer 
I do like the hose and it works like it says it should. I just wish it was longer.

5 Stars  Glad I got this 
Love it

5 Stars  No kinks at all 
Very nice hose. Works great and I havent gotten a kink yet. Going to order another one.

5 Stars  My favorite hose 
I have never used a better hose in my life.

4 Stars  Great Product! 
Very lightweight, kink-free, very easy to use. Performs exactly as advertised.

5 Stars  fantastic hose 
my search is over! This is the best hose Ive ever used. I love it. I wish it was longer, but I did put two together to get 50 feet. Love the nozzle I bought with it too. Thanks PulseTV

3 Stars  So SO 
I was thrilled to find a lightweight hose, but after I unpacked it and threw away the boxes, I found out the opening through which the water flows is on the small side.

5 Stars  My search is over! 
Best hose ever. Im not angry anymore while watering. This hose doesnt kink, get hot, or make me have to stop and walk back to flatten parts of hose. Love it!!

5 Stars  Great Features 
It loops around my wall mounted hose holder with room to spare. Its so flexible and so incredibly light weight. Sure enough, it doesnt tangle. The hose diameter and opening is a little on the small side. And it takes longer to fill my water containers to take further out in the yard than the 25 allowed and that is the absolute max but theyre keepers as far as Im concerned. In fact, Im thinking of ordering another one.

4 Stars  Great Features 
It loops around my wall mounted hose holder with room to spare. Its so flexible and so incredibly light weight. Sure enough, it doesnt tangle. The hose diameter and opening is a little on the small side. And it takes longer to fill my water containers to take further out in the yard than the 25 allowed and that is the absolute max but theyre keepers as far as Im concerned. In fact, Im thinking of ordering another one.

5 Stars  My search is over! 
Best hose ever. Im not angry anymore while watering. This hose doesnt kink, get hot, or make me have to stop and walk back to flatten parts of hose. Love it!!

1 Stars  Worthless! 
I was thrilled to find a lightweight hose, but after I unpacked it and threw away the boxes, I found out the opening through which the water flows is so small that there is virtually NO water coming through the hose. Now, I cant even return it because I threw away the boxes it came in. Great.

5 Stars  Fantastic hose 
OK, I was initially going to take off a star because it wasnt prime delivery as advertised, but it was delivered far earlier than the estimated delivery window, so I am happy with that. This is a fantastic hose. I needed 100 feet to reach the plants on the far side of the yard and this hose is perfect. It is everything for which it is advertised - lightweight, flexible, non-kinking. It has a small diameter, yet the flow was very adequate. It rolls up nicely after use, too. I am very happy.

4 Stars  So Far so Good 

3 Stars  Hose Hero 
Product is decent. The only design flaw is where the hose connects with a nozzle. It does not sit snug there and unscrewing or screwing in needs a wrench.

5 Stars  Love this hose 
Awesome hose. It does not age in the sun like other hoses and is cut resistant,flexible,non kinking, my dogs couldnt chew through. And...very light weight.Love it!

4 Stars  Nice Hose 
I bought this to spray and clean the windows and my car. I have to say it meets my expectations. It does the jobs I want it to do without any issues. Great product!

4 Stars  Goof Quality 
Very flexible, light and easy to coil up. Its actually easier to coil up with water in it, and still not heavy. Best suited for watering plants since it has a very small inside diameter. Its basically what you find on a good quality hand held shower.

5 Stars  Great Product! 
Very lightweight, kink-free, very easy to use. Performs exactly as advertised.

5 Stars  fantastic hose 
6/29/2017 - my search is over! This is the best hose Ive ever used. I love it. I wish it was longer, but I did put two together to get 50 feet. Love the nozzle I bought with it too. Thanks PulseTV

5 Stars  fantastic hose 
my search is over! This is the best hose Ive ever used. I love it. I wish it was longer, but I did put two together to get 50 feet. Love the nozzle I bought with it too. Thanks PulseTV

5 Stars  Great Product! 
Very lightweight, kink-free, very easy to use. Performs exactly as advertised.

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