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Potato Pocket - Makes Perfect Potatoes in 4 Min.

Potato Pocket - Makes Perfect Potatoes in 4 Min.

Potato Pocket - Makes Perfect Potatoes in 4 Min.
Potato Pocket - Makes Perfect Potatoes in 4 Min.
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The Potato Pocket is a microwavable cloth pouch used to cook potatoes or other vegetables quickly and easily in your microwave without drying them out.

Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds: speed and convenience paired with that oh-so-good texture you love.

It couldn't be easier to get perfectly cooked and great tasting potatoes. Simply wash potatoes or other vegetables and place them in the pouch and microwave!

While it is perfect for potatoes you can also cook... artichokes, asparagus, baked apples, broccoli, brussels sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, corn on the cob, green beans, winter squash and yams. I use it all the time for Corn on the Cob.

It is also wonderful for warming pastries and rolls... it makes them like they just came out of the oven.

Have fun experimenting with different foods!

I will recommend that since microwaves vary in power and cooking time, under cooked food items should cook in additional 30 second increments to get the food just the way you like it.

- Easy To Use
- No need to poke or prick the potato
- Cooks Evenly and Quickly
- Holds 2 regular sized potatoes
- Pouch is 9in x 7in
- Works for potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, tortillas and more

Great for everyone: families, students, seniors, you name it. You may even discover uses that we haven't thought of. No more wrapping, no more pricking, no more waiting around: The Potato Pocket Cooking Pouch is simple to use, and easy to care for.

It's a great gift for any occasion: housewarming, birthday, Christmas, welcome, going away, whatever.

PLEASE NOTE: The packaging says it holds 4 regular sized potatoes. We found it will only fit 2.

5 Stars  They work 
Got these for the wife to replace an older pair that were worn out. They work and work well. These ones require being in the microwave a bit longer for full cooking but otherwise no problems.

5 Stars  Great Hot Potato 
Makes baked potatoes a lot quicker.

5 Stars  perfect potatoes 
we cook our potatoes for two 4 minute cycles at 80%. They turn out perfect. No fuss no muss.

5 Stars  It Works 
Works exactly as described. Im impressed

5 Stars  good product 
I have had one myself for over a year and liked it so much that I ordered these for Xmas presents

5 Stars  Potatoe sack 
Works great!

5 Stars  Potato and Corn 
Easy cooks in minutes

5 Stars  These bags are amazing! 
I like baked potatoes but not the heat in the kitchen from the oven or toaster oven especially during the summer. Ive tried microwaving potatoes and was always disappointed. Even when I put them on plastic stands to get them off the turntable, they were unevenly cooked and raw in places or over cooked, Then I tried these. First time, I rinsed the medium russet, put it in the bag and microwaved it for 4 minutes. It came out soft and fully cooked and when I split it lengthwise it slipped out of the skins pretty easy to have the amazing taste of the potato. A little salt and pepper, and I can have a midafternoon snack in about 6 minutes from rinse to seasoning.

5 Stars  Great little product 
I didnt know what to expect of this but thought I would give it a try. It is amazing. I have never liked cooking baked potatoes in the microwave so I would spend an hour with them in the oven. Now I pop them in the bag, microwave for 5 minutes and they are just like they came out of the oven. Give it a try, youll love it.

5 Stars  works great after 4 minutes I could eat the sweet potato,that is sweet 
great product, works well

4 Stars  MUCH better than I expected! 
Tested with both red and sweet potatoes.

5 Stars  Very handy 
I love the fact that my potatoes come out perfect every time!

3 Stars  Disappointing 
Spotty performance. We needed to cook 2 potatoes for at least 10 minutes and the potatoes were not evenly cooked.

5 Stars  Good 
Works very well to make baked potatoes

5 Stars  Product Review 
I used this the first time to cook sweet potato. They came out just as advertised, just right and no problems. Getting ready to use again.

5 Stars  Baked Potato Bag 
I just love it as everyone I gave it to does. No waiting for oven to heat up no waiting for potato to bake and no heating up the kitchen on a HOT day.

4 Stars  Time of cooking is very dependent on size. 
It says 4 minutes +/- depending on your microwave. I put 2 large potatoes in for 4 minutes. Not cooked, so put in for another 2 min. and not done yet so 2 more minutes and finally were cooked enough to eat. Tasted good once done though. Still better than firing up the stove!

3 Stars  Mixed 
Not really sure that this speeds up the microwave cooking. Timing varies greatly, depending on the size of the potato. Wouldnt order again.

4 Stars  Potato Pocket 
The potato Pocket works great. It did take longer than the 4 Min advertised in our microwave, but tasted great.

5 Stars  Best baked potatoes 
Put your potatoes in these without piercing them, bake for four minutes and you have a great potato! I like that you dont have to cut open the potato for it to bake.

4 Stars  Great Baked Potatoes 
Works well. Recommends 4 min. in microwave, but I needed 5 min.

4 Stars  Great Potatoes No Cleaning Info Confusing Use Instructions 
The large baked potatoes, cooked one at a time, came out great each took seven minutes in our 1.58 KW microwave. Concerns there are no instructions for cleaning also, there is a warning DO NOT heat on HIGH but what High means depends on the particular microwave units maximum power rating. If not High, then what level is recommended? We did run ours on High with good results.

5 Stars  Works great 
No more shriveled over cooked potatoes. Tastes like oven baked.

3 Stars  Okay product 
Weve only used it once and still need to adjust time and microwave power. We actually used it for 2 potatoes and needed to extend the time and power. The final product/potatoes did come out better than ordinary microwaving.

5 Stars  Great 
This item is fantastic. It bakes the potatoes very well and they are quite tasty. Since, I received this item I have had baked potatoes about 5 times and have not been disappointed.

5 Stars  Baked Potato pocket 
I ABSOLUTELY love it Bakes an awesome potato in 4 minutes without heating up the kitchen. Bought several for my family and friends

5 Stars  Perfect baked potato 
Bought one for myself & my son. Liked it so well purchased one for my sister as we both use the microwave to bake the potatoes.


5 Stars  Bought this over a year ago and just bought another one... 
These are the only way I make my baked potatoes... they cook fast and you would never know they were made in a microwave. LOVE IT!

5 Stars  Hot Potato Coming Up 
Works great, just need to use smaller potatoes.

5 Stars  Pocket Potato 
This is a super way to bake a potato it cooks in 4 minutes.It is perfect everytime.It also matches my kitchen.

5 Stars  Whoop Whoop 
This is absolutely the greatest. So much better than a paper towel LOL. I have bought 1 for each part of my family for Christmas. LOVE IT !!! Great investment.

5 Stars  Wonderful 
The potato pocket is a wonderful product. Perfect potatoes every time. I highly recommend the potato pocket.

3 Stars  Works, but 
Takes 3 times as long as instructions. One potato they said takes 3 minutes. It took 8 or more. Better experiment with it.

5 Stars  Very good 
Tried it, and it works perfectly.

5 Stars  So much convenience! 
I have used for bags of small red potatoes in the bag, sweet potatoes, regular baking potatoes and asparagus. Cannot wait to try Paulas suggestions, too! Ease and saving time is the name of the game.

4 Stars  potato pocket 
I really like my potato pocket it makes a baked potato quickly in the microwave, and in just four minutes in most cases. It depends on the size of the potato.

5 Stars  Awesome! 
Im a horrible cook - but with this, the potato came out so creamy and perfect I was shocked! AAA+++

5 Stars  Really works 
Works as discribed.

5 Stars  Love this 
I highly recommend this!!

5 Stars  Works Great 
I love this potato bag. Wash a couple of potatoes, Sit inside. 4 minutes on one side, then I flip it and four minutes on the other. Done perfect! About once a week I wash it out in the sink and let air dry. Highly highly recommend!

4 Stars  It really works! 
Have only used once but it really cuts cooking time down.

5 Stars  potatoe cooker 
excellent, Never realized how quick it worked

5 Stars  WOW! 
This actually bakes a potato in just 5 minutes! It works!

5 Stars  Have a Hot Potato 
The potato pocket works great, just as described. Four minutes in the microwave and your spuds are ready to eat.

5 Stars  Nice 
This works on Irish and Sweet Potatoes. A great tool for people who want to fix a quick meal for one.

4 Stars  POTATOE pocket 
excellent product potates bake very creamy but take longer than advertized

5 Stars  Potato Pocket 
Great! Does what it says it will do!

5 Stars  Love this 
Absolutely incredible! Perfect baked potatoes in a fraction of the normal time.


4 Stars  potato pockets 
works as advertised

5 Stars  Potato Pocket 
They are great----one potato in 4 min---two in 7 or 8 min depending on size.

it is a fantastic product. Gave one to my grand daughters and the one used it and said it worked great. she wants me to order her another one. so think I will order 4 if I can get them.

4 Stars  Baked potatoes in 15 minutes 
A very handy thing to have in your kitchen reduces the time to bake a potato by one hour.

3 Stars  Potato bag 
I microwaved 2 large potatoes in the bag for 5 minutes, and they came out hard and uncooked in the middle. I put them back in for 2 more minutes, and they were cooked well. Ill try again with smaller potatoes.

5 Stars  Makes baked potatoes perfectly. 
This worked great for red & sweet potatoes !

4 Stars  A Pretty Good product. 
It does the job alright. The only problem I used a medium-sized potato it says four minutes and I had to use 2 more minutes to get it done all the way. Im sure it will take more than four minutes for more than one spud.

4 Stars  Perfect Potato 
I would have rated the potato pocket 5 stars, but the potato I cooked ended up taking 7 minutes rather than 4. It was worth the wait because the potato was delicious!

5 Stars  Great! 
I was dubious about it cooking in 5 min, but it did. I highly recommend.

5 Stars  Good Potato Pocket 
This is a great potato pocket. I use it for 1 big bake potato, microwave for 8 min. Love it. Bought 2 pockets.

4 Stars  Comfortable Baked Potatoes 
My wife has been making good baked potatoes in the microwave before we bought these cute little pocket blankets, but we are very happy with the results from using the potato pocket and will continue using them.

3 Stars  Potato Pocket 
Sorry, but it is just as easy to do the baked potatoes in the microwave dish after they have been stuck with the fork. Im sorry, but I was a little let down.

5 Stars  Potato Pocket 
I cant believe they actually bake potatoes in the microwave in five minutes as advertised but I shouldnt be surprised because everything I get from you guys works perfectly, thank you. Paul

2 Stars  Potato Pocket 
Either Im doing something wrong or these thing dont work well. Box states Cook for 5 minutes printed on the pocket No more than 4 minutes. Potatoes are cooked but still hard inside. I get the same results putting them in the microwave without the PP.

5 Stars  AMAZING! 
Love baked potatoes but hated the time to cook in oven. Now, just wash, dry, place in Potato Pocket, cook for FIVE minutes in microwave and you have a wonderful baked potato. So easy, same great taste.

5 Stars  potato pocket 
these 2 will work just fine as soon as i get some sweet potatoes. thanks again for offering them.

5 Stars  Potato pockets 
I really didnt think these would work, but they work so well Im glad I got them! These are great, thanks pulse!

4 Stars  Modify the cooking time. 
The time you use to cook the potatoes is dependent upon the wattage of your microwave oven and the size of the spuds. I am using a 1300 Watt oven and when using the recommended time of 4 min. it came out very cold and hard. I changed to 4 min. on one side and 5 min. on the other side. Works fine!

5 Stars  Quick and convenient 
These do the job as advertised, making coordination other food preparation much easier

5 Stars  Perfect potato 
This product is amazing. No need to poke holes in the potato and much faster means of cooking a potato or multiple potatoes. I bought 10 for Christmas presents and everyone loved them.

4 Stars  Potato Pocket 
Two spuds cooked pretty good but it took 8 minutes. Still much faster than the usual 350 Oven for over an hour. Came out soft and fluffy inside. Use a smaller baker for this cooking system.

5 Stars  Great 
Just as described

5 Stars  Quick Potato Pouch 
Works perfectly.

4 Stars  Quick Potato Pouch 
Worked great - even with more than one potato at a time

5 Stars  potato pouch 
Works well

5 Stars  Bun warmer? 
Extremely pleased with product.

5 Stars  Quick and Easy - Perfect Baked Potatoes Every Time 
I bought one of these in a gourmet kitchen store about a year ago...spent $9.99. These appeared on PulseTV for $.99 - I thought - no way it was the same item but what did I have to loose...It was the same item!! Real Baked Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes in minutes....I scrub the potatoes thoroughly before then when done I add a bit of butter- salt and pepper to the skin...No muss - No fuss! Highly recommend

4 Stars  Quick Potato Pouch 
The pouch is good but I had to microwave additional time. Potatoes did not get done within the 4 minutes as stated. However, it did do the trick.



5 Stars  potato bag 
Works as she said!

4 Stars  pototoe pouch 
this pouch works great, the potatoes come out cooked and soft.

5 Stars  Fast and Easy Meals in a Pouch 
I love artichokes but hate that it takes around 40 minutes to cook them. After a speedy delivery from PulseTV, I tried my PERFECT POTATO POUCH tonight. In under 5 minutes, I had my delicious artichoke. After that, I tried a small potato. It was tasty as well. I gave a bite to my roommate and she liked it so much she wanted me to cook her a potoao too. I cant wait to try cooking various vegtables in the PERFECT POTATO POUCH.

5 Stars  Great Potato pouch! 
I received a potato pouch as a gift that was much smaller than the one Pulsetv offers. I ordered 2 from PulseTV and use them on a weekly basis. Potatoes come out perfect! You really need two so one is ready to go when the others in the laundry.

4 Stars  Moist baked potatoes in the Microwave 
During the summer months I prepare baked potatoes and baked sweet potatoes in the microwave and some times they were not quite as good as the oven baked ones. This little kitchen helper seals the moisture in and they now come out tender and moist. I am glad I bought two. You can also wash the pouch in your washer.

3 Stars  No bad 
This product is not bad,but is not the best either.

5 Stars  Great Product! 
I frequently eat sweet potatoes and this potato pouch makes a perfectly baked sweet potato every time! Heres a tip. Wrap the potato in a paper towel before inserting in the pouch. This will greatly reduce the amount of times you have to wash the pouch.

5 Stars  great invention 
I bought these in December. We like baked potatoes in my family but dont always want to turn the oven on, especially in the summer months. Well, this works great. It does just what it says it will do in a very short time. I put in 3 regular sized potatoes and they were done in just about 6 minutes. Yes, the skins are not crispy but the taste of the potato inside, are great.Nice and dry middles. Just put some butter and sour cream on the skins and they are yummy too. These are a must buy.

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