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Mag-Mesh Hands-Free Screen Door

Mag-Mesh Hands-Free Screen Door

Mag-Mesh Hands-Free Screen Door
Mag-Mesh Hands-Free Screen Door
Compare at: $19.99  (75% off)
*PLEASE NOTE: Price break info on video may not be accurate when item is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

Take a breath of fresh air in and keep insects, mosquitos, and flies out with this magnetic mesh screen door. The middle seam of the screen netting is strategically lined with powerful magnet strips that allow the door to open and close seamlessly.

These durable mesh curtains have an increased thread count than other cheap screens on the market and the magnetic design allows for easy walkthroughs when your hands are full. Even dogs and cats can come and go as they please. The screen net will let the summer breeze in and keep annoying bugs out!

Simply peel & stick adhesive strips to your door frame and affix the Mag-Mesh for quick installation and removal during the off months.

Fits all door sizes - If your door frame measures 38" or less in width and 83" or less in height, then this hanging screen door will be the perfect fit. Makes a wonderful addition to any entry, patio, deck, tent, balcony, garage, and even sliding doors!

- Hands-Free Magnetic Screen Door
- Mesh Design Lets Fresh Air In, Keeps Bugs Out
- Pet Friendly Door Lets Them Come and Go
- Easy Peel & Stick Adhesive Strip Installation (adhesive strips not included)
- Offers UV Protection from Harmful Sunlight
- Fits Single & Sliding Doors
- Dimensions: 39" W x 83" H

3 Stars  Mag-Mesh Hands-Free Screen Door 
Upon use the door did not hold up too well, there were not enough tabs to use to attach to the door, therefore constant reattaching and the frame did not hold up too well upon use

3 Stars  Love the idea but execution may take some work 
The weather is perfect not too hot or cold a lot of the year where I live. I have purchased several and luckily they are inexpensive enough for you to experiment with to suit your needs. I have dogs that run through really fast, sometimes together so it is challenging for the magnet to release in time. The magnets are super strong which is perfect except when the mesh comes apart. Make sure you leave some give room when tacking it up or the mesh will tear apart from the sides AND the magnets. I have used duck tape to cure the tears from when I set this up, but am ready to put up my new ones since I think I have ways to cure the issues now.

5 Stars  Serves the Purpose 
Although I had to fold and adjust to fit my doors, the screen functions as it should.

5 Stars  screen 
This product works very well. I use both of mine in on my RV doors

4 Stars  Keeping cool without the bugs!! 
This clever little temporary door screen is a great item especially if you live where there is no permanent screen door.. to allow you to let fresh air in and keep bugs out!! We love it!!

1 Stars  Waste of money 
fell apart while I was installing -- The magnets came apart. Not enough velcro stripes to make a good seal. Did not close well - gaps let in flys and mosquitoes.

5 Stars  Works awesome 
This screen works awesome. Exactly as stated

4 Stars  Just what I needed 
Fits perfectly love it especially for the price

2 Stars  Too lightweight 
I would rate this product as barely useful. Too difficult to keep its screen panels from opening up. Needs heavier and better magnets. Not recommended.

5 Stars  No more bugs! 
This is the second one we have purchased. Easy to install and no more bugs in the house. It also works as a good doggie door. Thank you PulseTV for getting it here!!!

5 Stars  Keeps the Bugs Out! 
Easy to install and keeps the bugs Out!

4 Stars  Nice screen door 
Dosent hold up well with children. Had to buy a different kind.

4 Stars  Nice option where a screened door is not practical 
Easy to install, easy to use. We put it up between the kitchen and garage-garage door is often left open-and it works well. We had a young large visiting dog that had difficulty with it and ripped it at the top. Our dog does fine. For the price, I just ordered another and will repair the torn one to keep in reserve. Now that we have become used to the screen, we dont want to be without it.

5 Stars  screen doors 
works great,good price,now when i come in with food from the grill i just walk through the screens and the strong magnets closes right up! definetly recommend i might purchase another one for the front door.

4 Stars  Works as promised 
I hung this up on my back door to allow the animals to let themselves in and out. The unit does come with 12 Velcro attachments, not 13. At first we had a hard time keeping the door up but when we reinforced the outside with tub tacks it works perfectly. The magnets attach themselves every time.

1 Stars  Doesnt stay fastened 
Sorry. Just a bad experience here. The instructions show you need 13 Velcro hanging Rectangles however only 12 supplied. Probably because instructions have two number 7. Good thing I bought 2 screens so used one from other package. After continuing to rehang due to non-adhesion to screen material itself I gave up. Too bad.

5 Stars  Satisfied 
This is a great value for the price. Easy to install and now I am able to enjoy fresh air and no insects!

5 Stars  Best screens for your door! 
This were essential for our re-opening of my daughters dance studio. With Covid 19, we had to make sure that all rooms had plenty of circulation and we ordered 4 to cover each entrance. They work perfectly! Plenty of air can come in, but it keeps the bugs out! Thanks so much for this great product!

5 Stars  Work great, .....but,,, 
These work great, until your cat decides to invent his own method of getting back indoors. He tore the entire bottom hem line off....Other than that, the other cats figured out the correct way to enter and exit......

5 Stars  Great Product 
Works great. Easy to put up and use. Perfect if you have small children or pets.

5 Stars  Works great 
Purchased this mesh door because we have a doggie door and would have to install one in a permanent screen door. This works great. Dogs learned very quickly how to go in and out with no problem. Ideal for a summer door that is convenient for the animals.

5 Stars  Mesh screen door 
I love this item. It closes itself with magnets after going through it and help keep mosquitoes and bugs out

5 Stars  Great product 
I have purchased a few here. I had to replace them when crazy dogs visit

5 Stars  Review Of items 
Everything I ordered was exactly what I expected them to be. I will be shopping again soon for more items.

5 Stars  Worth the Price 
We take several of these when we are on vacation to use at various Airbnb properties that may not have screen doors or screens on the windows. They are so lightweight it doesnt add too much to our luggage.

3 Stars  Heat affects glue 
When putting this screen of make sure it is nice and cool outside the heat melts the glue on a Velcro and it comes off very easily the screen door seems to be decent but the Velcro glue is not

5 Stars  GIFTS 
We gave them as gifts! We did the same with the last set we bought! They loved them, so we got them again for the same people! Theyre pets destroyed the first set they had!

5 Stars  Awesome Product 
This Mesh Screen is definitely worth the money, easy access in and out and it is very easy to put up and well made.

3 Stars  instant mesh guard screen door 
they work pretty good, but tear easy. the sun seems to help with the tearing problem. glad I bought more then one. youll need more then one to make it through summer.

5 Stars  Great new door! 
One of the greatest inventions of all times. We have sliding glass doors with no screen, so it was always closed. Since using this mesh screen, we no longer have to get up and open the door for our small dog! The door is always open now, the screen is in place and lets the air in, keeps bugs out and our pup can come and go as he wants! He started/learned how to get in and out on day one! The magnets are very strong keeping mesh closed, but durable enough for our 12 lb pup to use and push open. We just love this screen!

5 Stars  Mesh Guard Magnetic Screen Door 
Easy to install & handy especially during summer days.

3 Stars  Makes Going Out on the Deck Easier 
The hook and loop tape is black. I was using it on a white frame so I bought white hook and loop to use. That tape worked well. The black tape that came with the screen did not stay on the fabric the screen kept flying off. So I used fabric glue to hold them. Ive had no problems since. The screen is very convenient.

5 Stars  Great! 
Super easy to install use the tacks - . If you have a metal door, the magnets often stick to it.

5 Stars  Awesome! 
It works so well on our back slider door! So Perfect!

3 Stars  Screen Door 
I received it on time and looks good but I have not yet tried it.

4 Stars  Mesh door screen 
Good idea

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