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Flexible Chopping Mats 2-pk

Flexible Chopping Mats 2-pk

Flexible Chopping Mats 2-pk
Flexible Chopping Mats 2-pk
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Throw away that old, bulky, scratched chopping board... It's time for the space age flexible chopping mat!

High Quality Chopping Mats for the Kitchen!

These Flexible Chopping Mats are perfect for cutting, chopping, and slicing. The surface won't dull knives. The Flexible Chopping Mats provide a sanitary work surface while protecting your countertops.

Fold the sides and it becomes a funnel. It's great for chopping veggies for stir fry or crushing crackers for pie crust.

Use it on the go! Roll it up and take it camping, boating, and to picnics, parties, and RVs.


- Two flexible chopping mats
- 12" x 15"
- Dishwasher safe
- FDA approved
- Can be used as a funnel

5 Stars  Flexable chopping mat 
Love these! I use them for almost everything. Easy to store and clean.

5 Stars  Makes prep work so much easier 
We have been using a wooden cutting board and a glass cutting board. The wooden board is stiff/solid and lots of cuts in it which makes it hard to scrape the cuttings off into containers and I dont believe it is very sanitary with all the gouges cut into it and the glass one is also hard to scrape the cuttings off and I dont think the hard glass is helping to keep the knives sharp either. These flexible chopping mats are well made, easy to clean, easy on the cutting tools, and so easy to bend into a sort of funnel to put the cuttings into the containers. And all it takes is a quick spray of water to clean it off between products and then dishwasher safe when done using to sanitize. And the price is GREAT too.

5 Stars  PERFECT! 
Love, love love these mats. I use them for just about everything!

5 Stars  Flex is Best 
I do all my slicing and dicing on one of these. Its easy to dump the sliced material into a pot or skillet.

5 Stars  Great kitchen basic 
Works great and I can roll it up and put it away when Im done using it. Perfect for people like me, with little counter space. Keeps my countertops scratch free.

5 Stars  Bought multiple times 
Inexpensive and more sanitary then wood. I still use wood but these are great for onions and meat. The large size allows room for cutting lots of veggies, then bending and dropping into soups and Crock-Pots without getting veggies everywhere but in the pot. Great price, great multi-faceted product

5 Stars  Great!! 
Love these!!

4 Stars  really good cutting sheets of plastic 
Very good product at a cheap price.

5 Stars  great 
I love the flexibility and large enough to cut whole bunches.

5 Stars  cheap and effective 
Much better than cutting boards. Dishwasher safe. Take up little space. So cheap you can discard when they get too scuffed up.

5 Stars  Best chopping mats 
These are the best, hands down, chopping mats!! Easy to use, easy to clean up, and doesnt take up alot of room in your cabinets! The price of these are unbelievable, affordable!! I hope Pulse will continue to keep these in stock!!

5 Stars  Flexible Chopping Mats 
I love them!

5 Stars  I use it a lot 
Very pleasantly surprised because I have always used wooden chopping blocks and had to sharpen my knives often. Now I dont.

4 Stars  Low cost chopping mat alternative. 
Works as should. Not sure how long they will hold up. Only time will tell.

5 Stars  Very handy 
The flexibility of this cutting mat makes it easy to scoop up and pour your cut items into the pan without excess work. Excellent product for a good price.

4 Stars  Great for chopping then sliding into a bowl without making a mess 
These are inexpensive and may not last a lifetime, but they protect my counter tops and let me cut veggies and then use as a funnel to slide them into a bowl. Cant beat the price!

4 Stars  mat 

5 Stars  Chopping Mat 
it was easy to use and to bend was great to cut and put in container.

5 Stars  Great alternative to a chopping block! 
Love these mats for cutting sandwiches, etc.

5 Stars  We love these mats! 
We use these mats for everything. They store easily so we dont have to get out a big cutting board. Unlike wood cutting boards, they clean up easily without fear of bacteria growing in the wooden ones. One big surprise was when I ordered mine, it said you get 2 for the price. When I opened my package, there were 2 in the plastic they came in. I was surprised when I checked the shipping box they came in weeks later prior to recycling it and found a second set of 2 mats. What a Bargain!

5 Stars  Works well 
These are as described and works well. After cutting it is nice to be able to pick up and fold to pour most things into containers/plates.

5 Stars  Perfect for a chop and drop! 
If you chop, anything, ever, you want a few of these! Kinda perfect!

5 Stars  Flex Chopping Mats 
I really like the mats for chopping up my veggies. With the Flex Mat I dont have to pickup stuff off the floor like when I used a hard flat surface. Thanks to the guy that came up with the idea.

5 Stars  Cutting mats 
I am legally blind. The flexible cutting mats makes chopping vegetables or meat easy when completed the task, fold the mat and put into cooking pot. The mats flexible ability eliminates spills, and speeds up cooking time for me. I recommend this product to anyone who enjoys cooking, but doesnt like the mess that rigged cutting boards make.

5 Stars  I like them 
they work fine!

4 Stars  Chopping mats 
The mats are useful mainly because theyre so flexible. I especially like the size and how it fits on the counter Im using.

5 Stars  Chopping mats 
Love them!

5 Stars  Awesome 
Use these for everything I chop or cut

5 Stars  what I needed 
My wife liked them very much for chopping food items.

5 Stars  Un-Real 
Honestly, at first it sounded too good to be true so I went for the Gold and purchased 5 of the 2-Packs. They arrived rather quickly and were distributed as quickly as I had received them. One not the whole 2-pack was given to my brother, one each to my two sisters, for now one each to my 4 of 5 step daughters. They all were hesitant in trying it as reflective of the constant did you try the cutting mat yet. Finally a response from my brother thanks bro that is so cool and convenient, we use it now everyday . This is pretty much the same all around to those that had the fortune to receive one. Oh yes they all will be ordering their own soon , and save some to gift around Christmas this year. Thank you PulseTV.com I will give them your info so they stop bugging me.

5 Stars  Flexible Chopping Mats 2-pk 
I have these on the counter and although they are slightly curled up lengthwise, they serve the purpose of preventing scratches on my decorative board or counter and are easy to scoop up and dump the chopped foods into a bowl or pan.

5 Stars  Chopping Mats 
Great to chop veggies on, wide enough too.1 for meat & 1 for vegetables.Easy to clean.A 5 STAR RATING

5 Stars  Chopping mats very useful 
Useful for cutting, slicing in kitchen and workshop. Covers wood board or other surfaces prone to gouging or scratches.

5 Stars  Love It 
Easy to store, cleans up easy and works like it should.

4 Stars  Stocking Stuffer 1 for My Daughter 
I bought two earlier for myself and use them frequently. They make good stove top protection covers on which you can prepare food. I bought two for my daughter and she really likes them.

5 Stars  Muli-Use Mat 
Not just a chopping mat. I bought two and cover the stove top to use as additional counter/cooking prep space. Roll it up for a funnel. I bought two for my daughter.

5 Stars  Very useful product 
This is the second purchase of this item. My wife uses it often and wanted to upgrade to a newer set. Very happy with product.

5 Stars  Chopping mats very useful 
I use the chopping mats primarily in the kitchen, but in the workshop as well. Elimination of waste from the mats is highly convenient, containing mess, and offering easy portability. I am a repeat buyer.

5 Stars  Butch 
Works great

5 Stars  Great value 
These are larger than expected. They cover my large cutting board. You can fold it up to move the prep to the pot or pan.

5 Stars  Invaluable 
I use these mats every day in my kitchen. When they need to be replaced I use them when potting plants.

5 Stars  Greatest Kitchen Aid Ever! 
These chopping mats are useful for so many things besides chopping! I use them for crafts to keep paint or glue off my table, old ones cut up to place under pottery that might scratch the table, under potted plants in case of a leak, anywhere my husband may drop a car part or tools and keeps the gunk on the mat instead of the floor, in addition to protecting my cabinet tops under appliances and his bad cooking habit of not using the chopping block. That alone has saved me so much money in not having to refinish the counter tops! Last Christmas, I painted Poinsettias on the reverse side and used them as placements at a party for the guest to take home - they loved them!
Wow Betty! I loved reading how you've used the mats in so many different ways. Thanks for all the ideas!
9/28/2019 - Paula

5 Stars  Convenient 
Easy to use. Fabulous.

3 Stars  convenient but not so durable 
it wasnt that bad but slicing meat on it,,well,,knife marks all over,,dont think it will last too long

5 Stars  chopping mat 
very convenient and easy to use and clean

5 Stars  Great thing to cut on 
When you dont want to contaminate your wooden cutting board this plastic cutting sheet is great. You use it and can wash right off.

5 Stars  great product 
They are sturdy and work great. Great price.

5 Stars  I love these! 
You cant beat the price for these handy chopping mats. They are handy for meal prep

Works really well

4 Stars  Chopping mats are the best 
love my new chopping mats

4 Stars  Great 
Bought these for my wife I have been buying those for years from others catalog companies of course at a higher price I saw them at more than half price and boom Got it.

5 Stars  Great mats 
These are handy to have as extra chopping options, then throw them in the dish washer for easy cleanup.

5 Stars  What a great idea 
These are nice and cheap and you can chop your stuff and fold up the mat and dump the meat, fruit, veggies, etc. right in to your pan without the scraping the hand cupping that keeps your dogs under your feet waiting for what you drop. They clean up beautifully and are so cheap - just toss after they show signs of wear!

4 Stars  Flex chopping mats. 
The mats are just what I wanted. They are much better than chopping blocks and easy to wash.

4 Stars  Bought Them Again 
Ive purchased these before. Very handy. Gave some as gifts. Double duty as cutting board or makeshift funnel - sort of. 4 Stars? Always room for improvement.

5 Stars  Lots of Uses besides Chopping 
I always keep at least one spare pkg of these mats available. I use them to save my countertops, for chopping, decorating cookies or cakes when crafting or painting, and anywhere I do not want surface damages. They are wonderful.

4 Stars  Works great 
works great

5 Stars  These are great. 
This is my second set. I use them all the time. After a few months, they show the knife marks, but they are plastic and I expected this. The ability to bend them and dump the cuts into the pot is nice. Without a lip on them, you can still put jars and cans on the edges without a spill.

5 Stars  Flexible chopping mat. 
For some reason I didnt see I was getting 2 cutting boards, however they r great. I love the way they dont take up room, they bend easy for me to put my veggies in a bowl n they r easy to clean.

3 Stars  chopping mats 
Not heavy duty

4 Stars  I really like what I ordered. 
There is only one drawback, that I thought would be a little thicker. But after using, I think will be fine.

5 Stars  chopping mats 
I really like these mats for chopping. They are bigger than i expected and just as sturdy as the others that i have. More room to cut on!! I like that. They wash very easily and they dont cut up when you are slicing things. I didnt have many places in mine when i cut. The price was amazing! Especially for two of them.

5 Stars  Great 

5 Stars  Chopping Mats 
These were flexible and easy to work with.

5 Stars  Chopping Mats 
I have been looking for these everywhere. These chopping mats are great. They are tough enough for cutting vegetables and meat. They are thin so they dont get in the way and things dont fall off when cutting. Yeah, Id buy them again if I needed to.

5 Stars  Better than you think!!! 
These cutting mats are great! It so not bulky and you dont have to do a lot of cleaning. Just put it in the dishwasher and go.

5 Stars  Super cutting boards 
Love these, especially for the price. No more spilling onion and veggies across the room to put in the frying pan curl up the edges and dump, and very time-saving.

5 Stars  Chop your heart away 
Great for chopping meat or veggies. I got two so I wouldnt get cross contamination. LOVE this product.

5 Stars  Flexible Chopping Mats 2-pk 
I have various cutting boards that I use. These flexible mats work even better than the boards. I use one less bowl/cup and they store far easier. Cleanup is a snap.

5 Stars  Flexible cutting mats 
Thin, flexible, easy to clean and there are two of them. Great product. Easy to put chopped vegetables into a pot or bowl.

I had bought this product a long time ago from another company, and I figured it was time to get new ones. I love this chopping mat, it is so convenient to use. No mess and so easy to go from chopping to pan, plus they clean up great as well.

5 Stars  Perfect 
These are the most used items in my kitchen. Sturdy, flexible and easy to clean

5 Stars  Love These Cutting Mats 
Highly recommend these Mats so handy to use for cutting anywhere in your kitchen and very fast to clean up. I like them so much I ordered for my family and plan to order more for myself.

5 Stars  Handy lite weight. 
This is the second time I have bought these, use them every day, they are easy to clean, and dishwasher safe.

4 Stars  functional 
Seem to work as advertised. Im using them on my workbench instead of the kitchen.

5 Stars  Great for cutting 
Love them. More practical than a cutting board.

4 Stars  Perfect 
I like them because they are very light and can be easily stored. Also washing them is very easy. Thanks PulseTV

5 Stars  Best Chopping Mats 
I dont only chop on them but I do some heavy cutting. the heavy cutting after time leaves cut marks in the mat at which time I either replace them or clean with rubbing alcohol to make sure no germs are spread. I love them because after you chop you can fold them in half to pour things into where you want them and even with heavy use they last a good 4 months.

5 Stars  Flexible Chopping Mats 
Just to let you folks know, these mats are awesome!! Very flexible and convenient and dishwasher safe. What more can you ask for!!!

5 Stars  Chopping Mats 
I found them tobe better than expected and a great value value. I would buy them again.

5 Stars  the great easy 
SO easy to use, easy to store, easy to clean! Thats why they are great

4 Stars  Flexible Chopping Mats 2-pk 
Easy to use -easy to clean

5 Stars  Flexible chopping mats 
Item came as described. Very easy to both use and wash.

5 Stars  Chopping board 
Absolutely great.

4 Stars  Good 
Not as sturdy as I thought it wood be.

5 Stars  the perfect item 
At first you think that this is one of those too good to be true items, but it is the perfect kitchen helper. Ive given several to family members who all had the same response...wonderful. They are sturdy and easy to clean.

5 Stars  GREAT 
Great product- great price - great company to do business with.-- nothing more to say !!

5 Stars  Where have these been all my life? 
I wanted to try them out as soon as I saw them advertised, and having bought them, I am exceedingly happy. They cover a larger surface than any other cutting board I have, and they clean up easily. I was a little concerned at first with the knive cuts into the surface, but they clean right out and dont retain anything. They are all I use at this point.

5 Stars  These are great! 
I have a variety of cutting boards. I use these more than anything.

5 Stars  No mess 
Love this!! We use it at our camper. Stores easily and no messes!!!

5 Stars  Good Stuff 
These cutting mats perform as promised. Its perfect for fast and easy transferring of chopped/diced/sliced food into a larger container or skillet without creating a mess.

5 Stars  AL 

5 Stars  Nice chopping mats 
I bought similar mats before and loved them. These are less decorative, but do the job.

5 Stars  Flexible Chopping Mats 2-pk 
These are great chopping mats we use them for camping easy to roll up & fit in backpack.

5 Stars  Flexible Chopping Mats 2-Pk 
Perfect! Used these for years, never thought Id find them again. Much better than a heavy chopping block. the price is also great!

5 Stars  Save those counter tops! 
We recently installed new granite countertops and want to keep them like new. These mats are the perfect solution - no leaks to discolor the tops or knife edges to chip the surface. Easy to clean and so far has not shown any knife marks.

4 Stars  Flex Mat 
Overall I was pleased with this item. Very convenient to just pull out the mat and chop something up, wash it and put it away

5 Stars  Great product 
We love these mats. I use them for chopping and cutting my husband uses them for handiwork. Their flexibility is a plus.

5 Stars  Chopping mat 
I have used these before and I love them easy clean up in dishwasher I would buy them again

5 Stars  Super product 
Wonderful mat. As you can tell, I got 10 of them

5 Stars  Dramma 
Use this all the time on my granite countertops. Just peel my fruits or veggies Simple clean-up Stores easily. Have now purchased some as stocking stuffers

5 Stars  2 chopping mats 
worth y gift for all chefs to be

3 Stars  Flexible chopping mats 2-pk 
I love the chopping mats but when I opened the package they were stuck together at the hole that is punched in the center top. When I went to pull them apart one of them got a small tear on it. Do not get me wrong I love the use of them, it is just that one has a small tear around on of the holes on one.

4 Stars  multi-use 
also good as place mats when you want the table setting to show through

5 Stars  Love thees! 
Every time I place an order here, I always seem to buy another set of these. I have several now, but have given them away also. They are GREAT!!!! They last quite a while, but eventually you have to replace them. I almost feel like having a little going-away ceremony when I have to throw one away because theyve done such a good job for me! I havent used my butchers block for ages now because of these handy little mats. Kudos to whoever thought these up!

4 Stars  Flexible Chopping mat 
This works just like they say. Keep in mind at 73 I dont haul steel, machinery or oversize loads anymore. Im the cook now for 5 years. I may use a Sharpie marker to tune-up, outline this mat. Its so clear I cant tell where the mat quits & the counter starts. I have a heavy clunky plastic? cutting board with a ridge around its edge that I use mostly. When I outline this one I can use it often when chopping vegs for omelets & soups. Pouring small items from this is a dream. So much for my two cents. PS nobody has gotten sick yet, but were both gaining weight.

5 Stars  A Must for the Kitchen 
I am now ordering these for the third time they do eventually wear out. I use mine all the time - the mat protects the counter surface, and the flexibility allows you to funnel your stuff into a waiting pot. I also use them when pounding out meat for schnitzel and such - put the meat between two of these, then have at it.

5 Stars  Great 
Works great, I gave a few to friends. Easily folds and cleans.

5 Stars  Flexible Chopping Mats 2-pk 
Love these chopping mats. Very convenient. Easy to use and clean. Easy to transport chopped items to pan or dish. Valuable for use in the kitchen!

5 Stars  Flexiblle chopping Mats 
These mats are so versible for doing a number of tasks. They are great for crushing crackers or cookies for recipes and easy to pour into a bowl or measuring cup. The food does not stick to them.

5 Stars  Flexible Chopping Mats 
Great little mats,

5 Stars  I needed these 
nice to find something you need at a really good price. fast delivery

5 Stars  Very convenient 
The flexible chopping mats are working really well for chopping and also as a mat for meats for sanitary purposes.

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