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Incredible Super Sticky Tape - 3pk

Incredible Super Sticky Tape - 3pk

Incredible Super Sticky Tape - 3pk
Incredible Super Sticky Tape - 3pk
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This 3-pack of super sticky double-sided tape is perfect for mounting/holding any object and adheres to almost any smooth surface. Perfect for wood, plastic, metal, aluminum and glass surfaces.

Use Double Sided Super Sticky Tape Anywhere Works Instantly

Use for hobbies, crafts, home improvements, decorating or anywhere you need to secure something like carpets, pictures or power cords. Instant bonding does not require any curing or drying. Simply cut to length and press between 2 objects or surfaces for instant use.

Waterproof tape is perfect for indoor and outdoor use in dry or wet environments. Tape can also be reused! Just rinse it off and let dry before reusing.


  • A 3-pack of super sticky tape (7ft ea.)
  • Use wet or dry
  • Sticks to almost any smooth surface; glass, wood or metal
  • Great for hobbies, crafts, decorating and home improvements
  • Double-sided
  • Reusable
  • Transparent
  • 21 Total Feet of Tape!

  • 5 Stars  Just as video said 
    This has a strong hold to most surfaces. It is easier to use than industrial glue. It doesnt stick to nails for false nails or skin.

    5 Stars  What a great item to have around. 
    Have used this tape for lots of things and it really works well. A crafter should have this in their supplies.

    5 Stars  Very Good 
    I bought this to put up a picture frame that holds a chart and a display board on a door. It worked great! Very impressed.

    5 Stars  Great 
    I love this stuff.

    5 Stars  WOW!!!! This Tape is Amazing 
    I normally do not post reviews. But this tape is AWESOME. 1] I had a wire for my dashboard camera that runs across the top of my windshield. It had a clip and due to the Texas heat, I could not find ANYTHING that would keep the clip attached. This tape fixed the problem. 2] I was installing a tool holder on my boat and did not have extra hands to hold it in place while I drilled the holes. And regular shipping and electrical tape would not work. I put two small pieces of this tape and it held perfectly while I drilled the holes.

    3 Stars  Super Sticky Yes! But... 
    I have a 20inch wall clock of which the nail that held it on the wall broke off when I updated the time. I decided to use the Super Sticky Tape which I had recently purchased from Pulse. First try, not strong enough to hold. Perhaps, I used too little tape so I made two large strips. It held - yippy! A couple days later...Bang! it fell off the wall. Its good tape but dont expect it to hold up the San Andreas fault.

    5 Stars  Great tape 
    The tape works really well. I would reccomend it highly

    5 Stars  works great 
    did the job !

    5 Stars  So far, so good! 
    I used the tape to hang a small picture in my bathroom on a lightly textured wall. It is still on my wall after a couple of weeks. I tried other brands of double-sided tape, but none worked for very long. This one is a winner so far.

    5 Stars  Super Sticky Tape 
    Used it for outdoor Holloweem decorations and it worked out better than expected. Good stuff!

    4 Stars  sticky tape 

    5 Stars  Great tape !! 
    Truly a super tape.

    4 Stars  works with precautions 
    the tape works fine, except it is very hard to peel off the plastic covering had to use tweezers. Also, once the covering is off, very hard to not get ones fingers stuck to the tape, seemingly forever.

    4 Stars  Good purchase 
    Product works quite well.

    5 Stars  FANTASTIC 

    5 Stars  So far its great 
    Ive used it for 3 things and so far it is holding them up.

    5 Stars  It works 
    I m so amazed how easy it is to use this tape. It works and I m buying another one as soon as I m out. Love it!

    5 Stars  Seems to work 
    So far the things Ive used this on have stayed together. I havent had a chance to use it much yet but so far, so good.

    5 Stars  The only double-sided tape that actually works 
    Ive tried so many and not been happy... THIS one actually works.

    5 Stars  This is great! 
    Im using it for everything. I even used it outside on my brick wall to hang up some stuff. Super Sticky is the perfect name!

    1 Stars  Dont buy 
    NOT the same as seen on TV. Immediately stretches out of shape. Might be useful one time, but once only.

    4 Stars  great tape 
    very useful for many reasons,would definitely buy again

    5 Stars  Great item 
    Work well easy to use.

    5 Stars  Awesome 
    Works great

    5 Stars  Works great!!!!! 
    Much better than the 2 sided foam tape.

    5 Stars  Stiiiiiicky! 
    Im a tape and glue guy and this stuff is the real thing. The tape is heavy, not thin, so not good for packaging, or mail. The adhesive is very good, I even used a small piece for a gun repair. Recommended.

    5 Stars  Just As Described 
    I purchased 4 rolls of this tape. I have already used it, and I found it to be exactly as described. It is very sticky, it holds items in place and is not easily removed, however, you can remove it from most solid items. I am very happy with this tape, and I would purchase it again as needed.

    5 Stars  Super Tape 
    I purchased some tape about a year ago and used it to mount a three plug extension cord, it fell after one plugin. It was useless! But I needed to try again and when I saw the ad for another tape, it looked good so I took another chance. I tried the same extension plug and with all three plugged in, its still on. I think it would take a sledgehammer to knock it off. I also hung some paintings on walls and it worked fine.

    5 Stars  Great tape 
    Easy to use works good will buy more.

    5 Stars  Holds My Throw Rug In Place Beautifully 
    This tape is amazing! For a long time Ive had a throw rug on the bathroom floor. I got used to the slipping and walked on it carefully. My guests didnt like it. I tried this Super Sticky Tape. It was easy to use and it keeps the throw rug in place beautifully! No slipping whatsoever! Great product!

    5 Stars  Super Sticky Tape 
    I found this tape to be amazingly good, it really sticks ! Just for the heck of it I tried it on a couple items and could not get it off...Tried it on small carpeting I had here but it did not stick to it, my only complaint.

    5 Stars  Super Sticky Tape 
    Already have found several uses for this tape. Nice product and sticks well.

    5 Stars  incredible sticky tape 
    Really works well, had been using museum tape , this is much better and less messy.

    5 Stars  Great Tape! 
    Performs as advertised. I put up a small wooden shelf in our bedroom & it has not moved. Works great!

    5 Stars  excellent product-very sticky and strong 
    had a light fixture that needed some extra support and this provided it without being seen and being very strong.

    5 Stars  Clear two sided tape 
    Very sticky, pliable and works well !

    5 Stars  Best Products 
    The products are great, and perform just as prescribed. I love Pulse TV and all the people. Thank you for having a business we can all trust.

    5 Stars  Great Nano Tape 
    I sell Alien tape at my store and i LOVE the sticky tape way better.

    5 Stars  Something that actually does what it says!!! 
    Try it out and see for yourself!

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    Incredible Super Sticky Tape - 3pk

    This 3-pack of super sticky double-sided tape is perfect for mounting/holding any object and adheres to almost any smooth surface. Perfect for wood, plastic, metal, aluminum and glass surfaces.