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A Pound of Papermate Ballpoint Pens 60-Pack

A Pound of Papermate Ballpoint Pens 60-Pack

A Pound of Papermate Ballpoint Pens 60-Pack
A Pound of Papermate Ballpoint Pens 60-Pack
Compare at: $14.99  (80% off)
*PLEASE NOTE: Price break info on video may not be accurate when item is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

Brighten up your writing with Paper Mate InkJoy Ballpoint Pens! Each box contains 60 black ink pens for your writing, jotting, and doodling pleasure.

These ballpoint pens feature a reliable, ultra-smooth ink formula that starts fast and don't drag, so your work won't, either. Whatever you're writing suddenly becomes more fun.

The pens have a 1.0mm medium point tip that makes your messages easy to see.

The body of the pens are clear so you can see the amount of ink contained within. Removable cap features a handy clip.

Perfect for school, home, office, backpack, purse, and much more!


- Ultra-smooth ink flows as freely as your thoughts
- Reliable for fluid lines
- Bold black ink makes writing more fun
- Includes 60 ballpoint ink pens
- Color: Black
- Tip Type: Medium Point (1.0mm)
- Perfect for school, home, office, backpack, purse, and much more

5 Stars  Great for pen borrowers 
The price for 60 pens is awesome enough, less than a cup of coffee these days. Another thing I like is that I can lose a few to people who borrow my pen, and I never see it again! Ive lost a few really nice and expensive pens through the years, some that were given to me as gifts. Now its, Heres a pen, Just keep it!

5 Stars  60 Pens! Hello??? 
You absolutely cannot go wrong for the price. I bought two and will probably never have to buy another pen for at least a decade!

5 Stars  Great deal wonderful pens 
I bought a box for our office and theyre great. I think we will be ordering more!

4 Stars  Pens 
Great price for 60 papermate pens.

4 Stars  Great deal 
Pens work quite well

2 Stars  Poor color intensity 
I have macular degeneration and cannot see light print well. The first couple pens I tried did not write dark enough

5 Stars  Wow. Sixty pens for less than $4.00. 
Have not had a chance to use products yet. Cant beat the price of the pens.

5 Stars  Good deal 
We are pleased with our purchase of the 60 pens, as we can share them with family and friends, and not spend much to do so.

5 Stars  WHAT A BARGIN! 
Cant go wrong with this deal. 60 pens! And they are Paper Mates!

5 Stars  Bought for work 
These are cheaper than I can buy from Sams Club so I bought a couple for my office and they work well.

4 Stars  Light Bulb and the Pens 
Out of the box, NONE of the pens worked! However, if one places the tip of the pen on a light bulb that has warmed up for two or three minutes whala the pens work fine. They are a fine and smooth writing pen. Good buy!

I wouldnt use one of these, but purchased for the American Legion Post where pens disappear frequently or wear out.

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