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PedEgg Powerball Pivoting Callus Remover (Deluxe Kit)

PedEgg Powerball Pivoting Callus Remover (Deluxe Kit)

PedEgg Powerball Pivoting Callus Remover (Deluxe Kit)
PedEgg Powerball Pivoting Callus Remover (Deluxe Kit)
Your Price: $9.99
Compare at: $29.99  (66% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $15.98 (73% off)
Get one kit for $9.99
Save $4.00 more on two kits for $15.96
Save $6.00 more on three kits for $23.97
SORRY there is a limit of 3 kits per order

Easily remove calluses, dead skin and other abrasions with the PedEgg Powerball Callus Remover.

The dual-axis pivoting head uses an advanced nano-abrasion roller technology, to painlessly buff and smooth dry, callused skin.

Professional Foot Care At Home

The motorized roller spins up to 2000 RPMs to give you the power and efficency of professional units that are used in the finest of spas.

You'll have effortlessly smooth feet in no time. No hiding in close-end shoes or embarrassing moment by your callused feet. Be confident in sandals or flip flops. Show off your soft and smooth feet!

Rechargeable Battery Saves You Money

This deluxe, professional model also has a rechargeable 600mAh Li-ion battery so there's no need to continually buy batteries. Plus it is 40% stronger than the battery operated version.

Simply recharge the battery with the provided adapter charging for 8 hours.

Over 50 Million PedEggs Sold in the USA

PedEgg is a trusted name with over 50 million sold. There's a reason it is the number one selling foot care product... BECAUSE IT WORKS!

Limited Buy! Because of our super low price and limited quantity, we must ask you to limit your order to no more than 3.

Included in Kit:

- PedEgg Powerball Unit w/ Roller
- AC-DC Charger
- Nail Clippers
- Toe Clippers
- Instruction Manual


- Rechargeable Battery Saves You Money
- This Unit Is 40% Stronger Than Battery Operated Version
- Dual-Axis Pivoting Head (1 speed setting)
- Built-In LED Light For Better Vision
- Quick Release Button For Easy Changing of Callus Rollers
- Built-In "Press Too Hard" Safety Feature
- Replaceable Roller Head
- Ergonomic Handle For A Comfortable, Secure Grip
- Effortlessly Removes Calluses and more
- Uses Advanced Rollerball Technology
- Safe Blade-Free Solution
- Diamond z4 Coated Surface Gently Buffs Away Toughest Dead Skin

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Warnings: For adult use only. Intended for use on callused feet only. Do not use if you are diabetic or have poor circulation, nail fungus, any skin condition, wounds, irritations, lacerations or any existing medical conditions.

5 Stars  Nice product for a great price 
The product functioned as described and the price was great. Thank you.

5 Stars  PedEgg 
Works even better than expected Love it

5 Stars  worth the money 
works great

5 Stars  Callouses are Gone 
This PedEgg Powerball Callous remover works GREAT! Just a few times over my feet and my callouses are all gone.

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Video: PedEgg Powerball Pivoting Callus Remover (Deluxe Kit)

Easily remove callus and other abrasions with the PedEgg Powerball Callus Remover which is available today at a huge savings!
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