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The Original Sticky Buddy Reusable Lint Roller

The Original Sticky Buddy Reusable Lint Roller

The Original Sticky Buddy Reusable Lint Roller
The Original Sticky Buddy Reusable Lint Roller
Your Price: $9.99
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Do you have a pet that loves to shed fur all over your nice, clean furniture? Or perhaps you have a messy eater in the home that is always leaving a trail of crumbs. If you fret over cleaning these small messes, your life is about to be made much easier with The Sticky Buddy!

The Fastest Way to Clean Up Small Debris

The Sticky Buddy is a small, hand-held roller that will go over dander, lint, crumbs, and other small nuisances around the home. It will clear the path from a wide array of fabrics such as suede to silk, and multiple surfaces from cushions to curtains. Cleaning through carpet is made easy as well thanks to the rubber teeth located on the head. These rubber fingers grab and lift off trapped hair and debris like no lint roller can!

Unlike many traditional lint rollers, The Sticky Buddy is completely reusable and washable. Making a one-time purchase will give you a lifetime of cleaning these small messes.

Not only is it reusable, but the cleaning process is one of the easiest around. All you need to do is rinse the roller under the faucet with lukewarm water. Some light rubbing may be needed to remove the hair or lint, but it will drift right off. Let the roller thoroughly dry before its next use. You can house the roll in the plastic protective cover that is included with The Sticky Buddy. You even receive a bonus travel sized roll that includes all the same features for even easier portability!


- Compact Sticky Roller for Picking Up Small Debris
- Reusable Over and Over Again
- Leaves No Sticky Residue
- Rubber Teeth to Dive Deep Within Surfaces
- Plastic Cover Included
- A Must Have For Pet Owners
- Time Saved from Standard Cleaning
- No Money Spent on Fabric Cleaners
- Removes Dirt, Dust, Hair, Fur, Lint, Debris and More
- Use on All Surfaces and Materials
- Includes a Bonus Travel Roller
- Easy to Use
- Measures 8in (L) x 4.75in (W)
- Travel Roll Measures 5in (L)

I use it every day on childrens clothes that i get ready for resale. Works wonders on my family room rug, I have 2 dogs.

4 Stars  Lint Roller 
Does the job! Good bargain

4 Stars  Works great but had to give it only 4 stars 
I do love this product but I had to give it 4 stars because it was a bit of a chore getting it started. It is so sticky that the protective film is hard to get off. But I have to say NOTHING has worked as well as this on my couches and clothes to pick up my dog hair

4 Stars  Works good but difficult to start 
I had a really tough time getting the protective wrapper off the roller. When I finally got it off the roller worked just fine

5 Stars  great 
love it esp little one for my purse great buy

3 Stars  Just okay 
It works well, but just for a small area before having to wash off again and the hair and lint does not come off easily. But, its okay.

4 Stars  Good Deal for the Money 
Does a better than adequate job. The portable one is great to keep in the car. Very good at removing pet hair.

5 Stars  Better than the paper rollers 
This is the second set I bought! The first set disappeared 4 years ago when I moved. I liked it so much that when I saw it on PulseTV, I had to get one, again! It works great on cat hair, lint, and cleaning things off of your clothes. It is a great buy!

5 Stars  Lint Roller 
Best lint roller I have ever used!

5 Stars  Great 
Very nice

5 Stars  Works as advertised! 
We had a king size sheet that was loaded with lint. The sticky buddy took care of it as advertised. It took a while because the amount of lint but we kept rolling and rinsing and rolling. Nice to have a product that actually works.

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Reusable compact hand-held lint roller for picking up small debris including; pet hair, dander, lint, crumbs and other small nuisances around the home.
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