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Studio Web Camera with Microphone and LED Portrait Lighting

Studio Web Camera with Microphone and LED Portrait Lighting

Studio Web Camera with Microphone and LED Portrait Lighting
Studio Web Camera with Microphone and LED Portrait Lighting
Your Price: $14.91
Compare at: $29.99  (50% off)

Whether you're video conferencing via Skype or Zoom, or chatting online with the grand kids - you're going to need a good webcam!

This Windows PC web camera simply plugs and plays into your computer and automatically installs the necessary drivers. Once plugged in, you can use the camera for live streaming yourself, making video recordings, chatting for work, and connecting with friends and family. It's got a built-in microphone too.

The best part is the integrated LED lighting system with adjustable brightness control. Your overall picture quality will increase with as much light as possible. It also has auto-focus and auto-white balancing for optimum picture.

The adjustable neck lets you rest it on the desk, or mount it on top of your screen or monitor.

While most laptops might come with a built-in video camera, having a plug and play USB one like this is very useful for getting a better angle. Plus you can always unplug it for privacy when not in use.

Note: Windows 7 and up required. NOT Mac-compatible.

Mic Not Working?
If you are sure the mic is plugged in correctly, please check your sound/mic settings. These can usually be found in the Control Panel / Hardware and Sound section of Windows. Another option may be to select the microphone from a drop-down menu in the webcam video software. In most cases, this will be the reason sound is not coming through.

Tech Specs:
- Sensor: HD Color 0308 CMOS Sensor
- Lens: 4P, 2M Lens, F.2.8
- Footage: 640px480p at 30fps

- Studio Web Camera for Computers
- Windows PC Compatible
- 4ft. USB/3.5mm Plug and Play Cable
- Built-in Microphone for Chatting
- Auto-Focus, Auto-White Balance, Auto-Brightness
- Built-in LED Portrait Lighting with Brightness Control
- Works with Skype, Zoom, Web Apps, and More
- Unplug from Computer for Privacy
- 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

5 Stars  Great Camera 
For this price, this webcam is exceptional. very clear and easy to use.

5 Stars  Great web cam 
Product works perfect probably one of the best Web cams I have ever owned at an awesome price

4 Stars  great little cam 
This is a sweet little camera.i did a zoom conversation and the other people said i was crisp and clear.how ever the lights on it do not seam to make any difference.i have a different mic i use on the computer so i did not use the builtin mic so i do know how it works.also its a great price.thank you pulse tv.

4 Stars  Not Quite Up to Snuff 
When I saw studio in the title I assumed this camera would have a wider field of view than a standard webcam. It does not. Also has a separate plug for microphone in addition to USB. Makes it difficult to connect to some computers. If you want a standard webcam, this would be a good investment but dont expect an exceptional experience. Given that, a good price compared to others.

5 Stars  great picture 
i love this camera we can take photos talk with our friends and family and do our remote doctor visits

5 Stars  web cam 
had a problem with 1st. one but got a replacement very quickly and am very happy with it

2 Stars  I was disappointed 
I was disappointed in this camera. I put it on my monitor and it was so zoomed in that just my face was showing and not in a good way. Also at 720 p the picture wasnt that great. The way it mounted onto the monitor and with the length of the cord, I found it difficult to place it in a spot that worked well and also left the cord in a spot where it wasnt blocking my screen. I probably wont use this camera again.

5 Stars  Excellent purchase 
It works as expected

1 Stars  Not what expected 
Camera lens has no way to adjust for distance. If you want to show a greater field of view, you have to increase physical distance between camera and object/person. A real inconvenience at best!

2 Stars  poor quality 
not a good picture

5 Stars  Works Great! 
Works perfectly for zoom calls!

1 Stars  Very poor quality picture and the lights were worthless 
This camera is definitely not worth the money. It looks like one I have on my computer at work but nothing like it. Dont waste your money.

5 Stars  WEB CAM 
Web cam works great! Needed a new one. Thanks

5 Stars  webcam 
Met my needs completely!!! Long enough cord connections to use wherever I want. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

5 Stars  Excellent Camera 
Cant beat it for the price. Produces quality video

5 Stars  WEB CAM 
Good product for the money. Picture was clear. Vocal was clear also. Very good cam for an amazingly low cost.

5 Stars  Web Camera 
Works great - a little trouble with mic

5 Stars  Just what we needed 
We used this webcam/microphone on our desktop running Windows 7. We plugged in the usb cable and the microphone cable, the computer recognized it and we were good. This enabled us to use our older desktop, no webcam nor microphone, with Zoom. The adjustments up and down were easy to frame our image and everything went smoothly on Zoom. We are well satisfied with this webcam.

3 Stars  Good for back up. 
The display was not up to the HD quality I was expecting compared with the HD camera on my computer. The display was a bit fuzzy. The LED lighting and microphone are great features to have.

5 Stars  Easy to use 
Easy to install and use. Gives good image. Allows easy removal to show around you without moving cimputer.

5 Stars  Small, And Perfect For Zoom 
This little camera clips to the top of your monitor. It is easy to install. If you are using Windows 10 no new driver is needed. It is completely plug-and-play. I had it hooked up and giving a great picture in Zoom in less than 15 minutes. If you need a webcam, you cant beat it at the price.

5 Stars  Great WebCam - Love the Lights 
I had a problem with my other webcams in that the lighting in my home office would leave my face so dark that you couldnt see it. I tried a few lighting solutions but none worked .... until I found this webcam. Problem solved! The picture and sound are great. And you can easily control the lighting from 3 small lights in the webcam itself! So my lighting is always perfect now. And it was easy to install - just plug in the USB cable and youre off and running. I absolutely love it!

4 Stars  Worked OK on Zoom mtg 
Camera worked well for Zoom meeting. Cord was inches short for larger monitor to PC on bottom of work table. Was able to extend with extra cables

5 Stars  Pulse TV Studio Web Camera W/Microphone & LED Portrait Lighting 
Excellent Webcam for the price. My first use use was for a Zoom Conference w/my doctor and his associates. It went without a hitch. This webcam is easy to set up, and the images and sound are excellent. Like I said before, this is an excellent webcam for the price. And you can t beat Pulse TV for selection and service.

3 Stars  camera 
Nice little camera, good microphone, easy to attach, but there is no adjustment for blurriness. I was moving it all over to see if that made a difference, it really didnt. If that could be improved it would make the camera much better!

1 Stars  terrible camera 
Very poor adaptation to light. Washes the images out. Very poor design. I am returning it.

4 Stars  Sound Issue 
Some webcams deliver both video and audio via a single USB connection. This webcam uses a USB for the video and a pin connector for the audio. Getting the computer to actually recognize this webcam as a device may take some searching. Once the device is recognized by the computer, enabling the audio may produce spotty sound. In one of my computers, plugging in the audio for webcam use cut out audio from other sources. Audio from other sources was restored by unplugging the webcam audio. I have not had similar issues using a webcam AVerMedia employing a single USB connector for both video and audio.

5 Stars  Well worth the price. 
Excellent quality. I use for Zoom, webinars and recording services for my YouTube videos.

5 Stars  web camera 
very good product , have not tried it yet but does work on the computer.

4 Stars  Good for the price 
Plugged in very easy Picture a little fuzzy but for the price seemed to work just fine

5 Stars  great camera 
all around good deal

5 Stars  great camera and price 
This is a great camera and easy to operate and the price was awesome

4 Stars  Great for the money 
Works as it should. Not the highest quality picture, but good for the money.

5 Stars  Very easy to set up. 
Good product, excellent pictures on screen, easy to set up.

5 Stars  Great Web Camera 
I purchased this web camera to use on ZOOM during our church worship services. It is a great little camera and serves it purpose very well. I am very pleased with this purchase and it was a bargain at the right price.

3 Stars  Bad Design 
I was excited to get the Web Camera. After receiving it the power cord to the modem and CPU are combined on the same cord but the end connections are only 7 inches apart making it impossible to connect, to reach both my modem and CPU. It is no doubt a good product just a bad design.

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Studio Web Camera with Microphone and LED Portrait Lighting

Whether you're video conferencing via Skype or Zoom, or chatting online with the grand kids - you're going to need a good webcam!

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