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Farpoint Rechargeable Dual-Beam Headlamps 2pk

Farpoint Rechargeable Dual-Beam Headlamps 2pk

Farpoint Rechargeable Dual-Beam Headlamps 2pk
Farpoint Rechargeable Dual-Beam Headlamps 2pk
Your Price: $9.99
Compare at: $29.99  (66% off)

This versatile set of rechargeable headlamps is loaded with useful features to provide heavy-duty, hands-free lighting for camping, outdoor work, and emergencies. This deal is for a set of 2 top-quality Farpoint headlamps.

Hands Free Lighting Made Completely Easy

Each headlamp actually has 2 separate beams. With the push of a button, turn on the super bright 350 lumen flood light: great for lighting up a wide area. Push it again to switch on the 120 lumen spot light for a narrower beam.

You can actually detach the light from the headlamp base and use the built-in magnet to mount it on any metallic surface. This also makes it easier to charge the internal 1200mAh battery with the included micro USB cords. No more rummaging around for spare batteries! You can always just recharge them on the go with a power bank.

They're built to last with durable, weatherproof exterior and are impact-resistant to protect from drops.


- Set of 2 Farpoint Headlamps
- Dual Beam for Spotlight and FloodLight
- 350lm Floodlight / 120lm Spotlight
- Built-in Rechargeable 1200mAh Battery
- No More Searching for Batteries
- Light Rotates 90 Degrees Up and Down
- Detachable Light with Magnetic Base for Mounting
- Comfortable, Adjustable Head Strap
- Includes 2 Micro USB Charge Cords
- Headlamp Dimensions: 3.25in x 1in x 1.5in

5 Stars  Bought Some for My Mechanic He Raves about them 
In the past my mechanic would have me buy him headlamps with rechargeable batteries from Harbor Freight. After getting him a pair of these Farpoint Dual Beam Headlamps, he raved about them and how much better they were in addtion to being less costly.

5 Stars  I see the light 
great product lightweight and very bright... easy to charge and always have ready

5 Stars  Great item and price. 
My reason for ordering these was twofold. These were a really good price for two. While they do come in handy, they are also an exact match for the unit that I bought to go on the crossbar of the side-by-side ATV my parents purchased this year. So now if one gets broken, lost, or stolen, we have backups.

5 Stars  They re great 
Work well, nice to have them rechargeable

5 Stars  Good Flashlight 
This is an excellent hands free light when I take dogs outside at night.

5 Stars  Farpoint Rechargeable Dual-Beam Headlamps 2pk 
They are great! Not bad for 350 lumens!

5 Stars  far point head lamps 
I love these headlamps--they are just as good as the small far point flashlights

5 Stars  Flash lights 
Love them

5 Stars  Headlight 
Good light source for tight spots. Works as intended.

5 Stars  Small but mighty 
These headlamps are very compact and very bright

5 Stars  Great item. 
Bright & easy to use. Glad that we bought them.

4 Stars  Great! 
My husband loves these.

5 Stars  Great Headlamp 
Gave the headlight to my younger son he reports that it works great for his needs.

5 Stars  Dual-Beam Headlamp 
This headlamp, although inexpensive @ 2 for $10, far exceeded my expectations. It is super bright and very light-weight. After buying a pair I was so impressed I bought more for gifts. As an avid book reader these are also perfect for reading at night without lighting up the whole house.

5 Stars  Love it 
My husband has had these in the past and always would need batteries. He loves that this one is rechargeable and the led technology is much brighter.

5 Stars  Great Product! 
When I saw it, I thought of my wife going out in the back yard at night with our elderly dog, carrying a flashlight. She loves her new headlight! Now she can see where shes going and still have both hands free for umbrella, leash, etc. We recommend it highly.

5 Stars  Great headlamps 
I love this headlamp when I am reading/saying my prayers at night.

5 Stars  Good Flashlight 
This light works good when I take the dogs out at night.

5 Stars  He was amazed!! 
Gave these to my husband for Christmas. He was amazed. They put out great range of light. He spends a lot of time in yard at night just to check on things around the house and the acreage. He said this headlamp is so much better and brighter than the older one he had that used batteries. He can see things much clearer. Thank you Pulse TV.

5 Stars  Best value for a bright headband light 
The price is great, the lamp is bright, the band is comfortable. I bought three for myself to stage in various places where I could grab them and go, and also bought several more to use as gifts. Nice find, PulseTV!

5 Stars  work great 
would buy again

5 Stars  great light 
Bright and hands free

4 Stars  Poor eyesite solution 
This lighting solution is exceptional. The price point is perfect so you can have units at convenient locations throughout your home or office! The 2 different lights, 1, spotlight gives a good light to search for items on floors or very dark areas. 2, Secondly the light bar is excellent for reading the small type on medicine bottles or just plain reading a novel or magazine.

5 Stars  works great 
This is just the thing to check trucks in at night you can see at distance and see to read & write up close

5 Stars  Great flashlights! 
Bought these for my grandchildren...they loved them!

2 Stars  charge did not last long 
I guess I expected more . . . Charge did not last long

5 Stars  Farpoint Rechargeable Dual-Bean Headlamps 2 pk 
We ABSOLUTELY LOVE our headlamps! They are AWESOME! We purchased 2 packs so we have 4 all together and they have been most helpful while we are building out a tiny home on wheels out of a shirt school bus ??. Theyre always at the ready since we can recharge them.. they have two great beams...one wide and one close up. They are great! Thank you so much!

3 Stars  Great lights 
i love the lights . My only problem is i can not get the charging cable into the lights. So once the battery runs down, they are worthless. Customer Service was helpful by sending me another package of lights. Hopefully they will be able to take a recharge.

3 Stars  SUPER BRIGHT!! Does not last long 
I happened to have it right next to me when the electricity went out during a storm recently. It stayed super bright until I found a larger emergency light, and then died.

5 Stars  Bright! 
These headlamps are really bright! I would buy them again and so glad I bought two when I first purchased them.

5 Stars  Great headlamp!! 
Was very impressed with how bright this was. My grandsons loved them. Would buy again! And no batteries!!!

5 Stars  Very powerful! 
As an avid camper and fishing fan, being outdoors on a dark night can be downright dangerous. Ive been collecting flashlights and other devices to defeat darkness for decades but have never found any quite like this. Extremely bright lights - both the spot and area. Handy USB recharging. Lithium batteries last hours. Will probably buy several more for Xmas gifts.

5 Stars  Great Flashlights 
I bought these head flashlights because they are rechargeable .I have found them easy to use and they are bright when used on the bar light.

5 Stars  Great Light 
The spot light is bright and then you turn on the wide light and get plenty of brightness to see what you need to.

5 Stars  Best 
Brightest Headlamp and rechargeable -- Fantastic

5 Stars  Very good lamp!! 
After a strong night time thunder storm, I used this lamp to check my property for damage. Its bright light allowed me to locate tree debris and deal with the cleanup in the dark hours hands free to perform the work needed. Admirable device!! Thank you Pulsetv for offering this product. Holds its charge well. Lasts for hours and no batteries to replace. Just plug in the USB charging cord and soon that lamp is ready for its next task. OUTSTANDING!!

5 Stars  Great useful light 
I have used a lot of headlamps and this one is the best one I have used. Having 2 levels of light is useful for me.

5 Stars  Bright idea 
Great idea! Will be a necessity for my car.

5 Stars  Headlamp 
Awsome light, very bright. I love that it has a magnet, is detachable for flashlight use and best of all its rechargeable!

5 Stars  Excellent Light 
This is a great product!

5 Stars  Dual-Beam Headlamps 
Havent use them much but they are an excellent value for the money.

5 Stars  A great buy 
My husband loves it thank you PulseTV

5 Stars  Works good 
I like having the two beams.

5 Stars  Dual Beam Headlamps 
Very bright and at a great price. I would not hesitate to buy this again.

4 Stars  Great light 
Works well and lights up everything

5 Stars  THE BOMB! 
I use headlights in my work a lot. I need intense light for close up and also wide angle to get through the attic or crawlspace to where the work is. These do both VERY WELL! My only concern is unknown battery life. With all other headlights I just carried spare batteries. However since they provide 2 in a pack I can just keep one charged while I use the other. After this rerview I am going to get another set. YES! they are that good.

5 Stars  Bright 
Very bright flashlight with narrow and wide settings!

5 Stars  Great price and works great 
I dont know how they keep there prices so low! Ive bought numerous items from PulseTV and am always happy with the product and the service!

5 Stars  Headlamps 2pk 
If you need light too work on a project, then get this headlamp. The best one yet.

5 Stars  Really good headlights & very reasonable pricing. 
Quite impressed with these lights. Have given several to friends. Liked the first order, so I placed a second order for 6 more, 2 pk lights.

5 Stars  Greatest flash light ever!!!! 
I am absolutely blown away by this flashlight.I was not expecting this product to work this good.I tested this light by walking into my bed room at night and the room was pitch dark.I turned on the duel beam flash light and the room lit up like it was daylight.I reccomend this duel beam headlight to any one considering buying it.if I was able to give this product 10 stars i would have, it is well deserving of it.

5 Stars  Nice Brite LEDs and Super Comfy Headband 
Gotta love this headlamp. Great LEDs and best fitting headband Ive had the pleasure of. Smart design

5 Stars  Great light for work 
These lights are great for work and dimly lite areas. Use mine daily.

5 Stars  Great buy 
Excellent night viewing, see the area around you and the ground where your putting your feet.

5 Stars  Headlamps 
I really like this product Great for crochet projects when you need extra light. Hands free ligh

5 Stars  great 
very handy in garage or any place you need both habds. very bright light

5 Stars  super Bright lite 
great light , comfortable, good price, quick delivery

5 Stars  Allow you to see what you are looking at 
These headlamps attach to your head with a strap and shine light on exactly what you are looking at without the problem of getting in your own light that often occurs when having someone else hold a light for you. They are fairly comfortable to wear as the length of the strap is adjustable. They charge from a USB charger and they have a red charging light that turns green when they are fully charged.

5 Stars  Exceptional 
This is the best one that I have had at an amazingly low price. It is almost too bright . The broad beam LED illuminates everything in front of you !

5 Stars  It fits 
For once theres a product that fits my head. Product is wonderful

5 Stars  Works great- fast shipping! 
Headlights both work great! Like two levels of lighting. Rechargeable is a real plus - always ready to go!

5 Stars  this is a great product for the price! 
Great product, the LED lights on it are very bright and it holes the charge for a lots of use, the elastic headband fix just perfect would definetlly recommend them,

5 Stars  All Good 
Work very well, no problems

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This versatile set of rechargeable headlamps is loaded with useful features to provide heavy-duty, hands-free lighting for camping, outdoor work, and emergencies. This deal is for a set of 2 top-quality Farpoint headlamps.
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