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Dual USB Outlet Tower Charger with Built-In Shelf

Dual USB Outlet Tower Charger with Built-In Shelf

Dual USB Outlet Tower Charger with Built-In Shelf
Dual USB Outlet Tower Charger with Built-In Shelf
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Make Your Very Own Power Hub with the Tower Charger

The Tower Charger transforms your standard 2 port outlet into a powerful charging station complete with a built-in shelf. Plug-in up to 10 devices at once using the 8 AC outlets plus the dual USB ports which deliver 2.4 Amp output. That's enough to charge up phones, tablets, even an iPad!

This multifunctional outlet adds a shelf to hold a variety of household items so that you can organize your belongings, free up counter space, and plug in 3 times more stuff!

Keep one in the kitchen for all your daily appliances, or add one to the bathroom to declutter your morning routine. Put one in the living room beside your entertainment system, or use one in the garage to charge up all of your tools...no matter what, you'll have plenty of available slots and a convenient storage space.

No complicated installation whatsoever, just simply plug the Tower Charger into most 3 prong outlets to turn your cluttered mess into an organized success! A green LED light will indicate that the AC outlets are working properly and 1000 Joule Surge Protection will prevent overcharging.


- Transform Standard Outlet into 8 Outputs
- Front has 2 Wide-Spaced AC Outlets to Accomodate Large Plugs
- Sides have 6 Total Space Saving AC Outlets
- 2 USB Ports with 2.4 Amp Total Output
- Plug-In 10 Devices at Once
- Easy Installation
- Interchangeable Built-In Shelf Keeps Your Stuff Organized
- LED Indicator Light
- Equipped with 1000 Joule Surge Protection
- Includes Screw for Permanent Secure Mounting
- SGS Safety Certified
- Dimensions: 6" tall x 8" wide x 3.5" thick

5 Stars  Great product 
Does and works exactly as advertised. Provides plenty of outlets and the shelf comes in very handy.

5 Stars  Secure fit! 
I like this model better than the ones you had before, plus 2 more plugs to use.

5 Stars  Tower Charger With Shelf 
I really like this tower charger as I can charge several electronic devices at once and like the shelf which holds and protects them.

5 Stars  Handy item 
I use this outside on my covered porch. I would not use it uncovered, exposed to the weather. Its great and quite handy, especially the USB ports and shelf.

5 Stars  Great Product! 
Buying this nifty little shelf was one of the best purchases that I have made from PulseTV! It has helped my family and I keep our devices phones/earbuds in a place where we can be assured that they are not going to be damaged or misplaced. We really LOVE this item! I should have bought more than one! I highly recommend this item!

5 Stars  Great Product 
Great product, high quality and reasonable price. . I bought 3 of them. So far everything I bought from pulse has been great.

5 Stars  Power Tower 
Great buy!

5 Stars  Smart Idea 
Very useful--Good product

5 Stars  I would recommend 
I purchased this for my bathroom. It is really nice to have six regular outlets and two USB outlets in the bathroom you can plug in your hair dryer, a curling wand, etc, and I also have a heated towel drying rack plugged in to it. The USB outlet comes in handy to plug in my tooth whitener. I put a little washcloth on the shelf to hold the tooth whitener. This item is very handy!

5 Stars  cool 
just as advertised

4 Stars  Works very well. 
I ordered one in the past, no I have ordered 2 more because they are great products.

4 Stars  Almost 5* 
I ordered three of these towers. So handy and well made! Not sure if its possible, but if the tray was a bit larger, that would be ideal. I didnt order these, though, for the tray. I ordered them because of the many plugins on each individual tower

5 Stars  Perfect! 
Perfect for the kitchen, keeps the phone off the counter away from liquids.

5 Stars  Outlet tower 
I love it , we used a longer screw for the face plate so it is sturdier . Thank you for letting me afford them for our family , we appreciate Pulse

5 Stars  Space Saver 
I needed more outlets now that I m working from home. I bought two of these Outlet Towers since I got a better deal on the purchase of two. They are a great space saver. I have outlets for all of my electronics in my home office and my desktop is free of charger clutter because of the two USB ports. The shelf is the best. Installation will require some know-how but it wasn t that difficult to get in place. Money well spent.

4 Stars  Handy, Sturdy, Decent Design 
I bought two of these for specific places where I wanted to have the USB port handy, and multiple electrical outlets out of the sides and front. It would be cool to have two more electrical outlets in the front, but the current design of only two will suffice.

5 Stars  Dual USB Outlet Tower Charger w/Built in Shelf 
Works well. I will recommend this product.

5 Stars  Great charger 
Been using Tower Charger since we received it. Very sturdy and easy to set up. We can put on shelf at one time 1-IPad and cell phone. I m sure if needed we could get more on shelf. Like that it has xtra ports.

5 Stars  Best thing ever 
I bought one of these years ago, and loved it but it was costly. When I saw I could buy 2 for less than I had paid, I had to get them. They are great in the bathrooms and the kitchen. Keeps my iPad and phones off the counters and away from water. I love them and plan to buy more for family and friends.

5 Stars  Handy item 
My 2 grandsons love these outlet charging stands. When they opened them at Christmas, they said, gramma this is just what I needed .

5 Stars  Comes in handy 
I do like this because it keeps the cords on separate sides. And I like the charging ports as well as the handy shelf for electronics.

5 Stars  Best multiple outlet unit on the market! 
This by far beats all of the other 6 and 8 outlet wall plugs I have seen so far. It will power 8 AC devices and 2 smartphones at the same time. The tray is great for getting smartphones and smart assistants off of the counter top, and out of the way. The plugs in the front are great for those bulky transformer plugs that are too wide for the side plugs. I ordered 3, but wish I had ordered 6. We have found more places that we would like to use these units in our home. They far exceed the As Seen on TV units you will find in the store!

5 Stars  Dual USB Outlet Tower Charger with built-In Shelf 
Outstanding product! Love the shelf for charging of cell phones and other devices.

5 Stars  Tower charger 
Good value for the price.

5 Stars  USB Outlet with stand 
I loved it. Lot of rooms to plug my phone and other phone and they have 2 USB outlet. It is helpful. It is great!!

5 Stars  Great Product 
Very practical and I love the shelf.

5 Stars  As advertised 
Unit met all expectations.

2 Stars  Shelf not reversible 
I should have noted the outlets were up and down if you want to use the shelf. My outlets are side to side so I could not use the shelf. This should have been clear in advertisement.

5 Stars  Works great 
Helps keep neat and organized.

5 Stars  very good for the bathroom 
Like the way it fits in the bathroom and the USB charger with more things using a USB charger

5 Stars  Wonderful product 
This is exactly what we were looking for. The shelf is just an added bonus and the ports are all very accesible. We use it in the bathroom where it is used the most. Sturdy and the white makes it looks clean and works with any color. We give it 2 thumbs up. Ordering was very simple and easy as I have ordered several things and will continue to when needed. Thank You

5 Stars  Outlet Tower 
Good item I purchased

4 Stars  Review 
I really like this unit.

5 Stars  What Was Hoped For 
Easy to use and provides extra shelving and outlets.

4 Stars  USB Outlet Tower 
Very handy and convenient to use. I now know where my phone is and it is charged.

4 Stars  Charging station 
This works nicely in my laundry room that we can charge phones & iPad and still able to use many other outlets. Cords on my kitchen counters do not work for me

5 Stars  Awesome concept 
Such a simple novel idea having a shelf right where it is most needed.

5 Stars  Great idea! 
Love this! I usually have to stand my tablet or phone on the floor to charge it. Now I dont!

5 Stars  Great useful 
I purchased two one for me and one for my son. We simply love it. It is useful. Great idea!

5 Stars  Very Handy 
I am impressed with the quality construction of the device. It definitely cleans up an area that was messy with wires.

5 Stars  Shelf charger 
Utilizes small space well

5 Stars  This concept is way overdue! 
Extremely convenient and adaptable for several situations! Helps alleviate cord and gadget clutter while expanding the availability of 120v and USB outlets. You will want several of these!

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Dual USB Outlet Tower Charger with Built-In Shelf

The Tower Charger transforms your standard 2 port outlet into a powerful charging station complete with a built-in shelf.