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Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight - The Most Powerful Micro Flashlight Ever!
Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight - The Most Powerful Micro Flashlight Ever!
Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight - The Most Powerful Micro Flashlight Ever!
Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight - The Most Powerful Micro Flashlight Ever!
Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight - The Most Powerful Micro Flashlight Ever!
Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight - The Most Powerful Micro Flashlight Ever!
Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight - The Most Powerful Micro Flashlight Ever!

Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight - The Most Powerful Micro Flashlight Ever!

Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight - The Most Powerful Micro Flashlight Ever!

Your Price: $5.00
Compare at: $24.99  (79% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $7.00 (86% off)
Sold Out
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Get one for $5
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We've Found The Most Powerful RECHARGEABLE Micro Flashlight EVER!

At under 4 inches long this Rechargeable Micro Flashlight fits in the palm of your hand.

But don't let the size fool you! It puts out a whopping 300 lumens of light. And it's dual beam! That means you can use it as a traditional flashlight whereby the light comes out of the head. Or push the button and you've just moved the super bright 300 lumens of light to the handle. This means you now can use it as a lantern.

Seriously, we've never seen a flashlight this small, this powerful!

Similar flashlights with these features sell for $25 or more. You get this one for the crazy low price above. This was a one-time purchase we made and once we sell out this deal will be gone forever! And because of this we ask that you limit your order to no more than 10 per order.

- Rechargeable (400 mAh battery included)
- 300 Lumen Top Beam (traditional flashlight)
- 300 Lumen Side Beam (lantern light)
- Additional Emergency Strobe Mode
- Run time up to 5 hours
- USB Charge Cable Included
- Portable For All Emergency Needs
- Made Of High-Grade Aluminum Alloy
- Impact Resistant
- Slide Focus
- Red Light Charging Indicator
- Charge From Any Powered USB Port Including Powerbanks
- Dimensions: 3.75" X 1"

Review this item!

5 Stars  Micro flashlight 
Outstanding. My family really liked this item. The side light was very helpful.

5 Stars  Dynamite product 
This is one of the most useful items I have ever purchased. A tiny flashlight that fits into the palm of my hand, is extremely powerful and is rechargeable. Prices is unbelievable.

5 Stars  Bright 
Handy little light, charge it up. Put it in your pocket and forget Its there till you need bright light. The side light is great for camping or car repairs.

4 Stars  Convenient and a good idea 
I bought two of these little flashlights because we sometimes get power outages and I liked the idea of usb charging. This way I can have the flashlights charged and ready when this happens. It is also convenient for just looking at something in a darkened area quickly. Works well. Although one was replaced by pulse due to an issue. They are good about this.

5 Stars  GREAT BUY 

5 Stars  Excellent flashlight 
For a small flashlight for quick situations this is an excellent choice. They are rechargeable they are awesome

5 Stars  Absolutely Incomparable Value 
This ingenious device is the most practical, adaptable and economical of its kind. It dont get no better!

5 Stars  Great buy 
Excellent and handy light to keep in purse, pocket or car.

5 Stars  Mini flashlight 
Great product, super bright rechargeable feature is a plus.

5 Stars  Great small flashlight 
Puts out a lot of light for a small little flashlight.

2 Stars  Chargeable micro flashlight 
I was unhappy. When I received them reading what they said was that not to use more than ten minutes the battery can explode. Nothing was said about that and I feel that should have been in the description. I felt that should have been disclosed.

4 Stars  Pocket Flashlight 
I like it and it works well and is very compact & powerful.

5 Stars  nice flash light 
This small flashlight is very nice it charges the the USB in my computer. It has three functions on, flashing strobe & a yellow light on the side. I am pleased. It was very inexpensive too.

5 Stars  Brightest flashlight I ever owned 
Amazing brightness. Rechargeable! The only thing that would make it better would be for it to have a SOS mode. Otherwise...this flashlight is the best I have ever owned.

5 Stars  Micro flashlights 
As always great prices, quality, and excellent service.

5 Stars  Super Bright and rechargeable 
Brightest little light EVER! Its so bright Im sure this would eat batteries but no worry cause its good as new after recharge. It focuses down to an intense beam or widens to a large area. Regular, flash or side light, all bright and it charges right from a mini USB.

5 Stars  Super Flashlight 
This little flashlight is sensational.The light is powerful and offers great options on using it in different settings! Love it and highly recommend it!

5 Stars  Great Small Flashlight 
Perfect pocket size flashlight handy in a pinch if I need to find something in the dark! Very bright!

5 Stars  Great flashlight 
Bought for my grandson and he liked it. Great little flashlight

4 Stars  Versatile, Bright Light 
Provides a couple of light options which gives it some versatility. The light is not as bright as expected but still is bright. The rechargeable feature is nice so you dont have to worry about changing batteries.

5 Stars  micro flashlight 
very good product,enjoy using it ,my wife likes it as well, good price, just what I needed.

5 Stars  Just as advertised 
This micro-flashlight was every bit as bright as advertised. Super easy to charge, and I like the fact that it lets you know it is fully charged when the red light stops flashing. I bought 3, and I intend to buy more to give as gifts.

5 Stars  Nice flash light 
Nice and compact and very nice features at a good price. Like the recharge feature.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Small but powerful. Very handy to carry in a pocket. Nice to not use batteries.

5 Stars  simple easy 
very strong and just plug it in to chage easy peasy

5 Stars  Micro flashlights 
Excellent and very bright as small flashlight.

5 Stars  Flashlight works great 
I was a little skeptical of the flashlight, and really dont realize how bright 300 lumens are, but I was pleasantly surprised. For its size the flashlight puts out a tremendous amount of light. And the fact it is rechargeable is a bonus.

5 Stars  Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight 
This is great! Never worry about leaking or dead batteries and it comes with a charging cord-if you have a phone charger in vehicle this cord has USB plug--never leave home without it

5 Stars  Handy powerful, and rechargeable. 
Great light to carry in car. No batteries, bright light and the strobbing will get attention from a long way away

5 Stars  Work great 
I was surprised by how well they worked. Bright light and easy to recharge.

5 Stars  Mini rechargeable flashlight 
Best mini flashlight that Ive ever own. That puts out a amazing bright light!!!

5 Stars  Perfect 
Perfect flashlight. Lightweight, love the rechargeable feature and they make a great gift I collect flashlights so know my lights

5 Stars  Best flashlight ever 
Its the brightest flashlight Ive ever owned! I only wish I bought more!

5 Stars  Super Great flashlight! 
USB powered dual purpose small flashlight with an adjustable beam and a very bright side light. I liked this light so much that I eventually bought four of them so I could give some to friends.

Very impressive that such a brilliant, piercing light can come from such a small, easy to carry flashlight. Really an impressive aid. Ive given several to friends and every one of them is amazed. A great buy!

5 Stars  Greatest Little Light!! 
I bought 10 of these for Christmas gifts and everyone loved them and I didnt have one for myself and two other people wanted one so I just got 4 more. So bright! So handy! No batteries to buy!

5 Stars  Great little light, especially for the price. 
Just bought my second 10 pack. Great giveaways and people love them.

5 Stars  Micro flashlight 
It is a handy light, small and powerful and I like that it is rechargeable.

5 Stars  Best small flashlight 
This little 300 Lumen flashlight is so compact and bright it is hard to believe. All three settings provide as much light as any flashlight many many times larger AND at a GREAT PRICE. I have given them as stocking stuffers at Christmas and to friends just because I know they would like one.

4 Stars  Handy and for the price, great value. 
I bought 10 to use as gifts. Summary Just handy little flashlights for a great price. They are not high end lights - but higher end metal bodies, etc will cost you $30 and up on Amazon. For something to use around the house, hard to beat the value. The good Just handy little flashlights. The price. Easy to use. The bad 1 failed out of the box. Now if they were $30 and up from Amazon I am upset. At this price, not worth worrying over. Not heavy duty units - plastic body and such. So I would not use this hiking the Smokeys but as an around the house tool - great value. In short, these will great gifts. It strikes me these would also be practical/excellent as groomsman and bridesmaids gifts. The casing should even be engravable.

5 Stars  Excellent Pocket Flashlight 
Its very bright for such a small flashlight. I always keep one in my pocket in case I need a light.

5 Stars  Mini Flashlight 
This is one of the best little flash lights I have. Puts out a lot of light and the side light will light up a whole room. Bought several of them.

5 Stars  Love light 
Excellent light. Bright yet small to carry. Makes a great gift.

5 Stars  Small but Bright 
These flashlight were smaller than I thought but the light surely makes up for the size. Its huge and very bright. I ?? the no batteries part too. Great little flashlight!

5 Stars  Bright 
Very bright light for such a little light. The light on the side makes it easy to lay it down and still have a lot of light. Doesnt last a long time, but it recharges fast.

5 Stars  rechargeable micr flashlight 
The flashlight is really great. Very bright and you do not have to purchase batteries since you just have to recharge it.

5 Stars  Great little light 
These tiny flashlights are tremendous. The lamp feature will light up an entire shelf of a dark closet. Get a couple you wont be sorry.

5 Stars  Little but powerful 
I have bought serveral of these lights. They are small but very powerful for there size. I currently have three more on order.

5 Stars  I Cant Believe This Light For This Price 
I ordered 10 and Im glad I did. I could not believe that this light put out such a bright clean white light, that it has a rechargeable battery and that the price is so low. What a bargain.

5 Stars  Awesome light - Awesome price 
Still in shock at the price of these. I know you said a limit of 10 so I just ordered 10 more. Im giving out to everyone.

5 Stars  This is The Most Powerful Micro Flashlight Ever! 
This flashlight is outstanding for its compact size and bright light outputs. I hope PulseTV.com restocks soon.

5 Stars  super bright for such a little light! 
These lights are very bright and the rechargeable feature is great.

4 Stars  Rechargeable micro batteries 
Variety of light options, Really flashes brightly

Review this item!