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Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight - The Most Powerful Micro Flashlight Ever!

Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight - The Most Powerful Micro Flashlight Ever!

Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight - The Most Powerful Micro Flashlight Ever!
Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight - The Most Powerful Micro Flashlight Ever!
Your Price: $5.99
Compare at: $24.99  (76% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $9.98 (80% off)

We've Found The Most Powerful RECHARGEABLE Micro Flashlight EVER!

Small Rechargeable Flashlight With Huge Power

At under 4 inches long this Rechargeable Micro Flashlight fits in the palm of your hand.

But don't let the size fool you! It puts out a whopping 300 lumens of light. And it's dual beam! That means you can use it as a traditional flashlight whereby the light comes out of the head. Or push the button and you've just moved the super bright 300 lumens of light to the handle. This means you now can use it as a lantern.

Seriously, we've never seen a flashlight this small, this powerful!

Similar flashlights with these features sell for $25 or more. You get this one for the crazy low price above. This was a one-time purchase we made and once we sell out this deal will be gone forever! And because of this we ask that you limit your order to no more than 10 per order.


- Rechargeable (400 mAh battery included)
- 300 Lumen Top Beam (traditional flashlight)
- 300 Lumen Side Beam (lantern light)
- Additional Emergency Strobe Mode
- Run time average 1 hour
- USB Charge Cable Included
- Portable For All Emergency Needs
- Made Of High-Grade Aluminum Alloy
- Impact Resistant
- Slide Focus
- Red Light Charging Indicator
- Charge From Any Powered USB Port Including Powerbanks
- Dimensions: 3.75" X 1"

5 Stars  Great little flashlights! 
These small flashlights are very bright and being rechargeable you dont have to worry about dead batteries plus you cant beat the price. I keep one in the car and each room especially for emergency use but I use them all the time.

5 Stars  Great little light 
These are a great little light to have on hand anywhere. No worries about dead or leaking batteries, and very versatile. I especially like the stand up option.

5 Stars  great 4 quick use 
gave these as stocking stuffers to sons and grandsons. They all liked them a lot

4 Stars  A Lot of Light in a Little Package! 
This little flashlight packs A LOT of light! The main beam is quite bright, then you press the button and you get a bright flashing beam, press it again and get a bright sidebar beam. Very impressive for the price!

5 Stars  Works great 
Works great.

5 Stars  great flash light 

5 Stars  Best, little light I Have Ever Seen 
This little light is so powerful, with the focus mode, flashing mode and side light, I have found that it is very versatile and I have used it more than any comparable light I have ever had. I have one in my office, bedroom, car and I carry one in my pocket most of the time.

5 Stars  Great small light 
Very bright and easy to charge. Works exactly as advertised.

5 Stars  WOW 
I love this one. The charge lasts a long time and it is surprisingly bright.

5 Stars  Handy light 
I carry this little flashlight in my pocket. I don t even realize I m carrying it because it is so small. However, whenever I find need for it I don t have to go off trying to find a flashlight. I have it with me. It gives me great light when I need it.

5 Stars  Great mini flashlight 
I ve been buying small or mini size flashlights for prob 10 years. I give them to my friends & customers! These are what I ve been searching for.No more batteries. Great 3 position lights.

5 Stars  Powerful flashlight! 
I have used many battery flashlight in my life, but this one out shines them all. AND it is rechargeable!!! No need to keep wondering if the batteries are weak...if so, then plug it in and re-charge it. The side light is a feature that is very helpful. The only thing I would do to improve it would be adding a SOS mode. Lastly is the price...far cheaper than the other flashlights on the market and brighter.

5 Stars  Brilliant 
Excellent very bright spot light.

5 Stars  Great Lite 
Best rechargable flashlight that i have ever seen.

4 Stars  Wonderful little light 
I accidentally bought 2 pairs for a total of 4 and I m glad I did. This is a wonderfully bright flashlight that is so easy to put in a pocket or purse. It s almost too small-making easy to get lost but I m still glad for it s small size.

5 Stars  Love it 
I love this flashlight. I have a few for myself for the home and car. I also have probably bought about 25 of these and given to friends and family. For a small flashlight, you simply can t beat it.

5 Stars  rechargeable flashlights 
The little flashlights are strong, and dependable. I have ordered these before and have just reordered more. I have one in every room and also in the car. I have given them away as gifts as well. I enjoy the ability to recharge them rather than use batteries. Highly recommended.

5 Stars  Most Awesome Flashlight Ever! 
I bought these for Christmas presents. Everyone absolutely loves them, including myself. These are super small, fits in my palm. But they have super powers in all three modes! No need for a bigger flashlight when you have one of these. Love it enough that I got me one too!

5 Stars  Wonderful Little Flashlight 
I bought 6 of these and gave them out to family members. Everyone loves them.

5 Stars  Best flashlight Ive ever had 
I got three bedrooms in my house and I have one in every bedroom plus the bathroom my living room and I have one on reserve only goes to tell you how good they are I reordered these things twice I even gave some away for Christmas gifts too my and my nieces nephews and they love them

1 Stars  They were very nice before. Last batch no good 
Just got several a couple weeks ago. Unlike ones I had gotten before, these shut themselves off after a few seconds, making them almost useless.

5 Stars  Excellent product 
It represents as advertised.

4 Stars  most powerful small flashlight Ive ever had 
I bought 10 of them and have one in every car, in most rooms in my house love them & use them every day

5 Stars  Mini usb flashlights 
I ve purchased about 10-12 of these mini usb flashlights. They re my favorite. And reasonably priced!

5 Stars  Small & Bright 
I like this light and it has performed perfectly so far. I keep one in the car which can charge off the car USB port.

5 Stars  Flashlights 

1 Stars  Great light, cable doesnt fit for recharging. 
Great light, the cable doesnt fit for recharging. Will not reorder.

5 Stars  Great little light 
I have bought several of these because they are so handy. If I need to go out to the pasture to check on animals at night, its better than a larger light and fits in my jeans pocket. Plus, its rechargeable! I have them hanging all around the house for when we have power failures too.

1 Stars  Cant win them all 
I love these. I bought 2 previously & have been Extremely Satisfied with them. Brighter than my larger ones. But unfortunately this one would never take a charge. Never got it to light.

5 Stars  Great little flashlight! 
Small and light weight - good for women to carry in their purse!

5 Stars  Great Product 
My husband loves this flashlight. He carries it with him everywhere and has had several occasions to use it and was glad to have it. He even looks for opportunities to put it to use. He has another pocket flashlight but it is not as good as this one. Thanks Pulsetv.com for all the gadgets unavailable elsewhere.

5 Stars  Excellent flashlight 
Rechargeable and very bright. Small enough to be found in purses and briefcases.

2 Stars  Disappointed 
The flashlight broke the first time I used it. The only reason I m giving it 2 stars is that the side light still worked. Save your money

2 Stars  Disappointed 
The flashlight broke the first time I used it. The only reason I m giving it 2 stars is that the side light still worked. Save your money

5 Stars  Really Powerful, Very Compact, & Easy to Charge via USB 
I love this handy little flashlight so much that I now have four of them and also gave one to each of our five family members for a to-be cherished forever Christmas present!

5 Stars  Most Versatile Flashlight, Ever 
I found this flashlight the most versatile that I have ever owned. First, it is small enough to carry in a pocket or purse. Second, it is rechargeable from a USB power source, and it includes a charging cable. The 300-lumen main beam is focusable and the side lamp provides hands-free illumination for almost any task. I bought 55+.

5 Stars  Micro Flash 
Nice little light with bright beam. Very compact too.

5 Stars  i carry it where ever I go. 
I have many types of flashlights this is the best.

4 Stars  great for size and no batterys 
easy to carry on person helps older men see better when the eyes are not.

5 Stars  Rechargeable micro flashlight 
Nice product

5 Stars  Mini rechargeable flashlight 
Excellent light. Makes a great gift.

5 Stars  Good, handy little flashlight. 
Well, I bought three of these little, high powered flashlights, because battery ones are a pain, run out too fast. These recharge, quite handy. And theyre so small, fit comfortably in my jacket, and I even used it on the dark space beneath my sink, to find some scrubbers. Very bright, a good product. I use it to walk the dog, pick up. My only misgiving is I thought once when I was using this flashlight, [has already paid for itself, in all the convenience to me so far], but it went out after 3 or so minutes when I left it on? I was tacking down sticky paper in a dark cabinet. Not sure I want it to go out on me like that. And when I recharged it, the push button on back to power it did not turn red, which I think its supposed to do? But I am still happy with this little flashlight, recommend it for traveling or just keep a few around the house, in toolbox. I bought 3. Dont buy those cheap little ones that take batteries at the store. They stop working.

2 Stars  Switch and charge port problems on 4 out of 7 flashlights 
very low quality switches. They malfunction with 30 - 60 days. Concept is great but product durability is very poor.

5 Stars  Great little flash light 
Just ordered another one.

4 Stars  Decent 

5 Stars  Best Light Ever 
This is the best small flashlight I have ever had. It fits nicely in my pocket. Its 3 functions are awesome. I even use the small beam to play with the cat as he love to chase light balls. I gave one to our park manager who uses it every night when he has to lock up around the park. I sent one to my daughter in law who walks her dog at night. I know she will love it. The kicker with this flashlight is that it is rechargeable and that is a huge PLUS!

5 Stars  Exceptional Flashlight 
This is an outstanding product and a great buy. Though compact in size, it produces a very bright, adjustable beam. The rechargeable feature is certainly a plus. I have reordered for use as gifts.

5 Stars  Great little light 
I have bought at least fifty of these remarkable little lights to give to friends

5 Stars  Small but powerful 
This flashlight is very small, but very Powerful. They give out brightness like a regular size flashlight

3 Stars  Does not last 4-5 hours 
I purchased many to give to the elderly friends in my area. They loved them! However, after recharging many times, they only hold power for about 10-15 minutes. That s fine if you only need them for a minute or so at a time, but don t rely on them after many recharges. I keep my last 2 to use at night and alternate keeping at least one fully charged at all times. The rechargeable battery wears out. I will buy more, but not for gifts again. I wish I had known about the battery sooner so I could have saved myself from embarrassment when they stop performing like when 1st used. Still great size and perfect for temporary use.

5 Stars  Handy 
Easy to carry in my pocket

5 Stars  Very handy 
I bought 2 and gave 1 to my ex wife

5 Stars  It works very well 
havent used it much.

5 Stars  Great light for its size 
These lights are small but put out a lot of light. They charge in a short time and stay lit a long time. Its a very good light for the price.

4 Stars  Perfect bedside flashlight 
It s a great little flashlight, all you do is squeeze it. Best part is, it is flat and doesn t roll off the night stand. It works as advertised!

5 Stars  Great little but powerful flashlight. 
Bright focusable light in a very small package. Easily recharges and very convenient.

5 Stars  Rechargeable flashlight 
Very functional. Great for gifs.

5 Stars  The Best 
I cant believe how good this little flashlight is. Its absolutely amazing. Its very bright. You can set the scope of light simply by sliding the lens guide. Fantastic! And, to top it off, no batteries! Its rechargeable with a USB jack, which comes with the light. I bought a bunch to give to family and friends.

4 Stars  Flashlight 
I like everything about the flashlight.................but. There is no warning when it is time to recharge the light. It does not start to get dimmer which would serve as a reminder --- it just quits working, period. Not a good feature, no help in an emergency situation when it just quits with no warning.

3 Stars  cannot insert the charging cable into charging port on flashlight 
I love these flashlights and now own 7. This is first one where I have had problems. I have to return it. This will be my first test of the customer service.

5 Stars  Makes a good gift 
Having just recently received two of these flashlight, I have just looked at one of them to satisfy my curiosity. The small size makes it easy to carry around in your pocket. The light is bright. All seems to be okay but I have not actually used the flashlight. But, it seems like it will do the job. Because I had 2 sent tome, I gave one to my co-worker as an early Christmas gift.

5 Stars  A great Flashlight for the elderly. 
I have ordered at total of 30 of these, and given many of them to my elderly friends.

I LOVE the little flashlights !!! BUT I had to call customer service, because the first two I got, the end you put into the flashlight to charge it would NOT FIT !!! I ended up having to throw them away, because I could not charge them !! So they replaced the flashlights for me, after testing them to be sure that the light-end of the charger fit into the flashlights !!! BUT they assumed that Id kept the cables to recharge them, so they didnt send the charging cables with the new flashlights, so I had to call them again & explain WHY Id thrown them out with the flashlights when they didnt fit, since I didnt know if it was the cable END or the opening in the flashlight to charge them !!!! so they sent me two charging cables a few days later !!! now I am happy !!! they ARE great little flashlights, & perfect for a purse or to keep in a vehicle & charge them there !!!

I initially purchased two micro-flashlights. I re-ordered, as the port on one of the flashlights couldnt accept the re-charging cable.

5 Stars  amazing little light very bright for its size 
great value

5 Stars  Great light 
The light has 3 functions. all work well. Very bright. love the fact it is rechargeable.

5 Stars  small and acts big 
this light is very handy when you have smallspace and need good light and its rechargeable

3 Stars  Lots of light 
I like the lights they are bright, small and handy. How ever none of the charging cords would plug into lights. I was told the new cords were on there way but I havent seen them. By the way the cords I already have did plug into them.

5 Stars  very nice 
its small but very nice. very bright and very handy to put in your purse

5 Stars  Powerful 
Very strong light in a small package! Very handy and easy to carry.

5 Stars  quality product 
never saw any flashlight this good before. I give it a thumbs up so far. This date 10/19/21

3 Stars  Bright BUT, Cheaply made! 
It is definitely a flashlight with bright light but very cheaply made I would not have bought it if I known this ahead of time I do not like to buy anything that is very cheaply made because this means it can very easily be broken. This is not good for any products at all that are for todays tougher standards.

5 Stars  Very useful flashlight 
Great light output and fits in my pocket

5 Stars  Outstanding little flash light 
Ordered two of these they work great are very bright Perfect for keeping handy on night stand dresser coffee table anywhere you might need a little flashlight from time to time.

5 Stars  Small and powerful 
This lightweight rechargeable flashlight provides powerful lumens that are adjustable to being small and closeup to widespread. It was a great purchase.

5 Stars  flashlight 
best little flashlight ever.

5 Stars  Amazing 
I am so happy with this flashlight. I gave away a few of them and everyone is impressed.

5 Stars  Very useful 
Bright flashlight and reading light. Rechargeable very handy. Take a backup battery to recharge when on longer trips.

5 Stars  Small in size, huge in convenience 
I have already bought two of these wonders. The light is super bright, charges fast, lasts a long time and the most important thing ... saving a lot on batteries.. I love it

3 Stars  flashlight - rechargable 
the first order worked fine - but eventually wouldnt recharge anymore. the last order - the flashlight was doifferent in hookup - 2 didnt work and when i tried to trecharge - one overheated the recharge wire topoint of melting the oinstallation. customer service said at that time they were sending on repalcement light at that time. also they were going to extend the return time on the first order. please advise - have only one that works for sure - still trying another one - hope it cont burn the wire! thanks 303-819-5702

5 Stars  Micro flashlight 
This is a cool small light easy to carry and is bright enough to use in the daylight for dark corners

5 Stars  Perfect for emergency or any on the spot need. Always charged! 
Fabulous purchase! Most practical buy Ive made from PULSE. Close at hand whether at home or in the car and for a SUPER PRICE!

5 Stars  FARPOINT rechargable flashlight 
Really nice item, great price and re-chargeable so no need to buy batteries. Great emergency work light on phase 3.

5 Stars  A great Flashlight for the elderly. 
I rate the Flashlight very high, however the quality of some of them are in question. They say the light will last up to 5 hours, however, having tested some of them to see how long they will stay on, the 300 Lumens value decreases after about 20 minutes. Also, of the 30 Flashlights I have received over the past, not all of them will indicate when the Flashlight is fully charged. How ever, all of them have charged. Upon receiving the Flashlights, one of the first things I do is to make sure they are capable of being fully charged. In the last order, I had to adjust two of the charging connections before the cable would fit in.

5 Stars  greatest flashlight ever 
I get a lot outages in my area and they come in very handy. I also keep one on my side stand by my bed. It really is a great item. I would recommend this to anyone especially seniors. Thank you

5 Stars  Great little flashlights! 
So small and yet they have a pretty powerful light. Im very pleased with this purchase!

5 Stars  Very best 
Totally impressed. Know I have purchased at least 10 and given as gifts. Husband even impressed.

5 Stars  Better than expected 
Powerful light from a small package. The charging cord is ridiculously short!

5 Stars  best little flashlight 
I have bought 3 the sidelight is great bright great for any emergency

5 Stars  Great Little Light 
Great little light. I ve bought at least 50 to give out to people to get a smile and it works.

5 Stars  Love it 
Great to have for any time you need light. Fits easily in pocket, purse, car. Bought many of them.

5 Stars  compact 
I was surprised at the brightness of this compact light. It is a really great buy.

5 Stars  Wow 
Great little flashlight. I bought a bunch as gifts and because they are rechargeable and very bright, everyone loved them

4 Stars  Lightweight Compact Flashlight 
This is perfect to keep in the car for an emergency.

5 Stars  Flashlight Review! 
Love this flashlight! It has 3 different light modes and its very bright!

3 Stars  Convenient but small capacity 
The flashlight puts out great light and is small and convenient great for travel but it requires frequent recharging, which can be quite inconvenient. I have mixed feelings so I gave it just an average rating.

5 Stars  Very handy to have any where you need light unexpectedly. 
My house is all electric so when the power goes out or I need light in bed and dont want to turn on the ceiling light, I have 6 of these small lights tucked away through the house and in my vehicle where I can get to them easily and use them for a couple of minutes then put them away for the next time.

5 Stars  Great flashlight 
I use it everyday from mechanic work to camping! Great flashlight!

5 Stars  Amazing small bright cheap 
Bought more to give away. Very bright, adjustable light zone. Easy to recharge with USB charger.

5 Stars  Absolutely Awesome!! 
Bought 4 the first time for family. Very bright, long-lasting charge and fits easily in pocket, purse, car cubbyholes and drawers. I try to be prepared for whatever happens and these take care of any light issue. Bought 20 to give as a little extra at Christmas. Great product!!!

5 Stars  Great ligts but Not quite the same as before 
The older lights would flash the red power button while charging, then switch to sold re when charged. The newer ones light solid red while charging, then the button light goes off when its fully charged. Confusing and not as informative.

4 Stars  Brite Lite 
Yes I have bought 5 of these mini lites work great from friends I gave to and also shared website of PulseTV,thanks!!! JC

5 Stars  Works great 
This little flashlight can really put out some light. I really like the fact that it is rechargeable.

5 Stars  Amazing for its size 
I ordered 2, and I am impressed, and I will be ordering more. They are pretty powerful in an emergency. Great price.

5 Stars  Small. Bright. 3-way uses. 
Small, bright & three way uses.

5 Stars  Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight 
Awesome little light. It is very small and very bright. It runs for a long time on a charge. I have used it a few times a week and it has held the charge for months.

5 Stars  Micro Flashlight 
Very bright & was glad that it did not need batteries.

5 Stars  Rechargeable Micro Flashlight 
Love them !

5 Stars  A livesaver to carry on your pockets at all times. 
I like that it has different ways to project light. I carry 2, one in my pockets and the other in the car.

5 Stars  micro flashlight 
super bright - it must be much more than 300 lumens.. easy to focus beam narrow to wide. side flood lite works well too. cant beat the price at 3 bucks.

5 Stars  mini rechargable flashlight 
Great little flashlight. work very well, and bright, with a cob light , plus, rechargable, so, no batteries needed . Excellent value !

5 Stars  Tiny flashlight, big light up 
This little flashlight lives up to its hype. Its small, rechargeable and very bright. I recommend it.

5 Stars  BRIGHT 
This little flashlight is super bright. I also like that its rechargeable.

5 Stars  Micro flashlight 
I love the little light. It is brighter than any I have in my home and I just love the fact that I don t have to be bothered with batteries.

For such a small instrument I am amazed at the amount of light this mini flashlight puts out. I really like the three options, regular zoomable, flashing, and lantern mode. Holds the charge for a long time as well. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

compact and fit anywhere

5 Stars  Awesome little light 
Im very impressed with these little rechargeable flash lights. I was working under the car and needed a light and this little thing worked great. The light on the side is a great feature as well. Theyre pretty bright and the charge lasted for 3 hours. When the little red light started to flash I knew it needed recharging so I plugged it in and grabbed the other one. Youll never find a light this handy for the price.

5 Stars  Outstanding little light 
This light is GREAT, three functions, zoom/flood capability and rechargeable, low cost. Whats not to love?

5 Stars  BEST of THE REST 
I just love this little guy. Its got everything covered. Pun intended. I bought extras because they make good little gifts.

5 Stars  Micro Flashlight 
Very handy. Holds charge for a long tine. Excellent value!

5 Stars  PERFECT! 
It fits in small areas like a purse, deep pocket, nightstand, glove compartment, etc. I bought several and been giving them out as gifts for all occasions! Men and women both! Everyone has made comments to me, all good. You wont be sorry!

5 Stars  Rechargeable flash lights. 
They really are fairly bright. Haven t tried to recharge them yet as they haven t died. I don t use them everyday.

5 Stars  Very handy 
Nice size. Find ability to focus beam very useful. Very good to have rechargeable light. My only complaint is that it has to cycle through its other two modes blinking and bar of light to turn it off.

5 Stars  Great Gift 
Excellent performance, compact, light options are great, Great security gift for a lady car driver easily attached to or carried in a small purse. Highly recommended

5 Stars  Small but packs a punch 
Great little flashlight keep it anywhere. Very bright and lasts a long time.

5 Stars  Great Gift Idea 
I donate these to a homeless shelter.

5 Stars  Small powerful flash light 
Great small but very powerful flashlight. Its compact and has an adjustment of light beam, strobe and has constant light on the side if you wish to use that instead. It doesnt use batteries. You recharge it using your computer or usb. Very handy and great to use. Fantastic price! I bought several, I gave all my family one.

5 Stars  Flashlight 
On time. Exactly as described. Very useful!

5 Stars  Very small, but very bright. 
cute little light!

5 Stars  Great price and product. 
Finally dont have to worry about having enough AAA batteries on hand for small flashlights. I bought 4 of these and put them in all of our vehicles and other places. I am contemplating buying 4 more!

5 Stars  As advertised 
Light is very bright. Bought several for Christmas presents.

5 Stars  amazing 
The amount of light put out by this tiny flashlight is truly amazing and dont have to buy expensive batteries anymore. Win win!

5 Stars  Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight - The Most Powerful Micro Flashlight 
This little flashlight got some power.


5 Stars  best little flashlight 
This has the power of most bigger and more expensive flashlights, side light great when doing a job in dark places I have used often already, and no batteries needed.

5 Stars  Outstanding deal and Very Handy! 
These are exceptionally bright for the size and they last a long time between charges. Being rechargeable was also quite a nice feature. I put one in every vehicle , room, and even gave some as gifts at this price! Shipping was very fast and packed well.

5 Stars  Extremely bright 
Great little light. EXTREMELY BRIGHT as a flashlight or lantern. What I like best is being able to recharge it with a USB cord.

5 Stars  much brighter than I expected 
Very small so can easily fit in a pocket, USB makes for less batteries and can be charged anywhere you have a USB plug. Really bright for as small as it is

5 Stars  Great powerful Little Flashlight 
Bought this item 2 time. Keep leaving them all over the house incase of black outs. Nice for little gifts too.

5 Stars  Great little flashlight 
I ordered several for myself and was so pleased with them, I ordered several more for family members. They are pretty bright and the beam is adjustable and the best part is no batteries, they are rechargeable. I have one in my car and in different rooms throughout my home in case the power goes out.

5 Stars  Small but mighty 
This is a great little flashlight. Very powerful for its size. Love that you don t need batteries and that you charge it when needed. Best flashlight I have bought. Gave several away to my grandkids for their rooms and car.

5 Stars  Powerful beam, easily charged 
Ive ordered these great little flashlights three times and give them as gifts as well as placing one in each of my cars. The price and performance are unbeatable.

5 Stars  its a great gift 
this mini flashlight is very helpful and powerful, everyone loves it

5 Stars  bright 
I appreciate the easiness of recharging and how bright it is...I just leave it in the sun in between uses

5 Stars  Great flashlight! 
Bright light!

5 Stars  Flashlights 
Pretty bright for a little light

5 Stars  Great power and great value. 
These rechargeable flashlights are a great value and quite powerful in a small package.

5 Stars  Flashlight works great 
This is a great little flashlight that is compact but puts out a lot of light. The side light is handy when you need a small spotlight and the flashlight is rechargeable.

I originally purchased 2 of the rechargeable micro flashlights and even my skeptical husband was impressed with the 3 options, the fact that you dont need to ever buy batteries and most importantly, the brightness. I ended up buying 4 more to keep around the house and send one to my sister. What a great buy, PluseTV is the best, thank you!

4 Stars  2nd order of 10 
Very useful and great gifts that are appreciated.

5 Stars  no worry about having batteries 
I have put them in every room, so no matter where I am if the power goes out or I need more light, it is there. I charge them every month or so, as the directions indicate so they are always ready. So much better than my old ones that required fresh batteries on hand.

5 Stars  Awesome little flashlight 
These small flashlights deliver BIG light and are rechargeable! I got one for each of my family members for Christmas. So, when I saw they were available again I jumped on to buy more!

5 Stars  The Best Mini Flashlight Ever 
The best flashlight that I ve ever owned! I bought five to share with family and friends but I keep forgetting to give them away. I will see my Brother later today just maybe I can remember to give him one. The light is very bright. Excellent for zooming in on something in particular. I highly recommend this FLASHLIGHT!!!

5 Stars  Best of the mini rechargables for the money. 
I buy these by the half dozen. Great tip when you get a tradesman do something for you, I give him one as a tip. Also small enough to not bother a womans pocket book. But bright enough for her to use for anything.

5 Stars  Bright Light 
Great value for a shining product!

5 Stars  Great Value 
Very powerful, quick recharge

5 Stars  Very Powerful 
Very bright light for such a small device.

5 Stars  Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight 
These reviews say it all - the best little flashlight you will ever own. I have bought many to give out to family, friends and even neighbors. They all love it too! You just cant beat the value, brightness, versatility and no batteries to worry about. One of the best, if not the best item, Pulse has offered.

5 Stars  Purchased ten 10 as gifts. 
Excellent gifts as complimentary added to Birthday presents.

5 Stars  Always ready! 
I purchased 10 of them. I gave 5 away & have the other 5 plugged into USB ports to stay charged. One in my truck plugged in and ready. One plugged into the face of my home computer. One sharing a charger with my cell phone. These are super inexpensive for such GREAT lights. Perfect size for a jeans pocket or a purse.

5 Stars  rechargeable 
What if you cant buy batteries? Please tell me you have a generator or solar charger. If not, get one quick.

5 Stars  Great light 
Very small, very bright and even rechargable

4 Stars  Flash lite 
Just great very good product exactly as describe.

5 Stars  Rechargeable Flashlight 
I love these little flashlights. They are very bright and have the side light, too. They illuminate the room when the power is out. I put one in our truck and one in the car. You never know when youll need a flashlight. Since its rechargeable, you can plug it into the car charger and use it. No worries that the batteries will be dead while out on the road needing a flashlight. Being small, you can keep one in your purse.

5 Stars  Outstanding value! 
Very bright and easy to operate. Hard to believe how good it is for the price.

5 Stars  Small compact 
Perfect little flashlight, perfect for the gloves box holds charge for a long time.

5 Stars  Small powerful light 
This small flashlight is very handy, because it charges like a cellphone and hangs from my turn signal lever.

5 Stars  I am overly impressed!!! 
I saw the video and thought, well price is good, I will try a few. Bought 5, easily charged them and so small fit in my pocket with ease. So first time a used it in the dark I was making deliveries and have very hard time seeing house addresses. I turned it on and I was well over 100 feet from house and this lit up like a mega watt spotlight in my hands!!! I have a few double AA flashlights picked up at store counter and you have to be practically on top of something to see it. The 300 lumen is very very impressive, can be blinding. I gave some to my daughter and grand daughter so they can keep with them in their purses. First blind an attacker then hit them with pepper spray

5 Stars  Worth the money 
I attached this to my dogs leash so that when I take her out at night I can see her clearly and also her business so I can clean it up. Its the perfect size and weight.

5 Stars  Great little flashlight 
This is a great, bright flashlight. Really like the lantern use. All for a super price.

5 Stars  Awesome 
I was totally surprised at how much light this little flashlight produces very very impressed

5 Stars  Rechargeable Micro Flashlight 
Neat little Flashlight. Powerful and rechargeable. A bonus! I keep it in my car for any needed use or for a walk at dark in the park

5 Stars  Small but powerful 
These are so handy to keep in our cars and on our nightstands.

5 Stars  Just the thing! 
What a great little flashlight! I used a twisty tie to attach the charging cord to the string on the flashlight and put it in my bag on my wheelchair, so if I need a flashlight while Im out and about, it is handy! CAUTION when you cycle to side lantern turn it away from your eyes! It is VERY bright and hurts the eyes!

5 Stars  Great and very useful product!!! 
I recommend this powerful flashlight to everyone. It is small but as powerful as the bigger ones.

5 Stars  Micro rechargeable micro light 
I wondered how good these were, but it was better than expected

5 Stars  This mama is BRIGHT, and USB recharagble . 
This is a great tiny light that can be focused, strobed, or one more click, it goes to a string of LEDs on the side of the flash light for MAJOR illumination. I buy them by the dozen, and give them as gifts. Only problem......the folks who I give them one now want MORE! I turn them on to Pulse!!! Gordon West

4 Stars  Great light! Few bugs.. 
I think that this is a great flashlight especially for it s size! It is bright and I like that it has a Zoom feature, the side led is bright as well! The negative..... I really wish it had a cap over the USB port because it isn t waterproof and I wish there was a way to cycle thru the modes other than having to click the button each time. Overall a great flashlight, just not waterproof/resistant.

5 Stars  The perfect flashlight for everything 
I loved mine so much that I bought several to give out as gifts to my family for Christmas. My grandkids use the lantern when camping in their living room. I use mine to look into my big tree at night to see whatever critters may be out there. Excellent zoom! I recommend attaching the USB cord to the end for easy charging. It never gets lost

5 Stars  Rechargeable! 
Every time I needed to use a flashlight I would find that the batteries were dead because the kids have been playing with it. Getting this has meant I go through fewer batteries. I bought several so I can have them in multiple places, ready to use. I even got a couple extra for the kids.

5 Stars  Fantastic Little Flashlight! 
You can not beat this item for the price. You must remember to keep it charged, in case of a power outage, but it is bright, multifunctional & so compact, it easily slips into a purse or pocket. It is a STEAL!

5 Stars  Micro Flashlight 
these flashlights are perfect Iput one in my suv in case I break down at nite or if Iget a flat tire. the light is very bright and the flashing light will heip other vecs see you on the road side. Well worth the price.

5 Stars  great emergency light 
Small, lightweight, and, useful. The main light goes from a full beam to a small concentrated square. It has an SOS function and a one sided lantern light. Very useful when changing tires to working on an engine if your car breaks down.

5 Stars  Rechargeable micro-flashlight 
Awesome micro-flashlight, very good purchase.

5 Stars  The Perfect Flashlight? Maybe! 
I am going to try to find something negative to say about this flashlight, but it wont be easy. Its one of the brightest Ive ever had, is small, charges vis USB, and has several light modes. I particularly like the side panel display, illuminating a large area. I suggest you buy several, to keep one always nearby.

5 Stars  Great light 
Powerful small light

5 Stars  Small flash light 
These small lights are great as I can put one in my pocket when walking the dog & put on the flashing light so cars can see me. Also not needing to buy batteries helps!

4 Stars  Micro-Flashlight 
Excellent light and brightness, does not seem to hold a charge very long.

5 Stars  super littlr flashlight 
This is a small sized flashlight that packs a super bright light. I gave 2 to my grandsons who love them. The rechargeable feature makes these lights a complete no brainer. I know because I have loads of more expensive lights laying around with dead batteries and corrosion damage.

5 Stars  Excellent lighting 
This little flashlight Surpassed my expectations. The light is super bright it s adjustable and a performs three functions. Small and compact you can keep it in a pocket or purse. Would definitely purchase again as needed.

5 Stars  Great little light 
Boy it should is a nice light for the money not sure how long charge last but does give you warning its low I love it!

5 Stars  Great Flashlight 
This is a great flashlight at a great price. I got 10, some to keep, and some to give away as gifts. Its very versatile with the different modes, and with the side work light. One thing not mentioned in the ad is the light beam is adjustable. Just pull out on the lens and it moves to focus the light beam. Wonderful product.

5 Stars  works great 
Its small and works great. So far it holds a charge for a long time

5 Stars  Answers web page 
Great flashlight very bright

5 Stars  Super bright mini flashlight 
This is really a great little flashlight and lantern. super bright beam and extra bright lantern. Also rechargeable so doesnt require batteries. Great Pulse TV buy.

5 Stars  Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight 
Fantastic price and it is a great bargain.

5 Stars  great idea 
This flashlight is perfect. Gives off a lot of light and is rechargeable so I dont have to keep buying batteries. Also, it is small so it is easy to carry around.

5 Stars  recharge 
This is the brightest fashlight Ive ever had and the side light is great. I bought 2 of the lights and love the charging feature

5 Stars  Very Powerful light 
This little flash is amazing because of its size, I can and do carry it with me all the time just so I can look at things that are hard to see in semi-dark areas, it recharges quickly, but doesnt need recharging very often, seems to have good staying power.

5 Stars  Great all around tool for all your lighting needs. 
I was shocked to see the size of this flashlight and when I turned it on it lite up the entire room. What power in a small container. The best part is I dont have any extra expenses to keep it working with the rechargable battery. So for a one time investment I have many needs meet. Great product for the price.

5 Stars  great flashlight 
very impressed with this light

4 Stars  Good deal for the price 
Great little light, very bright for its size! Negatives you have to go through all 3 modes to turn it off, and battery life is not great

5 Stars  FarPoint Micro Flashlight 
W O W ! Was I amazed at the first time using this! I endorse this product for anyone needing a flashlight of quality and the usage of such. What a bargain!

5 Stars  Great Little Light 
I have bought over a dozen of these little lights. I give them out to service people such as Nurses, Doctors, Maintenance, Store Clerks and Friends. I currently have some on order and will continue to buy them. I always buy two at a time and save $3.00.

5 Stars  Useful little flashlight 
The flashlight is small but bright enough to be useful. It has multiple modes including focus adjustment, flash, front light, and strip light. I have not had it long enough to determine battery life, but LEDs are usually very efficient.

5 Stars  Great little flashlight 
I like this little flashlight. I have bought several and put them around in places that I want flashlights. I have one in both cars and nightstand. Good price and rechargeable makes it really worth while.

5 Stars  Great Flashlight 
This flashlight is one of the best products I have purchased from PulseTV. It is small, easily carried in a pocket, etc. It is rechargeable via USB so it requires no batteries. I havent had it long enough to know how long a charge will last, but it is still going strong.

5 Stars  Flash Light 
This is the best little powerful flashlight in the world. Thank you

5 Stars  Great pocket flashlight 
I am normally not a fan of rechargeable flashlights, because of the consequences of failing to mind the charge level. However, this is a light that I keep in my pocket all of the time. It is small enough to not be noticeable in my pants pocket -- I wear cargo pants with big pockets --, and very bright. The included USB charging cable is nice, if short. The unit uses a Micro-USB port, rather than a proprietary one, which I like. Its a heckuva deal for 5 dollars.

5 Stars  Rechargeable mini flashlight 
Wow, this little light is more powerful than most other lights Ive ever seen! Rechargeable feature is my favorite though. Batteries are way too expensive. Not a problem anymore.

5 Stars  Compact, rechargeable BRIGHT 
I carry the flashlight in my pocket especially right now during the winter when it is dark early and the convenient flashlight is ideal. It was perfect when walking the dog with a bright and very wide illumination. Great purchase.

5 Stars  Very bright and compact 
Ordered a couple of these small flashlights and when I saw how well they worked, ordered a couple more. Two lights, both very bright. USB rechargable

5 Stars  Fine multi function rechargeable microlight 
All the people I have given these to as gifts were pleased with them. Everyone liked that they were rechargeable. The only consistent criticism was the lack of a lockout switch to prevent accidentally turning it on in their pocket or purse.

5 Stars  Awesome little lights 

5 Stars  No need to buy another flashlight ever 
This tiny flashlight will be the last I will have to buy. Small... fits in the palm of my hand and every small place you can ever imagine... but very powerful LED lights. Love the three modes of using it... the fact that its rechargeable is the best part. No more batteries to waste. Highly recommend this... and the price was unbelievably low for so much convenience and power.

5 Stars  Cant beat it 
This little light is the best thing you could have in your car if you have trouble. Charge it right off your USB

5 Stars  Very Bright! Very Small! 
Its great just what was advertised, and what I wanted. I gave away 4 to friends and family over Christmas, and all were welcomed.

5 Stars  Rechargeable Micro flashlight 
This is one small powerful flashlight, so bright. I bought 5 of them. I recommend them. So try them out .

5 Stars  Best small flashlight ever! 

4 Stars  Nice flashlight 
A nice compact and very bright flashlight. I like that it is USB chargeable.

5 Stars  Amazing little flashlight 
I was shocked at the amount of light they put off. I gave them as Christmas gifts & everyone loves them!

5 Stars  Micro Flashlite 
Super , super product . Brighter than my 4 battery flashlight . Absolutely love it .

5 Stars  Micro Flashlight... 
AMAZING product. Bright, dim and spotlight functions. Rechargeable, super bright and cheap. Ive purchased 20 for gifts.


5 Stars  Great little flashlights 
I bought several for gifts and everyone loved them. They are very bright and dont need batteries...they can be charged.

5 Stars  nice 
for the price cant beat it

5 Stars  Micro Flashlight 
it is very useful for journeys and handy

5 Stars  Bright!!!!, simple, compact 
This flashlight is absolutely incredible and better then much more expensive ones which is a HUGE BONUS for this one as well. I guarantee you will be happy with it. Girls purses, college students, runners, walkers, dog walking, endless uses. Mine always in my pocket.

4 Stars  Rechargeable Micro Flashlight 
Works well so far. The lens seems to be better fitted.

5 Stars  Bright and compact 
I got these as stocking stuffers for my family. Theyre a great addition because theyre small but the light is very bright. Made a great impression.

5 Stars  rechargeable micro-fliashlight 
This little flashlight gives a powerful illumination. Gave it to everyone for Christmas and they love it too.

5 Stars  Great light 
Great price. Very bright and recharable. Charges quickly and last about 30 minutes of constant on.

5 Stars  Great Little Light 
For the price this little light cant be toped. I have bought at least a dozen to give out as gifts.

5 Stars  Great Small Flashlight 
Really Great product give them to all my friends.....

5 Stars  great flashlight 
I gave the flashlights as gifts and everyone loves them and want more

5 Stars  Cant stop giving them as gifts. 
So far I have given over 40 of these away to friends and co-workers. They are the perfect stocking stuffer for guys, and everyone likes the fact that they are rechargeable. And of course, at a great price.

5 Stars  Best compact light EVER! 
It is everything described! LOVE IT! Rechargeable as well!?!?! LOVE IT!

5 Stars  Great Flashlite 
This flashlight is lite and bright. Its charge lasts a reasonable time too.

5 Stars  Small powerful flashlight 
Love the flashlight! Its small and has a carry strap making it easy to take along. Can even attach it to a belt to have it conveniently nearby. Bought one for my husband and one for myself!

5 Stars  Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight 
Great light, great price.

5 Stars  If your looking for a compact flashlight. This is it 
I keep one by my nightstand so I don t wait my wife when I drop something. Three settings but not sure use of strob. Flashlight is good steam that is bright and small. Third setting is a broader light that isn t as bright as first but I can see where it would come in handy. Jumping car or fixing flats. Great flashlight that is rechargeable. Very good flashlight.

5 Stars  Great small flashlights. 
I got one for our two cars and 1 each for my wife and myself for self-defense. If the light from this flashlight is shined directly in an intruders eyes he/she would be completely immobilized providing enough time to get away or call 911. This light is small enough to carry in a pants pocket or purse.

5 Stars  Very Pleased 
works very well, brighter than I expected. Easy and quick to recharge. At this price...such a deal.

5 Stars  Best small flashlight for the price 
Excellent gift for anyone who wants a reliable and small flash light to carry on your car, or your pocket. I bought several for gifts, and everyone raves about the fact they do not need batteries, and how powerful light they produce.

5 Stars  What An Awesome Little Flashlight!! WOW! 
What An Awesome Little Flashlight!! WOW! I was really surprised with the bright light this small flashlight was putting out! Also was happy this can be recharged! Im very happy with this purchase. I would highly recommend this item to friends & Family! Thanks for selling this lil light! Sincerely, James Garcia

5 Stars  Best Flashlight 
An amazing bargain,better than several that cost 5-10 times more. Rechargeable by USB, very bright light, easy to adjust size of pattern. Handy small size.

5 Stars  50 and counting 
GREAT LIGHT!!!!! I have bought over 50 of these lights and have only had one that had a loose lens which I fixed with a little Super Glue. I have given them as gifts and everyone has been very excited. Plumbers, electricians, joggers and hunters especially.

5 Stars  Micro Flashlight 
Hands down the best flash light out there, especially for the price. I bought 8 for my family and for xmas gifts.

5 Stars  Lights 
Very bright light shines for a good distance

5 Stars  Unusually powerful light from a tiny flashlight 
I m sorry if this sounds like a commercial...the truth is these tiny flashlights put out a beam of light you d expect from a much larger, much heavier and much more expensive flashlight. No kidding...at 5 bucks each, these make a very reasonable and original gift.

5 Stars  Best Flashlight Ever 
Bar none...an incredible product

5 Stars  The brightest! 
It s terrible to need a flashlight and not have one, but even worse to have one but no batteries! I love that I can charge this one. No more battery hassle. The beam is extremely bright and I am happy with this purchase.

4 Stars  Micro Brite 
Great little lite for everyone.

5 Stars  These Little Flashlights Are GREAT! 
These little flashlights are more powerful than my regular sized flashlights. Plus, I love that you can charge the battery. I purchased several for stocking stuffers.

5 Stars  Powerful and affordable 
This micro flashlight is now my go-to flashlight. It charge lasts a long time, it charges fully very quickly, and has great brightness.

5 Stars  Very Nice! Perfect to have a handy light at your fingertips 
Great little flashlights... I like to be able recharge the batteries... Havent needed to recharge after the first charge... Im not worried about it... I didnt like the lanyard cord attached I removed it... it was just getting the way...

5 Stars  Lives up to the Hype!! 
A+ Really is a bright compact flashlight. I would definitely purchase again!!

5 Stars  Flash Light 
This really is the Best little Flashlight I ever had Excellent product Thank you!

3 Stars  Smaller than expected. 
Smaller than I expected, not as bright as I expected, but a cute very little flashlight.

5 Stars  Best, brightest flashlight ever! 
At last a flashlight that is bright and compact and able recharge effortlessly. I use it when I jog and when I take the doggie out for her walk. I cant express how happy I have been with this light!

5 Stars  best lights 
love this light. grandchild likes playing with lights now no more batteries to buy just plug in and recharge. and great when lites go out.

5 Stars  Most powerful, brightest rechargable flash light ever. 
Wouldnt leave home without it, carry one in my coat at all times. One for my wife and kids for winters early darkness. Several friends quite impressed.

5 Stars  Great gifts 
I bought these for myself, wonderful item to keep in the car. Then I gave one to a friend, they were overjoyed. Now I keep a couple around to give as gifts. Who doesnt need an extra flashlight?

5 Stars  Small but mighty 
Excellant little flashlight. Nice and bright and the multiple choices of lights are good.

5 Stars  Rechargeable flashlite. 
Works great. No batteries to buy b/c rechargeable. the light on the side is very useful.

5 Stars  More than expected 
By far the brightest small light I have ever seen. Great for car or shop. Well worth the money and makes a great gift.

5 Stars  Very Handy 
I keep one in my car, one in my garage, and on in my bedroom. Love em.

5 Stars  Great Value 
Love this little flash / cobb light. Bought 2 for Christmas but am keeping one for myself!

5 Stars  Great little flashlight 
I give these for Christmas gifts every year. Everyone loves them. They are really bright and seem to last a long time. They just take regular AA batteries so easy to replenish.

5 Stars  Superior Product 
I have purchased a variety of compact flashlights in the past, but this one is the best. The beam is exceptionally bright and sharp and its circumference can be adjusted. There is also a flash and a flood setting, with a push of the button. Best of all, the flashlight is rechargeable with the small ISB wire that comes with it, so there is no concern about having to deal with diminishing intensity or replacing batteries. The cost is extremely reasonable.


5 Stars  nice bright flashlight for its small size 
the flashlight is very bright and the recharging is also nice very handy to carry around in the pocket will use it alot

5 Stars  Perfect for kids 
This is a great compact flashlight -- give them to your kids for when they are walking to the bus stop early in the morning before daylight. Very bright and most useful -- can even put it in your purse or in your pocket. Even use it while walking/running at dawn/dusk.

5 Stars  Rechargable , small , bright -flashlight 
I purchased a number of these as they are unique in that besides being rechargable they have a side light that is equally bright and can flood and area with light when needed . These have replaces a bunch of my old battery LED flashlights in favor of rechargable feature and light output .

5 Stars  A good flashlight. 
Very small and powerful, easy to carry in pocket. Three functions and I am very glad I purchased.

5 Stars  Love this light 
Love this small light. ordered 2 times more to get more for Christmas.

5 Stars  great 

5 Stars  Flashlight Review 
Enjoying the new small, but powerful flashlight. One for my wife and one for me.

5 Stars  Sensational little flashlight 
Far outperform its size and price. You won t find a better flashlight deal. Makes a great small holiday gift. Can t go wrong!

5 Stars  Small and de-LIGHT-full. Convenient. 
Very pleased with this small, but very bright, flashlight. Im giving one to my friend in case of power outage. Love that it is rechargeable with a USB cord.

5 Stars  3 in 1 Flashlight 
this is a very good Flashlight it does not require Batteries just plug it in & recharge it. for such a small light it sure throws a very bright beam. & it makes a nice lantern for when there are power outages. i have not used the blinking part. i bought 3 of them & liked it so much that i bought 3 more. Jerry.

4 Stars  excellent 
excellent flashlight. Very bright. Too many functions to cycle through.

5 Stars  Small but powerful 
Exactly as advertised. Light is smaller than expected but it is very bright. I will order another one.

5 Stars  compact, affordable - yet powerful! 
Very nice lights that are compact yet powerful. At a price that wont break the bank. Shipping was also prompt.

5 Stars  Incredible! 
I have seen so many of these sorts pf lights that do not measure up that I was skeptical, but these are great! Gonna stock up for stocking stuffers and little gifts.

5 Stars  Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight 
This little light is so bright. I love it. I love the fact that I can recharge it and not have to replace the batteries. It shines further than most large flashlights.

5 Stars  Micro flashlight 
I loved it.

5 Stars  Small size and a reasonable price 
I ordered 2 flashlights at a very good price. Both seem to work well and provide good light output. There is a warning about not running the max mode for more than 10 minutes in a 1 hr period. Im not sure what the max mode is but I assume the side light which is quite bright which is what they are talking about. So far so good.

5 Stars  Bargain multifunctional Flashlight ! 
Good products, fair prices, fast shippers and great customer service. Do not take my word for it, try them for yourself and see if I am right !

5 Stars  Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight 
amzingly bright light! It recharges internal battery via USB cable included-note that the cable is a very tight fit connecting into the recharge port-be careful inserting it, make sure to orient the shape of the cable end to the shape of the port. The micro-flashlight features a bright LED light a stobe light blinking and on the side another LED.

5 Stars  Terrific Light! 
For the money, nothing even comes close to this little guy! Extremely bright for its size, and the strobe is a great tool to confuse a would-be attacker. The lantern function is brighter than youd think for something this size, lighting up a small room more than adequately. I highly recommend buying several of these for every room!

5 Stars  Very bright 
What a surprise! This little light really delivers what you need. Wide range of beam s with no blank spots.

5 Stars  Great buy! 
Super powerful lights and love that they recharge by USB and dont require batteries.

5 Stars  Big light little flashlight. 
This is a lot of light from a very small flashlight. Fits in pants pocket. Takes up no more space than a money clip with bills and credit cards. So small it should be in your car.

5 Stars  Compact and Powerful 
Bought three for each of our cars and house.

5 Stars  mini flashlight 
compact size , very bright, came charged, purchased for stocking stuffers

5 Stars  The Best 
I had my doubts about this light, but it is great! Very bright both in flashlight and lantern mode. Not having to worry about batteries is such a great convenience, just recharge it via USB using the supplied cord. Easily fits into my storage compartment in my car. Great stocking stuffer!

5 Stars  Great flashlight! 
I bought 3 of these 1 for my truck 1 for my wives car and 1 for my work ... Im surprised how small it is and how much light it puts out and best of all it recharges no batteries !!

5 Stars  Everything as advertised. 
Im really pleased with the flashlights I purchased. They work great!!!

5 Stars  Amazing light 
I loved this little light so much that I bought several and Im giving them out as Christmas gifts. This tiny little light fits in your pocket and will zoom out to a strong Long Distance little spot. I dont know how they did it!

5 Stars  No need for multiple AAA batteries 
I have mini flashlights in every room we lose power quite often. The batteries get spent quickly, even when not in use. Love the fact that I can charge the batteries and am ready to go. Much less expensive!

5 Stars  You Light Up My Life 
I am happy with the purchase of my Rechargeable Micro Flashlight. All of the flashlight options are effective and emit a great deal of light. The flashlight feels durable, but only time can tell for sure. I highly recommend it.

5 Stars  Great Little Flashlight 
This is a great little flashlight. The price is fantastic and the quality is good. I have bought a dozen to give away.

5 Stars  Handiest Flashlight ever 
This Flashlight is the most convenient that I have had. Small, bright and easy to use.

5 Stars  As Advertised. Great light 
This little bugger is BRIGHT in all modes ! Seems to hold a charge for a decent amount of time. Great buy !

5 Stars  description was accurate 
small powerful light gits my needs for pocket light

5 Stars  Little, Powerful Pocket-sized and Rechargeable 
And it doesnt get turned on in your pocket by the other stuff in your pocket...

4 Stars  Bright Light 
This is a powerful little light, the only problem is the batteries dont last long.

5 Stars  rechargeable flashlight 
I really love these flashlights. I had to re-order more for family members and will be placing more as Christmas presents. The most outstanding feature on this item is the USB charging port.

4 Stars  Would be 5 stars, if. 
I really like the function and brightness of these flashlights, and I have purchased a few different versions of flashlights from PTV. My only negative observation is one of the units has a recharging port inside that is barely ably to receive the charging cable and I had to pry it to the middle with a screwdriver to enable the charging cable.

4 Stars  Small strong flashlight 
Except for the hazard warning this looks like a wonderful easy to carry bright strobe or plain light. Just dont leave it on until it becomes hot

5 Stars  My new fav 
Great little flashlight! Plenty bright & side panel light is handy when setting flashlight down & still need light.

5 Stars  good 
vary good

5 Stars  Awesome little flashlight 
I am very happy with my purchase. All my friends who have received this flashlight have been very impressed with how powerful and portable it is, besides not needing batteries. Great to carry in your car for emergencies. I am going to make sure to include them as part of Christmas presents. So glad I found them!

5 Stars  Great Pocket Flashlight 
The size, the functions with two lights and the fact that it is rechargeable makes it a good choice for its purpose

5 Stars  best lights 
with kids liking to play with lights this is great. no more buying batteries. planning on buying mores.

5 Stars  Star Power 
Excellent product, fits right in the palm of your hand. It does the job very well.

5 Stars  Great buy. 
This was a pleasant surprise as this little flashlight is really a good buy. I like that it is rechargeable and it is really bright. Very small so it can be easy carried in pocket or purse. Unfortunately I have lost or misplaced my purchase but I am relieved I have ordered 2 more and at such a low price I cant go wrong.

4 Stars  Handy Flashlight 
Had to figure out on/off button. Getting Started instructions could be clearer. Flashlight is handy for looking in different places quickly.

1 Stars  Poor flashlight 
Run time is 1.5 hours vs. 5. Not very bright. Only redeeming factor is the built in charger. Much better options out there for close to this amount.

5 Stars  Powerful 
The first thing I did was opened it for zoom and aimed it straight in the sky past my tree where the squirrels crawl on the phone lines. It was amazing. I loved it so much that I bought more for my family. Such a great deal

5 Stars  Great little flashlight 
I was surprised how bright this little flashlight is. Small size is perfect for pocket or purse, glovebox, console, etc. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend this product.

5 Stars  Micro Light 
Very nice little light with powerful beam.

5 Stars  Only one thing I would want 
This flashlight is by far the brightest flashlight I have. The ONLY feature I would like the engineers to add is a SOS feature. Otherwise...an excellent flashlight by any other standard.

5 Stars  these are awesome 
very bright lights. only drawback is the 3 times switch to get where your going, but a fun light and convenient

5 Stars  Amazing flashlight 
This tiny little flashlight is amazing. Its much brighter than my battery powered expensive flashlight, and I wont have to keep buying batteries for it. I may just throw the battery powered flashlight away.

5 Stars  great little flashlight 
terrific light intensity for its size. Only problem is that it has a heating situation when left on for a period of time. Rechargeable feature is a definite plus.

5 Stars  Bright handy flashlight 
My husband is on dialysis on a very early morning schedule. Since the flashlight is handy enough, I just put it together with his house keys. The flashlight is bright enough to see the steps ahead of him. Button is easy to operate as it is on the base of the unit. For someone like him who has a hard time seeing, a simple big button is good.

5 Stars  Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight 
This is a perfect size flashlight. The different settings can be as dull or as bright as you would like. I like using the side panel for the maximum light that it can give off. It is so easy to recharge also.

5 Stars  Nice flashlight 
Bright and light flashlight and a great deal.

5 Stars  micro flashlight 
Simply the best little flashlight I have ever owned. I bought several for Christmas gifts. The brightness is amazing!

5 Stars  Great flashlight 
This flashlight has 2 light positions for where you need additional lightning.

5 Stars  A must for every car & pocketbook 
I ordered 8 of these as stocking stuffers for family after I ordered the headlight version. As advertised, these are terrific lights and being rechargeable makes them much more convenient and useful. Saw a similar light at Lowes yesterday for $19.00. I will probably buy more after my family sees these in their stockings. I have been a PulseTV customer for years and only 1 defective product which was replaced immediately with no questions or hassle.

5 Stars  Nice and bright 
Small, but powerful

5 Stars  Outstanding, Powerful, yet compact Flashlight 
I have the prior non-rechargeable version as well.

5 Stars  great light 
nice gift for the holidays

i love this little flashlight for three reasons. First because it is so small that it easily can fit into my pocket without being bulky. Second, it shines a powerful beam of light along with a flashing signal and a side light. Lastly, because it has a USB connector to recharge the batterys energy source, hence no batteries. You will love this little light!

5 Stars  Great little flash light 
This is a wonderful compact little flash light with a very bright light. I mostly use it when walking my dogs at night. The strobe is a nice feature but I especially like the side light which is very bright and great for being seen or reading a map. I wish the recharging cord was a little longer.

2 Stars  Cute, but Not Much Battery Life 
I like the idea of rechargeable flashlights, so I got a couple. Theyre pretty much as advertized, except that the battery life I got after a full recharge on both of the flashlights was less than three hours. Since I got them in part to assist in walking at night, this was not sufficient. I would recommend against them.

5 Stars  Already reordered for gifts 
Its wonderful. No worries . Charge last a long time

5 Stars  Good mini flashlight 
small size - bright light -

5 Stars  GREAT little flashlight and rechargeable is the best thing. 
Loved them - great price

5 Stars  Bright - Handy - Small 
Its a great pocket flash. Really bright flash beam with useful lamp feature just by pressing the button.

5 Stars  THE BEST 
The greatest little flashlight, compact and powerful!

5 Stars  Just what I wanted 
Small flashlight that I can keep plugged into my computer, and dont have to worry about batteries. Im glad I got it.

5 Stars  Bright 
This little flashlight is much brighter than I thought it would be. Very impressed.

5 Stars  Excellent lights 
Small but effective and bright lights I really like the three modes incorporated into the units.

5 Stars  For the size it was cool ! 
For the size of the flash light it was not to bad at all. I give them as a gift and both people liked them as well.Would I buy them again ? Sure I would.

5 Stars  WOW! Talk about bright. 
These handy little flashlights are REALLY bright! I was surprised that the quality is as good as it is especially for the price. AND they are rechargeable.

5 Stars  GOOD LIGHT 

2 Stars  good for those who work at night ,but doesnt hold a charge . 
decent light output ,but it doesnt hold a charge for long. have to recharge every 2 days after 20 minutes of use

5 Stars  Awesome Sauce 
great little light for the money

5 Stars  Great product - Great Price - Great service 
Absolutely amazing, unbelievable performance

5 Stars  Small and Light 
This handy flashlight gives a useful light to walk the dog at night, or keep in your purse when you cant find your keys. Again, I took advantage of PulseTV bargain and bought three. Gave one to neighbor. Rechargeable feature is a plus - no batteries which makes it very light.

i have a few flashlights around studio for different purposes but this tiny one is always within reach for first grab emergency!! I love that side strip light, wow is that powerful!! ...We had a blackout in Manhattan the other night and I was able to go throughout studio with this little pal of mine and when needing a bigger flashlight I clicked the third choice and got most of the studio to light up...AMAZING MUST HAVE tiny Flashlight and am thinking of getting a few to give out as gifts

5 Stars  Great little tool 
I put them in the important parts of the house for emergencies and normal use

5 Stars  Rechargeable Micro-Flaslight 
I love these little flashlights. I have 2 and always make sure they are both charged.

5 Stars  Only light you will ever need! 
This light provides enough light to find your way in the dark. No other light has to be carried on your person.

5 Stars  In awe of this little wonder 
I bought two of these and will be buying a bunch more. It packs alot of punch for such a small flashlight. And not having to buy batteries makes it AWESOME. I just dont know how you can sell it at this low of a price!

5 Stars  Works great 
Sturdy, very bright and versatile.

5 Stars  Great 
It is a delight. Very easy to charge. I keep it next to my bed.

5 Stars  Great Little Rechargeable Flashlight 
I purchased 3 of these amazing little flashlights. They are bright and I will never need to buy batteries for them since they recharge. They also can be adjusted to zoom and wide area

4 Stars  Impressive 
A lot of light for a small unit. Make sure you check the warning about exploding.

5 Stars  light up the world 
this light is just right for all areas wheeter it be just bit of light needed or alot i use it in the car when i travel enough light to ck under the hood or around the car when stopping on road good in the house for when lights go out,and slide down light extra for just out on the porch.great light overall.

5 Stars  Lots of light for its size 
Lots of light for its size and easy to keep charged. Its kept on a charger on our kitchen counter for quick access. Great device.

5 Stars  Great gift idea! 
I got several so I could give them as gifts

4 Stars  Fair priced good product. 
Handy flashlight. Night light feature is great. Larger flashlights should have this feature.

5 Stars  Great value 
Great little flashlight. Strong light in small package.

5 Stars  Micro flashlight 
Outstanding. My family really liked this item. The side light was very helpful.

5 Stars  Dynamite product 
This is one of the most useful items I have ever purchased. A tiny flashlight that fits into the palm of my hand, is extremely powerful and is rechargeable. Prices is unbelievable.

5 Stars  Bright 
Handy little light, charge it up. Put it in your pocket and forget Its there till you need bright light. The side light is great for camping or car repairs.

4 Stars  Convenient and a good idea 
I bought two of these little flashlights because we sometimes get power outages and I liked the idea of usb charging. This way I can have the flashlights charged and ready when this happens. It is also convenient for just looking at something in a darkened area quickly. Works well. Although one was replaced by pulse due to an issue. They are good about this.

5 Stars  GREAT BUY 

5 Stars  Excellent flashlight 
For a small flashlight for quick situations this is an excellent choice. They are rechargeable they are awesome

5 Stars  Absolutely Incomparable Value 
This ingenious device is the most practical, adaptable and economical of its kind. It dont get no better!

5 Stars  Great buy 
Excellent and handy light to keep in purse, pocket or car.

5 Stars  Mini flashlight 
Great product, super bright rechargeable feature is a plus.

5 Stars  Great small flashlight 
Puts out a lot of light for a small little flashlight.

2 Stars  Chargeable micro flashlight 
I was unhappy. When I received them reading what they said was that not to use more than ten minutes the battery can explode. Nothing was said about that and I feel that should have been in the description. I felt that should have been disclosed.

4 Stars  Pocket Flashlight 
I like it and it works well and is very compact & powerful.

5 Stars  nice flash light 
This small flashlight is very nice it charges the the USB in my computer. It has three functions on, flashing strobe & a yellow light on the side. I am pleased. It was very inexpensive too.

5 Stars  Brightest flashlight I ever owned 
Amazing brightness. Rechargeable! The only thing that would make it better would be for it to have a SOS mode. Otherwise...this flashlight is the best I have ever owned.

5 Stars  Micro flashlights 
As always great prices, quality, and excellent service.

5 Stars  Super Bright and rechargeable 
Brightest little light EVER! Its so bright Im sure this would eat batteries but no worry cause its good as new after recharge. It focuses down to an intense beam or widens to a large area. Regular, flash or side light, all bright and it charges right from a mini USB.

5 Stars  Super Flashlight 
This little flashlight is sensational.The light is powerful and offers great options on using it in different settings! Love it and highly recommend it!

5 Stars  Great Small Flashlight 
Perfect pocket size flashlight handy in a pinch if I need to find something in the dark! Very bright!

5 Stars  Great flashlight 
Bought for my grandson and he liked it. Great little flashlight

4 Stars  Versatile, Bright Light 
Provides a couple of light options which gives it some versatility. The light is not as bright as expected but still is bright. The rechargeable feature is nice so you dont have to worry about changing batteries.

5 Stars  micro flashlight 
very good product,enjoy using it ,my wife likes it as well, good price, just what I needed.

5 Stars  Just as advertised 
This micro-flashlight was every bit as bright as advertised. Super easy to charge, and I like the fact that it lets you know it is fully charged when the red light stops flashing. I bought 3, and I intend to buy more to give as gifts.

5 Stars  Nice flash light 
Nice and compact and very nice features at a good price. Like the recharge feature.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Small but powerful. Very handy to carry in a pocket. Nice to not use batteries.

5 Stars  simple easy 
very strong and just plug it in to chage easy peasy

5 Stars  Micro flashlights 
Excellent and very bright as small flashlight.

5 Stars  Flashlight works great 
I was a little skeptical of the flashlight, and really dont realize how bright 300 lumens are, but I was pleasantly surprised. For its size the flashlight puts out a tremendous amount of light. And the fact it is rechargeable is a bonus.

5 Stars  Rechargeable Micro-Flashlight 
This is great! Never worry about leaking or dead batteries and it comes with a charging cord-if you have a phone charger in vehicle this cord has USB plug--never leave home without it

5 Stars  Handy powerful, and rechargeable. 
Great light to carry in car. No batteries, bright light and the strobbing will get attention from a long way away

5 Stars  Work great 
I was surprised by how well they worked. Bright light and easy to recharge.

5 Stars  Mini rechargeable flashlight 
Best mini flashlight that Ive ever own. That puts out a amazing bright light!!!

5 Stars  Perfect 
Perfect flashlight. Lightweight, love the rechargeable feature and they make a great gift I collect flashlights so know my lights

5 Stars  Best flashlight ever 
Its the brightest flashlight Ive ever owned! I only wish I bought more!

5 Stars  Super Great flashlight! 
USB powered dual purpose small flashlight with an adjustable beam and a very bright side light. I liked this light so much that I eventually bought four of them so I could give some to friends.

Very impressive that such a brilliant, piercing light can come from such a small, easy to carry flashlight. Really an impressive aid. Ive given several to friends and every one of them is amazed. A great buy!

5 Stars  Greatest Little Light!! 
I bought 10 of these for Christmas gifts and everyone loved them and I didnt have one for myself and two other people wanted one so I just got 4 more. So bright! So handy! No batteries to buy!

5 Stars  Great little light, especially for the price. 
Just bought my second 10 pack. Great giveaways and people love them.

5 Stars  Micro flashlight 
It is a handy light, small and powerful and I like that it is rechargeable.

5 Stars  Best small flashlight 
This little 300 Lumen flashlight is so compact and bright it is hard to believe. All three settings provide as much light as any flashlight many many times larger AND at a GREAT PRICE. I have given them as stocking stuffers at Christmas and to friends just because I know they would like one.

4 Stars  Handy and for the price, great value. 
I bought 10 to use as gifts. Summary Just handy little flashlights for a great price. They are not high end lights - but higher end metal bodies, etc will cost you $30 and up on Amazon. For something to use around the house, hard to beat the value. The good Just handy little flashlights. The price. Easy to use. The bad 1 failed out of the box. Now if they were $30 and up from Amazon I am upset. At this price, not worth worrying over. Not heavy duty units - plastic body and such. So I would not use this hiking the Smokeys but as an around the house tool - great value. In short, these will great gifts. It strikes me these would also be practical/excellent as groomsman and bridesmaids gifts. The casing should even be engravable.

5 Stars  Excellent Pocket Flashlight 
Its very bright for such a small flashlight. I always keep one in my pocket in case I need a light.

5 Stars  Mini Flashlight 
This is one of the best little flash lights I have. Puts out a lot of light and the side light will light up a whole room. Bought several of them.

5 Stars  Love light 
Excellent light. Bright yet small to carry. Makes a great gift.

5 Stars  Small but Bright 
These flashlight were smaller than I thought but the light surely makes up for the size. Its huge and very bright. I ?? the no batteries part too. Great little flashlight!

5 Stars  Bright 
Very bright light for such a little light. The light on the side makes it easy to lay it down and still have a lot of light. Doesnt last a long time, but it recharges fast.

5 Stars  rechargeable micr flashlight 
The flashlight is really great. Very bright and you do not have to purchase batteries since you just have to recharge it.

5 Stars  Great little light 
These tiny flashlights are tremendous. The lamp feature will light up an entire shelf of a dark closet. Get a couple you wont be sorry.

5 Stars  Little but powerful 
I have bought serveral of these lights. They are small but very powerful for there size. I currently have three more on order.

5 Stars  I Cant Believe This Light For This Price 
I ordered 10 and Im glad I did. I could not believe that this light put out such a bright clean white light, that it has a rechargeable battery and that the price is so low. What a bargain.

5 Stars  Awesome light - Awesome price 
Still in shock at the price of these. I know you said a limit of 10 so I just ordered 10 more. Im giving out to everyone.

5 Stars  This is The Most Powerful Micro Flashlight Ever! 
This flashlight is outstanding for its compact size and bright light outputs. I hope PulseTV.com restocks soon.

5 Stars  super bright for such a little light! 
These lights are very bright and the rechargeable feature is great.

4 Stars  Rechargeable micro batteries 
Variety of light options, Really flashes brightly

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