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Grimebuster Handheld Power Scrubber by Black and Decker
Grimebuster Handheld Power Scrubber by Black and Decker
Grimebuster Handheld Power Scrubber by Black and Decker
Grimebuster Handheld Power Scrubber by Black and Decker
Grimebuster Handheld Power Scrubber by Black and Decker
Grimebuster Handheld Power Scrubber by Black and Decker
Grimebuster Handheld Power Scrubber by Black and Decker

Grimebuster Handheld Power Scrubber by Black and Decker

Grimebuster Handheld Power Scrubber by Black and Decker

Your Price: $9.99
Compare at: $19.99  (50% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $17.98 (55% off)
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Sold Out
Save $2.00 when you buy two unitls!

Black and Decker's powerful Grimebuster Scrubber is a portable, battery-powered solution for all your cleaning needs. Cut through the grime, grease, dried on food and sticky messes without any extra elbow grease.

Use the all-purpose bristle brush on your dishes, pots and pans, countertops, stovetops, the oven, microwave, sinks, and any other surface. Ideal for dishwashing, the waterproof unit is fully submersible with a non-slip handle making it comfortable to grip. When powered on, it rotates getting in all those nooks and crannies without needing to apply much pressure - perfect for those with limited hand strength or arthritis.

We all know friction cleans the best, so feel safe using little or no cleaning chemicals. You'll be amazed at how well this blasts through messes with just soap and water. Besides cleaning baked-on messes with ease in the kitchen; use it to clean tile, flooring, shower doors, bathtubs, and much more.

The unit itself comes with a removable bristle brush attachment that you can toss in the dishwasher for deep cleaning.

This cordless unit runs on 4 AA alkaline batteries, and your first set even comes included!

- Rotating Scrubbing Power Without Elbow Grease
- Great for Limited Dexterity/Arthritis Sufferers
- Cut Through Grease, Grime, Dried Up Food with Ease
- Waterproof and Submersible
- Flexible Bristles Mold into Cracks and Crevices
- Lightweight, and Easy to Handle
- Clean Sinks, Tile, Grout, Bathtubs, and Showers
- Cordless, Uses 4AA Alkaline Batteries (Included!)
- Dishwasher-Safe Brush Head for Deep Cleaning
- 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Review this item!

5 Stars  Scrubber 
Excellent scrubber, does a great job, well priced. Just hope it keeps working.

4 Stars  easier cleaning 
Makes it easier to clean the soap scum off the tub. I wish it was a little more powerful but it works

Took on our fiberglass tub & shower and got it done in about 10 minutes. used Simple Green sprayer, the got rid of the dull and brought back some shine. Its nearly 35 years old & a not so lovely off yellow color so thats saying a lot. Have used the white sponge in the past, takes at least one of them to do the job and a lot of elbow grease. this was easier. loved it.

5 Stars  Mores scrubbing. Less labor 
Great device to do my scrubbing without exerting myself.

4 Stars  Very Useful 
I use it for my master shower stall which is tiled. It works well as a power scrubber, especially in corners. It cuts down on labor and saves time. I would buy one again. The only small problem is that the on/off button is stiff to actuate. It is great otherwise.

5 Stars  Saves elbow grease! 
Works JUST as good as the long handled version. Never disappointed.

5 Stars  Grimebuster 
I love how good this cleans. It scrubs in places that a regular brush will not. I highly recommend this.

5 Stars  Awesome Product 
So happy with my handheld power scrubber. So easy to use, gets in corners and cleans so well. I recommend this product to everyone.

1 Stars  Very Poor quaility 
Brush head bristles came out on the first use, I had also purchased an extra brush head and it also lost most of its bristles after one use.

4 Stars  works great on pots and pans 
this is a great product only drawback is the on/off switch is hard to push

5 Stars  Works great 
Love it cleans great.

5 Stars  Handheld Power Scrubber 
I love it! It gets into the nooks and crannies of everything! It was a little difficult opening battery compartment, but after opening and closing a few times, no biggie! I really like this little gadget.......

3 Stars  Poor switch 
Very hard to turn on and off

3 Stars  Works pretty good 
Could use more power

5 Stars  Black and Decker Scubber 
I love the hard bristles and that it works under water. I also bought 2 more brushes. Love it 5 Stars *****

5 Stars  wife loves it 
my wife always complains about baked on crud on pans so bought her this

5 Stars  Grimebuster Handheld Power Scrubber by Black and Decker 
Very handy little brush. Just wish I could get the other head for it. Very powerful little brush.

5 Stars  Powerful cleaning 
I use this one strictly in the bathroom. It makes quick work of cleaning tiles and the toilet. I love how it charges and the charge lasts a long time. I bought a battery unit for the kitchen and its great too.

5 Stars  This makes tough cleaning jobs easier 
I wish I had this before. It is a breeze to use and does a great job.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Was very impressed by the performance of the handheld power scrubber. It met all my expectations. I was also very pleased with the service you provided. I received this product in a very timely manner.

5 Stars  Cleaning powerhouse 
I got this to help cleaning the tub where I keep the cats litter box. This gem is so quick and easy to use. It works perfectly, and I love that it is water resistant. Great product!

5 Stars  Grimebuster 
Great scrubber. Bought 2, one for myself and liked it so much I bought another as a gift. One did not work. I contacted customer service and my purchase was replaced. Two thumbs up and 5 star rating for the scrubber and the friendly service.

5 Stars  It works! 
Looks like its spinning in slow motion, but it works! Kind of hard to get into corners though.

5 Stars  Grimebuster 
works great I gave two away two and both love them

5 Stars  5Star hand scrubber 
Ive been able to get areas cleaner. One drawback, it does require hand strength to turn on or off.

5 Stars  Best scrubber Ive used 
This is one of the best multi use scrubbers Ive used especially to clean glass shower doors. The unit is sealed very well so as not to let any water in that would ruin the motor. Its a little bulky to handle for someone that has hand issues but its well worth it not to have to scrub those shower doors. Glad I bought it and will use it often.

5 Stars  Grimebuster works great 
I wanted it to do preventative maintenance against mildew in the shower, and it works great. I can take a shower put some shampoo on the bristles and scrub away. I am clean and so is my shower. Cant beat that!!!

4 Stars  Excellent 
A great scrubber for household environments. Im sure it would work well for some mild outside needs as well. I gave it a 4 only because I would have preferred it had a charging option. But so far the batteries have held up well!!

3 Stars  Works Ok But... 
This thing is so noisy, my neighbor thought it was a weed-eater, I am underwhelmed.

5 Stars  LOVE this scrubber! 
Now that we have this scrubber I cant imagine doing without it. Its AMAZING! Former tough scrub tasks are sooooo easy with this product! I have all three attachments and worry that I might need to stock up with more lest the refills disappear from the market. Old, stubborn grime is a breeze. Baked on food stuff is easier than a yawn. Best of all, no damage to anything Ive cleaned! You owe yourself this convenience.

5 Stars  Scrubber 
Does a great job. Great price.

Very nice little item

4 Stars  So far so good 
I have used n it seems to work very well. I really have not put it through a thorough test. When my wife starts using I will give PTV another review. God bless all of PTV. Keep up the good work.

4 Stars  Right idea at the right price 
Great for individuals with hand arm problems. Did not come with the sponge attachment

4 Stars  Grime buster by Black & Decker 
I like the small size, fits in my hand well, does get a little slippery once suds gets on your hand. I used it on my shower tiles, which worked well with the brush, but didnt do so well in the grout where corners meet. If the brush was flatter or fanned out more, I think it would get these areas or if there is a triangle/corner attachment for this product, then that would work. I found that it was a little time consuming to go over each tile it wouldve been faster with a scrub brush manual but it did put less strain on my back. The plus about this product is that it worked beautifully on my shower doors. I used the scrub sponge attachment for delicate areas. I put vinegar & Dawn liquid in a spray bottle & sprayed onto glass and used product. It didnt scratch & it moved across the surface very easily. My glass enclosure looked like it was just installed. So I would recommend it for that reason alone.

5 Stars  Strong 
Its difficult to find a strong brush for cleaning small areas. One of the extra brushes I bought with the main unit, I use alone to scrub my vegetables.

4 Stars  Very handy 
This handheld scrubber is a great invention. I really like the strength of the brush. The switch on the unit is difficult to use. It takes a hard pressing to get it to turn the unit on and off. Its not a good design on that. Thats why I did not give 5 stars.

3 Stars  Stronger would be nice 
I use it for some of the dishes in the sink and a few other places. It could be stronger, but what battery operated device couldnt?

5 Stars  Easy to Use 
Scrubber was easy to assemble and was useful in scrubbing shower glass/walls and tub walls.

4 Stars  Great ! 
I now wash my dishes with this brush and it really makes it an easy job. My only complaint is the off-on switch,,,,it is somewhat difficult to work sometimes. But this is great for an old man like me.....

4 Stars  Good product 
Works fine

4 Stars  LOVE IT...but.... 
I really like the Handheld scrubber but I cant get it to turn off! I have to push the battery door open so that it will quit running. - It works fantastic! I love it except for the fact that I cant get the on /off switch to work. I have to use a bottle opener to get the door open cuz usually my hands are wet! Lol But other than that, I LOVE IT!

5 Stars  Like A Lot 
Cleans without the back breaking work.

4 Stars  Saves time scrubbing items 
I am a mature adult and it takes time and effort to clean copper pots, sinks, and other items. with my power scrubber, it takes less time and effort to clean these items. Wish I had found the B & D power scrubber a long time ago.

4 Stars  Love it!!!! 
At first it didnt want to shut off but finally got it to. Have arthritis bad in my hands so button is not friendly. But using the scrubber is so great, have no power in my hands either. Its so much FUN getting old!!!

5 Stars  Hand Held Power Scuber 
This is a great Product work very well would recommend it to anyone If you have the chance buy it you will be glad you did

5 Stars  Power scrubber 
love it, replacing a rather large one, love that it fits into my hand

4 Stars  Handy Device 
Performs as stated in the ad. As stated in the promo, it is very difficult to open, in fact I could not get it opened I had to have my husband do it and he had a hard time opening it as well. The attachments are a little hard to take off also

5 Stars  As Awesome As They Say! 
Im always looking for help with tough scrubbing, and the Grimebuster is my best solution ever. Within seconds it peeled away grime that I havent been able to pull off before. Zap! Its intuitive and easy to use. My only problem is going to be keeping enough batteries in stock for all the uses to come!

5 Stars  Ratcheting Bekt 

3 Stars  Scrubber 
On-off switch. Is difficult to use bristles too stiff

5 Stars  Heads Spin Scrubber 
It is great and even my son likes it as a very good product plus good value.

5 Stars  Grimebuster Stops Grime! 
I love this little jewel! It is small but perfect for tight spots and small areas. I have successfully cleaned the upholstery on my bar stools, a spot on a car seat and the trim around a kitchen sink. Nice size for my rather small hands but enough umph to get the kid job done. Good purchase!

5 Stars  Does it right 
I used this scrubber right away and it did do the job. On off switch a little hard to operate but other than that it works fine

4 Stars  Grimebuster 
So far so good.

5 Stars  Better than expected! 
Great for those small jobs to get those cracks and crevices that are difficult to clean.

5 Stars  Love this thing! 
Ive used other scrubbers, but they dont have the power this one does. Love it.

5 Stars  Black and Decker Grimebuster 
I purchased 2 of these. I find it very handy in the bathroom sinks and shower doors. The other I use in the kitchen for sinks and dishes....very handy and not bulky.

Very happy with my scrubber, especially helps people who are older and have athritis.

5 Stars  Love it 
I got this for my wife and she loves it, I havent used it she wont let me have it.

3 Stars  Difficult 
Though it does the job , it is very difficult to turn off.

4 Stars  Ease of scrubbing 
Works very well

4 Stars  Ease of scrubbing 
Very good

5 Stars  good product, fair price 
Great products !!

5 Stars  Grimebuster Handheld Power Scrubber by Black and Decker 
compact, works well, different scrubbing heads a plus. Plenty of power.

5 Stars  Instant Elbow Grease 
These little scrubbers great for stubborn cookware or any other tough work. Bought the main unit plus smooth and course scotch bright type attachments. An instant hit at my house.

5 Stars  Love it! 
Easy to use and does everything your advert says

5 Stars  great product 
wish I had this scrubber years ago. sure saves my hands.

3 Stars  Didnt remove stains 
The unit works fine, it just didnt remove the toilet stains that I hoped that it would. I may try different cleaners with it to see if that makes a difference.

4 Stars  Just what I wanted! 
Works well. Easy-peasy! It is a little difficult to turn on and off but other than that I would recommend it.

5 Stars  Extremely Useful 
I love this Black and Decker scrubber. The different attachments make it versatile to use on almost anything without all the hand scrubbing. Great torque that removes stains with little effort from you. Ive had it a week and cleaned my sinks, tub, cabinets and used it to polish out some stains on my boat. Many uses and a great price! The refills come 3 to pack and are priced very low also. Very glad I got this. Its not a thing that just ends up in drawer, I use it a lot.

Review this item!