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4 Piece Microwave Rice Cooker
4 Piece Microwave Rice Cooker
4 Piece Microwave Rice Cooker
4 Piece Microwave Rice Cooker
4 Piece Microwave Rice Cooker
4 Piece Microwave Rice Cooker

4 Piece Microwave Rice Cooker

4 Piece Microwave Rice Cooker

Your Price: $7.99
Compare at: $14.99  (46% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $13.98 (53% off)
Sold Out
Get one for $7.99
Save $2.00 and get two for $13.98
Save $3.00 and get three for $20.97
Save $4.00 and get four for $27.96

Cooking rice just became a whole lot easier with the Microwave Rice Cooker by Goodcook.

Make perfectly cooked rice with this easy to use microwave cooker. This 4 piece rice cooking system quickly steams rice, quinoa or even couscous!

Simply add rice in the cooker, pour the correct amount of water and place it in the microwave. Set the cook time and then walk away! The unique vented lid releases steam, while the pressure release plate collects overflow water. Once the rice is cooked, pull out the cooker and fluff the rice with the paddle.

It's that simple to make fluffy, delicious rice!

No more water spills on your stove top and forget about those bulky rice cookers. The Microwave Rice Cooker is the new and easy way to make the perfect rice every time.

The rice cooker is dishwasher safe and BPA free. Cooking instructions are included.

- 4 Piece Microwave Rice Cooker
- Cooks Rice, Quinoa and Couscous
- Includes Non-Stick Rice Paddle
- Steam Release Plate
- Vented Locking Lid
- Holds Approximately 8 Cups of Rice
- BPA Free
- Super Lightweight and Stores Easily
- Easy to Clean and Mess free
- Dishwasher Safe
- Available In Red
- Cooking Instructions Included
- Dimensions: 10 x 8.3 x 6 inches

Review this item!

5 Stars
(1) Does a great job cooking rice! 
I just love the 4 piece Microwave Rice Cooker as it does a really nice job cooking my rice. The rice comes out perfect every time, cooked evenly and without any overcooked taste. The rice comes out fluffy, not sticky! TASTE GREAT!! Wonderful to have around the house just in case you feel like having a bowl of rice.

5 Stars
(2) Microwave Rice cooker 
Never thought i could cook rice in thr microwave....now i can and in like ten minutes

5 Stars
(3) No more burnt pots 
Good afternoon! This product has been a godsend because for some apparent reason I’ve always burnt the rice no matter how I tried to watch it. The rice cooker makes the rice perfectly every time. Thanks for saving my pots.????????

5 Stars
(4) great tool 
Makes rice cooking easy.

5 Stars
(5) Microwave rice cooker 
This microwave rice cooker saved me time and stove space making brown rice for supper. It came out cooked just right! And it is simple to reheat left over rice too! Try that on a regular stove.

5 Stars
(6) Awesome 
This rice cooker is so cute. It was smaller than I imagined but it makes a lot of rice. Its so easy to use. My young grandchildren like using it to help with dinner. This is an awesome product and I would definitely buy it again!!

5 Stars
(7) just dont read the instructions 
This is a way better cooker than my fancy electric rice cooker. Just dont follow the included instructions. Use common sense. Bring it to a boil, in the microwave, then reduce the heat to half and cook . Cooking at full power the entire time will turn your rice into gravel. I love this cooker, its easy to clean, lighweight, easy to store. And its easier to make big batches than with the electric rice cookers that tend to ruin big batches.

5 Stars
(8) It actually works! 
I was skeptical but felt I had nothing to lose. The price was right and it couldnt be worse than the rice Id been making. So I gave it a try and it worked! My rice came out perfect! Fluffy and cooked to perfection! Ive already sent my family the link to buy one for themselves! Im so happy with my purchase.

5 Stars
(9) Love it!! 
I’ve tried them all and this cooker is the best by far. I have used it to make my “famous” black beans & rice, also steamed broccoli and cauliflower as well.

1 Stars
(10) Microwave Rice Cooker 
Only tried it twice and was not satisfied with the result either time. The consistency and flavor was not good.

4 Stars
(11) An excellent addition to my kitchen 
I love this gizmo. It makes what I consider to be very good rice and it is now the go-to means that I have for cooking rice. I recommend it without hesitation.

5 Stars
(12) Cooks Rice Like A Maniac! 
Pleased with this microwave rice cooker. I make small batches of brown rice, as I live alone. Takes ~ 20 minutes. Clean up is quick, as the plastic just needs hot soapy water. Well worth the low price!

5 Stars
(13) IT WORKS! 
I was hesitant at first as I am particular about perfectly cooked rice. I tried it with long grain rice. It came out great to my surprise. I tried with short grain rice, again very good! Ordered another for my friend. Watch the water!

4 Stars
(14) Excellent, But one minor Thing 
First, I love this item. I dont need to drag out my BIG electric rice cooker now, when I am just cooking for 2 of us. The minor thing? My latches that hold the lid on were a real bear to latch, till I discovered which one to latch FIRST. Maybe its just the one I got. Still I would buy it again.

5 Stars
(15) Good cooker .. 
Printed instructions from the manufacturer … In my microwave, the rice was WAY over cooked doing this. 3.5 minutes at Power 8, then 10 minutes at Power 2 cooked the rice PERFECTLY. You may have to experiment with your microwave.

5 Stars
(16) Rice cooker 
I love it, so much easier with this to cook rice.

3 Stars
(17) Works OK, but just OK. 
No savings in time or effort, but clean up is a snap.

5 Stars
I truly love this rice cooker. It is exactly as described. Be sure to follow the directions that come with the cooker. That way you can see if your microwave is with the recipe. My microwave is not with the recipe, so I need to add a little more water & cook for another second or two, due to hard spots in some of the rice.

5 Stars
(19) Best Ive Ever Had 
Bought one and I worked so well, I bought 3 more for family and friends.

5 Stars
(20) Second time around 
I had ordered this item and it arrived broken. I contacted Pulse TV and they sent me a new one at no cost and it arrived in perfect shape and works very well. Thank you Paula for your generous effort to make things right.
You are very welcome! Happy to hear that you received the replacement and that you are enjoying the Rice Cooker. :)
7/7/2019 - Paula

5 Stars
(21) Good product 
Works as described. Had to use more water than in instructions. Easy to clean.

5 Stars
(22) Nice Rice 
Easy to use for moist tender rice, easy clean-up too!!!!

5 Stars
(23) many microwave functions besides rice cooking 
I HAVE a functioning electric rice cooker which is a PIA to clean up that works fine if you hold you mouth just right . Yours, in contrast is idiot proof, easily cleanable, and is suitable for other cooking tasks involving boiling. I used your rice cooker so much I ran out of rice! the volume/time data should be embossed on the cooker!-

5 Stars
(24) Rice cooker 
The product is great! So good for just 2 people!!

5 Stars
(25) Awesome Rice Cooker!! 
Easy, fast, no more boilovers!! Just put in rice, water, and cook. Make sure to let sit for 5 minutes after cook time. Easy, peasy!! Love this!!

5 Stars
(26) Best Rice Steamer ever 
The best product i bought the rice steamer its a works great i cooked white and brown rice came out perfect.

5 Stars
(27) Great Product 
I’m glad I purchased this microwave rice cooker. It’s easy to use and the rice comes out perfect every time. Clean up is a Breeze! I highly recommend this product.

5 Stars
(28) microwave rice cooker 
very good

5 Stars
(29) Cooks rice! 
Works just as described.

4 Stars
(30) A great investment 
Easy is key here. Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store. And the end result is actually better than I expected. I would have given it 5 stars if it had more capacity but, really, whos complaining?

5 Stars
(31) Rice Cooker 
I bought two of these microwave rice cookers. They are large. One fits nicely in my large microwave, but fits tight in my small microwave. Multitasking as vegetable steamer and food warmer as well as rice cooker. Very good buy.

5 Stars
(32) Rice Cooker 
I like the rice cooker. The time for the brown rice wasnt long enough as stated. Rice came out nicely & not starchy

4 Stars
(33) Its getting steamy in here 
My first one came broken. One of your reps took very good care of me. She set up another to be sent. It came in great shape and works perfectly.

5 Stars
(34) Rice cooker 
I am very satisfied with the rice cooker that I purchased, convenient, cooks rice perfectly and easy cleanup

5 Stars
(35) Rice cooker 
Works great. Easy-peasy

5 Stars
(36) It cooks 
Simpler & cleaner than a free-standing electric rice cooker, but it still takes 15 minutes to cook a cup of rice. So Ill probably stick to the microwave cups and pouches. And youll probably want to use a little more water than indicated. Please mentally insert apostrophes into contractions above.

5 Stars
(37) Best Rice Cooker 
Ive owned an electric rice cooker by a major Japanese brand for years but this rice cooker makes better rice! Incredibly, the rice made with this microwave rice cooker has better flavor and texture. Another great product from PulseTV!

Review this item!