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Armor All Gooseneck Cup Holder Phone Mount

Armor All Gooseneck Cup Holder Phone Mount

Armor All Gooseneck Cup Holder Phone Mount
Armor All Gooseneck Cup Holder Phone Mount
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A Hands-Free Phone Mount That Works

Going hands-free has never been so easy or convenient! The Armor All Gooseneck Cup Holder Phone Mount keeps your smartphone visible, accessible, and secured whenever you're on the road.

The mount's expandable base can be easily adjusted to fit into any car, truck, RV or boat cup holder.

How a Cup Holder Phone Mount Works

The padded bracket securely holds your smartphone, GPS and other mobile devices, and it's adjustable up to 5" wide. Plus, the bracket is designed for easy port access for charging and connectivity capabilities.

The flexible gooseneck mount moves 360 degrees allowing for effortless positioning of your device, so you get the perfect viewing angle. Great for GPS directions and hands free use.

It's the perfect companion for road trips, commuting, everyday use - anytime you're on the road!

Features & Benefits

- Fits into any cup holder
- Expandable base for a secure fit
- Flexible, 360 degree rotation Goose-neck for easy viewing
- Has an expandable design (5" wide) to fit most phones and devices
- Securely padded bracket and backing
- Access to all ports for easy charging and connectivity
- Great for GPS directions and hands free use
- Perfect for road trips, commuting, everyday use

Safety and convenience are what you're looking for when purchasing a phone mount. Thankfully, that's what you'll get with the Armor All Gooseneck Cup Holder Phone Mount.

5 Stars  Excellent product 
I use it all the time and it is perfect! Thank you

5 Stars  So Far So Good! 
It does what they say it will. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in a Otterbox & it fits no problem. I like that its not mounted to the dash/windshield because I dont want in obstructing my view or flying out the window if it looses grip on bumpy roads. I put it in/take it out of the cup holder as needed. Im happy w/it so far.

5 Stars  Works great 
This is the second one I ordered and it works great. Easy too use and quite flexible.

1 Stars  Armor all cup holder 
Gooseneck feature is too short , my cup holder sits right in back of emergency brake handle of center console . Would have to really look away to see screen for navigation purposes, too dangerous as it is - this makes it far worse!!!

5 Stars  Armor All Gooseneck Cup Holder 
I have tried many other cup holders for my phone my they all got in the way of my gear shift. This cup holder is just what I needed. Thanks!

1 Stars  Gooseneck Phone Holder 
Gooseneck sets this item apart, but it could be longer to raise the sightline. Am concerned about driving distraction while looking DOWN & AWAY to read phone! Also cup holder in my Toyota Avalon is too large for base expansion system to secure it properly. Unusable item.

5 Stars  My wife loves it 
Very good product drive safely with it

5 Stars  Works well, easy to use 
We use Waze for navigation but it is incompatible with my wifes car due to some bug. Keeping the phone on the lap is dangerous, holding it is illegal. This device solved the problem and is easy to use.

5 Stars  Great Product! 
The product is easy to install. I am hands-free while driving!!

5 Stars  works great 
I like that it is sturdy and the bottom adjustable cup base is small enough to go into the portable cup holder that I have on the floor of my 1962 Cadillac. Back in 1962 the car came with no cup holders, no seatbelts BUT it did come with 5 ashtrays

5 Stars  Armor All Goose neck phone holder 
I love it. It holds my phone secure hasn t fallen off.

5 Stars  great fit in my truck cup holder 
Windshield phone mounts never stayed stuck and always flung my phone out of reach. This gooseneck phone mount keeps my phone in one spot where I can easily see it.

5 Stars  As advertised 
Equal to competitive product

5 Stars  Better then I thought.. 
Glad i bought 2.. As soon as i showed my wife they both were claimed in our vehicles. Snug as a bug in a rug. Round spongy thing came unglued. Not a show stopper by any means. Holds solid little or no vibration in transit.

4 Stars  Cup holder 
Love it, however, I wish the parts that wheezes the phone to hold it to the Holder should be more toward the center

3 Stars  Bought 2 Only one works 
I ordered 2 of these phone mounts. I use one in my van and works like a charm. The other one was for my car and it did not hold phone properly. After further examination, it s missing the little button to open and close. I send an email and picture but no response. Order 274997119

5 Stars  Great product! 
Best phone holder I have ever owned

5 Stars  If You Drive...YOU NEED IT 
Great product, use it all the time. Virtually vibration free, out of the way but there when you need it. Hands free telephone too

2 Stars  Looks good but... 
The phone holder is good but it gets in the way of driving to a point we dont use it.

5 Stars  Cup holder ordered was great, and just as described 
I have received, and am now using, the cup holder. It is perfect for my cell phone, and I use it whenever I travel. It is a perfect fit for hands-free use of the phone. I highly recommend it. The order was quickly turned around by PulseTV.

4 Stars  Good cell phone holder 
Due to the cup holder setup in my SUV...... I absolutely needed a gooseneck cell phone holder. And the Armor All one is pretty good. It definitely does the job I needed it for. I got one for my wife and she is happy with hers as well.

4 Stars  none 
A little fragile.

4 Stars  Works well 
Works better. Use almost Daily.

Great quality, great fit, great price! What else could you ask for! I would expect nothing less from a product sold by Pulse TV, which is why I am a loyal customer!

5 Stars  Overjoyed 
I ve been looking for a cell phone holder for the car for years! I have tried several and was always disappointed. The design of my car doesn t allow for the holders my friends use on dashboards and air vents. I tried attaching one to the windshield, but it kept falling off. Now that we have laws against using the phone while driving, this has been a concern for me since my built-in GPS and Waze have been frustratingly sporadic. No answer from the dealer. I was somewhat skeptical when I bought this because none of the other ones had worked. I was so wrong! Yes, I give up one cup holder in my car but I was about willing to give up an arm and a leg to solve this problem. It works just as described and with the long neck, it seems I can twist it in about any position. Other ones had limited range of motion and were stiff to adjust. This also grips the phone well and I haven t had it drop my phone yet. This was a problem that I also had with other holders.

5 Stars  Love it 
I bought three, one for my husband, one for myself and one for my sister. My sister does a lot of driving and has a small business it has come in really handy for her. I love having it in my car the way it fits in the holder and moves around the way I need it so I can send text or talk while I am driving and not actually having my phone in my hands absolutely, great, great product.

5 Stars  Great Product Easy to use, Durable and Great Design 
I was always hesitant to use a cup holder phone product but now after using this product I cannot imagine not having it. I bought 3 of them and I gave one to my wife, who now loves it, and one of my best friends who always is raving about it. The price made me try it and now I love it.

5 Stars  easy to uinstall 
Easy to install and use. I was pleasantly impressed

5 Stars  Fantastic product 
I love this item. Even though my phone links with my car. It is nice having the phone where I can see it for my GPS and hear it as the GPS doesn t go through my car for some reason. The phone holder part is adjustable so it will fit any phone I may get in the future

5 Stars  Gooseneck Cup Holder Phone Mount SIMPLEY THE BEST 
What more can I say, you must get one. Much BETTER than any other phone mount because of the gooseneck feature. You can position your phone just where you want it.

5 Stars  Great product 
I used it for the first time this weekend on a trip. I placed my Garmin in it and it worked out great

4 Stars  Gooseneck Cup Holder Phone Mount 
Really glad I got this. I like the ease of putting my phone in it.

4 Stars  Good height! 
The height of it with our GPS is great but it tends to pop out when you go to twist the gooseneck to where you want it. We only used it once so far and it served the purpose!

2 Stars  Clumsy and awkward to use. 
I have not been impressed with this item

5 Stars  Best phone holder 
This is my far the best phone holder I have ever purchased it even will hold my phone that is about 2 thick with an extended life battery awesome

5 Stars  convenient 
great product

5 Stars  Cell Phone Gooseneck 
Very pleased with unit, will buy one for my wifes car.

4 Stars  Saftey 
I only gave it a 4 because I had to modify the holder to the neck, because it kept falling off. Once I fixed it it is a great asset while driving.

4 Stars  Armor All Gooseneck - Useful Cup Holder 
The receivers of the cup holder like it, its useful and allows them to access their phone without having to necessarily touch it.

5 Stars  Works great! 
Follow the directions and the Phone Mount is quickly installed. It works as advertized.

5 Stars  Better than weather tech 
The gooseneck is really strong and flexible. It seats really well in the cup holder, couldnt be more impressed. And for the price I would say, along with the friends I have given them to. A wonderful buy.

5 Stars  Armor All Gooseneck Cup Holder Phone Mount 
This phone mount was well thought out. Its adjustable to fit in any cup. It also adjusts to any phone size & there is a release button underneath. Also, I would like to give a shout out to Bri for helping me with this tranaction.

3 Stars  Not as sturdy as I thought they should be 
I bought 4 of these, one for myself and 3 gifts. I use it all the time, however I think it is cheaply made, not solid, and should have looked for accessory holder as well.I bought it for the $$$, and I guess you get what you pay for. certainly a great idea!

4 Stars  Good 

5 Stars  Cell phone holder 
This cup holder arrived on time and it works great. Fit in my cup holder and holds my phone.

4 Stars  good product 
Arrived quickly and in good condition. Fit well in the cup holder in my vehicle.

4 Stars  Armor Gooseneck Cup Hold/phone Mount 
fits very loosely - but with a little jury rigging it works great.

5 Stars  Gooseneck Cup Holder Phone Mount 
I love it would recommend to all.

3 Stars  Good, but does not fit in all cup holders 
Bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband. He drives a Toyota Sequoia and the cup holders in his SUV are much too large for this phone holder to work, even when it is expanded to as large as possible. I did try it in my Lexus RX and it fits there so I guess I will end up using it. So far it seems to work ok in my car, and like others have said, the piece that actually holds the phone does dislodge from the gooseneck fairly easily. **Bottom line Just know that this item does not fit in all car cup holders, and you might often be re-attaching the phone holder piece to the rest of the unit.

5 Stars  Love all your products 
I have a small retail store and have bought a ton of stuff from Pulsetv. I have never been disappointed. Thank you so much! My Store Name is As Seen on TV / Mesa Market

5 Stars  Cup holder phone support 
Works great! Just as good as weather tech which is twice as much or more. It was too late for Christmas gift as planned , but finally received it. thank you

4 Stars  Phone holder 
This is good device for holding a cellphone while driving. This is my second one. The first one broke and th phone spun all around. I m hoping this one lasts longer.

5 Stars  WELL MADE 
I cant really say a lot about it as it is a gift for my 16-year-old granddaughter. As she has just started driving I did not want her to be tempted to talk and drive. It is a well-made device, I was fearful it might be some cheap sell.

5 Stars  Good height, works well. 
neck is stiff enough to function as intended to hold phone and locks in cup holder as advertised.

4 Stars  Very nice 
Works very well

5 Stars  handy gift 
Bought this for all the adult grandkids and my kids and it was a big hit. They are always on the phone with directions and now this is easy and convenient. Love Pulse tv prices Have bought all my gifts here for the past 5 or more years. Always great electronic things.

5 Stars  Good product 
This phone holder fits securely in the cup holder - and allows the user to view phone and use it hands free. Excellent for both phone and Gps use.A winner at a good price

5 Stars  phone cup hder 
very good product

5 Stars  Conveniently Holds Phone While Driving 
This Cup Holder Phone Mount holds a phone so that it can be conveniently viewed while driving. It appears to be an affordable option to another brand cup holder.

5 Stars  Surprise - Works as Advertised! 
This product actually performs just as advertised which, for me, is the greatest recommendation I can give. Its so disappointing to order, pay, and receive something that has some problem that renders it useless. Not so in this case! I cant imagine getting a better product at any price and I use it constantly!

3 Stars  Good product for price. 
It will only fit in certain cup holder.

3 Stars  Gooseneck holder 
It doesnt hold the phone easily

5 Stars  Best cup holder Ive seen! 
Very secure in the cup holder but flexible enough for you to move.

2 Stars  Not too good 
The screen is to low to be safely useful for the driver

4 Stars  Armor All Gooseneck Cup Holder Phone Mount 
Nice product, well made. It easily fits into any car cup holder, adjustable. It fits my Samsung phone and I like that you can put the phone in the phone holder either vertical or horizontal. I just wish the neck was retractable instead of solid. It is a little tall for my area and I had to push it back a little to get it out of my way. But, on the flip side, it puts it closer to eye view if you are following the GPS map.

4 Stars  cup phone holder for autos 
Really nice much better than the one I bought on amazon for more money !

5 Stars  Great bargan 
Worked well for my car. Holds phone in correct position for viewing. Cost a fraction of some other models. Go for it.

2 Stars  Clumsy and Awkward 
This thing is a pain to adjust. The adjustable parts do not move easily and too often require both hands to adjust. Adjusting while driving is dangerous. Once its in place, its not too bad, but it still moves around and requires frequent adjustments.

5 Stars  Easy to install 
This is a high-quality, well-made item that is fits into a cup holder and is very easy to tighten for a snug fit. I am using with my GPS and its a little tricky to get the grippers to hold it due to the bulge on the back of the GPS but it still works, and definitely works perfectly for its intended use, a cell phone. Goose neck can moved around to avoid impeding the gear shift or your coffee in the next cup holder.

5 Stars  Very Happy 
I purchased the Armor All gooseneck holder and I am very happy with its performance and durability. It works just as its supposed to work. It holds my phone and happy with the way you can open the sides so a bigger phone could also fit.

2 Stars  Nice idea 
The idea was nice to be able to sit in the cup holder but the mount head does not go high enough for sight and not really adjustable enough

5 Stars  gooseneck cup hoider 
Very good fit,perfect for my cell phone and gps

5 Stars  Quality Product 
This product matches up with the well known manufacturer name. It is very durable and easy to use.

5 Stars  Car Phone Holder 
Terrific product

3 Stars  Hard To Use - Neck Too Short 
I have a 1998 Honda Accord LX with a 4-speed automatic transmission. The cup holders are placed just in front of the gear shift. Every time I use the gear shift, my arm hits the phone because the neck of the phone mount is too short. When I try to bend the neck with this mount, the part used to hold the phone falls out or I have to bend the neck all the way to the passenger seat. The short neck also makes it hard to view or access the phone making it hard to see GPS maps or answer a call which is dangerous when the car is in motion. If the neck was longer, neither of these problems would happen as I could twist the neck to give me a better view of the phone without interfering with my ability to use the shifter knob and would give me better viewing access to the phone. It would also help me keep my eyes on the road instead of having to look down and to my right just to view the phone, let alone hit the answer button when a call comes in while driving. Finally, the phone mount was difficult to install in my cup holder firmly. Every time I hit the phone with my arm, it would lose its grip and pop out of the cup holder despite my dialing the tension to its maximum. This mount comes with NO instructions on how to install it in the cup holder or how to attach the part that holds the phone to the phone mount base. I had to use the trial and error method.

5 Stars  Love this cup holder! 
What a difference it has made for me.....I now have a place to put my cell phone while I am driving so that I can check the driving directions without the phone flopping all around in my cup holder. The gooseneck attribute makes it flexible. An inexpensive way to solve an annoying problem. Thank you PulseTV for coming up with this wonderful solution.

5 Stars  Gooseneck Cup Holder Phone Mount 
*I Bought This As A Gift For My Childhood Girlfriend. *She Lovessss It. *It Looks Good In Her Car Too. *It Works Like I Hope It Would.??????

4 Stars  Works well for temporary need 
I am very happy with this device. However, I only use it on long trips since I dont use my GPS a lot. It takes up a cup holder position so that is a nuisance if you need that spot. Also, I find it comes loose from the back clip if you try to adjust it too quickly. That is definitely annoying. But otherwise, it meets my needs well.

5 Stars  great product 
Bought two of these one for my wife and one for my pickup. They work great and a great price. I bought my kids each one and one for my UTV.

5 Stars  Armor All Gooseneck Cup Holder Phone Mount 
With the various adjustments, this works perfectly in any cup holder. I would definitely purchase this again!

5 Stars  Its great 
Its just what the doctor ordered. It keeps my phone high and easy to read actually glance at.

5 Stars  Adjustable for any size phone 
Adjustable, and convenient. Love this hands free phone holder. I even use it for my I pod to listen to books on tape.

5 Stars  Armor All Cup Holder Phone Mount 
This is an impressive product! It is just as good if not better as the highly advertised competitor on TV. I found it adjusts easily to fit the cup holders on my truck and is strong enough to hold my phone. Great product!!

5 Stars  was the third edition so all my cars had cup holder 
this is the way to go with keeping your phone handy

5 Stars  Just what I needed 
The Gooseneck cup holder was perfect for me. It is used to hold my GPS and is not in the window obstructing my view.

5 Stars  Best Phone Holder Ever!!! 
We love this phone holder! The adjustable cup holder mount makes it usable in any of our cars, and it holds it firmly in all of them. The gooseneck is nice and stiff, while still being flexible, and enables the phone to be positioned in the perfect spot every time. And the phone clamp is the best. A single touch and it automatically opens wide open, then just place the phone in and squeeze it to clamp the phone securely in the holder. Simple and strong. Youll love it too!

5 Stars  Great cell phone holder 
Excellent phone holder. Just the right height, phone stays secure, easy to use and its a good price.

4 Stars  Goseneck Cup Holder 
Its a little high, tried to adjust but it got on the way to my shift gear. You can move it around in any position with its height...but its hard to bend it down to lower the height.

5 Stars  Armor All Goose Neck cup phone holder 
I love this phone holder. You can turn it any way to be able to see the phone. I like the heighth of it. I definitely would recommend it.

5 Stars  Armor Cup Holder Phone Mount 
I think that the armor cup holder phone mount is the best phone mount or holder that I have found, because it is secure in place and I am able to swivel my phone if needed.

5 Stars  Hand saver!! 
I have only used this phone holder a couple of times, but it seems to work very well and it lets me drive with both hands again!! My hands tend to get numb while holding my phone so this really helps a lot!!

3 Stars  Cup holder phone mount 
Good bargain for the money but doesnt fit cup holder in my car unless I add something to cup holder to make it smaller

5 Stars  Love It 
I love my gooseneck cup phone holder! It works perfectly and the price was great.

3 Stars  Okay at best 
I purchased 2 of these phone holders. One for the golf cart the other for my RV. One of the holders is a little loose at the base of the gooseneck causing the phone to wobble around too much. The other one is better. The base fits nicely in the golf cart. The RV has larger cup holders and the base opened to its maximum does not hold securely making it worthless other than a poor backup or bad gift.

4 Stars  Our Toyotas cup holders are larger than most 
Ive had to add some material to our holders in order to use the phone holder. It works just fine though.

5 Stars  Love this 
I had put off purchasing this item at Christmas from the big-name company off the TV commercial. I still wanted it. I have bought many items from pulse. As usual this was the same as the big name guy at half the price. Purchase it and you wont be sorry. Great value for the money

4 Stars  Works well 
Adjustable with any car & phone

2 Stars  Cup Holder Phone Mount Falls Short of Expectations 
Tricky to get the phone piece to firmly attach to the gooseneck. The gooseneck was shorter than expected which kept the cellphone lower than is safe when driving. Halfway through its first use the phone piece dislodged from its base and fell to the floor. Disappointing.

5 Stars  Wonderful Cell Phone Holder 
Ive been search for a sturdy cell phone holder that stays put and doesnt fall off or become unstuck and that does not get in the way of things.

4 Stars  Armor Cup Holders 
Never had them before, so it takes some getting used to. Got them for safety, and they do the hands free job.

5 Stars  Great product 
I have been searching for a phone and GPS holder that would work well in my truck and this works great!

5 Stars  Best Gadget Ever! 
I am so glad that I decided to purchase this item! It has made my life as a Lyft driver so much easier. I have had many phone holders...by far this one is the best! No messy parts to stuck to my window, no inconvenience of having something sticking in my vents....The simplicity of the phone holder is amazing! Just stick in your cup holder, give it a couple of twists and worry free driving! I highly recommend this item!


4 Stars  Just OK 
Just ok because it didnt work in my Corvette, but worked in my sons Hyundai

5 Stars  The Best 
This item fits inside my lawn chairs attached tables drink holder. A great height to see the screen for incoming calls or other info. What a great deal!!!

5 Stars  Works Great 
Awesome adjustable phone mount.

4 Stars  Good product 
Works for me.

3 Stars  Better connection needed 
The only issue is the poor connection between the holding plate and the stalk which results in the device dropping the phone and holding plate upon some turns, quick braking, and brushing the right arm against the device. Thank you.

3 Stars  Connection is loose 
I purchased 2 of these and had issues with both of them. They fit the cup holder just fine. They move around so you can set a good angle to see the phones screen. The problem with both of them is the section that holds the phone doesnt seem to lock in place. The sliding lock switch doesnt seem to lock anything in place. I solved the issue by using gorilla glue. Now it no longer comes apart when I readjust the angle or position of the phone.

4 Stars  It Works and is economical 
I easily installed the phone mount and am using it. However, one of the small round pads dislodged the glue used is thin and far from permanent. Even so, I stuck it back on and it is holding but I wonder for how long???

4 Stars  FIT 
+Had to modify my cup holder to snugglyy fit the unit.

4 Stars  Armor Gooseneck Cell Phone Mount 
I gave it 4 stars. Though the product works as advertised, its usefulness is dependent on the location of the cup holder itself. If the cup holder is mounted close to the dash, good. If not and it is mounted say between your seats, then maybe not so good. The cup holders location doesnt reflect on the value and quality of the product, as this product works. One must be mindful of where the cup holder is mounted, as this determines if the product is useful to you or not. In my case Not. Maybe a longer Gooseneck for my application would help as I want to use my cell phone GPS and want my phone mounted closer and higher to the dashboard, so I dont have to look away to see it.

5 Stars  Works Great! 
Love this! Fits perfectly and makes it convenient to see my phone without having to hold it or take my eyes off the road looking down instead of at a higher level. Would recommend!

5 Stars  gooseneck 
works great

3 Stars  nice but lacking 
I like that it fits the cup holder in my car quite well, but the holder for the phone is continually falling off.

5 Stars  Superior to Weather Tech CupFone which I also purchased 
Expandable base secures tightly combined with padded brackets prevents phone from wobbling or chattering. Gooseneck enables you to adjust phone to any position. Exactly as advertised. Purchased 2

5 Stars  Best Phone Holder 
I bought one of these for my wife and she loves it. It is perfect for her and does everything it should do, just like they said. The clamp system works very well to adjust to the cup holder. I bought one for myself, too.

5 Stars  Works great, at a great price. 
Great deal. My friend bought one of those cup holders for 3 times the price, then had to buy an adapter to hold his phone up above the console. The Armor All does all this under $15. Holds my Galaxy S10 at a perfect viewing angle, and tight enough to tap the screen without moving. Great when using GPS. My old phone mount used an air conditioning vent, and blocked the air flow.

5 Stars  Great price for a great product. 
Works very well. Not flimsy or cheaply made.

2 Stars  Not what I expected 
The stem is too long which blocks my view of other car functions. It was very awkward too.

5 Stars  amor all cup holder phone mount 
works great and holds my phone in one place. would buy again

4 Stars  Phone Mount Cup Holder 
I have 3 vehicles. They fit great in my Jeep Wrangler and Escalade but not my Tahoe. The 3 expandable feet will not adjust outward far enough to keep the mount in place. I had to add rubber pads to the 3 feet in order to provide the needed tension to keep it tight in place

5 Stars  Awesome!! 
A wonderful product. Fits in my cup holder perfectly with its adjustable feature, and hold my phone snugly with no chance of falling out. The goose neck allows me to angle the phone anyway I desire. 360 Degree rotation is just awesome.

5 Stars  Perfect for my Delivery Job Need 
This cup holder has been perfect for my needs as a parttime delivery driver. I drive a Chrysler 300 which has the console cup holders back towards the driver and passenger seat. With the mount stem of the cup holder almost straight up it puts my cell phone in a perfect readable position. The part of the holder that holds the phone has a clever little, spring loaded button that allows for easy removal of my phone from the holder. My only caution is that I dont think the unit will handle constant bending as shown on Pulse TV video but if you keep it in one position especially straight up like mine it is a very good product.

5 Stars  Gooseneck cup holder 
I like the adjustment feature on the base, fits all our vehhicles. I ordered a second one for a motorhome.

5 Stars  Gooseneck cup holder phone mount 
I love this phone holder. My drink holders were not close to the dash making it difficult to see the phone when driving. With the gooseneck I can position my phone so it is easy to read while driving. It is adjustable and fits any size cup holder.

5 Stars  Best I have tried so far 
Quite happy with this device.

5 Stars  cup holder for cell phone 
excellent product for any cell phone position in my car

3 Stars  Cup phone holder 
Too tall, did not work for our cars. Have to take your eyes off the road - completely - to use this holder. Good product, just didnt work for us.

5 Stars  Just as good for less 
In my opinion this is as good or better than the one you see advertised. It is made by ArmorAll, a well-known company. I feel the goose neck feature makes it a superior product.

2 Stars  Keeps coming apart 
Great idea but falls apart if I bump it when shifting gears.

4 Stars  Easy to make it hands free 
This item is versatile and easy to use.

5 Stars  Works best in stable cup holder 
Works well and my phone has to be removed from Otterbox phone cover to remain in mount while driving. The cover is too thick for the mount. Not a big deal. I really like it.

4 Stars  Must Have Accessory for Vehicle 
Bought two of them, one for a gift and one for myself. Use it every time I drive.

5 Stars  Great Product 
The unit works very well.

5 Stars  It fits! 
Weve tried other cup holder phone mounts but they just wouldnt fit in our cup holders. But this gooseneck is just the right fit. Thanks!

4 Stars  Great price 
Love the gooseneck. Works great in the golf cart with my GPS.

5 Stars  Phone Holder 
Very nice !!!!!

3 Stars  Good item but one suggested improvement 
I like the fact the base can be adjusted to the cup holder. That makes this item fit in both my vehicles. Also, the cellphone holder itself is the only one I found that is adjustable enough to hold my larger cell phone safely. Conversely, the attachment method for the actual cell phone holder needs to be different. Bumping it with your arm will dislodge the cellphone holder from the top of the gooseneck. It needs to be more of a locking type attachment in my opinion.

1 Stars  Disappointing 
I ordered 2 of these, not only did they not fit our cup holders but the one I opened kept falling apart. Plan to return them.

1 Stars  Returned Item 
I had to return this item because my cup holders were too big for the base and it would no stand up straight.

5 Stars  Answer to a long term problem 
I have tried myriad cell phone holders without success. The magnetic mounts eventually lose the magnetic power, the clips either dont hold the phone or attach properly, and the vent clip type is just a joke. This item is the best I have found. It quickly expands into any size cup holder. The spring mount for the phone is secure and effortless. The gooseneck allows you to place the phone at any desired angle. It is well worth the money!

great as advertised and more

5 Stars  Works great 
Works as advertised. Holds phone well, and can be moved so driver or passenger can operate phone. Easy to charge phone while safely riding in your vehicle. Compare to other products, you cant beat the price.

4 Stars  Dent in bowl. 
I like, but came with dent in the larger bowl. Not worth the time and effort to return. Bowl works just fine with dent.

5 Stars  Awesome!!!! 
And tried the rest, now we have the best!! Solidly built, great features - - well done!!!

5 Stars  Great product! 
Excellent service!

5 Stars  Great product 
Works great, I would like to buy another one for my other car.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Easy to set up and works just fine. Have one in my car, truck and motor home.

5 Stars  Phone Cup Holder 
I put in both my cars works great. Locks into cup very well. Im glad I saw this ad because it saved me money from where I was going to buy it.

5 Stars  Finally, one that really works 
This one is flawless, third type Ive tried, first one that worked, satisfied me!

2 Stars  Armor All Gooseneck Cup Holder doesnt fit 
I have a Honda Odyssey and this Armor All Gooseneck CUP HOLDER Phone Mount only fits in the two cup holders under the radio. That makes it inconvenient to use the CD player, heat and air conditioner controls. The car has eight other cup holders and this DOESNT FIT in them. It would have been nice if it fit into the console next to the drivers seat. Buyer be ware!!!

4 Stars  Phone holders 
Have used this item briefly, and thus far it has preformed well.

4 Stars  phone holder 
does not expand enough for a large cup holder - very good in a 4 door car cup holder

5 Stars  Finally I found a Usable Phone Holder 
Ive gone through several phone holders looking for one that would work in a golf cart. This product holds the phone securely through rough terrain driving. Great find and a Great Price!

4 Stars  help while driving 
It works well

5 Stars  Cell phone Safety 
After an accident, that loose cell phone could wind up anywhere! Groping around under the seats or maybe damaged beyond use will not help in a traumatic situation. This holder coupled with blue tooth remote, hands off, will provide the best alternative.

5 Stars  Works as advertised 
So far Im very impressed by this cup holder. I ordered two--giving the other one to my husband as one of his bday presents. Ive been waiting for Pulse to offer a less expensive version of the one I see advertised on TV by a different manufacturer, and its been worth the wait. Great product!

4 Stars  Good Product 
It is everything that it is advertised to be and does a good job holding my phone and is easily adjusted for my desired viewing angle. My issue is that it would have been nice if a power cord had been attached to it so that I could power my phone and another phone or device directly from the Holder. The side parts of the unit need to be located higher up on the unit because my phone becomes top heavy and could slip out of its mount during hard turns or sudden stops.

4 Stars  Good Phone Holder 
I use my Armor All Gooseneck phone holder all the time. Works great for me. I bought one for my husbands truck and it doesnt work so good with his as it doesnt expand enough for his cup holder area.

5 Stars  Great Cup Holder Mount 
I used the mount about a week after receiving it and it performed perfectly. I had no trouble fitting it into my cup holder and it held the phone tightly and at an angle that I could comfortable read it.

5 Stars  Armor All Gooseneck cup holder phone mount 
Fits any size cup, stays put, doesnt wiggle around. Love it!

5 Stars  Great Device 
Works great. Very glad I bought it.

5 Stars  Gooseneck Cup Holder 
Love it- works as advertised and holds the mobile phone securely

5 Stars  Fits any cup holder! 
I have a 1998 BMW with cup holders that showed I made a mistake in purchasing the expensive model of this type of device. What a mistake, yet, I decided to go with Pulsetv.coms edition of the Gooseneck and I am not disappointed!!!! It works great and what a big relief! I am rarely disappointed by Pulse!!!

5 Stars  Good Produuct 
The phone fits right in it, its right there in front of you in your cup holder, very reasonably priced compared to other similar products, it does the job, would highly recommend it.

5 Stars  Great 
Perfect...now I dont have to hold my phone in my lap!! Easy to use and see...thinking about another one for my truck.

5 Stars  Phone holder 
I love the feature that allows the adjustment of the fit in the cup holder

4 Stars  Pretty ingenious, although... 
This is the best such device Ive tried. The only thing is it doesnt fit in my cupholder If I dont stuff napkins in it every day it tends to wobble around or tip over. That said, I like all other aspects of its design and I wont give up Ill figure something out !

3 Stars  Phone holder 
Unit came on time. It doesnt work real well with the Camry which has split cupholders was a small plastic piece but I made it work. Its a little cheap around the foam things. Constantly falling off. Overall not a bad product for the price but it could be a little bit better

3 Stars  its ok 
1. Be sure to contemplate the position of the cup holder. Mine sits too far back on the console to make this practical. 2. The ring that secures the unit into the cup holder isnt easy to tighten when in the holder. If this is something that would remain in the same car, then tightening and leaving it would work ok. 3. The neck is very sturdy and flexible. Overall, the unit seems durable.

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