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New Miracle Mop by Joy Mangano
New Miracle Mop by Joy Mangano
New Miracle Mop by Joy Mangano
New Miracle Mop by Joy Mangano
New Miracle Mop by Joy Mangano
New Miracle Mop by Joy Mangano

New Miracle Mop by Joy Mangano

New Miracle Mop by Joy Mangano

Your Price: $14.99
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Nobody likes mopping the floor... Why not make it easier with the New Miracle Mop by Joy Mangano.

Built with Special Helix Self-Twisting technology, this mop can actually wring itself out! No more getting all that dirty, smelly, grimy and chemical filled water all over your hands.

Two locks, one upper and one lower control the wring-out mechanism as well as the mop height. Set it low if you're a bit short, or set it hi to get that extra reach when tackling tough messes.

The mop head is made of high-quality microfiber that can be used on tile, hardwood, linoleum even concrete floors. The microfiber strands consist of 1000 feet, wrapped 50 times to make the mop extra absorbent, tangle-free and easy to remove. Just pop the latch on the top of the mop and the head slides right off. It's even machine washable. To dry either hang up or tumble dry on low. If you need a few extra mop heads, don't worry. We've got a super-low price on the replacements HERE.

Features and Benefits
- Self-Wringing Technology
- Pull And Twist Action Quickly Releases Water
- Easy On Hands, Wrists, And Arms
- Dual Locks Let Handle Extend Or Retract
- Hands Stay Clean And Dry While Mopping
- Strong, Durable Microfiber
- Works On Most Surfaces
- 132 Feet Of Micro Fiber For Large Coverage Area
- 50 Loops Gives Mop Head Extra Absorbency
- Tangle-Free Design
- Mop Head Quickly Detaches For Washing
- Machine Washable (tumble dry on low)
- 2016 Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval
- Note: Bucket not included
- Dimensions: 53" X 3.33"

Get a Super-Saver 6-Pack of the Official Miracle Mop Replacement Mop Heads HERE

Review this item!

5 Stars  best mop Ive used 
Cleans great. Covers a good amount of the floor and cleans it.

2 Stars  Worst Mop 
The Mop is big heavy and hard to maneuver.

5 Stars  Awesome 
So easy to use and is extremely great to handle

5 Stars  Mop, press and go. 
This mop is a little heavier than your average string mop. Yet, when you put it in a bucket, mop, push down the top of the handle that wrings the mop, heck its worth it. It was wonderful today and when wrung out, it was not dripping liquid which is good. I dropped it in the wash with rags from cleaning and it came out fab. I already have a new mop head, why? Who doesnt want a great PulseTV deal? Thank you, I got what I paid for, good quality.

3 Stars  Cant figure out how to change mop heads! 
I was so excited to get this mop! It cleaned really well and was so much better than my old rag mop. However, when it came to taking off the dirty one and replacing it with the new one while the dirty one was washed it was a problem! There must be a better way...I do not know it yet but I am going to see if I can find out. In theory this is great, but changing out mop heads is awful!
Hi Victoria! Thanks so much for the review. We have a video on our website that can walk you through how to change the mop head. Just go to the FAQ's tab and it's the 4th video. Have a great day!
8/22/2019 - Paula

5 Stars  Finally! 
Ive used this mop and bucket for years and, believe it or not, always wished the handle were longer. And now . . . Voila! Thank you for reading my thoughts and accommodating my back.

5 Stars  I needed this. 
No surprises--the mop is exactly as described, and its easy-to-use.

5 Stars  My wife loves this mop 
My wife is in a wheelchair. She says this mop is the best she has used, considering her condition.

4 Stars  Magic mop 
Great mop. Took a little getting used to with the second handle to squeeze out the water.

5 Stars  What a timesaver! 
What a great investment. This mop makes it so easy to damp mop without the need to hand wring out the water each time I need to rinse it out. Saves wear a tear on my hands too. Everyone should have one

1 Stars  to fat 
not good ,,,, i clean houses for a living to hard to manage

5 Stars  Fantastic Mop 
I love this mop, you dont have to get your hands in the dirty water and it cleans really well. Havent had it very long but it seems to be well made and will last for a long time.

3 Stars  Pros & Cons 
Easy to store - pro. Hard to squeeze - takes quite a bit of strength - con.

5 Stars  Miracle mop 
love it. makes my life a lot easier, instead of getting down on hands and knees at my age. thank you!

4 Stars  Miracle Mop by Joy Mangano 
I gave this product a 4 star rating because of the bulkiness as far as handling and its ability to squeeze out water. As far as its cleaning ability the fiber head does a good job, it has some flexability in movement which isnt really a problem, but i think that a shorter stroke to squeeze out the excess water in my opinion, would have been a better idea. the longer stroke to squeeze out the water doesent really disperse as much water as i would like, but over all it works fine.

5 Stars  strong 
works fast and easy to clean

5 Stars  Great Mop 
Trust me throw out your other mops. This is the best mop Ive ever used!

1 Stars  mop 
the mop is to heavy. need to be light weight mop handle

Review this item!
Q: How to use the mop?
A: First, unlock both of the latches. One on the top and one on the lower portion of the mop. Video

Q: How to wring the mop head?
A: Pull the handle up and then push the handle down into extended position. Repeat action. Video

Q: How do I adjust the height?
A: Pull up on the top handle, find your desired length and lock in place. Video

Q: How do I remove and clean the mop head?
A: Flip the mop upside down. Find the latch and release it by pulling the latch open. Remove the mop head by sliding it down the entire handle. Video