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The Hypnotic Tranquil Seas Jellyfish Aquarium
The Hypnotic Tranquil Seas Jellyfish Aquarium
The Hypnotic Tranquil Seas Jellyfish Aquarium
The Hypnotic Tranquil Seas Jellyfish Aquarium
The Hypnotic Tranquil Seas Jellyfish Aquarium
The Hypnotic Tranquil Seas Jellyfish Aquarium

The Hypnotic Tranquil Seas Jellyfish Aquarium

The Hypnotic Tranquil Seas Jellyfish Aquarium

Your Price: $39.99
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SPECIAL: 2 for $69.98 (61% off)
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This Large Jellyfish Lamp (standing over a foot tall) will put you in state of utter tranquility!

The cylindrical aquarium contains three lifelike jellyfish that float, bob, and undulate their tentacles with the calm, relaxing often mesmerizing current of the tank.

Enhancing the mood is the rainbow of colorful LEDs (16 to choose from), that you can control with the included remote, to display a specific color, brightness, fade or changing motion.

You'll be in awe at how all three jellyfish seem to "react" by glowing in a hue of colors as they float within gentle currents generated by the unit's silent, integrated motor.

Set up on a bookshelf, tabletop, or desk... anywhere you want a beautiful focal point of relaxation and interest.

Similar models, without a remote sell for as much as $90, we are proud to bring this soothing, distinctive lamp to you at our low everyday price which is more than half off.

- Cylindrical water tank with 3 realistic-looking jellyfish
- Jellyfish move according to current
- Soothing Color Changing LEDs
- Choice of either 16 or 4 color change functions
- 3 brightness levels for perfect ambiance
- Remote control controls on/off, color modes and more
- Powered by AC adapter (included)
- Tank wall material: plastic
- Illuminated with 16 LEDs: red, blue, green, pink, and yellow
- Multiple Modes
- Think of it as a no-fuss fish tank
- Dimensions: 14" height x 5" diameter (at widest part)
- Makes a great, memorable and thoughtful gift

Please Note: these are not living jellyfish; they are soft plastic replicas with realistic movements.

Review this item!

4 Stars  Takes a little care to start 
I had to play with the jellyfish for a while because at first their little tentacles kept getting entangled and they just bobbed at the top. After carefully getting them apart several times they started to work well. Now Im really happy with the unit! Be patient.

5 Stars  My new favorite thing! 
I love my Jellyfish Aquarium! The color changes are soothing and beautiful. Its quiet to run and somewhat mesmerizing. For the first few days it was hard to keep the jellyfish swimming, they clustered at the top and I could tell there were air bubbles. I left it off for several days and then all the bubbles finally disappeared and they float and dance as they should in the light current.

5 Stars  this one should be no lower than #5 
totally a first class office trinket -- everyone is captivated by the ongoing motion and rotating colors -- they think somehow these are real little fish....great conversation starter --

1 Stars  Tranquil Seas Jellyfish Aquarium 
After receiving and setting up as per directions enclosed, was extremely disappointed in this item. It was cheaply constructed and did not perform as was advertised. Jellyfish primarily sat on top of water, and rarely moved. I do not recommend this to anyone....sent mine back.

3 Stars  Nice concept but.... 
While I love the concept of a relaxing, soothing unit, I found it to be too loud, as did my husband. Also, I followed all directions to a T, but still had a problem with the jellyfish rising to the top and only every so often falling to the bottom. Unfortunately, had to return because of the noise. Maybe this was just a defective unit.

5 Stars  Jellyfish aquarium 
Relaxing. Love it. Great price.

4 Stars  small and cute 
I had a larger version of this, and it was much nicer - but this one is nice - the movement of the jellyfish are not the most fluid and they sometimes get stuck at the top where they do not float down. I will say the jellyfish move better after youve had the aquarium running more than a couple of days. I still have to push one of the jellyfish down now and then - and one my jellyfish kind of fell apart. But, I do like that you can turn it off and on by the remote and you can alter how fast the jellyfish are moved around and the multiple colors that are used and you can chose from.

5 Stars  Wow 
Very relaxing and love the colors.

4 Stars  Love it 
Its so relaxing to watch

5 Stars  Jelly fish aquarium 
The unit works well. I had to Google the aquarium on line in order to get it to operate properly. The instructions need to Google it product to get it to work.

5 Stars  Entertaining 
This was a gift for my grandson. He really likes it!

5 Stars  Totaly awsome 
It is the best fish tank ever it is so unique everyone that sees it love a it. And it doesnt take up a lot of room or maintenance

4 Stars  Need to get air out of the Jellyfish 
I would give it 5 stars-but when you initially set it up, you must make sure to squeeze the air out of the jellyfish hold under water. If they float on top-there is air trapped. They should fall to the bottom when you shut the unit off. Other than that-this is a pretty neat device-along the lines of a Lava Lamp.

5 Stars  Inspiring, dreams 
We first put this together, we didnt think it would be worth the money, time & effort. But we were wrong, its beautiful, mesmerizing, hypnotic. I love it, I cant wait to turn it on every morning.

5 Stars  Moving Jellyfish Aquarium 
Really fun to watch and entertaining.

5 Stars  Very relaxing 
Love to turn the lights in the living room off and watch the jelly fish do their thing! Especially love the blue and green lights. The one jelly fish stays at the bottom so the other 2 get it out of the bottom. This is very relaxing.

5 Stars  I was a doubter at first... 
I was a doubter at first, but after leaving my fish in water overnight - they came to life and I absolutely love them!!! I purchased an aquarium for my daughter as well and they have turned out to be wonderful...no maintenance, just beauty!!! People ask me constantly where I purchased them and I tell them Pulsetv.com. Great product. NOW, Im a believer!!!!

1 Stars  Doesnt work 
The jellyfish come melted together in a plastic wrap. You have to pry them apart and then put them in cold water for 8 hours. And then you have to try and separate the tentacles since the jellyfish is in one ball like a rats nest. After you put them in the unit, they just swim around the top, and once in a while one will dart down to the bottom and then straight back up to the top. They never hover in the middle of the unit like the pictures. If you want a glow light, this works, but for a relaxing meditative unit, this just doesnt work. They need to improve the quality of the jellyfish, and package them differently so they dont melt together in the packaging. I wasted my money, dont waste yours, buy a better quality unit.

5 Stars  Jellyfish Can Be Relaxing 
This item is very relaxing. MY wife loves it! The remote really makes it unique. Love that you can select a specific color to meet your mood or let it constantly change on its own.

5 Stars  I was impressed! 
This was well worth the money. It looks so elegant and everyone that comes over asks where I got it.

5 Stars  Looks amazing 
Jellyfish almost look real. Its nice to control the options remotely.

1 Stars  Piece of Junk 
Prepared link suggested. The jelly fish kept rising to the top - even when I pushed them down with a stick. Threw them out!
Hi Henry - It's important to make sure to soak the jellyfish for a several hours before added them to the water. We recommend 8 hours. Also, please make sure that the lamp is on for 15 minutes before placing the jellyfish into the tank.
12/24/2018 - Paula

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