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Turbo Pipes Racing Set

Turbo Pipes Racing Set

Turbo Pipes Racing Set
Turbo Pipes Racing Set
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Get ready for gravity defying fun with the Turbo Pipes Race Set!

The amazing Turbo Pipe Track System lets you race like never before. You're in control as you send the motorized vehicle zooming through enclosed pipes at head-turning high speeds.

The combination of speed and the tubes lets you build loops, go up the walls, and so much more... Use your imagination to create your very own unique racetrack so you can zip, zoom, turn, flip, and dash that takes racing toys to a whole new level. And more track means more fun with multiple sets so you can expand the fun and creativity - The possibilities are endless!

The pipes and connectors are quick and easy to assemble, change, and rearrange to maximize the fun! Plus, the vehicle also lights up providing an awesome light show while you race. The motorized vehicle does needs an hour to charge, via USB, before use. And the remote control uses 2 AA batteries (NOT included).

This 27 pcs value pack includes: 1 Racer Car, 1 USB Charging Cable, 1 Remote Control, 2 Straight Pipes, 12 Curved Pipes, 8 Connectors, 1 Sticker Sheet (17 Stickers), and Instruction Manual.

Warning: CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not for children under 5 years of age.

- Remote Controlled and Illuminated Motorized Vehicle
- Vehicle Zooms Inside Pipes with Fast Response and Speed
- Quick and Easy to Assemble
- Use Your Imagination to Create Your Own Unique Tracks
- Build Loops and Go Up the Walls
- Not for Children Under 5 years of Age
- Makes a Great Gift

5 Stars  Great Gift 
This race set is so much fun, especially in the dark. The picture is deceiving. It is of several sets. You will need at least 2 sets which is what I bought. I wish I had bought 3 sets. One of the 2 set I bought came with 2 cars and 2 remotes! My grandson loves it.

5 Stars  6 Year Old Niece Loves This 
I sent this to my niece as something to do during Pandemic. She played with it for hours on the first 2 days. She will get many more hours of fun out of it in the future.

3 Stars  Tube connectors do hang up the car! 
Fun toy for the kids, when its working smoothly. Unfortunately, the connections are not easy, nor smooth, so when you do finally assemble things, the cars often get stuck at the connection points.

5 Stars  Race set 
My grand daughters fight over it. So it must be good.

1 Stars  Turbo pipes racing set 
Cars get stuck in the tubes and wont go around the track.

5 Stars  Childs toy 
Child loved it played with it for hours

5 Stars  Pipe racing set 
Great! Grandson loves making it different each time.

5 Stars  Turbo Pipes Racing Set 
Got it for grandkids Christmas presents. They loved it.

5 Stars  Bought 2 sets 
I bought 2 of these sets for my great-grandson who is 8 years old, for Christmas. He oohed and aahed before he even took the racing sets out of the boxes. He loves the cars going through the many pipes which he set up in different ways. This is a 5 star winner and the price is right! Thank you, Zach and the gang!!

4 Stars  Turbo Race Set 
A bit flimsy in plastic but it works pretty good. If you use clear mailing tape on some parts its more stable. Works in any position too. Drives cats wild. Love the lights and speed.

5 Stars  Aha!!! 
Just as pictured! My cats love/hate it because they cant knock the car off the track.. =D! Which is exactly why I bought it. Nice to lovingly torture them back for once! Lol!!

4 Stars  Turbo racers 
My grand children love it, the granddaughters at 4 years old have really enjoyed it!

5 Stars  Perfect gift for little racers 
I got one for my little nephew. He loved it. Laughs continuely. Looks cool with lights off and car racing through tubes. Can hook 2 or more together to make giant track.

5 Stars  Race track 
So Cowabunga Dude!!! Great Cool toys at Good prices.

3 Stars  Its OK, but not great 
Bought two sets for my grandsons to play with, ages 6 and 3. I combined the two sets into one track. Tubes connected fine. Cars do get stuck though. My biggest gripe is with the controllers. The promotion video shows multiple kids running multiple cars. My experience is one controller controls both cars. I could not figure out how to separate them. There is an A-B switch on each car, but the instructions say to place the switch in the A position. I tried the B position with one of the cars, but the car did not move. Sadly, my grandsons cannot play together on the same track.

3 Stars  Turbo Pipes Racing Set 
Too fragile for young children. Should be designed for 8 years old and above.

5 Stars  Great gift for any boy! 
My 3 year old grandson couldnt wait for dad to set this up. I purchased 3 sets and it keeps him busy for hours! You can take them apart and rearrange the tubes any way you want and right now their climbing the walls. Great gift!

5 Stars  Great toy 
My grandson loved it. Liked to turn off all of the lights at night and watch the race car light up the track.

5 Stars  5 Year Old Grandson loves it! 
Perfect gift for a 5 year old. He is able to put the tube together and loves watching the car move so fast.

5 Stars  Super product for my grandsons 
The boys liked the first set of Turbo Pipes so we bought another set to make the track more entertaining. Very nice set and easy for the boys to put together.

5 Stars  So much fun! 
I bought this for my 11-year-old grandson, but I and my son-in-law had as much fun with it as he did. I bought two kits to have more ways to build the tunnels. So glad because it MORE than doubles the fun! Looking forward to many more hours of fun with this over time.

5 Stars  Ooutstanding 
I dont really know much about this item other than my grandson loves them. Was a birthday gift and lives more than 8 hr drive from me so have not seen it in action. But he loves them 2 sets even took to school to show off

1 Stars  Poorly Made 
The pieces do not fit together well. Do not waste your money!

5 Stars  Turbo Pipes Racing Set 
Purchahsed 2. More than double the fun. Grandkids love this toy

4 Stars  Grandson Loves it 
Bought this for my grandson and he li up as soon as he saw it. He put it together in minutes and plays with it every time he is over.

2 Stars  Not what picture shows 
The ad shows 2 or 3 kits made into a track but does not really say that. Remote arrived missing a piece that rendered it useless. I requested replacement and it was sent to me. Car wheel fell of within 5 minutes of use not making it worthless but makes it get stuck. Cool toy when it does work. My grandson is having some fun with it.

4 Stars  Great fun for kids. 
A lot of fun for the kids. Assembly took some modifications in order to make the parts fit. Much fun.

5 Stars  Gave as gifts 
The kudos seem to love them

5 Stars  Car in a tube 
Kept 5year old occupied. Easy to put together

5 Stars  2 Happy Boys 
I purchased Turbo Pipes for 2 great- nephews! They were both excited when they open the gifts. Soon after lunch they had assembled their toys, and brought them out to show me how they worked. One Of my better Christmas purchases.

4 Stars  Kids Loved Them 
My 2 grandchildren loved this. Easy to set up, fun to use.

5 Stars  So much fun! 
This Turbo Pipe set should be sold to all cat people too! Every cat that saw it loved the speed, lights, and abrupt movement, as did the kids and adults, and it was easy to assemble. I recommend that people get 2 or 3 Turbo Pipe sets because you can make super long curvy tracks with significant elevation your imagination is the limit. This is a great toy!

4 Stars  Fast! 
This is a great gift for a child who likes to build tracks and Legos. Must use care in connecting pipes or the car will stop. It is really fast!

5 Stars  Turbo Pipe Racing Set 
My son enjoyed the versatility of the tubes. He was really impressed by the speed of the cars. We bought two sets for bigger designs.

5 Stars  pipe racing car 
huge hit so i bought a 2nd one to expand the first one.

4 Stars  My grandaughter loved it, with help from her uncle! 
Would like to be able to buy more pipe sections. Prefer to buy the pipe separately from the vehicle.

4 Stars  Tube racing! 
It was a little difficult to snap the top and bottom of the tubes together but once it was done, my 7YO grandson loved playing with this. I purchased 2 sets so he could combine them. Lots of fun since it is impossible to go too fast and fly off the track.

5 Stars  toy 
I bought this for my 10 year old grandson for Christmas. He loved it.

5 Stars  Turbo Pipes Racing Set 
I bought this as one of my 4 yr.old grandsons Christmas gifts. He loves! It performs exactly as the video shows. Well made and lots of fun! Thanks, Pulse TV!!

1 Stars  Turbo PipesmRacing set 
Car gets stuck continuely at the joints

4 Stars  Too cool to just get one. Buy two! 
The car is really cool as the lights change colors as it races around your tube track. The only issue I have is to make the track setup as pictured either in the ad or in the instructions, you need to buy two sets. One set only comes with six 90 degree corners. The ad setup requires twelve and the instruction setup requires eight. That being said...I ordered the second set and cant wait to create the ad-pictured track. The car is fast and cool! Also, the charge time for the car via USB is one hour per the instructions. Ten minutes charge was enough to run for about five minutes. VERY COOL!

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Turbo Pipes Racing Set

Get ready for gravity defying fun with the Turbo Pipes Race Set! The amazing Turbo Pipe Track System lets you race like never before.